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Wireless browsers shut out of the Olympics

Andy S

UK Viewers

If the viewers are UK viewers and they have paid the license and they are logging on to their UK provider (whether directly or via global roaming), does it really matter where they are? After all, its still a UK originated number/phone.

Colchester Hospital sacks manager over lost laptop

Andy S
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Sensitive data

More to the point ... what was sensitive data doing on an employee's laptop in the first place. All sensitive data should be kept in the database and should not leave site under all but exceptional circumstances (i.e. offsite backups etc) and those circumstances should be strictly controlled and tightly secured.

Brit makes world's highest mobile call

Andy S

Mobile calls on aircraft

In October 2005, Boeing demonstrated the use of mobile telephony aboard a commercial jet liner. This flight may be the "world's highest mobile phone call", but in the news release (http://www.boeing.com/news/releases/2005/q4/nr_051017j.html), Boeing did not state the altitude of said aircraft at the time the calls were made.

Typically commercial aircraft fly between say 28 000 ft (8 534m) and 35 000ft (10 668m), which places the top of Everest between cruising altitudes.

The Everest call may still be able to claim fame as the highest land-based mobile call.


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