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Russia: There is a SPACECRAFT full of LIZARDS in orbit above Earth and WE control it


Best tag line ever

Made me ask IT for a new keyboard!

Now, off to make a fresh brew

Tracking the history of magnetic tape: A game of noughts and crosses



Fantastic written article.

Bring on part 3!

Thank you

Dinosaur embryos FOUND: Resurrection 'out of the question'* - boffin


Re: Defuse The Situation

Boss, could you please help.

I can't write this function up if that pesky pterodactyl keeps banging on the window asking for more rats!

El Reg contemplates the ultimate cuppa

Thumb Up


1 x boiling water (enough to fill cup (saves electricity not boiling a full kettle!)

1 x PG Tips / Tetleys in the cup (What ever's on offer at <<insert your supermarket here>>

1 x TSP fresh skimmed milk


Turn kettle on

Place tea bag into cup

Once water is boiled, pour water into cup. Allow to mash (Yes, yes, brew etc) for about 4 mins until you cannot see the bottom of the cup

Add a splash of milk (with teabag still in)

Wait a further minute or so, stiring for the last 20 seconds.

The using a spoon, drag and squeeze the bag up the side of the cup.

Sit down and enjoy.

PS - The 3 blighters can wait for their cereal whilst I go through this ritual every morning!

BT inks 2 more gov-funded broadband deals


I just checked, it seems the closes exchange (the one we're not connected to) is now on the 'future exchanges' list for a calendar year of 2013.

Can you guess about the one we are connected to? Yep, no plans!


As a person who lives in the sticks in South Devon, I hope I'm not in the 10%,

The best we can get on a good day is 3 meg and that's the best! This averages out about 2 meg (and I do mean averages!) No hope of fibre to the premises, even in a new build area.

Megaphone because, can you hear my data?

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER


Wedding video

Title: Modern wedding

Followed by 'Modern Wedding x2' - Which ironically follows mine of 6 years (Can't see it going any longer!)

Think Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston for the bride and groom. Ashton Kutcher as bestman and the gals off sex and the city as bridesmaids.

Maybe have some comic element of Chevy Chase as chef for the wedding.

Finally, director.... Angie Jolie?!

With this ring, I thee frag


So they had to repair the restaurant? - Someone mean to say `retired`?!

Latest Linux kernel 3.3 comes with added Android



Have you tried any of the ubuntu installers in the play store?

I run ubuntu through vnc all on my sgs2 and it runs very smoothly. Thus enabling you to run many of your fav apps!

Rock star physicist Cox: Neutrinos won't help us cheat time


nothing can speed upto speed of light?

Just had a thought - If nothing can speed up to the speed of light without requiring infinite energy, how the hell do torches and light bulbs and lasers etc work?

I didn't realise the 2 AAs in my torch created infinity energy, there was me thinking they created 3 volts!



What's the issue?

I reckon it's something along the lines of a new dimension - I'm talking the analogy of 2D beings seeing 3D objects - Could it be that we, humans, are only able to observe things in 1 time-stream and that actually, time is multi-vectored?

If it isn't a calculation error, then it my theory above could explain the reason we can't seem to do much with neutrinos, because they are just 'side-stepping' in the other dimension slightly.

And BTW, no - I'm not a scientist or claim to play one!

Govt working on 'browser-based' solution for new cookie law


Server side session 'cookies' and more

So, how do we go about server side sessions? This has nothing to do with browser settings! How can the ICO enforce this law unless they have access to our sessions folders / tables?

Also, can custom URL be defined as a cookie - say for instance

First person access site - gets ID of 1, so all links are written like www.example.com/index/1/page

Second person access site - gets ID of 2, so all links are written www.example.com/index/2/page

Does this come under the same regulations?

BAA poo-poos Bollywood star's pervscan printout put-on


Cannot print?

If these machines cannot print - how come we see 'samples' of the images in newspapers or articles online?

It doesn't matter that these machines can't print - but they sure as hell have an option to save to disc / mem card etc.

If they didn't, then how can they re-call images after the fact?

It seems that whilst this started as a joke, the rushed cover-up answer seems to be saying that it can never happen.

But surely there is nothing stopping one of the operators to remove the storage device, connect to computer - view - print?!


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