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A single web link will WIPE Samsung Android smartphones


Re: "fandroid"

...unless the journalist uses perjoratives to describe everyone

Yes, yes, the Olympics are near. But what'll happen to its IT afterwards?


deliberate dodgy accounting and lies.

as opposed to, what? accidentally dodgy accounting?

Intel, AMD financials: Bad news for Obama campaign


Re: And the morons will still re-elect the charlatan

He wasn't, but I'm happy to say it right out.

The now Americans I know willing to do whatever it takes are immigrants or the children of immagrents. Those of us who've been here more than a couple of generations are complacent.

Lowery: The blue-collar musician at the eye of the copyright storm


Getting paid more than once for a single piece of work

Mr lowery is from a generation raised on the 20th century expectation that a musician that records a song should be able to make a living by selling that same recording over and over. This expectation was only really true in the height of the vinyl record age (when it was technically hard for consumers to make good copies at home), and only for a small number of musicians.

Before the advent of the recording industry, musicians expected to work (read as: perform live) on a regular basis if they wanted to get paid, and with the advent of Internet file sharing they are back to the status quo ante. - and a generation or two of them are winging because they can't expect to stay rich forever like the Rolling Stones got to.

The strategy of bringing up the poor benighted technicians who won't get paid if we don't pay full price for the CD or BluRay is bogus: these folks get paid per hour worked. By the time the recording is on the pirate bay they already have their check. o

One could argue that the "slump" in sales will cause the industry to make fewer records (and thus need fewer technicians) but I would argue that

1. The industry was already making fewer recordings, preferring to bank everything on a fe manufactured icons like Britany or whoever it is today, and

2. The fact that musicians can make good quality recordings at home on equipment that costs tens of thousands instead of hundreds of thousands means that these technicians are more at risk from inside the industry than from the consumers.

Tldr: the changes in the industry are natural by products of the same technological trend at created the industry in the first place. Superior man looks forward to the next trend instead of winging about he last one being over.

Shuttleworth: Why Windows 8 made us ditch GPL Linux loader

Paris Hilton


i find it quite telling that the FSF can't agree with it's own lawyers about what GPL v3 means!

Paris because, well, paris.

HP asks court to force Oracle to obey Itanium contract


Re: Loose Loose

Re:loose, pls see the oatmeal guide to spelling:


Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK


Re: The 'mercans seem to be doing OK with feet, inches and funny sizes gallons.

We use the metric system in medicine, so our inability to dose properly is caused by something else

Ten... mono laser all-in-one printers

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One wonders about...

What protocols they support? What interfaces they have?

The Ethernet Alliance is thinking fast


That's a lot of fluff for one article...

I need a lint brush now

Angry Birds want to be Donald Duck


Porous ideal, surely

Not killed a biped yet, afaik.

Griffin Reserve Battery Case


Does it charge at 10 volts, or only 5?

Charge of the Metro brigade: Did Microsoft execs plan to take a hit?


Wtf indeed.

Metro breakdown! Windows 8 UI is little gain for lots of pain


Re: Just a thought, but...

It's "new coke", you mean. Around just long enough to

1. Scare people Into buying huge stockpiles of "old coke"

2. And then consume all of said stockpiles,

3 so that "coke classic" could be released, and no one had any "old coke" to compare it to and realize that it was different

The problem with MS's business plan here is that people who are happy with win XP or 7 will have no reason to upgrade to "windows classic" when it ships. In fact, i anticipate that the only party who will benefit here will be the sons and daughters of Linus... Imagine how quickly people will snatch up a copy of Ubuntu with fvwm configured to look like Win 95/xp. (assuming wine is properly installed)

Cameras roll on 'blockbuster' new Who series


Genesis of the daleks was the start of the time war.

mr baker was sent back in time to destroy the daleks' grandmother before they were born, but in the end had an ethical problem with the mission and didn't.

Brazilians unveil Microsoft SkyDrive's secret – revealing pics


It'll be interesting to see whether OS suppliers allow these (presumablly WebDAV) vendors easy access to the Open/Save dialog boxes... Which is IMHO the real barrier to adoption by grandma.

I read somewhere that OS X.viii (the forth coming MILF release, now out in developer preview) has a "save to iCloud" feature prominently displayed in said dialogs. Will "save to SilverLight" be far behind?

New Mac OS X: Mountain Lion roars at unauthorised apps


Re: scaremongering

Its as if a large, well funded organization with enmity towards Apple wanted to spread fear and Uncertanty about Apple products through fake grass roots campaigns and anonymous forum posts!

Five ways Microsoft can rescue Windows Phone


Out of the price range?

The 3GS is free, ffs. Who's price range is that out of?

Moog goes boom with itty-bitty bass synth


"proper bass"

Geddy Lee and John Myung can't both be wrong, so you must be.

A simple HTML tag will crash 64-bit Windows 7


Re:adobe and apple

Given that world+dog have interpreted Steve's statement that he gave adobe all the time in the world to get flash working on iOS* and they couldn't do it as "I refuse to let flash on iOS devices", I think you're right.

* I think it was a year after the launch at that point, so adobe had at least 18 months

Ten... inkjet photo printers



How can it make sure the relevant authorities can use the fax receipt to identify you if it can't print the secret yellow dots?

Feds propose 50-state ban on mobile use while driving


Not just mobiles

Im not sure the problem is confined to mobile devices... Have you ever tried to adjust the AC in a Prius?

Netflix set to make your video history public


netflix has jenna?

funny, i've never seen her there in anything more hard core than that zombie stripper movie a couple years ago...

Reg man the most-flamed recruiter in the UK?



I kno. Poeple dont evn botehr two speel choke animoor.

Why modern music sounds rubbish


Mp3 and compression

Isnt a lot of the current dynamically compressed music driven by the fact that most people listen to everything in lnitwit rate mp3 (or some other lossy format) which achieves file size compression partially Through dynamic compression?

Because producers know this, they're pre-compressing the tracks so the can at least controll how the mp3 will sound

BOFH: CSI Haxploitation Cube Farm Apocalypse


re: bones

can't watch bones anymore. It's too full of "See how awesome my prius is? it knows how to park itself!" and pointless video calling on phones with overly large SPRINT badges -- or entire episodes which are just the trailer for some new show with bones spliced into the beginning and end

iCloud: Big step for content management, but not for the cloud

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so... better experience is bad business?

to summarize your article: Apple is offering it's customers a better experience, and this is a bad thing ?

do you own MSFT or GOOG stock by any chance?

Ousted Egyptian prez fined £20m for net cut-off


Small m?

Is "m" the accepted way to abbreviate "million"? I would have assumed "meter" or "milli"

RIM PlayBook strikes back at Jobsian internet dream

Jobs Halo

Adobe's fault, not Teh Steve's.

Repeating things over and over does not make them true.

Steve's famous rant against Adobe came after waiting _years_ for them to deliver a working IOS version of flash. (for that matter, a working Mac OS or Linux port would be nice. Just saying.)

When they finally gave him one, it was as buggy and CPU hogging as the rest of their non-windows implementations. Also, the UI still thought it had a mouse attached.

Hands up, anyone who's used flash on a touchscreen and found it intuitive.

Amazon cloud still on fritz after 36 hours


With 99.95 uptime...

They're now promising zero downtime for the next 9 years

Apple patent eyes Mac OS X tablet

Jobs Halo


Didnt I read somewhere that all of this is coming in 10.7?

Nokia lobs more patent claims at Apple

Gates Horns

Ms $$$?

One wonders if this was a condition of their deal with microsoft.

Anonymous DoS attacks thwarted with Aikido hip throw


"Aikido Hip Throw"

not so many hip throws in Aikido.

you're thinking of Judo.

BlackBerry OS 6 – Red Star Rising

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Yes it does

>While the excellent SmrtGuard will let you access your lost BlackBerry to get it to dial you back

>so that you can hear conversations where you’ve left it, or make it ping loudly, or track the device

>by GPS, the Apple version does none of that because it doesn’t have the APIs.

Well, two out of three ain't bad. and it's the useful two.

Passenger cleared after TSA checkpoint stare-down

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In the U.S. you are required to present a proper I.D

>In the U.S. you are required to present a proper I.D

No, actually, you're not. that's the point of the article.

as someone else posted above, checking that the ID matches the boarding pass is so that the airline can keep you from giving your ticket to someone else -- or rather, so that they can make sure to charge the other person extra.

Ex-Red Hatters eye Larry's MySQL wobblers


the title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits

This article makes it sound as if there isn't already a strong Postgres community.

obviously, there is.

Prototype semi-hovership delivered to Commandos


Ya, but is it better than clarkson's little ford?

Which only held three marines, but cost about 1/10th what this thing does...

Nude trampolinist bounces free from court



Being not really qualified to judge these things myself, I have to ask the author how he was able to determine the temperature of said birds.

3D films fall flat



Finally got around to watching avatar yesterday.

What a trite piece of new age crap.

Anamation was good though.

Indonesia flips over internet rock star smut clips

Paris Hilton


The real destruction of the nation. will come when the poor Indonesian children learn that he's named after a FEMALE Disney character.

Paris. because she could do the little mermaid.

Man coughs to sex with donkey and horse


statute of limitations

um... what's the statute of limitations on horse buggery these days? I mean, really, how is this not a huge waste of the court's time? did the horse even particularly mind?

iPad security broken in less than 24 hours


re: Funny choice of words

> My home = I decide who comes in and out.

let's test your hypothesis. I decide that Jenna Jameson will come to my home in the next 5 minutes.

Novell (not SCO) owns UNIX, says jury


re: caldera

>A completely different company called Caldera bought the UnixWare

>and OpenServer business from SCO...

which company (caldera) had just been spun off from...

(wait for it...)


Whatever happened to the email app?

Jobs Halo

mac telnet client

um... how about telnet? on the command line? comes with the mac? or did you want a bloated gui interface

Buster's World gives Guardian Professional balloon-sized headache


zip it block it flag it???????

I find myself unable to interpret this slogan in a way that isn't dirty. Maybe it's just my colonial ignorance showing ???

and their explanation is worse:

"Flag up with someone you trust if anything upsets you or if someone asks you to meet offline"

Can someone explain what "Flag up" means to a poor benighted yank?