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BAE broke bribery pledge, faked US arms-export applications

Mathew Perigrine


In the last few years, the US, Germany and France have prosecuted over 200 companies for international bribery and corruption, this includes numerous key US companies such as Boeing where the Chief Financial Officer went to prison, Lockhead, McDonald Douglas, Haliburton, and KBR to name just a few . The German and US governments last year each fined Siemens $800 million plus criminal prosecutions. A simple check will give more info into the other prosecutions. . In the last couple of weeks the FBI have arrested 22 arms dealers in a bribery sting including 4 Brits. British aircraft such as the Tornado and Eurofighter contain thousand of US components and software elements, aircraft sales have to be given US government approval before being sold. Britain is also signatory to the OECD anti bribery convention and in the 10 years this has been in force the UK brought its first case last year. BAE was being investigated in 12 countries but that's all gone away now, just a slapped wrist a £30 million fine for "accounting irregularities" after all what is a few £ billions in bribes, it protects British jobs although 70% of BAE employees are overseas. In the US BAE pleaded guilty. This saga has been publicised world wide for the last 6 years, the damage done to Britain's reputation is massive which has been acknowledged by numerous British organisations and companies who genuinely avoid bribery and corruption but as one leading company chairman commented when he referred to potential set backs affected by cynicism and suspicion. Now that really costs British jobs and respect. Do any moral issues apply?

BAE/Saab in 1995, Saab Military Aircraft and British Aerospace or BAe (now BAE Systems) formed the joint venture company Saab-BAe Gripen AB, to market the Gripen fighter world wide.


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