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Spooks scour gambling sites in terror finance probe


You gotta love HMP

With every F**ker inside getting the latest tech, is it any wonder the crime rate isn't going down. I mean you get so much more inside than your giro can ever purchase!!!

WTF is going on people with laptops accessing tinterweb, facebook gambling sites etc, surely these c**ts should be doing a hard days labour and paying society back for their crimes!

Bloody govt and their idea that the softly softly approach is the way to help them get out of a life of crime. How much tax payers money is wasted on tvs consoles laptops etc for crims each year, yet we have NHS cuts on spending and closure of AnE depts!!!!! aaaaahhhh

And why does HMP buy a cell tower for the prison, stick it on the roof pump up the wattage and have any illegal phone pair to that isolated tower and thus unable to call anyone. Or build a faraday cage around the Cell block, you think with all that fencing and barb wire it wouldnt be a step too far.


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