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Meta's AI internet chatbot demo quickly starts spewing fake news and racist remarks


Re: What?!?

Respect must be earned.

It was not.

Twitter unveils US midterm election integrity plans, upsets almost everyone


Re: Twitter, et al, were by far the worst manipulators in 2020.

Go take your medication. You seem to have forgotten it again.


Funny, I checked that and got "Obvious and desperate attempt at political deflection" and a referral to the "Trump Kleptocracy".


Re: Sigh..

Shame on you. Exercise of rights without believing there's any responsibilities commensurate with them is a very immature point of view.


Re: world leaders and politicians should be held to a higher standard when tweeting

Hey look, Whataboutism comes in economy size too!

If you actually look you can see a difference. Democrats admitting they were wrong. The Republicans seem to have forgotten how to do that, in addition to being deathly allergic to the truth.

Are you actually willing to hold Republicans to the same standards?

US judge dismisses Republican efforts to block release of Salesforce emails


Re: There is a lesson here...

I think you need to adjust your calibration 50 points to the left.

Multiple attempts were made from within and without our system of government to invalidate the actual votes of the voters in the states, to reject or change the outcome of those electoral processes.

It needs to be investigated, it is being investigated. That you think that it would not be investigated were positions reversed shows that you've fallen for the Republican propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

Elon Musk's latest launch: An unsolicited Twitter takeover


Re: Sorry Elon, but what's the point ?

SecondLife is still going and doing fine.

And has graphics that make the current 'popular' metaverses that are just NFT tie-ins look like toys. Also tons of physics driven vehicles, weaponry, events... SL was doing concerts before Fortnite existed.


Twitter preps poison pill to preclude Elon Musk's purchase plan


For the exchange of ideas. Not for conspiracy to sedition, to promote actions likely to result in injury or death to yourself or others, etc. You are free to say what you want. But you are not free to use someone else's platform to do it. If you break the house rules, don't act shocked to find yourself outside the door.

It's just hilarious how fast so called defenders of capitalism and business and free speech pitch a fit when they discover that breaching a business's rules gets them turfed out. The crying, the complaining. The wailing at the unfairness of it. "Conservatives are being censored much more often!" And they're probably breaching the ToS much more often, cause and effect.

What was that said about snowflakes, and feelings? Act civil. Show some actual respect. Bring some actual evidence. Discuss things on the merits as found by those that actually know what they're talking about, not Dr Oz or Franzie on Facebook.

Finnish govt websites knocked down as Ukraine President addresses MPs


Re: Fuck NATO, their British overlords, and everyone in it

Ok. How about this?

We'll have a decent conversation when you admit you're actually talking about what Russia's been doing in east Ukraine for almost a decade. And did in Crimea, etc, etc.

Ukraine's legitimate leadership asked for military and humanitarian assistance against hostile invasion by Russia, who happens to be committing a plethora of war crimes intentionally.

Stop the whataboutism.


Re: Fuck NATO, their British overlords, and everyone in it

It's adorable that you claim to be able to speak for most of the earth's population. You get to speak for yourself, the same as any of us.

Sorry to burst your bubble, sunshine.

UK spy boss warns China hopes Russia will help it take over tech standards


We could use more "woke indoctrination centers". Those universities turn out people that are more aware of the bullshit that you try to feed them, and you're butthurt about it.

Planning for power cuts? That's strictly for the birds


Re: I say it's plausible

So the next power outage was less than a month after both generators were up, then. Seems like they failed to do a commissioning test, which would have found that immediately. Or have an engineer look at it and go hmm... ?

Log4j RCE: Emergency patch issued to plug critical auth-free code execution hole in widely used logging utility


Re: (User) input validation and sanitisation

How about not executing it? Can we all agree that executing stuff in a logfile is dumb and all this stuff that goes into log files should be saved literally and never parsed as code to execute?

Jimmy on a pogo stick, that's all the input sanitization you need. Just literal the write to log and move on.

How do you call support when the telephones go TITSUP*?


So invest in more infrastructure then, got it.


Re: NHS Trust fund

Probably along the lines of, "Anthrax attacks at multiple points in the London Tube, we have a mass casualty event in progress."

Magnanimous Apple will allow people to fix their iPhones using parts bought from its Self Service Repair program


Re: Are the tables turning?

Before you get too celebratory, consider the following:

1) Apple sells the repair kit. So they get all the profit.

2) If the consumer stuffs up their kit while repairing, it's likely not a warranty item as it was consumer caused damage. But Apple will be happy to sell them a new one, or such.

China Telecom booted out of USA as Feds worry it could disrupt or spy on local networks


Re: HD

They got tired of breaking legs and losing skin because their 2 wheeler isn't inherently stable? Seems entirely sensible to me.

Unvaccinated and working at Apple? Prepare for COVID-19 testing 'every time' you step in the office


Re: Good job Apple

Well, there's vaccinated and there's not. And until we can scale the antibody testing sufficiently it's really that simple. Worse is the fact that not all develop the same degree of antibody response to the vaccine.

You're trying to make this some multiple option personal choice carousel.

It's public health. Get vaccinated.


Re: If, and I stress the IF ...

No, we haven't eliminated the control group. They're called "the unvaccinated".

I think someone said a lot of them are dying.

Canon makes 'all-in-one' printers that refuse to scan when out of ink, lawsuit claims


Re: No print? No buy.

Psst, don't look now but DocuSign is a thing.

Vietnamese province that hosts Big Tech's factories now fashionably COVID-free


Re: About > 10x the death rate

"He seems a shifty guy. Rand Paul was taking him to task for comments over funding of the wuhan lab. But then even as an expert his opinion is ever shifting which apparently shakes peoples faith in him. Just as politicians get accused of (UK gov for one)."

Rand Paul has no clue what he's talking about. He's not a epidemiologist, not a virologist, not anything applicable. Fauci took the extraordinary step of stating he was speaking in official capacity, when he said Rand Paul did not know what he was talking about.

Scientists form, modify, discard, or confirm theories based on fresh information and experimentation.


Which didn't involve trying to stop a pandemic with an airborne pathogen that infects others in proximity. I'm reminded of a saying.

Something about one's right to swing their fist ending where another's nose begins...

The wheels come off Formula 1's notification service as fans plied with attacker's messages


Re: Given the opportunity, what would you have said?

Foo me once, shame on you. Foo me twice...

Chinese app binned by Beijing after asking what day it is on anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre


Don't you just love it when people do things without knowing what they're doing because you tried as hard as you could to suppress the knowledge?

The notion that that this sort of antics is just educating the new generations that something horrible did in fact happen on that date is pretty golden.

Twitter given three weeks to comply with Indian content code


Ah yes, the glorious problem of doing business globally, all the angles in which law and morality differ from that where the business was originally chartered.

Traffic lights, who needs 'em? Lucky Kentucky residents up in arms over first roundabout


Please point out the signs shown in the video. :)

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Re: Do what did you expect?

Now point out the signs and guide-markings in that video.

Hint: There aren't any.

Self-inflicted screwup.

Volunteer-run pirate Manga website attacked, loses hashed passwords, has ‘nobody’ to fix the mess


Salted + A Real Hash...

The 'shoestring site' already was prepared better than 95% of the breaches, weren't they?

To have one floppy failure is unlucky. To have 20 implies evil magic or a very silly user


Re: There is always the near-apocryphal story of

I do not recall where it was and cannot find it, but I recall someone offering an actual cupholder you could install in a PC drive bay. I forget if it was motorized or just a pop-out, but it amused me immensely.

Edit: Found it.



Re: if it works...

Upsides / downsides, there.

I have used the Velop mesh both for my parents and for an even older couple that dad helps out as a thing to do with his retirement. For both there was a need to establish a wifi mesh chain to cover houses. With both installs, I have been able to check the networks and give them needed pokes, and determine when I was going to need to schedule time to go in person (an extended power-off evidently resulted in one node each forgetting how to talk to the network and so needed re-setup). So it has advantages in remote/distributed management point of view.

Very horses for courses, you might say.

What the FLoC? Browser makers queue up to decry Google's latest ad-targeting initiative as invasive tracking

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Re: Uninstalled and reported.

I'm sorry, what part of, "I am willing to try DDG's tracker and ad blocking functionality while using my choice of search provider," did you not understand?

ScriptSafe and Adblock Plus manage to offer these things without being grabby about the search box. It was not a restriction that was advertised and made known previous to install. This sort of We Know Better Than You What You Want is the reason I will never buy an Apple product.

So take your condescending attitude and shove it up your ass.

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Pot, Kettle

So DuckDuckGo is making a big to-do about their privacy extension for Chrome. What they don't tell you is that when you use it it locks your browser search functionality to DuckDuckGo. You can't choose anything else, you have to disable the extension if you don't want DuckDuckGo hijacking your search bar.

Uninstalled and reported.


Re: Ooga booga!

1) Ad-blocker-blockers only show up when ScriptSafe lets them.

2) Then I go elsewhere. There are always substitutes.

What could be worse than killing a golden goose? Killing someone else's golden goose


Re: At JGH re: checks...

Old (and very private) joke of mine, "Hit the deck, it's the Rubber Czech!"

Boeing successfully flies unmanned autonomous military 'wingman' aircraft that may become pilot's buddy


Re: Oh, it's another Airplane

I am.

And don't call me Shirley.

1Password has none, KeePass has none... So why are there seven embedded trackers in the LastPass Android app?


Re: The company says users can opt out if they want.

So, important question. Has anyone ever verified that the opt out actually does anything?

Might be just a check box with a null action, if you look at the server where it points...

Scottish enviro bods shrug off ransomware gang's extortion attempt as 4,000 files dumped online, saying it's nothing big


Re: Stop using windows for stuff

Windows has the largest installed base. You shoot at the big target, not the little target.

If I have to explain this to you again, you're going to be invoiced for it.

Must 'completely free' mean 'hard to install'? Newbie gripe sparks some soul-searching among Debian community


Re: Not for noobs

Provide examples, please.

'Following the science' rhetoric led to delay to UK COVID-19 lockdown, face mask rules


Re: Masks WERE/ARE science


Overall, we rate Swiss Policy Research (SPR) a Moderate Conspiracy website based on the promotion of unproven claims. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to the use of poor sources and complete lack of transparency. (M. Huitsing 5/21/2020) Updated (8/26/2020)

Ad-scamming, login-stealing Windows malware is hitting Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Yandex browsers, says Microsoft


Re: Windows....

Aiming for the big target is what you do...

Oh, no one knows what goes on behind locked doors... so don't leave your UPS in there


Re: Stop this happening to you!

Be careful how you describe what you're doing to your boss or coworker, though...

Reading El Reg while working from home? Here's a pleasant thought: Kaspersky says 1 in 10 of you are naked right now


Re: a "growing new interest in nude cleaning in British society"

Isn't that the point?

Labor watchdog accuses Google of illegally firing staff in union-busting push – as AI ethics guru Dr Timnit Gebru is pushed out


Re: We strongly support the rights our employees have in the workplace

There's a big, big but there.

You cannot LIE about the reason for the termination. Google appears to have done that. And like was done with the other four that were fired, there is a non-trivial chance of Google getting annihilated during the Discovery phase.

Election security fears doused with reality: Top officials say Nov 3 'was the most secure in American history.' The end


What's that? Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!

It's reality smacking you in the face!




Huawei's financials take a beating as President Trump's sanctions come home to roost


Re: adequate?

I am unsure I understand your logic.

Phones have a limited amount of battery power available to them, and thus having 4 desktop applications running at full trot in the background, even if the processor can quite happily manage it, seems like a 'bad design decision' to me.

Have you seen the Chrome OS, lately? I hear it's a thing on laptop form-factor computers.

Palo Alto Networks threatens to sue security startup for comparison review, says it breaks software EULA


California? This should be good, they have anti-slapp laws...

Samsung to introduce automatic call blocking on Android 11-capable flagships


TrueCaller... ha!

If I remember correctly, TrueCaller works by uploading the contact info (names, numbers, etc) on every phone that it's installed on, and using it to build a database of numbers and names. So if your name happens to pop up on someone's phone when you called it's because the app used that permission it was granted to rob your acquaintance's phonebook blind. Oh, and maybe having bought some phone lists too, but definitely the predatory uploading.

We won't leave you hanging any longer: Tool strips freeze-inducing bugs from Java bytecode while in production


Re: It's the drinking water

Calm down. It's probably like 5 lines of code to fire off an automated email about the problem and initial workaround to the company JIRA.

There ain't no problem that can't be solved with the help of American horsepower – even yanking on a coax cable


Re: Closest I've had to that ....

Probably "Big F-ing Idiot"

Big US election coming up, security is vital and, oh look... a federal agency just got completely pwned for real


Re: Place your bets

Well, aren't you just a triple-word-core for parroting disinformation and conspiracy theories? It's all you seem to have.

Braking point: Tesla has had quite enough of Trump's 'unlawful' tariffs on Chinese-made parts, sues Uncle Sam


Re: Good luck with that.

Couple things, here.

One, arbitrary and capricious is not an idly chosen term. It's a legal term that implies that there's no reasoned reason for an imposition, no rationale beyond whim.

Second, you need to remember that the tariffs are paid by US consumers, not by anyone in China. The supplier can say 'sorry, no' when asked to drop their costs, and with those tariff amounts it's going to be hard to not have that be the universal answer. And so things get more expensive for US consumers. Maybe the US company goes out of business as a result, and the suppliers in China shrug and continue on because there's always someone else that wants to buy what they make.

This is the cycle of stupidity that this administration is riding, with their fans declaring they are winning when the score has them the losers by far. So very sad.



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