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The Large Hadron Collider's mega-pic churn



"the LHC is generating enough data to keep scientists busy from now until doomsday (unless doomsday is in the next couple of years)."

Some kind of illogic logic being applied there?

Danes work up head of steam over manga exhibition


What makes you conclude

that the point of the exhibition was to ban manga?

Cops cuff man who exposed holes in 'perfect' voting machines



"pencils can stray to the wrong marks" - so can a mouse pointer or finger

"voters can have brain farts or dyslexic moments and fill in the wrong box" - I fail to see electronic voting makes a difference here

"and worst of all, who's making sure the counters are honest" - the counters themselves, who are taken in from all the parties represented in the election. They'll have quite an interest in watching one another. And if anyone is in doubt, you can always have a new team come in and tally the vote once again. In eVoting, on the other hand, those very people are prevented from ensuring that things are what they seem to be.

Sons of Kahn: The Apocrypha


Thank you

For once, a tech story that makes me feel only *almost* as old as methusalem. Verily, the first version of Turbo Pascal that I got to use was v. 3.0.

BOFH: Lies and the lying liars who lie about them



Wonderful installment

Microsoft seeks patent on ebook page flip

Dead Vulture


"To be fair, the filing does include one breakthough we haven't yet seen in an ebook reader: the ability to turn a pile-o-pages with one gesture. Microsoft envisions the ability to flip through multiple pages by dragging your finger down the right margin."

You mean like ... using a scrollbar, placed on the right-hand side of the document?

Ooooh, yes. very innovative. Never seen before, indeed.

Sozzled Oz bozos in reciprocal literal ass-cap-pop


Good thing then

that it wasn't the doctors that said so, but the policeman.

X-51 hypersonic scramjet test: Flameout at Mach 5?


"Concept graphic" indeed

But even an artist should realize that something that flies at 50k-70k ft would be *above* the clouds, no?

Facebook gives users' names to advertisers


No, I'm not Mr. Z...

and for that matter, I don't trust him or FB and never did - I've never created an FB profile.

Still, I think that holding on to a bit of IRC chat, taken completely out of context, many years ago is not relevant to what is going on today. Gods know I wouldn't want to be held accountable for many of the IRC comments I've made x years ago while tired, tiddly or otherwise none too sharp.

Dead Vulture


El Reg's FB coverage and followup is good, but can we please get the "Dumb fucks" part over and done with? You keep rubbing in something that took place more than 5 years ago.

Seriously, if we were to list all the nonsensical sh*t that this rag has posted over the years (just look at the SAP/Sybase horror that was unleashed this week) there'd be no end of it.

We all live and learn; please extend that thinking to your editorial process as well.

Asteroids the source of Earth's water, NASA suggests


The return trip

On the return trip, tho', it might make sense to drop by the asteroids to refuel seeing as parts of the belt are much closer to Mars than is Earth. Not to mention that it would be a lot easier to supply a space station in Mars orbit from the asteroid belt than from Earth.

First among SQLs


No contention

The SQL standard says that it's pronounced "S.Q.L". Go look it up.

NFC? It might work says Department for Transport

IT Angle

I'm sure I'd find this article very exciting...

if only it'd explain wth NFC _is_.

Street View catches Finn with his pants down


Anyone from the street can't see you

You might have noticed that there's a fence in front of the yard, in most countries these are used to guard against people seeing you from the street.

As you have noticed, they do not guard against a camera mounted on top of a tripod mounted on the top of a car.

Nor should they need to.


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