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Asus pushes Prime pre-orders

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Did you get any option on which colour was ordered? I cant see any mention of it on the site.

Sony Tablet S

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Is this not a little late for the tegra 2?

Arent Asus launching a new transformer in the next few weeks with the Tegra3?

Server, disc glitches mar Battlefield 3 launch

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Thought about renting it

I though about renting it to see if the online was as good as is being claimed before splashing out. Then i found out that if I wanted to play online with a rented copy I would have to cough up 800 microsoft points (roughly a fiver if I remember correctly) for an online pass. Bugger that!

Sony unveils PlayStation telly

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I thought you could already do the 3d thing?

Examples like this:


Its the best use of a 3D tv i have seen yet!

ASSANGE ARRESTED in London - in court later today

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It had been dropped once before due to lack of evidence

Back in August the swedish authorities dropped the warrant due to lack of evidence:


They are also saying that although the sex started as consensual it did not end tha way:


'According to media reports, Assange slept with two women during a visit to Sweden in August. One of them has been quoted by a Swedish newspaper as saying that the sex was consensual for a start, but ended with abuse.

In an interview with Aftonbladet, one of the women dismissed claims that the allegations had been orchestrated by the Pentagon.'

We shall see where this all goes, i dont want to prejudge the ruling but even if it was any Joe of the street it would be an odd case. It just so happens that the most powerfull and influential government in the world wants custody of this man at the same time, it does complicate ones view.

Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back

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i thought it was widely accepted tat the PS3 was a far more powerfull machine but a pig to code for compared to the 360.

Could be wrong, anyone got any good links?

Tesco's iPhone app gets barcode reader

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ugly android

But android just isnt as sexy as the iPhone. This coming from someone who has an android handset and wouldn't touch apple with a barge pole.

Most of these big name apps are as much a marketing ploy as a productivity solution. Its easy brand association so you to can shop at tesco's while blindly following the 'rich and fashionable' apple herd.

New Xbox 360 said to 'still scratch discs'

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maintain they didnt move it much?

From the link-

'You see, despite the warning on the front of the new Xbox 360, Nick picked up the system to move it from horizontal to vertical position while the game was booting'

Now how many of you have tried that while a disc was spinning in any drive?

Microsoft's Cambridge boffins to up sticks in 2012

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fair play

Fair play, I am a biochemist so my experience of other departments is limited.

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further away?

The station is closer to the academic area of Cambridge, its further from the private science park.

As long as they still give free tours and demos during the science festival all will be good.

'Electronic fags' are useless - US prof's startling claim

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In this months PNAS journal they are publishing evidence of exactly that......