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Lenovo, EA, Intel unite to DESTROY our childhood memories

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Monopoly Money

"with its richly hued orange $500 bills – £500 in the UK, one assumes."

In The UK Money Colours are (From my 1993 set)

£1 = bright yellow

£5 = blue

£10 = light blue / light grey

£20 = light green

£50 = pinky orange?

£100 = orange / gold

£500 = pink

Hope that helps

'HP has just days to cough what it knew about Autonomy'

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When smoke gets in your eyes

Usual scenario:

1) CEO 1 buys company gets bullet along with others

2) New CEO goes mental over purchase blames all woes on CEO 1 writes value laundering other debts in process

3) Old gang take wrap new team look great

Assange needs to get some sunlight and fresh air, say Ecuadoreans

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Black Helicopters

Confined Space

"A lack of sunshine and living "in a confined space" has given Assange a chronic lung infection, apparently."

They got Lead/Arsenic in their paint over at 3 Hans Crescent London as Her Majesty seem to have plenty of people in confined spaces receiving limited sunlight who do not get Lung Infections.

The only resident I heard who suffered from these symptoms in a confined place was Napoleon & he had access to plenty of Sunlight etc on Saint Helena.

Send in the crack Painting & Decorating "Assangination" Squad

Sacked British RIM staffers to get minimum legal payout

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Surely they are/were being made redundant not sacked?

Huge difference albeit both mean you don't actually turn up for work at some point...

Incompatible IT systems blamed for bank sale collapse

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Re: Another English pirate

Easy tiger were all skint at moment and regardless of the pros & cons of the euro there are few economists who suggest it would a good option to join at this moment.

As for BAE well the world situation means not every government can afford to upgrade their armaments and if a "firesale" did occur I can say I personally hope the technology remains within Europe rather than going to potentially less than friendly suitors?

Microsoft sets date for Windows Phone 8 unveiling

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Price Price Price

Here on dear old El Reg we look at the detail & even slug that out in the comments most consumers will just look at the headline features & the price.

IF they are right and the popular press is not too negative it will sell and sell well.

Nice & shining and yes it does Facebook & text...

Skype touts FREE* Wi-Fi across the UK

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Pay Peanuts

Pay Peanuts and you get.... yes that's it Monkeys!

Fuming fanbois flood 'flimsy iPhone 5 Wi-Fi' forum

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Re: Apple Strike Again

Not sure how much interaction you have with other human beings but if you are going to say to someone:

"Either you're lying or being a pillock."

Don't be surprised if that person down votes you...

Just sayin

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Paris Hilton

I have fix

I have no iPhone 5s and have no problems connecting to wifi...

Must say things are looking up though from the early days when most iPhone users only used the Text/Messages & Phone functions

Now Apple cuts back on Samsung displays

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@Peter Storm

" Or it could be a quality issue- http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-20121897-37/iphone-4s-users-seeing-yellowish-screen-tint/ Wouldn't surprise me. Everything Samsung I've ever owned has been shit quality."

Thank God I found you & your incisive reviews!

I now don't have to read "Which" & the other review websites that test against various complicated & longwinded criteria as I now only have to read your brief reviews that get the heart of the matter. I can sense a TV spin-off!

'Sub-arctic' atmos at RIM UK as jobs apocalypse looms

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Sad news but

I can't help but feel the sooner RIM get out of hardware & sell their "services" at a corporate level the better from the whole company.

Go where you are appreciated not where you are tolerated.

Why lock your digits to a phone? Telefonica to flog cloudy numbers

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Yac Yac Yac

This is just a glorified version of the origination Yac concept (yac.com) of 10 years plus ago.

Much watered down now since its acquisition.

The infrastructure may be right for it now though...

Why is the iPhone so successful? 'Cause people love 'em

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Re: Some people

See 1 Ferrari people do look at the Novelty & say Wow

See 1000 Ferrari's and the novelty aspect fast disappears and you fast become one of the crowd.

Put my iPhone down recently at a fiends & had to check which was mine as there were mostly fruity products.

My Galaxy S2 always has had more requests to be checked out though and the 2 are VERY similar hence the court cases.

Intriguing as to why such a discrepancy in the satisfaction for products so similar. Maybe those marketing guys do earn their corn?

Hold the chips: Apple axes Samsung RAM order for iPhone 5

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Tumbleweed Moment

Yes I can imagine the meetings with Samsung representatives could be a little awkward..

Windows Phone 8: Microsoft quite literally can't lose

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Re: @ AC 9:21

@ David Simpson 1 17:52

How can you say "only people stuck in the last decade are those that run Windows on any of their hardware" and truly mean it?

OK you have your preference but can't always express it.

My Nephew wanted a new laptop for college and wanted a Fruity branded product but it was out of his price bracket so he bought a laptop running windows.

I doubt he is stuck the last decade for many reasons but 2 that spring to mind are 1) he is very computer literate & 2) that would make him less than 13

Disclosure: I run various OS including windows & have an iPhone

Vodafone UK web titsup blamed on 'holiday maintenance'

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Usual performance

PS I notice their online bloody shop was still processing orders during the outage whilst us "your business is important to us" customers were left out in the cold!

Desktop Mobile

Usual performance

2hrs? WTF I was trying to login to download bills last night & got the helpful maintenance message.

It is so regular that either they do their maintenance to suit themselves rather than paying punters who due to paperless billing need to access their website or they just default to Vodafone.co.uk/maintenance in times of crisis.

Incidentally when they stop your account due to high usage which is when I travel abroad despite me notifying them they also block access to their website which they don't seem to think is a problem either.

Hmm maybe O2 business department may be getting a call...

Carbonite disputes ASA censure of cloud storage ads

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Double Edged Sword

All corporate entities reap what they sow here.

i.e. They set up looping customer management systems that make it impossible for anyone to communicate effectively with them. You know premium rate number that ask you press one of a hundred options and then put you on hold for for 17 minutes (or 15 hours in OZ) whilst telling you how important your call is to them...

Then they say they have no record of the call when someone rings them to say the building is on fire.

I'll get my coat as it is never going to change in fact corporate amnesia will probably become a science

Fake Facebook photo tag ruse smears malware on PCs

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Re: Hmm

Top Trolling Mate!

Hold I know how this works I now mention Apple market share... Exploits written when greater market share... Oh and mention cost plus the word fanbois a few times & sheep

Linux not affected, & free plus only used by clever people... sorry nerds

How am I doing (new this troll like activity)?

**Oh hell I am I supposed to be an anonymous coward**

Mp3Tunes files for bankruptcy

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How Much did he lose?

What I would love to know is how much of his $100m did Mr Robertson blow on this little ruse?

You have to admire his tenacity whilst despairing at his inability to quit whilst he's ahead

Two Brits in court over Michael Jackson back catalogue hack

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Re: Uhm?

Copyright infringement for commercial gain has always been a criminal matter.

i.e. Copy/Backup a DVD at home for yourself Civil matter that no one is interested in.

Copy a DVD and flog it down a car boot Criminal offence that can see you potentially sharing a cell with Chris Huhne

Apple wins skirmish in HTC-Google patent war

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Top Troll posting of 2011


Respect for the above post in terms of provoking readers into an emotional response!

Best of 2011 IMHO

Mozilla updates to Firefox 8, disables add-ons

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Rat joining the sinking ship

I must be the only rat joining the sinking ship judging by the comments above as I have just moved back from chrome to FF. I just got sick of the way it seemed to randomly log me out of accounts, add-ons disappearing ... just a general feeling of lack of control

Yes FF uses fair amount of memory but I added up all the memory the various chrome processes uses and for me there wasn't that much in it.

Mine's the one with the MGB keys in the pocket.. obviously

New Mac scareware variant installs without password

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Jobs Halo

Steve's got it covered

I can guess Steve' Face timing the board now!

Based upon the Theory people only spend time writing malware for an Os with enough market share to make it worth while just treble the price!

Returns will increase even though market share fall (some people like designers with buy a mac whatever the cost) and the malware problem will go away as the "developers" concentrate on erm... Windows

BT cheerfully admits snooping on customer LANs

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Big Brother


I use O2 & had an issue with the router syncing but no actual internet. Whilst talking to the helpful level 2 engineer I asked him why my wi-fi had just changed from channel 1 to 7 and he said he changed it as 7 was a better channel. I was gob-smacked!

Having said that SKY freely admitted to being able to browse inside my router albeit I noticed I had to allow the router to respond to ping first.

Serial hacker TinKode rifles through NASA satellite files

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Big Brother


I notice our curious friend chose Firefox as his browser of choice.

Does he feel its more secure or...?

Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail

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Thumb Down

Passing the buck & where's the choice

We don't want to be told how bad our streets & schools are in the name of choice just for the government of the day attempt to make them all pretty much equal in terms of quality & safety (towards the top end of the quality scale that is).

For them to print tables & point the finger and Heads of School / Police etc is just passing the buck.

Plus unless you have the cash to move area or school there is no choice just a depressing feeling of impotence for those who have to put up with the status quo

Just take responsibility & do something about it

Utilitybidder gets disconnected by developer

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"what else could I do."

You are technically right of course but no PLC would in reality be wound up that easily.

Much more likely the Judge would order a Bailiff to arrive at the company's premises and seize good to the value that are owed.

Next time you see burly men handing over paperwork in Sainbury's & walking out with loads of beer that is probably what is happening

Wikileaks founder blasts reopening of rape probe

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Once, Twice...

Not one but two??

This whole Wikileaks thing sounds like a bad 70's cold war novel.

There are better and more low profile ways of going about your business if you really want to.

IE9's Acid, speed and HTML5 trip to land lost surfers

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Gates Halo

I wish them well

I can't say I use Internet Explorer but I do wish then well in building a secure and standard conforming browser.

That may sound bonkers but I do remember IE in late '96 or early '97 stomping all over my preferred choice of Netscape Navigator and so I guess that if there is the will there is the way.

Don't get me wrong there is not a hope in hell I will use their browser unless hell freezes over but I do hope they build a product that will be as good as the rest in terms of security, privacy and conformity to standards.

Win 7 up, Mac OS X down in market share wars

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Black Helicopters


For the majority of the general public who nip out to buy a PC/Laptop from their local store Apple Macintosh etc is just too expensive for the box they want to use for email/shopping and not the same as the box little Johnny use at school.

Most of the users of this site of course make choices based on different criteria...

Re standards I know that IE is all does not adhere but Windows will do pretty much anything you want without much effort where the machines from Cupertino are not always so obliging.

Google gives its Voice to all Americans

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Genunie Question Please Help

I have a yac number that I signed up for in the late 90's/early part of the decade and it does this one number thing with voice mail.

IS Google voice better or just the same?

Vodafone blocks World Cup, except for iPhone owners

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As a Vodafone customer I find their network robust with good coverage in the most bizarely unexpected of places where mu chums with other quality networks struggle, Vodafone has made an exception with Lichfield for some reason where they seem to have forgotten to allow for coverage.

However do seem to have forgotten there is more to their business that an audio network and struggle with the associated technology.

Their website is laughable, the "my account section" specialises in 3 clicks where one would do and hides important info in obscure places. In fact the website is a trip back to early business type sites.

Their billing has been so poor that a random number generator may be more accurate.

That is only two and I am stopping now before I go into full rant but can they not employ someone who understand these other aspects of their business and improve upon them?

Firefox comes over all cloudy

Desktop Mobile

Opera the innovators as usual.


Sadville founder lays off 30% of staff

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Being Charitable to Dave52 he may just not like the term even if it a nickname.

Maybe we could have a new one before they go the way of most business that actually don't do anything...

How about "No Life" or "wasted life"

Pinhead Mac Trojan sticks it to fanbois

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"It picks up loads of crapware too - mostly sent by my windows using friends"

Of course they would come from your windows using friends as probability alone dictates that with windows market share the majority of your friends will use windows.

Buying a Mac will not increase there IT literacy or IQ, as & when Macs get to 50% market share of the domestic market I guess 50% of your email with the usual unfunny and bandwidth wasting dross will come from a machine built by an Appleonian.

'iPhone 4G' found on floor of bar

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@Anonymous Coward


Ask and you will receive

Why the Google antitrust complaint is not about Microsoft

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So there you have it.

A publicly listed company that has to act in the best interest of it share holders by law has found to be doing just that.

I am not a Google fan just never bought into the Don't be evil or we are not Microsoft as it always seemed to me.

Microsoft=Google=Apple=(Insert name of large multi national here)

China warns Google over uncensored search threat

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Big Brother

Hi I'm in China and

Hi I in China and and love Google and ...

Hold on WTF the lights are flickering and who's that banging on the door...

Anyway as I was saying I love 网页、图片、新闻搜索,支持个性化搜索及本地搜索,提供论坛、邮箱、日历服务和桌面

Ah my house is full off.................

Beeb deletes iPlayer app from iPhone

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Big Brother

Apple v Adobe?

I may have got this around my neck but is this not just a ramping up of the Adobe v Apple spat over flash etc?

As does the iPlayer software on a desktop at least run on the Adobe Air platform and so any excuse to pull the iPlayer from Apple?

Microsoft slams nails in Windows Vista, XP SP2, 2000

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Gates Halo

Doen't Scare the Horses

I understand that XP SP3 Extended Support period is until April 8, 2014?

Dell ordered back to court in laptop dustup

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When smoke gets in your eyes

Hi had a 5160, received a warning on boot due to over heating. Phoned Dell India call centre who told me to run the diagnostic disc fully.

I protested and she said it was a Bios error not a cooling error.

Upon returning to my office after a meeting I noticed the diag disc had stopped running, the fan was silent and then that the laptop was dead and there was a strong smell of smoke.

I rang Dell and they made me hold for ages and then agreed to replace the laptop with a new different model which arrived 5 days later.

They obviously required the old machine back.

I have never bought Dell since.


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