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'The new iPad' revealed: Full specs, rumor scorecard


Re: Apps

Unlike the ipad, small screen android apps scale up in a fashion that still allows them to be useful.

Apple's secret outsource: 'Even more software to be made in India'


It won't last long. Statistically, it actually costs more to send developer jobs to India, thanks to the poor quality products they produce. All the savings in wages will be eaten up by time spent on rewrites and bug fixes.

Tag Heuer readies €4700 Froyo phone


it's about the label

Luxury devices aren't about the latest and greatest, and never have been. It's about the label. People that want to show off their money will still buy this.

Vintage Psion prototype: Yours for £85,000



Some of the best selling Android phones are QWERTY sliders. I wouldn't buy a smartphone that doesn't have some sort of physical keyboard. Touch screen keyboards are horrible.

Apple pulls app after dev publishes users' PINs



I don't understand. I thought the approval process was in place to protect users from stuff like this? I guess the approval process isn't as useful as Apple had be believe.

Apple bars WinXP users from iCloud


This is what

Apple also releases what should be patches as OS upgrades and charges for them. Mac users get several of these such "upgrades" in the same amount of time it takes MS to release a whole new OS. Financially, it's a wash.

Apple worth more than Microsoft and Intel combined



Ummm... Why should consumers care if their tech company has a higher market capitolization? All that number really reflects is how much they are gouging you on the price. Non-shareholder consumers should actually be pissed about this. It means they are charging you "too much".

99% of Android phones leak secret account credentials



"I would be willing to bet that 90% of people using facebook over an unsecure wireless network are doing so with using https."

I would take that bet, and then your money. 90% of people that use facebook would probably stare at you like a confused puppy at the very mention of https.

No, iPhone location tracking isn't harmless and here's why



It's ironic that Apple is obsessed with their own privacy, but readily exploits the privacy of it's consumers. I'm also not surprised that a lot of Apple fanbois are already claiming that the issue is overblown. It's pretty much standard operating procedure from both.

Stop sexing up IT and give Civil Servants Macs, says gov tech boss



Well, replacing everything with Apple stuff would keep things secure for about 3 months. After that, an enterprising hacker would realize that he can write trojans using 6 month old security flaws that Apple hasn't patched yet and steal loads of juicy government data.

Is Apple planning incompatible payments?


Apple and standards don't mix

Apple not following industry standard?!? I'm shocked!

Seriously though, they pull this crap so much, it would be news if they actually did follow a standard. At this point, I expect them to put their own crap in place. There is a reason they are so profitable, and it isn't because they make better devices...

EA blocks user from game after alleged forum outburst


I guess...

I guess I won't have to spend money on this game now. Thanks for making my mind up EA.

Hackers find Google's music cloud


Record companies

I swear, copyright holders won't be happy until we pay them every single time we listen to a song or watch a movie. Such greedy bastards.

Mac Trojan uses Windows backdoor code


No Surprises

People in the security industry have known for a long time that Macs are actually LESS secure than Windows boxes. Apple has a serious issue regarding timely patches. Since OSX is basically unix, it is affected by many holes that also affect unix. The big difference is that Apple takes months and months to patch KNOWN vulnerabilities, where other OS vendors can get this done in a matter of days, especially if it is a major hole. Heck, the first machine cracked at the last pwn2own was a mac. The days of security through obscurity better come to an end for Apple, if they want to be taken seriously.

Apple vanishes Java from Mac OS X Lion


silly wabbit.

Java is alive and well on the business side of computing. I use it frequently at work. Many VPN clients use it, and so do several VOIP applications. It would be suicidal for Apple to cut support for Java entirely. The real money comes from the business side. A lot of major companies won't think twice about paying high prices for technology, unlike the average consumer.

Apple: iTunes ascends to the heavens this spring



Misleading headline. When I read it, I was hoping it meant that iTunes was about to be killed. That program is such crap. In fact, over the past few years, it seems like most Apple software has become bloated and crappy. They really are the new Microsoft.

Apple iOS dominates Euro smartphone usage



Can't really put too much faith in these "statistics" since the data is gathered using an opt-in counter method. Did these guys sleep through Statistics 101?

Apple tightens screws on hardware hackers



I don't understand why Apple wants to attempt to alienate their more technical customers. I understand locking stuff down to make the product easier to use for everyday folks, but stuff like this only encourages hackers to buy products from another vendor...

Playboy on iPad will be 'uncensored', says Hefner


GTFO Apple

I love how Apple panders to the big developers with crap like this, but bans the little guys. Stay classy Steve.

Police DNA test plan to put off prostitutes' punters



If you take a woman to dinner and a show, nail her, then never call her again, are they still going to put you in the database?

iPhone-wielding chumps rush to give data to phish sites



Most people won't learn anything unless they are forced to. Making a product "easy to use" just makes the end user less capable overall. Way to go Apple.

WikiLeaks urged to stop hosting on Russian blackhat ISP



Calling Russia a "virtual" mafia state doesn't really do it justice. I would say they are a literal mafia state at this point.

Anonymous hackers' Wikileaks 'infowar' LATEST ROUNDUP



It is currently not possible to differentiate legitimate requests to a webserver (people wanting to visit a page) and a DDOS attack. Even flagging repeated attempts at access wouldn't do much good, since a lot of internet mouth-breathers sit there and click "reload" over and over when the page they are trying to access doesn't load. I have worked in tech support for a large ISP, so trust me. People actually do that, instead of giving up and doing something else.

Pro-Wikileaks hacktivistas in DDoS dustup with patriot contras



Manning was the idiot that bragged about his accomplishments to a fellow hacker. If he had kept his mouth shut, he wouldn't be in this mess.


Worse than you think

Mastercard was unable to process payments as a result. I would say it's a bit more than an irritant at this point. Also, the way the DDOS attack is structured makes it pretty much impossible to determine who is an attacker, and who is trying to legitimately access the site.

Apple sells more mobile PCs than Dell


definition fail

According to the definition of personal computer used here, then my TI-83 counts as well. Please update your chart to include this. Otherwise, this is just another Apple PR story, especially since Apple doesn't even beat out HP or Acer.

iPAD, KINDLE, all tablets and slablets MADE OBSOLETE


TO: Stupid people making comments

No one said that you couldn't recycle these things. "Throw Away" doesn't have to mean going in to the garbage pile. I swear, half of the people that comment on here just do it to complain. They would find something to complain about no matter what, I think.

Rethinking the iPhone



I am absolutely amazed by the kinds of hoops that some people will jump through just to remain one of the Apple "elite".

Hells Angels slap London dressmakers with trademark suit


Post Fail

They are simply using the system in which they are trapped. I applaud them for it. No better way to fight a system than from the inside.

Russia files charges against alleged penis pill pusher



Filed Charges?!? Russia has really lost its edge. Not too long ago, they just would have made the guy "disappear".

Handheld porn market growing fast



Wait, in spite of Overlord Jobs telling people that they don't want porn, they actually still want porn? I'm shocked. Don't consumers know that we don't know what we want until a company or corporation tells us what we want?

Spycam school to pay damages for kiddie snaps



How do you know that there was no criminal intent or pervy scheme? An investigation was never really completed. Pervy principles and teachers do exist, you know.

TV numbers sink as iOS usage rises


more twisted stats

Correlation does not imply causation.

WinPatrol blames McAfee for lost business



Or how about McAffee stops being so damn lazy? Being computer savvy, I don't use McAffee for these exact reasons. Constant false positives, horrible product. Not to mention it slows your system to a crawl. McAffee has sucked since about 1998....

Man vindicated for videotaping his own traffic stop


did you even read the article?

You totally missed the point here, pal. The outrage is due to the man being charged on wiretapping charges for taping an officer in a public place.

Tablets in, netbooks out, forecasts analyst



That's standard Reg spin for ya. If you are nice enough to Apple, they might send free stuff. Why do you think that so many TV shows put Apple notebooks in their shows? I've heard more than a couple DVD commentaries of TV shows that freely admit to using Apple notebooks simply to get free stuff.

iPhone devs' riches exceed expectations


not surprising.


There is a general lack of awareness among Apple users. If you don't like it, don't develop for it.

Apple iPod Nano 6G



I don't really feel sorry for you. No one forced you to use itunes. When you deal with Apple, you get what you deserve.

Is US prudishness ruining the internet?



Most of the corporations that are pushing "values" aren't even US based. Thanks to insane corporate taxes in the US, most of these corporations are Irish now. As for prudishness on the internet, perhaps we are looking at two different networks. Last time I checked, the internet isn't very "pure". If the OP is referring to sites like facebook, they should be aware that there are many, many other websites on the internet. I've even heard advertisements for some that help you cheat on your spouse with other cheaters. Hardly puritanical.

Unity – iPhone code swap approved by Jobs (for now)



So basically, you can only complain about something if you can personally do a better job? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?

Apple Ping unfriends meanie Facebook



You can't really assume that all ipod owners use itunes. There are other programs out there that will let you put music on your ipod. I like my ipod, but itunes is total crap.

'Suspicious' Android wallpaper app nabs user data



No you aren't. Remember about a month ago, when Apple had to pull 3 or 4 apps after several people had suspicious charges on their itunes accounts? Apple users tend to have short memories, so you have probably forgotten already. Why didn't the guards at the gates of your walled garden catch those initially? Or the flashlight app with hidden tethering?

Apple lifts iPhone code ban (for chosen few)



Wow, it's like Jobs learned nothing from his desktop computer fiasco with IBM. Is he actively trying to lose market share by locking down the platform? If he would have played ball with the rest of the industry 25 years ago, most of us would be using Macintosh now.

Apple's HTML5 'standards' hype debunked



Only the ignorant think that Flash is all about video

Apple sells 2m iPads to hungry fanbois



Why does everyone think this is such a big number? Video game consoles have sold more than this in the first month or two, and it never created such a media frenzy. It just shows us all that this ipad news is all hype.

Google's WiFi snoop - who knew and who didn't?



Reg has become VERY paranoid lately. If you are stupid enough to operate an open access point, you deserve what you get.

"It delivers a certain spin on first reading, but then, when you read it again, it doesn't quite say what you thought it said."

Perhaps the OP needs to go back to school for a while. Focus on reading comprehension please.

Android tops iPhone in US (no thanks to the Nexus One)



The nexus one was really meant as more of a reference design for an android phone. I don't think google really intended to set the world on fire with this one. If they had, we would have seen a few more commercials or something.

iPad, iPhone driving 'renaissance' in nuclear reactors


Apple pushes the entire world up

Yeah, Apple BS is driving a renaissance in this industry. It has nothing to do with the tons of stimulus money and plans to increase nuclear power production in the US. More Apple hype from Reg. This site is becoming as bad as gizmodo.

Twitter boots BitTorrent sites for 'abuse'



With a statement like that, you must work for a media company. Wishful thinking, I'm afraid. Besides, does anyone really use twitter anyways? It seems pretty damn stupid to me, and if you use it, you are probably stupid as well.

Jobs: One million iPads sold



Why does everyone think this is such a huge number? Look how many of each of the gaming consoles have been sold. 1 million really isn't that many when you consider that most consoles are basically locked down computers too.

On another note, who knew there were so many people that are technologically stupid in the world? I knew there were a lot, but this is nuts!