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Kaspersky hacker: Database exposed for days

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This has to be a PR disaster.

IWF confirms Wayback Machine porn blacklisting

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@steve roper

Because yours is being run by your government and your government wants "kid safe" Internet access.

If you want to "opt out" of the "kid safe" then you get put on the "adult safe" version that is still filered. And who decides what is being filtered. Your "government". And what websites are being filtered, well they are [classified]. Now you see the comparison with China?

Microsoft smooths Windows 7 snafu

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When are you on "live at the Apollo"? Just so I don't go that week and end up wasting my money.

Private firm may run UK spy über-database

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Lets make a lot of noise.

Let us create a peacful revolt by creating a lovely little program that spoofs random connections, such as sending emails, visiting random websites, ftping, pinging to create so much traffic that the government has no hope in hell of being to store the sheer volume of information.

And even by some miracle they manage to store all the volume without breaking the already slow Internet in this country then the information they have is practically worthless due to all the noise.

Time to dust down the old programming gloves I think. (Anyone want to lend a hand?)

Microsoft eyes metered-PC boondoggle

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50p meter on the side?

Will they be 'selling' these at Crazy Georges? Maybe from Littlewoods catalogues. Maybe I will see people in the lottery queue buying a top up for little johnnies computer, along with a £5 vodafone topup, 40 lambert and butler, £3 on gas and a fiver on elecy and the remainder of the child benefit on scratch cards.

Record industry refused Jammie Thomas appeal

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@Dodgy Geezer

You really think the police are going to take someone to court for a 70p snickers bar. Maybe once, (when the theft act was written) but sadly not any longer.

I guess you don't know many shopkeepers then. In fact, open a shop and try and report that you have been assaulted by a customer let alone seen someone steal a 70p snickers bar. Good luck with that.

The police are too busy catching speeding motorists,hassling little old ladies, suing each other for racism and generally silence any opposition to the government.

70p snickers bar. LOL.

Software copyright inspection powers used for first time

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10 years in the slammer?

10 years in jail for copyright infringement? Are they having a fucking laugh or something?

The average sentance length for assault is 2.9 months, 9.6 months for actual bodily harm, even grievous bodily harm only gets you 17 months.

Rape 84 months, manslaughter 64 months, and robbery 38 months.


This country is a fucking joke when they try and claim that you can do "upto 10 years" in prison for running XP/Vista/Office when you are not supposed to. No doubt they will let out some rapist drug pushing pimp out to make way for this fucking terrible crime of breaking copyright.

Mozilla Google relations strained by Chrome

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Good grief.

1,001 comments all saying the same thing.


Nintendo sells metric %#@&-load of Wiis in November

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PS3 is the new Amstrad CPC...

Bought a PS3, and it was rubbish. It was a nice unit, and a great upscaling DVD player. Blu-Ray is meh, and really you cannot tell the difference between upscaled DVD and blu ray is you are sat at the right distance.

HD is utterly pointless for anything other than static or slow moving shots. Considering I enjoy action films there is NO point in me buying a the Blu-Ray version for twice the cost. You know why? Motion Blur. When you only have 24-25fps motion blur is needed to obtain a smooth picture. What is the point of having 1080 lines of blurred pixels compared to 525 of the same blurred pixels? If anything, I think Blu Ray looks worse... They need to start filming at around 300fps if you want HD action, but then no TV or Blu Ray player can handle that, so its pointless.

Oh, when I went on the lookout for games it reminded me of when I had my Amstrad CPC, hundreds of C64 and spectrum games. Poor ports (if they were out) and a mediorce collection tucked away in the loser section.

The Spectrum 48k is the Wii

The C64 is the XBOX 360

And the PS3 is the Amstrad CPC664

(Comes with everything out of the box... but at a cost...)

Google exempts self from Apple rules

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Does anyone have the guts

To tell the emperor that he has no clothes?

A friend of mine at work wen't against my advice about buying an iPhone. I recommended a nokia N96, another friend a HTC.

She is gutted with her choice now. But hey, as I tell her, at least she can use it as a skateboard...

HP breaks Japanese excessive packaging record

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Carbon Footprint.

That isn't just any old cardboard box. That is a recycled cardbox box. If HP manages to shift enough volume of recycled cardbox it can claim it is offsetting its carbon footprint. Judging by the picture HP is on its way to becoming a carbon neatrul company. And that has to be a good thing, right?

BNP list hunters bring down Wikileaks

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To be honest, given the responses accross the Internet I actually feel like joining BNP myself now. Just to say "fuck you" to the people ready to combat facism with, er, facism.

Just remember that when you cheer for people on that list being threatend or loosing their jobs you become no better than the BNP themselves. And I for one do not want to live in a land where I have to toe the line and keep my mouth shut for any fucker. And I will fight you for my freedom.

India plants flag on Moon

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@moon landings.... by AC. AND @take off the tin hats by Adam

Well, that does it for me. Some anonymous poster on the Internet telling me that they did land on the moon and that there is proof is more than enough to put any doubts I had to bed. Cheers mate, I was under the impression that cosmic rays would have killed the astronauts once outside the Earths magnetic sphere.

Oh Adam, thanks for that, it's good to know that I can bounce a laser beam back at myself from a certain part of the moon. What more proof do I need that US astronauts landed on the moon with the computing power of a speak and spell and with no protection against cosmic radiation yet suffering no ill effects.

Why not just claim I am being un patriotic and that if I don't believe the US landed on the moon I must be a damn terrorist and deserve to be locked up. 20 years ago I would have been a commie, but alas I digress.

Yeah, course they have been to moon. There was some seriously strong acid around at that era. Most people had at some point or other.

Reg readers in Firefox 3 lovefest

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No problems posting from Opera.


Without typo-squatters, how far would Google fall?

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@AC "Not Google"

Get over yourself. El Reg is merely reporting on the lawsuit, not filing it!

PGP takes disk encryption management into the cloud

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Good news for the British Government

They need something like this as soon as possible.

Kentucky judge OKs 141-site net casino land grab

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Typical responses

From the geek brigade, about how their "precious" internet is being "stolen" from them.

Firstly, gambling IS banned in that state. Any company that ALLOWS people to gamble in that state should be punished.

Just because something is online does not make it above the law. Maybe ALL companies will think twice before the ride roughshed over local laws again.

But then most of you never read the full article. Before you reached the bottom you were typing with all your fury. You were defending "gambling" organisations of all things... Fucked up priorities from some of you. Besides, the judge states that if these companies do geographic location filtering they can have their domain back. What isn't fair about that? They could have done it in the 1st place.

I don't but the argument where a company can go online and sell what the fuck it wants regardless if its legal in that state or country. That is the path to anarchy and the role of multinationals over the constitution of invidual states and countries. Is that what you guys are trying to defend? The rights of multinationals? Dickheads.

MS hit with Red Ring of Death lawsuit

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@many of you.


Are you saying my toaster, and TV were made with known flaws. My fridge and cooker? They all manage to work quite happily.

Basically you are talking a big pile of shit mate. Microsoft did NOTHING to rectify the flaws when it became apparent. Apart from extend the warranty, hopefully to prevent a class action suite.

I imagine the class action suite is because Microsoft did nothing to rectify a problem. You cannot legally sell faulty goods just because you decide to give a warranty for it. Legally you need to fix the product, not continue to sell it.

You have something called statutory rights, above the manufacturers warranty. Well, you do in Europe anyway.


What the fuck has an EULA got anything to do with a hardware fault. Are you really suggesting that I can sell dodgy products down at the market, where 50% of them will develop a fault and so long as I write on a peice of paper that I accept no responsibility for anything I can continue to do so? You really think that would work? Jesus, you are a jackass aren't you.

EULA's don't mean jack shit. It doesn't overide statutory consumer protection laws.


I don't have an XBOX360. I wouldn't get one because I don't want to send it back for the next three years.

I cannot believe the idiots defending a company who knowingly sold faulty products (with a high failure rate). Spouting shit about EULA's and other products being faulty is no excuse or no defense. You just come accross as a prick in my opinion. The true defination of a fanboy.

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Yes, maybe it was a games console. But it was £200 worth of console.

They sorted out the warranty because they knowingly knew of the issue. The only thing the extended warranty covered was the RROD. If that isn't an acknowledgement of the issue, I don't know what is.

Extending a warranty on a product that has a known fault yet continuing to sell that faulty product is not a solution.

Why on Earth are you attempting to defend them?

Porn, abuse, depravity - and how they plan to stop it

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Dead Vulture


I have from reliable sources that Labour have already implemented a plan. They have recruited a 3rd party company that uses the Phorm technology to replace certain words and phrases on any website that appears to be anti-patriotic. This technology will be backed up by a civil service body working on behalf of the people for the good of the people to protect them from terrorists.

Any written word on any website on any server in the world can and will be rewritten to represent the government. This will prevent propaganda from rogue states influencing the harmony of this country.

So in 5 years from now, you may still get rogue states declaring that Western forces have used cluster bombs on women and children in a third world country that only has the ability to defend its resources with 30 year old equipment. Of course this is completely fictional, and with the advent of phorm and government policy this country will be finally able to put a stop to it. We all know it wasn't women and children that were killed, but hardened terrorists armed with potentially biological weapons.

I'm sure someone wrote a definition for this.

But I cannot seem to find their name, or anything abou them anymore when I google... But I am sure they did.

Firm threatens action against CCTV whistleblower

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Some interesting links...

Seems like a bar. This is the front of house.

This is the kitchen.

Just had fun watching the two watiresses having fun...

Behind the bar...

Very interesting...

William Bronze badge

Still working....

Shame its Saturday though.

Google's IP 'anonymization' inadequate, says EU watchdog

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If IP addresses are not personal data how come I could be sued for uploading copyright material? My ISP has a record of my address, name, and other details. They keep a log of what IP they gave me and when. How can it be less personal?

Oh, and so what google has e-mail and billing information, not everyone has a gmail account or uses adwords. Good grief!

'Idiot' pulls cables, downs ISPs at Telecity

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Redbus eh

I am not sure that the network admins in that place have actually ever seen a physical cab. I used to work in a datacentre and rebus was one of our clients. They had four cabs, with 2Mb connections. Eventually they filled all four cabs. They used to phone up and ask for port swaps. However I don't think they stopped to consider the physical nature of of nearly 400 2Mb co-ax connections. They certainly didn't stop to consider the consequence of repeated swapping from port 2 to port 45 on cab 1 and port 18 to port 50 on cab 3, and so on and so on.

We attempted to tell them their cabs were become a nightmare to work on. So we invited him in to sort it out. Ho ho ho. We had to strip all the cables out and start again, as it was impossible to do any more work on the cabs. The cabs resembled some kind of network bondage session.

Apple grabs double-digit US laptop marketshare

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@David Kelly

Apple + conformity... Hmmm. Kind of the same way all Emo kids look the same but yet consider themselves different. Its that kind of delusion.

Symbian: Linux unfit for mobile phones

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Jesus Wept.

What is the obession with a phone that is a computer? A phone should do two things.

1. Make calls

2. Receive calls.

No matter what software, what OS you stick on it, you are limited by the dimensions of the phone itself. Namely the distance between your ear and your mouth. Although the way some people go on you think it was the distance between your mouth and your arse, and with some of those people I think those body parts are easily interchangeable.

Child abusers adopt blackmail tactics

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Pitchforks at the ready.

Type your comment here — plain text only, no HTML

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Pitchforks at the ready.

I plan a simple test. We fasten securely anyone we suspect of being a peado to a stake. We then surround them with wood and a thousand daily mails. We then set fire to the daily mails.

If you survive the ordeal, then you are peadophile and we kill you. If you don't then you are free to go.

Scientology critics fight YouTube takedown notices

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What are you harping on about? Agnostics are not atheists. As an agnostic I find atheists just as passionate about God NOT existing as the born again Christians DO believe he exists. Remember, Agnostics keep an OPEN mind, whereas atheists and believers only think one thing.

Chrome-fed Googasm bares tech pundit futility

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RE: It's all moot.

Why the fuck are some of you dudes getting so worked up? I am sat here typing this from Brazil, having just given all the money I got from selling the house to some friendly Columbians. I know plan to retire back to the mansion I am renting for the next 2 days with some very nice Playmates.

I mean, fucking hell, you're all squabbling over what an OS is or isn't, or whatever browser has the biggest dick when all the time you seem to have forgot that its all moot anyhow. Come tommorow (10 Sept) a black hole will devour the Earth and the local time-space plane. Fuck me guys, you sure have your priorities mixed up. 1 Day after 9-11? Is it not plain enough that its the terrorists who are planning so smash atoms together in the worlds biggest WMD!! Jeez.

Anyway, gotta go I kinda feel funky right now and Minxie is calling me over. Have fun you bunch of losers!

The Google-isation of all the net's access points

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Tried it, wasn't happy that it only imported my bookmarks from IE and not Opera or Firefox. Whilst I agree it is fast, its very minimal. Certainly not my cup of tea at all.

Unfortunately I have aquired a taste for Opera. Yes, the best kept secret on the web. Long may it stay that way too... So feel free to slag it off. I will be happy for not to download it. I think its great you love Firefox, or that IE dings your bell, I am over the moon for you. :)

Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple

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Well then.

Maybe Sony should enforce an EULA on its blu-ray discs that it only plays on Sony hardware.

Like that much guys? No? Didn't think so.

How about Philips making CD's that only play on Philips hardware?

Like that Apple pips? Oh wait, you already put it with it already! Its called itunes..

And there lies the rub. Not much point arguing the nuances of this case with an Apple pip. They are deluded.

Dancing Baby v. Universal: Baby wins!

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No filming.

Best go round to next door and ask them to turn down their stereo if you're filiming in the garden. I realise they are having a BBQ, but you don't want a DCMA slapped on your family video. In fact, its best to go round and make sure no-one is humming or whistling a song whenever you want to film. As for filiming your fellow workers at the christmas party - forget it, that's just asking for trouble. There are artists starving in the gutter because of people like you. Starving!

Actors paid to queue for Poland's iPhone launch

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I was there!!

I saw those actors at work and let me tell you that they were bloody good at their job. I would never have guessed by looking at it that it wasn't a real queue.

I say we get them over here to replace the overvalued shower of shite at the BBC. Should knock a few quid of the old telly license. And what does it matter if they cannot speak English, some of those Polish chicks are hawt. Besides, half the little scrotes in England cannot speak English.

MetaRAM now pumping 288GB of memory into Intel boxes

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@Ian Michael Gumby

Oh, the understand completely. But nothing, let alone context, can stand in the way of their e-penis.

Google murders second Anonymous AdSense account

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"It's no wonder I've never promoted an IT guy above their entry level."

I wasn't aware the unemployed had this power!

Tiffany demands reappraisal of eBay counterfeit decision

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"Trademark infringement is a civil offense, not a criminal one. There is no crime here."

Actually, if you make a profit from it (as in the case of ebay and the seller) it becomes a criminal offence.

"But as there is no criminal offense occuring, the only issue is that of Trademark violation, which is entirely the Trademark holder's responsiblity to enforce."

Again, if you make a profit from it, it does become a criminal offence.

AMD releases 'world's fastest' graphics card

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@vincent himpe

No seriously, you have got it wrong. Seriously wrong.

If you don't beleive me, and the multitude of others, try it for yourself.

Install Vista and 4Gb of memory. Then install a variety of GPU's all with different memory configurations. And then put the results on youtube.

Carbon Trust: Rooftop windmills are eco own-goal

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The Green Brigade

Oh, I remember those chappies and chapesses from my student days. They spent fortunes on clothes that looked like there were from a jumble sale. Obviously they were not from a jumble sale as no self respecting jumble sale organiser (or donater come to mention it) would ever sell anything as grotty. Oh no, that look was designer.

They also used to smoke considerable amounts of skunk. Of course not a thought was paid to the carbon footprint created by growing the weed. (HINT: If you changed your house into a grow house then your electicity bill would be that of a small factory and the police would be alerted.)

I won't even begin to go into all the chemicals that were introduced into the environment by their consumption of other drugs. Not to mention the deforestation and exploitation in third world countries.

But they were so self righteous about it all. I recall they once had a protest and blocked a dual carriageway in Manchester. Reclaim the streets the proclaimed. They had a megawatt sound system blaring out music whilst they all danced around in their designer rags smoking weed and ingesting e's and snorting coke. In the background a fuckoff big generator powering it all. But hey, they had a point to make - right. SAVE THE PLANET!! Tossers.

BT slams bandwidth brakes on all subscribers

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Even business users are getting hammered for legitimate services!!

See page 36 of the PDF.

BT applies the policy universally. Regardless of contract. And yes, this includes business users! Anything other than HTTP is throttled.

VOIP, FTP... All perfectly legit. Nothing to do with peer to peer. So if you own an Internet Web Development company and are paying BT through the nose for large usage don't bother. When it comes to publishing the customers site via FTP you're running at 15%.

Great. So if you're one of those jerks who are claiming 'suits me, my web page loads fast and if you use the internet for anything other than port 80 you're a thief' would you do us a favour and shut up.

Phorm. Now this. I think maybe BT have caught a few high up politicians looking at VERY compromising websites for their positions hence any lack of action against this shower of shite company.

Microsoft Mojave 'outs' secret Vista lovers

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There are plenty of commentators on here claiming they will never touch Vista. But yet at the same time claim they 'know' its rubbish. How exactly?

How government will save you from P2P deviance

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Totally cluess - the record labels.

Look at music through the generations. 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and even the 90's.

We are 8 years into the 21st century and exactly what defines the music sphere in this decade? Stereotypes and sueing your customers. Jokers.

Just look.

Harmless gay boy bands to appeal to the under 13 girls.

Black gangster music claiming how hard it is on the 'streets' despite daddy being a doctor - appealing to boys under 18 and anyone else lacking enough foresight to see through the pretence.

Indie rock - For the long haired skanks who wish to be alternative and different whilst forgetting just how long ago now the beatles came out and just how much they have been ripped off by sucessive 'bands'

Rock/Grugne/Emo - Staple of White American teenagers, distributed over here by labels who spend vast amounts of money promoting American culture, when it fact it is anything but American culture - it is American record label culture where they spend more on promoting artists then they do on A&R. Formuliac to the ninth degree. The age of these bands remain the same, the music stays the same, only the faces are different. And you thought that actresses, models and footballers had a short shelf life.

R&B/D&B, Soul and Rap. Exactly the same as above - except targeted at black teenagers.

Whatever happened to A&R? What ever happened to people who could actually sing AND write AND compose their OWN music.

On one level I really hope this tactic works and it stops p2p dead in its tracks. Who the fuck are the record labels going to blame for 3rd Quarter decline in CD's sales on then? Probably the Iranians.

They gave Robbie Williams £80 million. £80 million !!! And what is he doing now, running round all bearded up trying to spot flying saucers.

The record companies have become complacent. They blame falling sales on piracy. They are deluded. They are so much in each others pockets they forget that being competitive you need to take risks. They need to take risks and come up for some NEW music that people might want to listen to again rather than churning out the same old shite just redone just enough for the everage punter not to notice its the same album they bought just last year.

If the Beatles or Elvis only formed this year they wouldn't stand a chance getting released. Too much of a risk... Doesn't fit in the spreadsheet....

Researchers show up deniable file system crypto leaks

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Hmmm, I had a dream...

You know I was going to use a hidden OS on a fully encrypted volume to load up a VMWare machine (on a hidden volume) that I writes my bitorrent of Duffys latest albume onto a hidden volume on an external drive with the added benefit of a hammer and a nail selotaped onto it.

As I contemplated this I realised that it was a little bit pointless. (can you imagine the spooks faces after 15 hours of water bording me and electonic scanning of the external drive they come across Duffys album and a couple of No-DVD cracks for the Sims2 and Weather Expansion from Reloaded!!). Not only is it overkill and they may think that I am some kind of uber terrorist but the bastards only need my IP address to cart me off to court.

Phorm protestors picket BT AGM

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Has you never seen the film "They Live"

Watch it and it answers all your questions. Patricia Hewitt is certainly one of them.

Tony Blair is,for sure. But poor old Brown, he is human as the rest of us. Bless him.

Sony PS3 movie downloads are go

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Why do you keep publishing these Sony stories? You're so biased. Did they offer you a free TV or something. I never hear anything, ANYTHING about my Atari 2600. Just last week 8 of us from accross the country got together to play a defender championship. Where was the register then? Eh? Nowhere to be seen. Probably drinking fancy cups of piss disguised as coffee, paying through the nose for the bastard green logo on the side of the cup, leafing through the Sony catalogue getting to choose their winnigs for glorifying the sons of satan.

You biased bastards. You better come to our pong knockout in Stockholm next month or I will KNOW you are a puppet of the Japanese masters.

Judge sides with eBay in fake jewelry spat

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I disagree

Ebay is not a landlord. It is a marketplace. And just like any other market place, it should have market inspectors.

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'

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Time for a few home truths....

What a crock of shit spouting from the linux dweebs and the mac goons.

Linux Dweeb: Yeah, I hate m$, I use linux. In fact, I use a really rare 'experimental' version of linux. Why use Windows, I run my linux of a 1976 casio calculator. I am so fucking hardcore I don't even need a gui. In fact, I am so 'into' linux, I speak directly to the kernel in machine code. Anyone who doesn't do this is a dickhead and is no way as cool as me.

Translation: Some sad junior network administrator training for his MSCE who uses windows every day and is fed up of getting the boring jobs (password resest) every day. Has really bad acne and poor social skills. Goes home in the evening to have a relationship with Linux (his girlfriend), because they understand each other.

Mac Goons: Yeah, I hate m$. I own a Mac.

Translation: Works in telesales. Uses windows every day. Still lives in shared accomodation after leaving university with a 3rd in Hopsitality Management. In the evening goes for a local overpriced coffee with his mac. Pretends to his drinking partners he is a graphics designer and thats why he has a mac when in reality he has paid over £800 for a laptop case merely to go on facebook living the "lifestyle"

Daily Mail loses employee info

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Send em back

Sod their human rights...

Europe drafts law to disconnect suspected filesharers

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Validaty of the accusation.

So, the ISP's are going to police their users. Are these the same ISP's that illegally monitored their users (phorm), yet nothing happens to them?

And as for Virgin media 3 strikes. Are they serious? Their system is the easiest to hack. If you know the right people you can obtain Virgin branded boxes that give you access to all the TV channels as long as you have a pipe to the 'green box'. The same people can also give you a cloned cable modem.

How are they going to prove that your modem has not been cloned? If they claim they can, then perhaps you can ask to explain why they do not disconnect them from their network?

And lets not mention their billing system (SABS). I know from first hand experience the following;

* Customers being billed for other peoples telephone calls

* Customers being charged for phantom set top boxes.

* Customers being double billed

* Customers not being charged for telephone calls

* Customers not being charged for services (I was not charged for 12 months for broadband, despite me protesting almost every month!!)

* Customers not being disconnected, yet still being billed.

Incidently, if you have suffered from any of the above problems and had no satisfaction from "writing" in to Virgin, give Otello a call. They soon shift when these guys are on their case.


So given the insecurity of Virgins network and the fact their billing system has numerous and serious issues with regards to billing, I would question the reliability of the evidence provided. Then I would hand over my PC and ask them to explain how they have got the alleged file on their server from my PC, considering it is not on my PC. IP logs are not enough.

eBay Australia ditches PayPal scheme

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Vote with your feet.

No point in whining about ebay. Just do what I do, and never go near it. If enough people did this, well, the possibilities are endless.

Besides, half the shite on there comes from car boots and jumble sales anyway.