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Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip


Yes, but...

Most iPhone owners use covers, cases or protective sleeves so it might not affect that many people.

Seems Apple needs less Unicorn Magic Dust and more engineering. The Apple PR/Kool-Aid team can spin this as a manual Airplane mode thingy, I am sure.

Adobe euthanizes Flash 10.1 for 64-bit Linux


That's a shame...

All 38 users must be pissed of.


HTML5 unfit for web TV, says Hulu


"HTML5 is not ready for prime time"

They are not saying it's not possible, just that it's not a viable option for their service right now. I am sure in time that will change and they are probably building an HTML5 based player as we speak. Maybe some of you non-contributing zeros can help them do so, rather than troll around and bitch all day :)


Build it...


To the HTML5 masses: Build it. That's right! it's easy to piss on Adobe and Flash and be all mad because hulu thinks HTML5 is teh suck. Prove them wrong. Build a content delivery platform that will tick all these boxes and deploy to the same user base as Flash, of course.

That's right dust up your IDE of choice (Notepad FTW) and go for it! We'll wait...

Non-Flash video surges onto the web

Paris Hilton

What is their definition of "non-flash video"?

"Adobe AIR and Flash Player and later versions support files derived from the standard MPEG-4 container format including F4V, MP4, M4A, MOV, MP4V, 3GP, and 3G2 if they contain H.264 video and/or HEAAC v2 encoded audio."


Steve Jobs issues open letter on Flash



"When you have problems with HTML5, you can fix the problem yourself" really?!

If IE, Safari, Chrome, FF and Opera can't agree on implementing HTML5 you can fix that yourself! Man, you've got some power. Let's face it you are either a bitch of Flash or a bitch of the browsers.

"those websites that only work with a specific version of Internet Explorer."

Or the sites that only work with Safari... Or work better on Chrome. Or in Chrome and Safari but not in FF...

The key is not one vs the other. It's delivering consistent experiences or content. For this you may need to use more than one platform.

Jobsian Vendetta - Flash stabbed by Mac the Knife



Now Im not great fan of *your comment*, in fact lets not forget that by and large, it sucks.

Maybe content delivered on the Flash platform sucks. But the platform itself is not that bad. I would know, I have been earning a leaving on it for over 10 years now.

I would argue that most content on Twitter is crap, but you can't blame Twitter for that. Same goes for Facebook or youTube. Most corporate presentation makes my eyes bleed but it's not PowerPoint's fault. These are all just tools and platforms.


Did you even read the comment?

He knows "java, php, .c# vb .net forms and web" and "started to learn unity and titanium."

The issue is there are no clear rule that using Unity or Titanium will be allowed after the release of 4.0. Apple makes up the rule as they go along or use such general language that they can pull your app at will. That is a major concern for investing in the platform.


you *is* ignant?..

Flash is a platform for engaging consumers. It shines where open *standards* fail to deliver. But mostly it bypasses the issues of browsers, because they fail to follow or agree on using the said open standards, thus making them open suggestions for browser vendors.

iPhone ego clash costs Flash at Virgin America



You are the poster child of why people wont take html 5 seriously. All you seem to do is insult or call people names and shout your way through incoherent arguments. Not to mention the irony of you calling the previous poster a ranting 10y old.

Of course HTML5 is backwards compatible. The issue is that all the cool "flash killer" features, like the canvas, won't work no IE. A lot of our corporate clients use IE6 with no signs of that changing anytime soon.

The truth is that, beyond flash, the #1 security threat is the user. Any plug-in or application will expose security flaws of the host system. No matter how you code it, it still relies on the host's security model. That include HTML emails...

Most people will use whatever is installed when the system was purchased.

Apple is trying to play the performance and open standards issue to keep a lock on the iPhone & iPad eco-system. It would make a lot of the apps in the appStore irrelevant and cost Apple money if they allowed Flash to run on these devices.

To go back to the article and the Virgin America CTO saying that this is the year of the mobile... It will also be the year of Flash on mobile devices with the release of the 10.1 player. It will run happily on Windows and Android, including the new Android Tablets.



Most of the content on the interwebs (including rich and visually appealing) is not Flash and I routinely see:

- poorly optimized images

- sloppy copy and pasted code

- "spinning wheels" pre-loaders on visually rich html sites.

Just because it's flash doesn't mean it's bad and just because it's html-css-js doesn't mean it's good!

Funny you mention the issue of size:

- Flash actually compresses all the assets (including code) in it's swf file format.

- Transparent PNGs are encoded in JPG with an alpha channel to further optimise size.

- Adobe started a caching system of it's Flex RIA framework to reduce initial load

- Just have a look at banner ads to see what you can squeeze in 35kb of Flash content.



What a visionary...

Look at me I made a site in HTML, I am CTO/CIO of the year! On to open standards stardom! What a joke... Or a slow news day?

It's good practice to always provide alternative content when using Flash, no?


Dear Adobe: It's time for security rehab


Just uninstall Flash, it's a plug-in...

It might sound suicidal for a Flash designer and developer to invite people to uninstall the plug-in with which I have earned a living for the past 10 years.

The bottom line is that Flash is a plug-in and that it can easily be removed from your computer. Adobe provides an uninstaller to do so. End of story. Problem solved. Your Windows machine will therefore be safe. Those annoying Flash ads will be no more. You can be proud to support open standards...

But calling designers and developers idiots for using Flash over images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript is, at best, narrow minded. Flash would not be where it is today if it wasn't for, and this is a non exhaustive list, the huge discrepancies in rendering by the major browsers, the limitations of the languages, the ever raising expectations in user experiences, the need for maximum ROI by clients, advertisers and marketers. I am not going to touch on the fact that Flash goes way beyond the browser, which will soon include the Apple App Store.

You can turn off images and JavaScript, overwrite CSS and uninstall Flash to completely remove distractions "from the written material the user is trying to read". But internet users do more than read. They watch videos, play games, want to interact with the content and others.

Online games developer rely on Flash's performance and ubiquity. Video content delivery networks have elected Flash because it offers 98% market penetration. RIA and UGC platforms use Flash because they can shift most of the processing on the user's computer while protecting their code IP. To avoid the OS and Browser rendering issues content providers turn to Flash for its consistent rendering.

Sites you may be reading, often rely on ads to generate revenues. Sure you could use a static jpg or an animated gif to deliver content. But Flash allows marketers to maximize that investment by delivering 10x the amount of content possible with a gif within same the file size limitation. You would be amazed at the amount of content that can be squeezed into a 35kb banner ad. That's without mention of the video, animation and interactivity capabilities.

There are always going to be bad designers and bad developers but this is not unique to the Flash Platform.

Saying that Adobe is in for the money is a pleonasm. Adobe is a publicly traded corporation and the bottom line are dividends. Now rise above the flame wars and over simplistic propaganda and you will see that Flash, images, HTML and CSS are just tools to deliver formatted content online. Finally, HTML5 is a Flash killer like the Zune was an iPod killer and the Palm Pre an iPhone killer.


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