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World Cup stats fever - have you got the balls to win?



Maybe Mr Blincoe is writing this from the pub after a few adult beverages, or perhaps El Reg could use some stat help from BetterLogic, eh? lol iornee.

Why doesn't Nokia buy Palm?

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I'm pretty sure HTC is not "local" and we're buying them up left and right. Same with Lg or Samsung or, hell, even Motorola. Apple is the only local phone "maker" besides Palm, and only one of them appear to be doing well... and their phones aren't even "made in USA" for that "made in USA feel". Try China.

Take a look at any of the websites of any of the NA providers. There is practically no offering for anything Nokia. There's never any advertising for Nokia. Ever. Don't try to make the people on this side of the pond look snobbish when we don't even have a say in the matter. I'd buy Nokia in a heartbeat if we had ANY decent offerings.

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Sorry, another United States-ian perspective...

I'd be sad about this only because that means I'll never see another WebOS phone on CDMA (please spare your CDMA vs GSM banter). The GSM providers here are gawd awful, and apparently hate Nokia, given the complete lack of devices available (or perhaps it's the other way around in this case, which is entirely believable)


MS confirms 'F1 to pwn' IE bug

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But honestly...

How much use does the F1 key really get from the common user, you know, with the actual word "Help" put nicely in the title bar? Joe Shmo can hardly figure out how to copy and paste using the keyboard, let alone venture into the function of the Function keys. Now if it were F5, I'd be livid.

Paris, because if anyone, she needs F1.

Battlefield skyhook robocopter 'passes US Marines' test'


Obvious punnery.

Quite the "Rise" of the Machines, no?

Also, +1 vote to add "punnery" to the Reg dictionary.