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Document Foundation pledges Office 365 and Google Docs challenger

Change can be good

I feel ODF support will be one of its greatest features.

I already use Office Online and Google Docs, now a 3rd will be added to the mix.

Very good development.

Thanks Team LO Online.

How Microsoft can keep Win XP alive – and WHY: A real-world example

Change can be good

WHY because Why waste that old Hardware, its bad for Planet Earth.

Get the most worth out of your PC ass long as it works well.

How to Break free from the cycle of Planned Obsolesce?!!??

Stay safe with Linux.

There is a very good chance Linux OS will run well with older hardware with lower specs

Switch to the free, safe, secure & awesome OS: www.ubuntu.com/download

Its the worlds most popular free OS. It has free upgrades & security updates. It has a free office suite, LibreOffice that comes standard along with other great apps/programs.

For those who like the Windows look, I would recommend: www.kubuntu.com & for older computer with lower specs www.xubuntu.com or http://lubuntu.net

Or try Linux Mint: http://linuxmint.com

Because the Linux option is free & now so easy (user friendly) one must give it a try. You have so much to gain.

Lots of people give their time, effort & money to make these great products that they just give the world for free. So they may not have the huge ad budgets & would need users like us to spread the word. Although its free, you are welcome to donate if you like the software.

For those worried about Office 2003 support ending try LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

Time to check out the free, safe, secure & feature-packed LibreOffice. Its truly multi-platform & takes just a few minutes & clicks to install.

Try it now you have so much to gain: www.libreoffice.org/download

Thunderbird is safe as well.

It's 2014 and you can pwn a PC by opening a .RTF in Word, Outlook

Change can be good

Check out LibreOffice

Time to take the free, safe, secure & feature-packed LibreOffice for a spin. Its truly multi-platform & takes just a few minutes to install.

Try it you have so much to gain: www.libreoffice.org/download

Ubuntu goes fishing for donations with new download page

Change can be good

All contributions should be welcome

Any contributions & help are always good if paid in cash or kind. As long as the help is legal & ethical, I say, go for it.

Why should our favorite OS's benefactor (Astronaut/ Cosmonaut & empowering Juggernaut) Mark be the only one to pay? We should make it as easy as possible for others who want to pay by facilitating efforts.

I also strongly recommend the free manual “Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.04” http://ubuntu-manual.org/ be made available with the 12.10 download. Please have it on the same webpage. Although this Manual is for the 12.04 version of Ubuntu, I feel most points will apply.

Google planning to brand and sell Android tablets

Change can be good

Reincarnation of the PC in another form

Just when some people left the PC (desktops) for dead, Google may Resurrect the PC in another form factor, in its new avatar, as tablets.

Google the Juggernaut is going to attack the monopoly & the status quo may change very soon.

LibreOffice will have roadmap for cloud service next month

Change can be good

Errata About The Register


March 23, 2012

Errata About The Register

Filed under: Technology — italovignoli @ 13:02

It looks like the communication between myself and Iain did not work in the proper way yesterday evening (European time), because a couple of significant inaccuracies have crept in the text of the article:

1. The Document Foundation will probably announce a ROADMAP for LibreOffice OnLine sometimes in late April or early May. A ROADMAP and not a PRODUCT, and this should be absolutely clear. At the moment, there is no reason to expect a change in the previously announced release timeframe: “sometimes in 2013″.

2. The Android port is under way, but is the PORTING of the code to be around 80% (and not the CODING, which is still below 50%). The Android port is not a simple endeavor, and it will ask for a lot of CODING efforts once the PORTING has been completed. One of these efforts is a new touch interface, which is – by itself – a huge development effort. This is the reason why TDF will not be in the position of making ANY announcement about LibreOffice on Pads – including a roadmap – before 2013.

I hope this clarifies the issue.

Change can be good

LibreOffice for Android

If iPad didn't hammer in the last nail in the PC coffin, Android devices will liberate us from being shackled to our chairs & desks.

LibreOffice (LO) for Android will add features & choice. Long live exciting tech!

I want the sponsors of LO to advertise support & service for LO. It will bring them additional revenue & will be indirect advertising for LO.

Hackers hit 112 Indian gov sites in three months

Change can be good

Should have used Linux

I wish they used Linux like Ubuntu. Could have saved money AND been a lot safer.

Canonical: Mobile OEMs are going to love our Linux

Change can be good

Unity + Cairo = Problem Solved

Here is a very good suggestion for those who dislike Unity & for Ubuntu users who liked the 'good old' Ubuntu: Install Cairo / AWN Dock

Ubuntu 11.10 + Cairo / AWN Dock = Awesome!

This way you have the eye candy of Unity & Cairo Dock. I find Cairo Dock has some functionality & accessibility that has yet to come to Unity.

Change can be good

User is King!

When there is competition, the User is King!

LibreOffice plans ports to iOS, Android, cloud

Change can be good

LibreOffice Empowers!

I am a person who uses LibreOffice (LO) almost everyday.

LO coming on tablets soon, so versatile!

Try out the extensions available with LO. It makes LO even more useful. Here are some very good extensions for LO:


- helps detect some grammar mistakes

-Requires Java 6.0 or later.

For Ubuntu (Linux) users I recommend they download libreoffice-java-common from the Ubuntu Software Center.


that lets you quickly & easily upload to Google Docs

I also recommend The complete Writer Guide:


and http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation

& Getting Started guide (full book) http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/cgi_img_auth.php/c/c4/0100GS3-GettingStartedLibO.pdf

IBM crams Lotus Symphony back into OpenOffice

Change can be good

I see rapid development for word processors

Wow, clash of the titans, which will see the little guy (users) benefit.

Google with LibreOffice (LO) & GoogleDocs v. Microsoft v. IBM (OpenOffice (OOo)/Smyphony)

May the best player win!

By the way, here is a great extention for LO/OOo:


that let you quickly & easily upload to Google Docs

Canonical kills free Ubuntu CD program

Change can be good

From CDs to HDD and SDDs

Ubuntu has been growing & how!

Just saw an ad. for a Dell computer with Ubuntu as the OS in a leading Indian Daily. :)

Its time for Ubuntu to ship on Solid State Drives & Hard Disk Drives instead of CDs.

Spread the goodness!

Ubuntu's high-risk Linux Narwhal beta floats

Change can be good
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Nothing ventured, Nothing Gained

Happy to know one can turn Unity off if you don't like it.

One can't stay on 10.10 forever just to avoid these massive changes.

Canonical's Dell and Lenovo love lets Ubuntu down

Change can be good
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Very insightful

I agree with 110% with you Matt

I think both ZaReason & Canonical have got an objective, straight forward analysis from your article for free. It is an interesting perspective which they must look into.

Ubuntu Qt equality promised post Narwhal

Change can be good

Versatile Ubuntu gets more flexible & all accepting

"It's been Shuttleworth's mission to put Ubuntu in a greater number of embedded devices, such as in-car systems."

Good, I waiting for Ubuntu to be running in my appliances from my toaster to robots.

Ubuntu - yes, Ubuntu - poised for mobile melee

Change can be good

So much choice: Exciting times

Who would have imagined Android would become so popular when there is formidable competition from the iPhone?

I hope Ubuntu also joins the race in phones. Can't believe Android & Ubuntu are free.

Cheers to what may be an end to a monopoly and here's to some healthy competition!

May the best products win!!

Microsoft confirms code execution bug in Windows

Change can be good

I'm glad I'm using Ubuntu

Use Linux (Ubuntu)

Its free, safe and secure.

Ubuntu tablet rumored for early 2011 launch

Change can be good

Nice, want ARM tablets too...

Finally, the uPad!

Wish it comes with more choice like ARM chips.

Ubuntu Wayland: Shuttleworth's post-Mac makeover

Change can be good
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Eagerly waiting for the post-Mac makeover

Sometimes the press does give Steve Jobs a tough time. But he comes up with very desirable products for Apple.

I don't find Mark temperamental or arrogant however he is both visionary & dynamic. I'm waiting for the exciting changes he is bringing to Ubuntu to fructify. I feel he can get some very desirable gadgets. For instance, ARM tablets that run Ubuntu & sold by canonical so that they are not held hostage by OEMs who are pressured upon by any OS Monopili$tic company. uPad would be great. iPads are not expensive but are not inexpensive either.

Hoping & expecting Ubuntu & Mark to shake up the competition.

Google discovers Chrome can (really) block ads

Change can be good

Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera are great browsers.

Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera are great browsers.

Internet Explorer is not cross-platform.

It is not surprising Internet Explorer is losing market share.

Office 2010 retail sales shaken, not stirred

Change can be good
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Competition from OpenOffice, Google Docs and Zoho

The Competition from OpenOffice, Google Docs and Zoho is just amazing.

Hard to beat such value, awesome products being given for free.

OpenOffice gets Ubuntu-media friendly

Change can be good

Welcome the move by OpenOffice

OpenOffice is one of the programs that I use the most on Ubuntu. I'm so glad these developments will make it better.

Google code hints at Chrome OS Dellbook

Change can be good

The Party is OVER!

Here comes some serious competition.

User is king!

Microsoft justifies lost Office 2010 upgrades

Change can be good

Save Money!

OpenOffice, Google Docs and Zoho are great alternatives that are free!

It is like getting a FREE COMPUTER by using one of these alternatives because of the money you can save. This is because a boxed version of Office 2010 Professional is around $499!!

Microsoft throws Office 2010 at shoppers

Change can be good

Great alternatives

OpenOffice, Google Docs and Zoho are great alternatives that are free!

Ubuntu 10.04 is an excellent free alternative for Windows 7.

I think the boxed version of Office 2010 Professional is $499, while the download is $349. I could get a decent computer with a great free OS like Ubuntu WITH OpenOffice (also free) bundled with it for that price!

Now, thats sweet especially in this tough economy!

Canonical: Ubuntu tablets due early 2011

Change can be good

Ubuntu everywhere!

"Canonical was prepping Unbuntu for in-car systems, tablets, set-top-boxes"

Ubuntu is already running on Desktops, laptops, serves and soon to be on Tablets, in-car systems, set-top-boxes.

:) Wow, complete, integrated...

These are indeed exciting changes.

Not foraying in the smart phone market is a smart move as I feel it is over-crowded with competitors.

Microsoft starts Office Web Apps roll out

Change can be good
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Cost of Running Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista... ?

I don’t think Office live works cross platform…

“To use Microsoft Office Live, your computer must meet one of the following requirements:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8 running on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista. You can download Internet Explorer from the Internet Explorer page.

Mozilla Firefox running on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X 10.2.x and later. You can download Firefox from the Firefox download page.”

Offline Google Docs disappear on May 3

Change can be good
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Google offline support = OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs

Google already has offline support through OpenOffice

Google has offline support through the OpenOffice extension OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs.

You can work offline on OpenOffice and upload it to Google Docs in just 2 clicks when you are online!

OpenOffice 3.2 is on tap

Change can be good

OpenOffice has come up with another remarkable version

Awesome version! Very impressed.