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Google (Voice) solves universal translation soonish



Well I'm a bit confused, as I've got Google translate on my 2.1 Android phone that does exactly this, I speak into it, it goes off and converts it to spanish or whatever and reads it out, sounds exactly like Jibbigo but with many more languages? .... Ok, just checked and the Jibbigo app does it offline, which is an advantage if you are traveling and want to avoid the nasty roaming fees, but other than that it is pretty much the same, so claiming the iPhone can do it and Android can't is wrong.

I guess what Google Voice would do (being a telephone service) is translate your conversation in real time as you talk over the phone, which is a little bit more advanced and something that the mighty iPhone can't do yet either. Fair enough the Times article doesn't really make this clear, but you might want to research your topic a little before you poke fun at it?


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