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Galaxy S III pay-monthly tariffs compared

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give your current provider a call and try and wangle a special bespoke offer. Threats of switching networks have worked for me in the past."

I had a HTC Desire and was due an upgrade from February, I waited for the One X to be available, rang vodafone and they just gave me the phone for free, upped my data limit and kept my price the same.

It would appear that they have worked out that we all do that dance where we pretend to leave only to be put through to retentions where they cave in and keep the customer happy.

About time too.

Ofcom: Now's your chance to make Local TV for Local People

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I don't want local telly.

It will be rubbish, full of stuff about people I don't give a stuff about doing things I couldn't care less about. For the same reason I don't buy a local paper.

Kelvin MacKenzie blasts 'footie rights warehouse' BSkyB

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Sky have shafted football and are doing so to cricket,

darts, tennis, rugby league and any other sport they get their grubby hands on.

The recent Manchester derby/title decider got a whopping 4 million viewers! Granted this probably doesn't count all those who saw it in the pub but one of the most eagerly anticipated games of recent time is stashed away on a niche channel?

Kids can't see most sports these days unless their parents pay the Murdoch tax, cricket's fan base is being eroded as you can't watch the coverage unless you agree to have sky.

Sky haven't made football worth millions, football was doing ok thank you very much before sky came along pumped the money into the top and let the lower leagues and grass roots of the game wither. Look at Italian football, they feasted on the tv money and when that dried up the game crumbled from the top down as well as the bottom up. Spanish football is enjoying the money now but it won't last forever.

HTC One S Android smartphone

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Re: micro SIM

Yup, I ordered my One X over the phone then whilst waiting for it to be delivered I read about it needing a micro sim so I popped into a vodafone store and asked for one. I was handed a credit card sized piece of plastic and told to ring up vodafone when my fone arrived to activate the sim.

One of the easiest things I've ever done.

HTC One X Android smartphone

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I've got a SD card in my desire

I put it in on the day I got the phone and it has stayed there, less than half full ever since.

I get my One X tomorrow and do not care there isn't a sd card slot, the largest sd card is nowhere near big enough for my needs, I have about 113GB of music that fits on my ipod classic, just. I like having all of this with me as I like choice and have varied music tastes, there isn't a phone on the market that comes close to this storage. Whenever I've wanted to transfer files I've either used dropbox or the old fashioned method of plugging the cable in and using it as a flash drive. I can't believe some people are keeping critical files on a mobile device and relying on sd cards as a backup, crazy?

As for battery life, I'm currently on my sofa, I've got my desire plugged in as we speak, at work I have another micro-usb cable to charge my phone there and I have a cigarette lighter adapter and 3rd cable in my car. My phone has run out of juice twice in its lifetime since May 2010 and they were both down to me pushing my luck. The reason for less than desirable battery life on these feature rich devices is due to the manufacturers using advances in battery technology to make devices thinner and lighter rather than offering increased battery.

The device we all want is probably 2 generations away, 250GB storage, large screen, 36hr+ heavy use battery life, reasonable size and customisable.

IT urine bandit fired and charged

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Re: Eh?

I was going to say the same!

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

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Zoolander is a great film!

One of the only films that successfully pierces the boil on the arse that the "fashion industry" is!

Florida man 'fesses to naked Scarlett Johansson outrage

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I'd give this lad a medal not jail time!

I've a lot of time for Scarlet, a lot of time.

Met Office wants better supercomputer to predict extreme weather

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It's seasonally average for the time of year.

January to May, a bit iffy with the odd nice day, potential for some very bad weather.

May - September, generally ok, will got some thundery storms but on the whole ok.

October - December, On the whole cold, generally poor but some nice days.

So, to summarise, keep an umbrella in your bag and during the summer months don't forgot to slap on the suncream if you are going to be exposed for some time.

This is Britain, we have weather, none of it is too extreme, most of it is cloudy but we get some scorching days.

Can I have the money that the Met office were going to spend on a supercomputer deposited in the joint account as it has just gone overdrawn as Npower have whacked me on the super high tarrif.

BOFH: The Cloud Committee Calamity

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I hate "the cloud"

Thin clients proved popular didn't they? No? Lets rebrand it as "the cloud" and push the same nonsense but with a different veneer on it.

Don't get me wrong, I use my share of cloudy services but the majority of enterprises would suffer if they went "full cloud".

Same as virtualisation, again, I use more than my fair share of this wonderful technology but the bean counters have come up with a "75% of servers to be virtualised by xxxx" without any understanding of what this actually means or the possible impacts.

Keep "helping" these numpties BOFH & PFY, I need to live vicariously through you.

Has Microsoft finally killed off Windows 8 Start button?

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Progress, innit marvellous.

Please put it back!

Just think of the poor lambs on every helpdesk, "Click the start button, oh, win8, not there, ok, just hover the mouse of the hot corner in the bottom left." "Hot corner? Hot corner!" Says Joanne in accounts, "I haven't got a hot corner, I just need to launch another copy of Excel to get the costings..."

This is going to have a pound shilling and pence impact on business.

Airbrushed Rachel Weisz gets watchdog hot under the collar

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I've seen sex dolls that look more realist than that picture.

When a DNS outage isn't an outrage

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If there is one thing likely to make me blow my stack it is "How long will it take?"

Usually the answer is "I have no effin idea but one thing I can tell you is that the longer you stand there asking me stupid questions is only increasing the time it will take for me to identify the problem and then resolve it."

If you want me to guarantee that it doesn't come crashing down again in 30 seconds after that it will take a bit longer as I have to check that the issue that is affecting you isn't merely a symptom of a bigger problem. This bit usually takes longer.

Councils tout £1.2bn for IT whizkid to grab their backend

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This'll end well!

Public sector organisation wants to save money so they bring in a company to deliver services as well as make a profit. It is this kind of thinking that gives both the public sector and IT a bad name, for the record, yes, I work in both.

The tender documents will be written by people too far removed from the coalface and signed off on both sides by bean counters with no idea what any of the words mean but are still impressed by claims of "industry leading products"- which translates as "other councils are already struggling with these and you'll be in the same mess in 6 months".

Then it'll start, the customisation, as council A has to fulfil a need that mega-joined-up-software-package called something functional yet dynamic like syngress currently doesn't fulfil so a contracting programmer will write a work package, this picture illustrates what happens next: http://zanematthew.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/project_management_swing.png

The next step is for the people who originally signed off this brave new world to either be replaced or get itchy feet over how much this whole thing is costing and pull the plug on the funding just as the project is nearing the critical phase. The good people working on the project start to get worried as they know which way this is heading, these are the people who have devoted the long hours to ensuring that stuff may actually work as well as it can do. They've faced the slings and arrows from both sides, made "the business" as well as the implementation team realise concessions need to be made on both sides and progress is almost being made towards delivering a usable product.

Then the migration starts, not migrating data from legacy systems to the new one, the migration of the talent. As funding quickly ebbs away the talent sees which way the wind is blowing and sensibly jump ship whilst their reputation is still intact, when "I'm currently delivering a £30 million project for council X and Y" still looks good on a CV as the snafu hasn't been revealed yet. Once the flight of the competents starts the project is officially doomed, no one on the techie side is left with an understanding of the work of the council or a commitment to make sure the product fits, the people who have been working between the techies and the councils to change processes and help the councils implement the new system aren't replaced so no one is left telling either side that the decision they have just made on that relatively tiny aspect of the system actually has far, far reaching consequences.

It is at this point that the project manager leaves, they have already become semi-detached from the project as they have had to shoulder the burden of other people's incompetence and are now in the cross hairs of everybody. They leap before they are pushed. They are not adequately replaced as we are almost at implementation and we need to save every penny, "besides, we're nearly there, we don't need a project manager now, we've only got to get through the implementation. Almost steady state."

And then we have the implementation, or to more accurately name it, the new systems are thrown over the wall to people like Betty, Brenda and Alan to not use properly as that 2 hour training course they went on 4 months ago has been forgotten, besides, due to the customisations and cost cutting that occurred in the final weeks "that bit has changed now." Then the load balancing testing is proven to be flawed as the systems grind to a halt, local staff revert back to doing things "the old way, cos it works, isn't that right Margaret? This new thing is crap."

With no funding for the implementation these "teething troubles" don't get resolved and the brave new world doesn't get realised, departments cherry pick which bits of the the new systems are used leading to a more fractured environment than was present before the project started. £millions are wasted and then the press can write their reports of white elephants and reports of waste and inefficiency at council A.

Meanwhile the people who make the shocking decisions that lead to the failure of the project are promoted, the project manager is assigned all the blame and the whispering campaign about their shortcomings gathers pace as the ass-covering phase starts.

The provider company departs with a truck load of cash and the public sector body is left with a system not fit for purpose, unable to fall back to their legacy systems, half the organisation has reverted to local systems and the rest are in some twilight halfway house.


Not fit for purpose solution underfunded, under-designed by know-nothing imbeciles is implemented badly, under resourced and fails to meet unrealistic demands. Daily Mail enjoys, IT is besmirched, again and service users suffer.

Woz praises Android, blasts iPhone limitations

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I'm an android fanboy

I've got an android and when my wife was due an upgrade I got her to get an android, we are both happy. I take the micky out iBones and the latte culture...

I am also writing this on linux and commenting on el reg, I'm a geek.

2 months ago my 60+ mother in law wanted to join the smart phone world, she runs her own business, has used windows PCs for donkey's and is a more competent PC user than she gives herself credit for but I strongly recommend her get an iphone and she loves it. I also love the fact that the support overhead for me is minimal, she didn't even know she was supposed to plug it into her PC to do certain things.

I could have recommended she got an android and with a little bit more handholding she may have got it and fully utilised it but that would have taken more of my time. I think she just wanted an iPhone so that she could say "I've got an iPhone" to her less tech-literate friends, if she had got an android the conversation is a bit different, "I've got an android" "What's that?" It's like an iPhone, but different"....

I fully agree with Woz, if you just want simplicity get the iBone, if you want to RTFM and have a potentially richer experience, get an android.

Ubuntu savaged by rivals infected with fondleslab fever

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I've just downloaded mint 12 and installed on a test machine with a view to replacing ubuntu 11.04 on my main work machine.

I'm fine with unity at home and happily run 11.10 in full unity mode (gnome 3 doesn't like my graphics card) but at work I need gnome 2 style bottom panel activity.

Whoever in the community decided we need to lose about a centimetre of screen real estate needs a good long talking to, my monitors on my desktops can more than afford to lose 2 centimetres with both a top and bottom panel and still leave enough space for me to do pretty much anything I want computing wise inbetween. Even if it didn't, losing the bottom panel doesn't free up a revolutionary amount of real estate now does it?

Ten... Blu-ray disc players

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I've never watched a blu-ray film

Or HD-DVD or whatever it was called and my tv is capable of showing HD but I've not got a HD source. I'm a geek too and I work in IT but I have no desire or inclination to get involved with this latest tech arms race. I've got better things to do, my BT Vision box pumps the turgid crap that the broadcasters put out on to my telly fine which keeps my wife happy, the dvd player in my HTPC plays dvds fine or I stream the content from my media server.

As for HD, I go and watch my 3rd division football team play each week, I keep getting 3 players mixed up as they look very similar, this is in the flesh and with big numbers on their backs! Don't get me started on "picture quality" maybe I need to start wearing my glasses again, cheaper to watch a dvd with those on than splash out on a blu-ray player.

Plus, blu-ray is an awful name, I'd probably just call it dvd to save having to utter that horrible name.

Inside WD's flooded Thai factory

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Speaking to a supplier yesterday, their HDD prices went up early afternoon, £40 on a 1TB drive!

Web czar: 'Drag your nan online'

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Needs more than an hour

I got my 70+ year old Mum online earlier this year, nearly killed the pair of us!

I have worked in IT for over 10 years and been using PCs since the early 90s but I was unprepared for someone who had never sat at a keyboard since typing classes in school. The little things that I not only take for granted but are so ingrained as second nature just do not exist in someone who has never used a computer.

Holding a mouse, double clicking, relating what the input device is doing and causing the things on the screen to change, the concept of the taskbar, not having to tidy things away after yourself and hundreds of other things I have blocked out.

I'm normally pretty good at showing users how to use stuff but at least they have a basic grasp of what is going on, if the person has never used a PC before though, I was struggling to relate.

She is a lot better now than she was and I suppose I too have improved at helping her but this Saturday was almost square one. She said she was "deleting a program and the computer put up this box, I didn't know what it meant so I wrote it down and pressed cancel"

My ears were on alert from the "deleting a program" as she doesn't have admin rights, turns out she meant deleting an email and thunderbird asked whether she wanted to compact the folder to save space? There was a tickbox with "Ask this next time" or somesuch. Now she's a fairly intelligent person but she does not engage brain when at the keyboard, like many people, the PC scares her as she is out of her comfort zone, when I walked her through the error message in simple language she got it, showed her the concept of ticking or unticking boxes to stop things happening again but I don't think she got it.

She can still email her friends in France and Canada, update her meter readings online and look at a few clothing websites but the vast majority of delights the web has to offer are going to remain beyond her.

GNOME emits 'head up the arse' desktop update

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Just give me the bottom panel back! I can't work without it, ever since its introduction with Windows 95, the taskbar or bottom panel is how I navigate between my open applications.

Please, please let me have it back?

Ballmer: Windows Phone can win third place in mobile!

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Aim low and fail to meet it.

The microsoft way!

Malware burrows deep into computer BIOS to escape AV

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"How exactly does this malware get on a non-infected computer in the first place."


Always the bloody users.

Ten years after the Twin Towers: What's the Reg angle?

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When the tube was bombed on 7th July one major source of news was football message boards, in particular the rivals.net network (which sky has since bought and borked).

Some of the mainstream media sites struggle to cope with the increased traffic during times of crisis but other sites flourish.

During the recent English riots, the web2.0 darlings twitter and facebook were good sources for information, of course your bullshit filters had to be employed but this is also the case with the old media news channels, who can forget Kay Burley's "the whole of the eastern seaboard is under attack"?

I turn to the web for my news fix and only turn to the tv channels when I'm offline or want to see something on a bigger screen. It isn't far off when the internet does best the rolling tv channels, if they already haven't for pure facts.

Hey Commentards! [This title is optional]

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That title thing really did annoy me!

Apple after Steve Jobs is still Steve Jobs' Apple

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

As much as I'm a linux & android fanboi, as much as I dislike Apple's approach to computing it is sad to see Steve step down and I hope that the rumours of his decreasing health prove to be untrue.

iPad maker to replace 1 million staff with robots

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

How long will it be before someone realises that if all "efficiency savings" are actually made then there won't be anyone left in a job to earn the cash to buy their products?

Oi, Android, get gaming sorted out NOW

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

You've read my mind!

I've been a gamer since the 80s and as a non-bearded linux geek I have an android phone and am frustrated at the lack of decent games on the platform.

Jewels is very dull, I don't really want to get 3 stars on each Angry Birds level, I'm happy just to kill all the pigs, chess is ok and reversi is reversi but when I go for a seat in the smallest room in the house I would like something a bit better to do with my hands than refresh twitter (again) or see how much a better life my facebook "friends" are having.

The interface isn't great on modern touchscreen phones for most "classic" games, but surely some developers can allow their staff to be inventive and see what their imagination can let them do?

The delivery method of the android market is a small issue for me, the tradition game marketplaces, shops are crammed with awful, just awful games and I have been able to navigate my way through the dross to get to the wonderfully crafted games since the 80s but the problem on android is that the wonderfully crafted games aren't there.

Sony hack reveals password security is even worse than feared

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title is req'd & contain letters &/or digits - which is more secure than most site's pword rules

I've got what I consider "secure" passwords for use on certain systems, these use as many of the guidelines I can but sadly these are usually for trivial systems. The number of times I've tried to use a secure password on a system only to get a message back that it doesn't meet their criteria or I can only use letters makes me tear my hair out.

This usually results in an "arrggh" moment and using a password that is pretty high up on every list I have seen of weak passwords just so I can get in the bloody system to do what I want to.

Twitpic T&Cs spark teacup storm

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits, like Auntie Mabel enjoys.

Everything I have ever posted on twitpic has been nonsense. By posting it on twitter I had already fully accepted that I was putting it out there and it would be reused if someone saw any value in it.

As long as they RT it and it gets me more follows I have no problem.

Ten... tech treats for mum

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@Tony Smith

Yes, all of us reg readers are very capable of getting our kit to your Ma in time!

Portsmouth redefines the Olympic-sized swimming pool

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Oldham's pool is just shy of Olympic standard too.

Stupid useless council can't even get a hole in the ground right.

Vodafone squeezes internet into TV

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits, just like my sister.

Why does everyman and his dog want to be "content" suppliers? If the network people concentrated on getting their network to be the fastest, most reliable and superior network they can charge the providers a premium rate per eyeball of their customers.

There is some really cool content out there, none of it does, or ever will come from the carriers.

Leave it to the professionals guys, just concentrate on getting the zeros and ones to the requesting device as quickly as possible.

It's official: Nokia bets on Microsoft for smartphones

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits, just like my wife.

Way to back the wrong horse guys!

Long been said that nokia hardware has long been held back by their software, they had a chance here to get that right.

I ditched Nokia in about 2002 and switched to Sony-Ericcson, last year I switched to android but had hoped that nokia would do the same. htc are good phones, as are the samsungs, a nokia running android would have been bulletproof, ah well.

As for microsoft, not enough phails in the world on the desktop/server level so they now persist in entertaining us all with their foray into the mobile market.

Keep up the good work guys! rofl.

Apple's Jobs stand-in touts iPad's enterprise reach

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

I find my wife finds 7inches most satisfatory too.

Vulture falls asleep in front of Christmas TV

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

I've probably written more comments that are moaning about stuff than ones that aren't moans but thanks for another year of El Reg! One of the first websites I visit each day. For info, my football (soccer) team, news, then El Reg.

Here's to another tech filled year in 2011, maybe this is the year that everyone else realises that us techies really actually do run the universe and should be recompensed accordingly.

Failing that, a couple of thank-yous would be good.

Anonymous turns attack drones against fax machines

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

I hate fax machines, always have done, always will do. Anything that encourages their demise is ok in my book.

Keep up the good work anonymous!

Fedora 14: haven for Ubuntu's homeless GNOMEs

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Another default theme user, apart from changing the desktop wallpaper and ubuntu buttons when I use ubuntu.

For info, I use ubuntu at home and on my laptop as it is an OS to do home type stuff in. I find fedora a better OS for doing my day job in, it would be nice if there was a little bit more of an attempt to "improve the user experience" and add a little bit of sparkle to the UI, perhaps this will come with gnome 3? Apart from that it has all the tools I need to do my job and the 6 month refresh means that I can play with new features and add to the community if I like stuff or not.

Fedora gets nips and tucks with 14 release

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Installed easily enough, a couple of problems but these were easily overcome and I am now working away quite merrily. So far feels good.

As for LTS, as has already been pointed out this isn't really what fedora is about, for that you do need to use another distro or go down the RHEL route.

Manchester cops hit Twitter - spoof feeds fall down stairs

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I'm sure a large number of us on here are used to seeing IT support requests submitted from people who do not know one end of keyboard from the other - this has been a real opener into a world of people raising "support" requests who do not know one end of life from the other.

Stabbed horses, car handles smeared in shit, sexual assaults, harassment from ex-partners, burglary, fighting, car crashes, theft, drugs, dog attacks...

It has been enthralling.

It has also been soul-destroying, I bet this is an average day for the call handlers, it really is sickening to see what kind of a society we actually live.

We've messed up boys and girls. We might have 2TB harddrives, wireless internet, suspension bridges, self driving cars, rockets built in sheds et al but scratch the surface we've got:

call 1425 Threat by ex-partner #gmp24

call 1430 sexual assault #gmp24

call 1423 Suspicious man in the garden on Tuesday night in Wigan #gmp24


It will be the same again tomorrow and the day after and the day after...

Margaret Thatcher celebrates 85 years

Anonymous Cowherder

Die Bitch

For once the title on this is really useful.

But seriously, hurry up an die so I and many others can dance on your grave.

Oracle preps Google and Microsoft Office challenger

Anonymous Cowherder

Mandatory title is a big dog's crock

I said at the time that Oracle buying Sun was a bad thing. Nothing so far has lead to think otherwise, I use OpenOffice and VirtualBox every single day. If anything bad were to happen to them I would be severely impeded in my daily duties.

We were going to install OpenSolaris on about 8 file servers but as soon as I got wind of Oracle consuming Sun we switched to CentOs.

Email worm wants to party like it's 1999 (almost)

Anonymous Cowherder

I like the internet driving test view

Been a while since we had one of these, takes me back to the good ol'days when us sysadmins were semi-respected, valued almost.

Now in the days of outsourced email "solutions" etc it is good to have a little revisit by things like this to remind the beancounters that there is no substitute for on-site staff who would put in 10,12,18 hour days to resolve this issue. I don't know what the 3rd party people will do or what their SLA is but I am pretty sure they won't be breaking too much of a sweat over this, or taking ownership.

As for the internet driving test, the same rules apply that have always applied, don't open the dodgy attachments. I get many mails spoofed from either my own or one of my company's email addresses and each and everyone is treated the same as I always have done. Number of viruses/malware..etc.. attacks on my pcs - none. Number of virus/malware attacks needed to be cleaned at work on a monthly basis caused by pebkac issues - several.

If an employee drove their company car into the building instead of parking it outside on a regular basis questions would be asked. The same should apply to their IT equipment. I'm sure there is probably an ITIL bit of bollocks about it I've never seen anyone try and apply it and shovel the infecting user out of the door.

Until that happens us sysadmins have to be extra, extra vigilant, users may well lose their photos of Aunty Mabel's birthday that were stored on their work pc even though they shouldn't be but apart from that there is no real incentive for a user to really care about IT security which makes our job harder. Plus there is no real incentive for software manufacturers or vast swathes of the IT industry to really take security seriously as the reasons for outbreaks such as this rarely get fully investigated as many companies are not willing to disclose that their disaster recovery or threat prevention practises are next to useless.

Grauniad faces offshoring strike

Anonymous Cowherder

F*** 'em

Their editorial of the weekend before the election said "Citizens have votes. Newspapers do not. However, if the Guardian had a vote in the 2010 general election it would be cast enthusiastically for the Liberal Democrats."

You reap what you sow boys. You are all complicit in the sell out and now face the full consequences of assisting the election of the ConDemNation government and the full forces of capitalism.

I cancelled my subscription to your papers as a result of that editorial and I've stopped using your website. Enjoy marching enthusiastically to the dole office to sign on.

'External experts' replace Oracle on £13.2m Uni IT project

Anonymous Cowherder

oh go on then.

As some people have jumped upon the "universities don't know what they are doing" bandwagon.

Campus Solutions in its current state is not fit for purpose in a UK institution. The entire system puts the student at the centre and the system revolves around them as that is the US system. In the UK, the degree is the central item and the course units and students hang off it.

Don't get me started on the assessment and progression components, we do not use the gpa in this country but that is central to the way Campus Solutions records marks and attempts to move the student to the next academic year. Woe betide any institution that has different criteria for governing academic success and failure, let alone differences within the institution itself!

This results in a massive amount of customisation of the code to try and make it fit the institution it is being hammered into place in. And as we all know, once you start changing the off the shelf solution, here be dragons.

Then there is fee calculation, ho ho! Good luck to Glasgow, they are going to need it! Plus, god help them when they try to get information out of the system. One key use of a database is storing data. Another key use is retrieving information, as I said, good luck to them.

As for the Oracle consultants, well... no, I'd better not.

Granted there isn't an off the shelf product that performs all of the tasks of UK University administration but crowbarring some products into position really isn't a good use of time and resources.

Anonymous Cowherder
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yay for anonymity!

Oh the stories I could tell about an implementation of Campus Solutions at another institution! Well done Glasgow! Seems someone up there has an inkling of how to get things done.

The Linux Chronicles, Part 1

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I'm cutting out windows too

I'm fairly OS agnostic, I'll use whatever is "best for the job in hand", got a firm windows background but have been using linux every day for coming upto 3 years now.

But I have decided to stop using windows where possible. I have used it since 3.11 and ran every version since apart from ME. I used to know 98 like a pair of well worn slippers but then loved 2000 before succumbing to XP. I didn't mind vista too much, it did what I needed it and Win7 is ok, better than vista but it isn't the user experience I want anymore.

I don't want an action centre nagging me as it hasn't been able to run my AV, or that there are 4updates on top of the updates I installed the other day and you need a reboot now too do you? What do you mean libraries? I was happy with simple folders and directory structure, jeez, windows defender updates oh and you want to scan now do you? Well I only want to nip online for a second to find out which bins I need to out tomorrow and don't want to have to wait for you to scan, I'll do it next time I logon.

Train of thought there but every time I turn my Win7 home pc I have to do something in addition to the thing I turned the pc on for in the first place. I work in IT, I fix computery things for a living, when I go home I want something that works so I don't have a busman's holiday every night.

I use fedora during the day but it disagrees with my home pc so I stuck ubuntu on there the other night, dual booted with win7, just in case and I am addicted to my itunes play counts so still need windows sometimes.

So far so good, I'll put up with a bit of config to get the pc how I want it then I can just leave it, will get the odd update but will get a much more hands-off experience and I will be in control of my pc not my OS telling me what it needs to do to just sit there.

Southpaws up in arms over iPhone 4

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Surely lefites would be ok?

I'm right handed yet have always held my phone with my left hand, this frees up my right hand for doing useful things rather than just holding a phone.

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

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Jobs Horns


So their design fault is now user error?


The Reg guide to Linux, part 3

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If the command line is so difficult...

...then why do we still have keyboards on our desks?

The number of articles on linux that end up with some wintard bitching that they **hate** the command line is unbelievable. How do they get their fury on to these comment boards? Through a gui?

The Reg guide to Linux, part 2: Preparing to dual-boot

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