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Microsoft's anti-malware crusade knackers '4 MILLION' No-IP users


I got hit by this too.

In case it's helpful to anyone else, I found that I could still log in to my no-ip account and get the current IP address from there.

If you do a cname redirect from a "real" domain to a no-ip dynamic domain, like I do, you can probably do some DNS magic on the real one to get things back up and limping. It won't survive address changes but it's better than nothing.

I am not sure if no-ip's service is still registering address updates even though it can't resolve them.

Microsoft develops mood-matching ad engine


Re: What if......

Ads for more porn, presumably.

Dragon starts final approach to International Space Station

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I saw it too.

Applause to spacex. And NASA too, for that matter; they did their part.

SpaceX does what it HASN'T done before: Dragon in close ISS flyby


Is there going to be live video of the docking attempt tomorrow?

I'm thinking of something like the stream they did of the last Shuttle mission. I'd like to see this.

Steve Jobs' 'private Apple spaceship' seeks public love


"A futuristic erection..."

I beg to differ. Symbolically, this is clearly a hole, not a pole.

Will Nvidia 'n' pals pwn future gaming?

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Re: Pwnership

This. I'll still buy online only games if I really want them and can't get them any other way, but I always have a moment's regret knowing that there will probably come a day when I can't play them any more. I try to avoid it if possible.

It's less of an issue for DRM-free titles, as in cases like the Humble Bundle. And many other games can be cracked. But a more comparable situation might be something like Starcraft 2, where support for multiplayer is entirely dependent on the developer's ongoing service. What if Blizzard went out of business? That would be rather harder to keep playable, and this tech sounds like it would have similar limitations by design.

Also it's nice having something physical on the shelf. Collecting is fun.

Road deaths spark crackdown on jaywalking texter menace



First parsed as "Colon Doners".

US Judge says IP addresses don't identify pirates


Sounds to me like his decision was legal-speak for "the law requires me to give you what you want here, but personally I think you're giant flaming jackasses and I would like nothing better than to dismiss your complaint with the prejudice it deserves."

Presumably it will actually get dismissed at some later step. It's hard to say; there's a detailed description of the legal nastygram but nothing really about why he's allowing them to proceed.

'Geek' image scares women away from tech industry


Re: Cool?

"They may also have noticed the significant percentage of graduates from IT related courses who cannot find employment."

I find this confusing: Jobs in the field are hard to come by, yet somehow they're anticipating there to be more positions than people by two million over the next decade.

How can there be both a shortage of positions and a shortage of workers? There is something bogus here.


Re: I thought the geeks went ages ago?

"It's just some people like to spend some time alone focusing on something interesting - but in the social world that will soon become illegal!"

It hasn't already? In my experience, people think that minding your own business means you're up to something. Or that you have a problem with them. Which I do -- after they bitch about it.

Ghost of HTML5 future: Web browser botnets


I'm not sure such attacks could really be considered cross-platform...

Sure, they'll run on any OS, but if they rely on exploiting HTML5 implementation weaknesses in browsers then presumably they'll be browser-specific. So the "target platform" just becomes the browser, not the operating system. And not everyone uses the same browser. In fact there's more diversity on average in browser usage than OS usage, I think.

'Perfect storm' drives electronics stores to EXTINCTION


A shame in one sense

Sometimes there's a piddling little part that you *need*, immediately. You can get a USB cable at walmart. An IDE-to-SATA converter or one of those VGA cables that hangs off a video card is rather harder.

Without physical vendors these will be almost impossible to get on demand. But you can't run a business off of nothing but techie-emergencies. Bah.

Red Hat, VMware and Eucalyptus in cloud boast bluff-off


The real measure of openness....

...is how easy or difficult it will be to tell the vendor to go to hell.

Open formats and open-source tools are probably the best way to keep that option available, but not the only way. Openness is whatever achieves the opposite of lock-in.

Publisher hails CS Lewis 'space trilogy' e-book debut


I have these books up on my shelf. I think they've been there since I was about twelve. This story reminds me that I should actually read them, at some point.

Terrafugia flies first prototype: Flying cars 'within a year'


Re: We don't want driving planes,

We don't want either driving planes or flying cars. It's never been about planes or cars or even really flying; it's about being able to 1. lift off from your driveway and land at your destination with zero hassle, and 2. not spend the in-between time waiting for the car in front of you to inch forward, so you can inch forward, so the car behind you can inch forward.

This doesn't meet either criteria. But! I'm still glad someone, somewhere, is seriously working on it. So that one day, something else will fit.

HTC sues fans for premature unboxing


Who says Marketing did it?

I have this mental image of the Marketing department hiring a hitman to go after the Legal department, for undermining their corporate reputation....

(naturally the "hitman" is actually a front for the BOFH, who will later hire himself out to both sides and rake in money while depopulating his enemies...)

PlayStation 4 'Orbis' pegged for 2013 release


Crap for collectors

Something I'm surprised no one mentioned yet: screwing secondhand sales means that once a title goes out of print, it's effectively unavailable forever. As a sometime collector who often plays games long after they come out, that is *very not cool* to me. Sometimes you can still get them new. But sometimes not.

Yes, piracy exists, but it's just not the same. Fuckers.

High school student expelled for dropping F-bomb in tweet


Re: To far


I don't know about you, but the example in my mind when I wrote it was "parents."


Re: To far

The grossly out of proportion punishment makes me wonder if he was really expelled for the profanity, or for being unapologetic about it. To certain kinds of authorities, refusal to submit and refusal to acknowledge their Moral Rightness when confronted is a far worse crime than whatever prompted punishment in the first place.

"Resisting arrest....FORTY YEARS."

Expulsion for swearing, even on school equipment, is so ridiculously over the top that there almost has to be more to the story here.

Paedophiles ‘disguise’ child abuse pages as legit websites


Re: "As the Americans realized *decades* ago...."

I beg to differ. We haven't figured that one out either. Far easier to fear the bogeyman than acknowledge the proverbial elephant.

Baffling barcode-on-steroids stickers plaster the Earth


@AC 01:35

In some parts of the US it's "DWH." An old friend of mine once got pulled over by a cop for speeding. The cop apologized and let him off the hook because "I thought you were Hispanic."

Musk muses on middle-class Mars colony


Re: The final frontier.

Presumably the landing difficulties wouldn't be as bad with a human pilot. IIRC part of the problem doing proper landings on Mars is a communications delay measured in minutes -- far too slow to respond to unexpected conditions, so you have to automate it and pray.

I'd go...except I need permanent meds that would be unavailable on Mars. :-( A shame; I'd like to see a real frontier.

HP finally decides the future of the PC: It's a printer accessory


Re: People still buy HP printers?

Does any manufacturer have printer drivers that *aren't* horribly obnoxious, any more? I moved from Lexmark to HP nearly a decade ago after having exactly this complaint, but these days HP does the same crap.

If you can't add the driver from Device Manager without non-standard installer popups, it's crap. No, I do not need your Awesome Configuration Utility of Suck. If you absolutely have to have additional functionality, make it an extra tab in the printer properties.

(assumes windows. Linux seems to have good hp printer support without Stupid Shit, but credit for that probably belongs with the penguins, not HP.)

El Reg user forum opens to public, HTML for all (mostly)


Re: My obligatory comment to see if I've reached 100 posts yet.


HTML has <blockquote>, if I remember right. Would that suit?

Also, here's another vote for <pre>. Even though I probably won't ever post there. (I hate web forums. And comment threads, actually. NNTP FTW.)

Microsoft SharePoint exposes privates in sniffing hack

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A practical solution:

Don't use sharepoint. Ever.

Because it sucks.

AOL: No plans to bin instant messager


I don't care about the software, but....

I use Pidgin, and pretty much everyone I actually care about I usually speak to over Aim's service. I think some of them I might have difficulty re-contacting if the servers were suddenly to go down, forever.

Even if the denial can be trusted, this is disquieting.

SimCity to return after 10-year holiday


Feature request.

As long as they're rebuilding it, can they fix the pathing AI? I can't speak for the earlier versions, but the last couple I played it always used a shortest-path algorithm. So you could build a very efficient highway system that would be quite useless; sims would try to plow through heavy traffic on congested roads to reach their destination instead of making use of it.

Same for trains. Getting sims to actually use them was a pain even if they were the fastest way to get around.

The 'one tiny slip' that put LulzSec chief Sabu in the FBI's pocket


Re: Fidelity Bravery Integrity

I think our resident martian had it right. Not to mention that if Sabu was still initiating incitement of attacks while under the FBI's direction, it more or less amounts to entrapment, which isn't supposed to be legal here. (not that I expect that rule to be enforced)

Arresting and punishing him for the ID theft and other crimes is fair and warranted, but much of the rest leaves me feeling disturbed.

Apple files patent for 'polished meteorite' keyboard


Re: Re: prior art?

Watch them patent "being aesthetically pleasing" next...

OPERA grabs spanner, fixes kit, and slows down neutrinos


There *is* something to see.

...and that's good science. As a couple others have pointed out, a strange result got investigated, checked, re-checked, and now apparently discarded as erroneous. This is science working as designed and scientists setting a good example.

That can only be a good thing given all the bad examples out there. There are plenty of fields where the politics trumps the science. AGW is the obvious target around here -- on *both* sides -- but reproductive health is one I care more about. Physics seems to have escaped the problem so far, possibly because the public doesn't understand it well enough for it to be fuel for demagoguery.

Damn, now I have this mental image of some weasel going on about how the Light Sympathizers' refusal to believe in FTL neutrinos is holding us all back from FTL travel...and another weasel claiming that the Neutrino Sympathizers just want to open a wormhole to the lair of Azathoth....

(wow, spellchecker claims I spelled Demagoguery right on the first try.)

Flash DOOMED to drive itself off a cliff - boffins


Rather than increasing density...

Rather than increasing density, couldn't you get more space out of an SSD just by allowing a larger physical size? Say put one in a 3.5" form factor instead of 2.whatever. Pretty sure I could fit three 2.5 ones in a 3.5 shape. I doubt you'd get an order of magnitude more space with the same tech, but doubling shouldn't be out of the question.

Newegg comes up with about a half dozen of these, so clearly someone's thought of it before. I'm not sure why it's not more common. Desktops aren't that dead yet, are they?

What's in the box, Windows sysadmin?


Two cents ?= Two pence

While it's not a portable tool (as far as I know), I find the Quest QAD cmdlets for powershell to be quite indispensable if your day job involves active directory wrangling.

Eolas claims royalties for browser apps and plug-ins


On the plus side...

Maybe if they win, we'll see a move away from crappy Web apps to slightly less-crappy native apps, instead of the cram-everything-through-http, screw-sane-UIs thing we have now.

...but I still hope they lose, because this is ridiculous.

Groupon banned from selling SNAKE OIL


It's kind of like ISPs and their "Up to speed X" clauses.

Sony PSN class-action lawsuit ban prompts... lawsuit



Such terms are unconscionable, amounting to "okay, you can sue us, but not in any way that could actually hurt us or serve as a deterrent to abhorrent behavior."

I own a PS3 and like it and I still say fuck Sony in this matter.

Euro cops cuff 112 in paedophile network raids


9000 hours?

Is that 9000 hours of child porn or 9000 hours of porn, some unknown portion of which involved children? These are very different things and the unqualified number smells like marketing to me.

Nicely done bagging these people, though, and I doubt the ones who did the job are the same who wrote the press release.

Microsoft copies Google with silent browser updates


Re:"You might as well be using a client"

If you need a client, you should use a client. If we stopped trying to use the web browser as an application platform, many of these problems would go away or at least become more easily manageable. With the right languages and libraries, you can even still make it cross-platform.

There's some excuse for public-facing services where the user may be unable or unwilling to install a client and you need their participation badly enough (e.g. shopping carts). But beyond that...well, I've seen a few services with both a web interface and a real client, and I've seen programs that went from a real client to a web interface. (VMWare, I'm looking at you...) In no case did the web version *not* make me want to hit babies. With rocks.

Stop this nonsense forthwith.

Sony off the hook for killing Linux on PS3


That part is much worse than the loss of the case itself, I think. I have this mental image of that famous exploding car I forget the model for, being sold with a "Buyer waives all rights to bring suit against and disclaims all responsibility by Manufacturer for any problem with Product" contract clause. Does anyone know if such clauses have been upheld as legally binding?

I hope not but suspect they have.

Japan, Russia in plan for elephant to birth CLONE MAMMOTH


It is very dark...

10 - Grue

Fragged, fragged and thrice fragged! 20 years of id Software’s Doom

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The world needs more girls with such tastes.

I still play Doom 2, myself. Mowing shit down is a great way to blow off steam after a long day. Modern FPSes make you think more. (which isn't necessarily a bad thing but isn't always what I want)

Modern FPSes often freak me out too much to enjoy it, too. Doom is cartoony enough to be fairly harmless in that respect, at least today. Pretty disturbing when I was twelve though.

Pain Elementals still make me flinch.

Fedora 16: A GNOME lover's paradise


I plan to delay moving to G3, myself

Like KDE4, it seems to be having teething troubles. I suspect it will get over them but I think this time I'd like to sit it out until it does. The fails of the KDE4 transition are part of why I use Gnome today.

A question for those that have gone to G3 already. Does it use the same config directories as G2? I might dip my toes in the water earlier on a VM or something, but I keep /home on an NFS server, and I learned last time that different major versions of desktops do not like sharing the same config files.

Anonymous runs amock in Israel, Finland, Portugal


I would imagine that no, they're not the same guys.

Anonymous doesn't seem to be anything approaching a monolithic organization. It's a loose collective of chaotic-neutral personalities. You can't expect the actions of the left and right hand to be consistent.

Disk prices double after flood - and could 'double again'


But are SSDs also hit?

I've yet to see any of these articles note whether SSDs are affected by the shortages as well. It doesn't seem unlikely to me that they might use components made in the same place.

(And I was planning on building a new storage server over the holidays...crud.)

Wooden Mars ark voyagers set to step out on Earth


That makes me wonder if NASA has guidelines for arranging private masturbation time on long space trips. If those people really went that long without an orgasm and didn't go insane, they are clearly a higher form of life.

Anonymous threatens Mexican drug cartel


If anything that's a reason to respect the move. They're inviting a much more concrete risk than website defacement. Assuming they're aware and accepting of that (maybe not the best assumption?) then it's a courageous act, if not necessarily a bright one.

Someone elsethread pointed out that naming and shaming may not be much of a threat to these people. I hope they have more up their sleeves.


I'm inclined to back them here.

A more deserving target is hard to think of, and the usual argument against such things -- that it would interfere with legitimate prosecution -- doesn't seem to apply given corruption of the local officials. They're doing what they can to protect their own with the weapons available. More power to them.

The risk of reprisals is something else, but you can't hold Anonymous responsible for it, in the same way you can't hold the police or military responsible for murder when they refuse to bow to the demands of hostage-takers. Moral culpability falls on the bastards who commit such atrocities.

I'm not always a fan of Anon's actions but I think I'm rooting for them here.


Not anon. Perhaps unwisely.

Acer first PC vendor to confirm price hike



Does anyone know if the same shortages affect SSDs? I'm not sure if production for those is concentrated in Thailand too, and of the several stories posted recently I don't think any of them have mentioned it.

Flashback: The Quest for Identity


I seem to remember this was also available on the 3DO. I had it on that platform.

It was excellent, though I do remember having some complaints about laggy controls.

Why grill Google over web dominance? It has none


El Reg? Respected? What are you smoking and which playmobil did you buy it from?

Ecclesiastical judge tells church: Let there be Wi-Fi



While the objectors are stupid, I don't really understand why anyone would want this. I'm not religious, but isn't most of the point of church that you take some time to get away from worldly concerns and contemplate spiritual ones? It seems to me that available wifi would invite the world into the pews. Like leaving your cell on in a movie theater, or when you're on vacation. WTF?