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Universal recruits enemies for Total war on iTunes

Evan Ridenour


Free? Hah, the manufacturers will pass those fees right on to the consumer. So even if we don't want to use the "free" service we will still be paying for it!

Xbox 360 Elite to raid Europe next month

Evan Ridenour


Most of those Xbox units that have failed probably wouldn't have if people had left the recommended amount of room around the unit for cooling purposes. I have several friends who had their units fail but they had them shoved in the corner of an enclosed space.

No air flow equals heat build up which causes failure.

Antigua calls for pirates to return to Caribbean

Evan Ridenour

Because we all want zero IP protection...

It takes large sums of money to develop IP. Why would anyone invest so many resources into developing things if they have no protection against theft which guarenties their ability to recoup the initial investment?

China, UK, EU, etc are not going to support the abolishment of IP protection because it is central to the global economy and it would devestate every nation if protections against IP theft were lifted.


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