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MOVEit breach delivers bundle of 3.4 million baby records


"While attacks on third-party software are difficult to prevent, we've taken additional measures to further strengthen our security controls to limit the potential of this type of incident happening again."

Like... burning MOVEit off their entire infrastructure?


Didn't think so.

Sonos secures a victory in audio patent fight against Google


Re: The patent system is not fit for purpose.

I hope not. The concept that, "The microphone that has the input at the highest amplitude s probably the closest and therefore the correct one" is classified as Fucking Duh, and should not be patentable. And no, nifty bits about normalizing and going between different mics doesn't make it novel. That's called calibration, and should be done in any device that provides amplitude.

Ford, BMW, Honda to steer bidirectional EV charging standard


Re: Clarity

As far as I know, the Oxford comma is alive and well, and styles that don't use it are simply wrong.


Re: Voila!

Solar + storage. Duh. Someone hasn't been paying attention.

When does tackling pandemic misinfo become censorship? US courts argue it out


Re: Don't like the way you are framing this

Why does Sweden have some of the lowest excess mortality? They weren't idiots like USandians. They actually listened to their government, took some precautions, got vaccinated. The US? Much more scared of needles than guns.


The CDC said that when the size of the particles that transmitted the virus wasn't properly understood. Cloth masks helped. But they were not as effective as surgical masks, which were not as effective as N95 masks. If you had been paying attention, you would have seen the studies going on about propagation and droplet size and airflow modeling, trying to get a grip on the actual dynamics.


And you overlook the fact that people are not horses. Their weights are different. Their digestive systems are different. The actual composition of other ingredients in the doses are different.

Ivermectin basically is meant to be a dose big enough kill the parasites but hopefully not kill the host. How many influencers did we lose to Ivermectin, again?



Re: Fairly obvious answer.

Yeah, that was a super-stacked misinformation sandwich that you bought during the pandemic.

Pull the other one, it's got bells on it.

India warns ecommerce 'basket sneaks' and 'confirm shamers' their days are numbered


So that's most of the tricks they use, then. Oh dear, what will their advertising departments do, when they don't need 80% of their staff?

Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox open to all: Now websites can tap into your habits directly for ads


Re: Worry less.

Well, that's some hilarious friendly-fire.

Farewell WordPad, we hardly knew ye


Re: History repeats

You should have told them their implementation was shit, and to fix it.

US Republican party's spam filter lawsuit against Google dimissed


Re: This ain't rocket science.

What would you call multiple unsolicited emails from a sender not in the contact list?

Oh, spam.

Fed-up Torvalds suggests disabling AMD’s 'stupid' performance-killing fTPM RNG


Except the user's credentials can be exported along with the data. Whoops!

Clingy Virgin Media won't let us leave, customers complain


Re: "Being able to switch provider easily is an important part of a competitive market,"

Reverse the charges and report them? Wonder how fast they'll find the answer if their access to the system is threatened.

Elon Musk actually sits down and talks to 'government-funded media' the BBC


Re: "he would have walked away from the takeover deal if he could"

Oh please.

That line is trotted out too often by those unwilling to actually consider complicated situations, nor the simple fact that the rich people don't actually have their best interests in mind.


Re: Musk, the man who has...


Guy rejects top photo prize after revealing snap was actually made using AI


Storm in a Teacup

If the rules said, "Any Device" and not "Any Camera", then either an organizer screwed up royally or this lad is just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

A photography competition should involve taken photographs. There should be nothing that comes out in that photo that did not go into the camera. Multiple exposure tricks count. Adjusting coloration and balance is fine. Painting in an AI generated skyline is a ban, because it did not go through the camera ostensibly used to take the photos. Skylum is trying to slip this kind of thing into Luminar, and I do not approve of it at all.

It's really so much simpler than Mr Look At Me was trying to make it seem.

Linux kernel logic allowed Spectre attack on 'major cloud provider'


Re: Safe Primes 10,000++ Decimal Digits Long -- What's The Problem?

Because what works in your use-case doesn't work everywhere, and isn't being used everywhere.

Hey Siri, use this ultrasound attack to disarm a smart-home system


I seem to recall multiple Alexa video pranks for just that sort of thing.

Vessels claiming to be Chinese warships are messing with passenger planes


Re: Peak China?

Go look up 'whataboutism'. You may or may not do it, but this means you can no longer claim to be ignorant of what you are doing.

New IT boss decided to 'audit everything you guys are doing wrong'. Which went wrong


So the downvotes are butthurt that they don't have the same situation, when they could instead be congratulating this person on having an experience where the hard work is rewarded.


Ah yes, the UK, proudly using excess letters with little good reason.

AI lawyer to fight first legal case in court, startup claims


Re: AI going to be used during an upcoming legal hearing to defend someone in a real case

Yes and no.

Acquaint yourself with the concept of "perjury".

Lawyers can talk, unless under oath. And anything submitted in writing is typically sworn to. Hazards of violation include censure and loss of license to practice law.

Which is why a certain spate of court cases in 2020 sounded and resolved very differently in court than the braggadocio heard outside it.

Hong Kong ups its SEO game to stop Google playing a protest song as its national anthem


Re: ".. but also mislead the local and overseas netizens, ..."

That sounds like the opening of a piss-take, sending the new apprentice out to get a bottle of gender fluid.

Cleaner ignored 'do not use tap' sign, destroyed phone systems ... and the entire building


Re: ...And if the warning sign is in the wrong language?

And this is why iconography is a thing. Needed a drawing of a faucet and a crossed-circle, then.


Re: Windows

Telescoping ladder and cast net. Next.


Re: X

"Or you will die"

Crypto craziness craps out – and about time too


Re: Invalid comparison

In other words, it was created by folks that were afraid "the government was out to get them", and didn't anticipate that also meaning "the government won't save them".

I seem to remember a few smart contract exploits that drained funds. And since the way they set it up was they were legal contracts... those independent-minded souls had no actual valid recourse.

Twitter staffer turned Saudi spy jailed for 3.5 years


You're so close to getting it. So very close...

To being complete and utter bullshit.

"Read both sides of a story and make up their minds." Oh wow, you must not be at all familiar with the "bury them in lies and propaganda" strategy that's been running for the past... oh, at least 30 years. Either wise up or stop trying to pretend to be so stupid. Shutting the flow of lies to a trickle isn't censorship, it's flow control.

Twitter's applied the ToS inconsistently, all right. They should have been banning a lot of right-wing nutcases MUCH SOONER. But didn't. So there you are.

Nobody with a brain missed Elton's hypocrisy, it screamed from the rooftops. There's no concern for safety. They made shit up. Proof: Said journalists are back on Twitter just as fast as there were off it. There's no weight to it, just a capricious owner with poor emotional and impulse control.

Voice assistants failed because they serve their makers more than they help users


Re: This is a bad take

Why has Apple got an Ads service, again? :)


Re: The same applies to tv series and games


I guess you don't want to know about seralized books, then.


San Francisco investigates Hotel Twitter, Musk might pack up and leave


Re: Stop Kowtowing to Megalomaniacs

So, funny thing about Steve Jobs.

I haven't looked into this extensively, but I recall reading about how he was quizzing the product engineers about the iPhone, or iPod or something or other... And one poor fool was telling him what it was supposed to do. And he tore them a new one because it didn't do ANY of that.

If we want to say that all Steve Jobs did was make Apple products do what they said on the tin, we also have to remember that at the time that was all it took for them to be better than 95% of the other offerings in the markets.

I've said before that Apple weren't magical, they weren't innovative. They just weren't willing to suck. And that's all it took.


Re: Keep the servers running

So, now observing that he is doing a whole bunch of things that typically see a business go down in flames is demanding his demise?

Go back to elementary school, you haven't managed to figure out cause and effect.


Texas has higher taxes than California, and they hurt the middle class more.


Re: Step back / Bigger picture

Well, I think you've pretty much eaten every onion you've been offered, so you might wish to go back and reconsider your diet.

And your thinking.


Re: Net Worth - down about $70bn

Massive, fearless risk taker, you say?

So, a psychopath, then. That's pretty much as expected.

Elon Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors are coming back


Re: twitters dead

Know what'd be better than and stop the hysterics?

Action. Actual, effective, decisive, action.

Still waiting.

AI giant Baidu shrugs off US chip export restrictions as having 'little impact'


Re: No Surprise

So why doesn't that work both ways? It does, if folks actually had the guts to do it. Do Western companies know how to fabricate chips or not? If they do, do it. Make fabs, make chips. Stop depending on a nation that wants to steal all your tech and drain your funds by selling you what they made using what they stole. It's cheaper because they stole it.

Feel Luckey, punk? Oculus designer builds VR murder headset


Re: In the interests of quality control

Anybody that says this is a good idea has no actual memory of how often games crash / glitch, get hacked, network connections go bad, bathroom runs, etc.

I'd challenge the best player to survive a day in this. It does not matter your skill when the premise that the 'die in the game, die in real life' begins from is 'there are no errors in coding and no interruptions of service'.

Deluge of of entries to Spamhaus blocklists includes 'various household names'


And we're right back to the company using SpamHaus not providing a bounce email like SpamHaus recommends. Again, not SpamHaus.

Meta's AI internet chatbot demo quickly starts spewing fake news and racist remarks


Re: What?!?

Respect must be earned.

It was not.

Twitter unveils US midterm election integrity plans, upsets almost everyone


Re: Twitter, et al, were by far the worst manipulators in 2020.

Go take your medication. You seem to have forgotten it again.


Funny, I checked that and got "Obvious and desperate attempt at political deflection" and a referral to the "Trump Kleptocracy".


Re: Sigh..

Shame on you. Exercise of rights without believing there's any responsibilities commensurate with them is a very immature point of view.


Re: world leaders and politicians should be held to a higher standard when tweeting

Hey look, Whataboutism comes in economy size too!

If you actually look you can see a difference. Democrats admitting they were wrong. The Republicans seem to have forgotten how to do that, in addition to being deathly allergic to the truth.

Are you actually willing to hold Republicans to the same standards?

US judge dismisses Republican efforts to block release of Salesforce emails


Re: There is a lesson here...

I think you need to adjust your calibration 50 points to the left.

Multiple attempts were made from within and without our system of government to invalidate the actual votes of the voters in the states, to reject or change the outcome of those electoral processes.

It needs to be investigated, it is being investigated. That you think that it would not be investigated were positions reversed shows that you've fallen for the Republican propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

Elon Musk's latest launch: An unsolicited Twitter takeover


Re: Sorry Elon, but what's the point ?

SecondLife is still going and doing fine.

And has graphics that make the current 'popular' metaverses that are just NFT tie-ins look like toys. Also tons of physics driven vehicles, weaponry, events... SL was doing concerts before Fortnite existed.


Twitter preps poison pill to preclude Elon Musk's purchase plan


For the exchange of ideas. Not for conspiracy to sedition, to promote actions likely to result in injury or death to yourself or others, etc. You are free to say what you want. But you are not free to use someone else's platform to do it. If you break the house rules, don't act shocked to find yourself outside the door.

It's just hilarious how fast so called defenders of capitalism and business and free speech pitch a fit when they discover that breaching a business's rules gets them turfed out. The crying, the complaining. The wailing at the unfairness of it. "Conservatives are being censored much more often!" And they're probably breaching the ToS much more often, cause and effect.

What was that said about snowflakes, and feelings? Act civil. Show some actual respect. Bring some actual evidence. Discuss things on the merits as found by those that actually know what they're talking about, not Dr Oz or Franzie on Facebook.

UK spy boss warns China hopes Russia will help it take over tech standards


We could use more "woke indoctrination centers". Those universities turn out people that are more aware of the bullshit that you try to feed them, and you're butthurt about it.

Planning for power cuts? That's strictly for the birds


Re: I say it's plausible

So the next power outage was less than a month after both generators were up, then. Seems like they failed to do a commissioning test, which would have found that immediately. Or have an engineer look at it and go hmm... ?