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Tablets aren't killing ereaders, it's clog-popping wrinklies - analyst


Re: Ave Kindle, te morituri salutant

"I read a lot on my Nexus 7,but only when my Kindle is charging or, more frequently, if the book is an epub that requires using Aldiko rather than Kindle. "

Mostly I use Calibre to solve that problem, and organise the collections on my Kindle. [ http://calibre-ebook.com/ ]

It is .pdf that requires the Transformer to read comfortably.

New I-hate-my-neighbour stickers to protect Brits' packages


Re: Did they consult on the stickers proposal?

This should have been an Opt-in scheme.

Then those people who want it could order the stickers and the sorting machines could print a deliver to neighbour note on the envelope.

While we are at it, other delivery companies could be forced to do the same., or even to pay for access to the leave with neighbour database.

Beck's open-source challenge to freetards: play it yourself!


Re: Won't be selling many of these...

Vocaloid turns sheet music into music doesn't it?

So Hatsune Miku interpretations.

Feds back down from legalizing government lies

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[quote]Why is it that people making fun of Republicans always conveniently forget that the Dummicrats are not exactly coated in glory when it comes to human rights, lying, etc? [/quote]

Because the Republicans and Democrats in general swapped ends with Nixon's Southern Strategy.

The Republican attempts to make American political discourse more facist and the ultra rightist bias in the American Media don't help either.

I'm not sure your inability to spell Democrat helps your case.

BioWare Baldur's Gate


Back when Bioware was good.

And by good I mean hadn't decided you should need twitch reflexes for an RPG.

And it runs on my netbook. :)

Russian rocket flub threatens to empty ISS


The evidence is there visible in the sky.

"I haven't seen any evidence that they built an International Space Station any more than I have seen evidence that everything happened just like they say it did in the Bible."

Then, your an even more incompetent astronomer than me or you haven't looked for it.

At the right moment, on a clear night, you can observe it from the ground with a decent pair of binoculars.

People have taken photos using small telescopes.

NASA helpfully provide an applet to show you where to look.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution


It's a bit brown.

Excessively so in fact.

Presumably they have extreme indoor smog. Or the nanites are eating most of the visible light,

MS to WinXP diehards: Just under 3 more years' support



Win 3.1 doesn't support USB [3.15 did but there were IIRC problems getting that to install] and Word 6 won't read .ODF

Designer punts ultimate customisable keyboard



or this


UK gov 'draws US attention' to Bradley Manning concerns


Manning is being treated the same as any other suicidal prisoner

He wasn't suicidal before this started and according to Quantico's in house psychiatric staff, isn't currently. Which is moderately impressive. He's also not on Suicide Watch since that requires medical advice that doesn't exist in this case. He's on POI.

Most other suicidal prisoners are not simultaneously subjected to the stresses of Maximum security and POI despite being considered a model prisoner with no intention of suicide.

So, no, he isn't being treated the same really.

You might want to look at this


Fukushima: Situation improving all the time


On a related question.

Coal fired power stations release radioactive materials.

Does anyone know who much Drax [which generates similar amounts of power to Fukushima No. 1] emits?

Or Liddle and Bayswater [similar combined GW] in Australia?

Acer: tablets will replace netbooks


Look at the Bottom Line.


Why buy an extra bit of hardware, especially from someone who has declared the one you are using outdated and who wants you to spend more for a different set of capabilities.

Its not like we can't play media on a netbook. and given just a smidgen more vertical resolution there are plenty of games that would run fine. Ones whose game play is the draw rather than their cutting edge graphics.

Apple chap knocks up ancient Lego computer


Would make perfect Christmas Present.

Shouldn't this be a Lego Kit?

It should sell as many as some of Lego's other high end items.

Boffins baffled by mysterious Martian crater


It's the Ork hordes

Looks like the crash zone caused by the Ork spacehulk in Gorkamorka.

Which means the areas probably alive with Homicidal Mockney Fungi.

Image recognition – defense against a Lampard replay?


Writers in the past.

Differential GPS can get millimeter accuracy. Even the wide area version the US coastguard uses gets meter accuracy

Just set up a triangle of base stations around the pitch and leave them running for a month or two.

I've seen it used to measure the thickness of blacktop by driving down a road before and after it was laid.

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip



And here we have it. Iphone 4s can't be used as remote controlled dildos. Apple can't have people taking up the Taiwanese Vice.

NASA: Civilization will end in 2013 (possibly)


It is obvious what is going on.

The Cybermen are altering the weather conditions on the sun in preparation for their next attack on earth.

BBC protects 'unique' 1Xtra listeners from radio cull



Surely the anwser is to scrap Radio 1 which provides little not available elsewhere, replace it with 1xtra and keep 6 Music.

They could probably afford to get something worth showing on BBC 3 with the spare change.

Google eyes hypegasm fuel cells for 'whole data center'


We have that

"What would be much more interesting is something that can work in both directions, and thus smooth out the rather intermittent power developed by most renewable systems. i.e. store wind, wave and tidal power for use when the wind isn't blowing."

We have that. It's called Hydroelectric. Dinorwig does it.


Sci-fi and fantasy authors wade into Amazon spat

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Nice idea pity it hasn't worked

"Just as physical books come out in expensive hardback first, then cheaper paperbacks, so the e-book's price would drop over time."

Unfortunately Macmillian has form on not doing this [Kushiel's Avatar for example is still a base price of $21, seven years after release despite the mass market paperback being available at $8] leaving the paperback cheaper than the ebook. [Even if you realise full value from Fictionwises micropayment scheme :) ]

When the Ebook should be at least $1.5-$2 cheaper than the paperback at retail just accounting for printing costs. Costs to publisher are multiplied by 3.33 to get their effect on retail price since the price to distributors is 30% or recommended retail.

Hardbacks have added quality and durability to help justify their price increment over paperbacks, which e-books don't.


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