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FYI: If the latest Windows 11 really wants to use Edge, it will use Edge no matter what

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Very true

Been working with OpenVMS since the mid 80's and not looked back since except for every company I have worked for insisted I use Windows to work with it once it appeared with VT emulators, although I must admit PuTTY rules...

Prince Philip, inadvertent father of the Computer Misuse Act, dies aged 99

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Re: Bad greek

There is only one lake in the Lake District, the rest are Meres or Waters. Windermere is a mere as its name implies. There is no Lake Windermere. Try Bassenthwaite...

Beardy Branson: Wacky hyperloop tube maglev cheaper than railways

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Re: Technological objections

RE How strong do these trains need to be to withstand all that pressure.

Wot? A whole one atmosphere? They do that all the time in orbit.

Go catch Pokemon in this, nerds: Our space neighborhood of 1.2m galaxies mapped in 3D

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More Nitpicking...

Depends, are they counting cubes a billion light years an edge, 650 of them; or are they counting cubic light years, 650 billion of them.

If the former your change would reduce the volume the author states by a billion, billion cubic light years; if the latter then your change stands!

This is why copy'n'paste should be banned from developers' IDEs

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Re: I had a user-written script for a National Instrument's interface box...

Once had to document a change to a report where the column "Cost Unit" had been added. The abbreviated column header: "C.UNT" - strange but none of the accounts people saw anything wrong with it!!!

Microsoft’s Get Windows 10 nagware shows signs of sentience

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Re: Have an upvote

"old enough"! Cheeky young whippersnapper,

Although recognising that boot/r5 syntax shows one's age too :-)

Socket to 'em: It's the HomeGrid vs HomePlug powerline prizefight

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Re: MIMO over Earth.

In many countries, that neutral line eventually connects to earth as well. If that connection is far enough away it might work, but in Oz that is often at the pole down the street - especially in the outback.

Children increasingly named after Apple products

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Or even

There was a couple with that name called their son Wayne - he was once my CEO.

Microsoft tightens the scroos in search battle

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Re: Scroogled?

NSFW alert!

Don't visit scroogle.COM if you are at work (and its still around), it was scroogle.ORG that ripped off Google search

SpaceX's Falcon places Dragon in desired orbit

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Re: erm

Nah, this is old news, happened back in 2002... Or maybe next year

DARPA builds faster-than-Usain-Bolt Cheetah robot

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Re: pole

Its not a pole, its a stick - rtfa!

Storage players pitch DRM tech for downloads

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is already taken. I know this one rose from the ashes... www.fenixcarriages.co.uk and he can't spell either

NASA seeks cooks for Mars trip simulation

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More like

a job for Heston - imagine snail porridge every day!

Riverbed lobs Granite at offices, WIPES OUT remote servers

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Point in time?

Apologies for my ignorance, but how can you do point in time snapshots or mirrors over 1000's of miles? With a latency measured in seconds?

Ironic boffin, just because!

Drink diet pop all the time? Look forward to VASCULAR DEATH

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No its not!



Or just search apartame dangers, or side-effects

This sort of news has been going around for years, its only just got past the drug companies censors

At least beer doesn't contain it

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Nuff said...

Malls suspend plan to track shoppers' cellphones

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Turning off your phone...

does not stop them tracking you - it is still on, just on standby. You have to remove the battery to go completely off the air. Although the type of technology used here isn't likely to be covert ops standard.

My apologies to iPhone users :-)

Pete Townshend condemns Apple as 'digital vampire'

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You ask "How DOES that blind deaf mute kid play pinball?"

Because he wasn't any of the three, he was in a ?funk? caused by his wicked uncle Ernie - the famous kiddie fiddler...

Do try to keep up.

Beeb measures Blighty in doormats

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Billions and Billions


Used to be

Million = mono-illion = million**1

Billion= bi-illion = million**2

Trillion = tri-illion = million**3

Hence quadrillion = million**4

The prefix counted the power of millions

Corning launches can-stand-the-heat Lotus glass for phones

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Time for a lesson

That silly little number is a coefficient, that means it has no units! A metre length of glass will inrease in size by 3.39 micro-metres for each degree c of temperature rise

Euro fraud cops crush garlic tax evaders

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Ah but...

if you were in the bad old days it would have been laced with SALT! or even MSG!!! to give the tasteless pap some flavour - which is worse I ask you?

Shell hit by massive data breach

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Preaching to the converted on this forum aren't we? Or just banging your own drum?

More than likely an inside job, how many people do you think have read access to a corporate outlook directory? Should they? Do you really think any of the measures you bleat on about will have any effect other than breaking communication links within the corporate body?

Jeez, time to re-learn intranet security 101 methinks.

Big Blue demos 100GHz chip

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