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Zuckerberg accused of OK'ing Insta plastic surgery filters despite fears of harm to kids


Re: Video Filter Effects

They're very good. This is from a few years back and I am sure it's improved.


Aerial cable tangles are still being strung up, but carriers are slowly burying the problem


No room to dig.

The thing is there isn't room to dig for a lot of the suburbs in places Thailand and Vietnam.

The areas people live behind the main roads are a maze of alleys ranging from just big enough to fit a car to just about wide enough for a scooter.

You start digging up that to lay cable and you could end up shutting offf access to the homes of hundreds of people, some of these alleys as well have loads of front yard shops, markets and so on. The disruption caused is impractical.

Underground there's probably just enough room for standard sewage and water pipes only before you hit building foundations.

In top of that. I've never had fibre in the UK, but copper was just a swtich over at a junction box. There doesn't seem to be any main faculty that oversees that sort of handover here. Change isp, new cable gets laid and it's such a tangle of cables that removing the old is probably like a game of jenga except you take out everyone's Internet when the whole tangle falls down.

Also Google maps just falls over in some of these places I'm not sure if there are adequate maps in general.

AIs can produce 'dangerous' content about eating disorders when prompted


Re: Terminal success

I see you shop at pak'n'save


From cage fight to page fight: Twitter threatens to sue Meta after Threads app launch


Re: Poacher

I seem to remember he sent out tweets mocking them being fired, something about their genius being useful elsewhere...

Think of our cafes and dry cleaners, says Ohio as budget slashes WFH for govt workers


Re: Think of...

Ah yeah maybe it's where we see factories being placed. Where I have been living there are a lot of old

factories that are smack bang in the middle of a small town. Different suburban environment to the USA so bit if adapting needed to each place.

So I think from your comments we may be on the same page (we don't really have small local malls in the UK in these little dying towns).

I think there is still use for a co-working space for these places because not everyone working from home can always work at home, so a local co-working type space using these local empty large buildings may have a place as a temp peaceful office with a five min walk commute.


Think of...

The dead end town centres that will be re-invigorated, the enironment becoming cleaner due to less cars, think of the little independent cafes, coffee shops and reseteraunts who will actually pay taxes, think of people having more free time to spend in them rather than commuting, think of the old factory buildings that can become local co-working type spaces, think of cities becoming more places to visit for enterainment and being able to afford some green spaces instead of car parks...

Microsoft would rather spend money on AI than give workers a raise


Let's hire a load of people, that will look like growth and our stock will go up, let's fire a lot of people that will look like savings our stock will go up.

Ads for lucrative jobs in Asia fail to mention chance of slavery as crypto-scammer


Yeah it's actually bit of a problem out here, and frankly being made to work for scam calls is the lighter side of what can happen.

DEF CON to set thousands of hackers loose on LLMs


Re: Better than hackers for red teaming an LLM

Namshub of Enki.

Handwritten Einstein essay on theory of relativity goes under the hammer


Hmmn racism from the outset, weird colour schemes, random USE OF CAPS.

Seems legit.

Phở no! Vietnam's last working submarine cable glitches out


Re: Connection issues started after new year.

I have no idea why you dragged QAnon and MTG into this, But I can assure you the connection has not been that bad in Vietnam in the past few years. In fact a lot better than my connection was in the UK in both mobile and househol It has however downgraded severly in the past few week, juist after new year as it were.


Connection issues started after new year.

It was after new year that the connection really started to be a problem, was closer to Tet in Feb. As it is mobile seems to get a better connection than cable. But using an apartments WiFi when everyone comes home is a nightmare because they tend to share one line between the apartments.

Microsoft begs you not to ditch Edge on Google's own Chrome download page


Re: This isn't that new, if they want me to use it.

Stop making it such a sodding pain in the arse. Please sign in to edge with your work account etc. Just give me a sodding browser.

Warning: Microsoft Teams Free (classic) will be gone in 2 months


Re: Dealer

You beat me to it, I was just thinking their street crack model of software sales was working again.

Beijing grants permit to 'flying car' that can handle 'roads and low altitude'



It's been 230 years since British pirates robbed the US of the metric system


Re: Learn both? It's all in the mind @AC

I think your proving my point really it's just the scale you're used to that let's you perceive what is hot or cold.

I would have had no clue what 63 was if you hadn't put it in C, also by my experience I doubt many people notice the granularity of a half degree C difference that much when it come to too hot or too cold for temp settings.


Re: Learn both? It's all in the mind

Born in '72. It's weird, depending on what I am thinking off I can only visualise certain things one way easily. Like people's height, my wife is 149.8 cm but I don't know how short that is until I go oh four foot eleven. Meanwhile if wanting to measure a doorway I need metres to get the idea.

I often see the arguement Celsius doesn't make sense as a temp measurement from Americans because they know that 32F is cold whereas 0 degrees makes no sense they don't know if they need a coat.

The mind is an odd thing.

Microsoft is checking everyone's bags for unsupported Office installs


Re: Death to subscriptions

Let's be honest we've all dealt with those changes, no encouragement is going to be needed.

Probably the opposite....


Re: Death to subscriptions

I really think the best things to do would be to have the UI developers sit next to a busy PA or similar.

The PA has a mallet, and everytime one of these groovy changes fucks their work flow they are allowed to hit the UI dev.

Games Workshop once again battles scariest monster of all: ERP gone wrong


Re: They would have been better off designing something in-house from scratch...

IMO ERP systems are terribly complicated, it may look like a bunch of different databases stuck together with connectors, some predictive analytics and so on that make changes in other databases e.g stock is down, lead time is x, manufacturing needs y amount to meet demand, therefore order z now, but sales is expecting maybe a, from predictions b, .

But in reality it's likely that each of those sperate modules is going to have to be designed not just by software engineers but someone that understands the type of work and process that go into each space as a SME, i.e your manufacturing guy is not just going to need to know your processes, but everything about manufacturing engineering thgeories including edge case scenarios and how to work with software devs and architects. Decent size companies will balk at manufacturing their own CRM because of how tricky it becomes, thats just one module working alone, not slotted into a ERP system.

By the time you have done that your probably more a massive software house than an actual manufacturer of plastic monsters.


Re: Well this makes me feel great

Stakeholders and ERP salespeople are a good place to start, you may as well start now because before the end you'll want to kill them anyway.


ERP implementation is an amazing way to show how siloed and bad the processes you thought worked smoothly really are.

US think tank says China would probably lose if it tries to invade Taiwan


Re: Ukraine: Korea-Style Settlement

Except they do have NATO support and training, and NATO will quite likely happily play the great game. Getting rid of their old end of life we needed to destroy it soon anyway stocks, cherfully assesing their weapons againts the scenarios they built them for, and chewing up the very threat they pretty much came together for in the first place.Why stop bankrolling that?

You didnt mention what part of your country you'd give up.


Re: Ukraine: Korea-Style Settlement

What part of your country would you be willing to give up? Especially when it looks like your side has the best toys and long term chances of winning.

Mercedes-Benz thinks Nvidia's Omniverse can help with manufacturing


Aside from actual engineering accuracy of physical objects, they also tend to be pretty handy in bringing a lot of sensor data such as equipment usage, wear, movement around the environment and so on Into a more cohesive visual interface which seems to work better with people than a endless series of seperate dashboards and data streams.

India partners with private company to sell ads to commuters via railway Wi-Fi


Re: more than 1.1 million unique users...

Even if you don't connect for long it's still analytics, you know who rides the train, you have last mile data analytics you can build on.

Crap data protection means you can dig into all sorts of stuff.

An IT emergency during a festive visit to the in-laws? So sorry, everyone, I need to step out for a while


Re: A very long time ago

"To believe in one's backups is one thing. To have to use them is another."


It's time to retire 'edge' from our IT vocabulary


Re: What exactly is the edge?

I disagree, I see a lot of edge processing IOT sensors and there are practical uses for the data being processed on the device to do with latency but also privacy.

Twitter will lose 32 million users by end of 2024, Insider Intelligence predicts


Re: RE: lefty twitter users

You can criticise Isreal the goverments policies and not be anti-semetic.

The IT decision-maker that really matters? Your pet


Some people will buy tat and extra stuff they don't need. I often see products in fishkeeping that pretty much have a premium for not having nuch more than a certain label and because its cool to own it versus the perfectly normal priced version. There's always someone with cash to burn.

Just 22% of techies in UK aged 50 or older, says Chartered Institute for IT


Re: Blame the management

They underestimate the skills and experience needed or don't value it.

I have been asked about development of a robust commercial grade IOT data storage, platforms, digital twins, and the like and a often asked question after hearing typical wages costs goes along the lines of, "can't we just get someone fresh from university to do it"?

It's like that 5yrs of experience you don't want to pay for? That wasn't them sitting on their bum it's not a static job skill, they were actually learning and improving.

Low code is no replacement for software development, say German-speaking SAP users


Re: Still Generic

I agree here, I like using power automate TBH, its very useful for some things and it slots in nicely with office and so on, and its the same with things like connectors. Some of them are really useful, some of them are great for the average user.

But they are blocks of code that do a very specific thing, yes you can tweak them and play around a bit. But you can almost end up having to spend as much time figuring out something as it would to actually have someone write some code, and anyone diving that deeply into tweaking it is probably not the average office user low code is aimed at anyway.

Once you start to go past a certain point of complexity, it's either not possible to build it with these blocks or it becomes a monstrosity of hacks cobbled together just waiting to fall over.

Jaguar Land Rover courts coders caught in big tech layoffs


Re: Need more than coders

There's a reason Toyota end up as technicals in some countries, its because they are the last offoraders standing.

Aviation regulators push for more automation so flights can be run by a single pilot


Re: Where to start?

Doesn't having a single pilot go against all the ideas of safety from crew management training? That is that the other people are also there as a sense check against one person making a mistake?

Twitter set for more layoffs as Musk mulls next move


Re: That statue is shite

Good point, I liked them both actually.

The Lynch one for its glorious weirdness and baroque set design.

The recent one because it felt truer to the book and just spectacular visuals the bit flying over the city was alsmot vertigo inducing in imax.

Plus Denis Villeneuve is in my good books for not fucking up the Bladerunner sequel.


Re: That statue is shite

I was reasonably young when I read Dune, struggled an abandoned the second book and never continued. One day maybe I'll start it all again. Thought the film was worth the IMAX visit though.


Re: That statue is shite

Reminds me of some of the covers for this book TBH


Frankly if it is supposed to be a goat the design is about as ill conceived as a Twiiter buyout.

Security firms hijack New York trees to monitor private workforce


Re: Watching the watcher

It's ipsos custodes all the way down.

FTX disarray declared 'unprecedented' by exec who cleaned up after Enron


Re: LOL'd at this one

Is there a make it rain emoji?

Elon Musk issues ultimatum to Twitter staff: Go hardcore or go home


Re: @Mooseman Waste El-Reg Space

No I want them to be free and open, everyone should be able to put money in the butter box, and to use it to tag a meme and pump the value. To make it easier I'll make it all unregulated (but don't worry you can trust me it won't be a ponzi or anything that's boomer shit), hell I'll even put some of my money in the butter box so you can see how much its owrht. But you better jump in now before it takes off any higher.


Re: Waste El-Reg Space

OK so here's and idea, I create crypto popcorn, you can all get a share let's say coming to 1% of total popcorn. The actual value of the popcorn will be determined by how much money people put in the butter box..

Twitter engineer calls out Elon Musk for technical BS in unusual career move


Oooh salty.


If only I had a daddy with a emerald mine...

Why I love my Chromebook: Reason 1, it's a Linux desktop


Re: Windows machines lifespan

But how well are the same unskilled masses going to do when they try and install something on Linux and find it just doesnt quite work unless you d x, y, z?

Luxury smartphone brand returns with $41,500 device


From the official teaser video that alludes to the famous ad 1984, a young man finally breaks the fruit phone's supremacy. VERTU is implying that a new order has formed as a digital revolution based on WEB 3.0 is about to break out.

Written by people who should suffer the same fate as the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetic Corporation

Hong Kong hopes to trawl the world for tech talent to build IT city


Re: Hong Kong Autonomous Region

Doh I thought you said country TBH :D


Re: Hong Kong Autonomous Region

Its about 7.5m population and covers 78.89 kmsq, it's not even a large city by Chinese standards

Liz Truss ousted as UK prime minister, outlived by online lettuce


Re: Obvious solution

Every time we get rid of one I think a stake through the heart just to make sure is in order.

China dumps dud chips on Russia, Moscow media moans


Re: A feint?

I believe the maxim, the enemy of my enemy is the enemy nothing more nothing less applies.