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Normal Human Being™ reviews the iPad


Isn't it obvious?

"Apple product are bought by people who have no problem patching a firmware image, or finding buffer overflows in the baseband chip, because that's what you need to do to get things done on those devices."

He's talking about jailbreaking iPhones. Isn't it obvious? The patching a firmware image is to get Cydia into it, and the overflowing the baseband chip is to get it unlocked for use on other carriers.

Apple's draconian developer docs revealed



Don't leave it overnight, let the damn thing air and cool.


RE: Macs and 'PC' people

Aren't Macs also PCs now?

...I'll get my coat.


Some quick easy steps!

1) Find OS disks.

2) Wipe PC.

3) Reinstall Windows.

4) Install only the apps you need

5) Uninstall WMP, IE

6) Run > msconfig , choose only what you want to start up

7) RTFM on your backup drive.

Also, a few tips - defragging is near useless on today's disks, don't update your Windows box without reading the blogosphere (then you don't have to delete screwups), and why the hell were you looking for Nvidia drivers to stop it rebooting halfway through the night!?

Or, do what I do and use Linux (hey, 50 seconds to desktop from power button > BIOS > GRUB > Xsplash (slow) isn't too bad, especially as my BIOS takes 10 seconds to start and the GRUB default timeout is 10 seconds...). My "wireless backup" is "mount *network drive here*; cp -randomcmdoptionshere /home/* /media/placewherenetmount; umount *networkdrivehere*; notify-send "Backup done :D", in addition to syncing to two different USB devices. All rather good, IMO :) .

HP intros multi-touch tablet


Now this, my friends....

...will give us the "full web".

Can't wait.

Old PS3s locked out of PlayStation Network


At least

At least we don't have to pay for our downtime :) .


And like

And like WinMobile's 2016 bug telling you to get an Android phone.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Xbox hacking


I tip my hat

You're right there.

Although, my understanding is that IBM, Sony and Toshiba all developed the Cell, from ~2003, working together. So it's not "just" IBM who made it; there are others too :).

I really wish they didn't cancel the project though. I wanted a Cell in my laptop :( .


O rly?

"Er, you said the 360 elite with 2 games sells for $600, even GAME sells it for $450, and you say they're over-expensive, meaning it's likely cheaper elsewhere, so you're a liar however way you try and spin it. Well, unless you act like a total nutjob and try and claim that GAME are only more expensive for the PS3 and cheaper for the XBox, but even then your $600 claim is a lie."

This is the prices at /my/ local store, however many times I mentioned it.

"What are you on about? They made $15 billion net profit over the year, that chart demonstrates operating income- i.e. income before costs were subtracted, which is what net profits are. The graph is against time, and so you must add up the amount earned at each discrete point to get the operating income for the year, then subtract costs to get profit. In other words, the $15bn is not the value that can be calculated anywhere from that graph. Regarding your office theory, well, it's nonsensical because you seem to be suggesting that Windows is always sold OEM and Office is always sold retail."

On 99% of laptops, it comes with an Office trial. So, you go and buy it. From where? A retail store.

"This is stupid, the percentage of retail office sales are tiny, it's bought by large customers under volume licensing at around $50 AUS a seat. $4000 for Windows Server? Another lie I see, no, really, under volume licensing and such again it's around $900 max, I'm not sure you can pay even $4000 retail unless you're seeking to get ripped off."

My pricing was a little wrong there; we can get for about $1000, and then by the time you add Exchange and etc, etc, it ends up about $4000 of MS software for the server.

"Of course, all that even assume you bought an OS-less server and ignores all the shops that run Linux servers- I just checked Dell, it's $750 AUS when bought with the server, hardly close to your $4000 lie. Why are you buying terminal service client licenses, whilst using fully fledged desktops with desktop OS' installed?"

You have never worked in an office, have you? Of /course/ you need TS lics, have you ever heard of remote users? Or /administrators/? Not everyone uses VNC on a server (which is stupid).

"Haven't you heard of thin clients? Really, all you've proved here is that you a) Still don't know how to reach charts, b) Don't understand the difference between operating profits, and net profits, c) Get ripped off, d) Don't know how to run a network. The rest of the world isn't like you."

Yes, I have heard of thin clients. I have also heard of something called XenApp, which does much the same, but with apps - and guess what? That required TC lics. And with the graph: why are the lines straight, however there are trenches? Shouldn't the trench be represented in the top, with a likewise ditch? And yes, I can run a network, tyvm. I've got my own little network in my home, and it's running perfectly. I'm actually about to look into using RADIUS to secure my wifi right now :) .

"Well done, you made up a lot of numbers that were merely speculative, to come to the realisation that Sony wont actually catch up any time soon, and then made a pointless and irrelevant comment about RROD seeing as RROD was covered entirely under warranty."

I used the manufacturer's official numbers. And, not everyone applied for the RROD warranty - I know a few people who thought they were out of warranty and went and bought a new one, unaware that it was covered.

"For starters that comment is wrong, as the issues were fixed in 2007. Secondly, all failed consoles are replaced under warranty, not classed as new sales, so your assertion that that's somehow added to the lead is completely false."

Look above. And that doesn't mean old consoles aren't failing still. I know a Xbox that RROD'd only three months ago....

"...er, you didn't even know the PS3 is also prone to an RROD-like problem? Must suck to be you."

According to my convenience sample (you know what that is, right?), I have not seen that problem. Mine doesn't have it. My friends don't have it. I haven't even heard of any doing it. The only PS3 hardware failure I have heard of is where a Blu-Ray got jammed in the drive after a little brother dropped the thing. And the PS3 "yellow light" problem is nowhere near as prominent as the Xbox RROD and E74 errors. And I quote: "around 12,500 of the 2.5 million PlayStations sold in the UK have shut down in this way since March 2007" . So, that is a 0.5% failure rate for the YLOD. Not bad, considering many PCs have a much higher failure rate and the Xbox's most conservative measurements were 20% of all the consoles sold. Hell, the $3000 iMacs had a higher failure rate than that.

"Either that, or just keep looking like a fool as I demonstrably prove you wrong and you prove your inability to handle basic graphs and numbers. Your choice."

Your numbers are no better :) .

Gates Horns

Tarthen fail? Nah.

"Yeah, except I just checked online, and you're lying:"

You're using GAME. Nobody likes GAME. And besides, those are /actual/ prices, as in if I went to go get it at the local store. Not supermassive retailers - not /everyone/ lives in the city. And the PS3 price is way inflated - even here it's $500.

"Yes it is, if it wasn't, then that would imply that Microsoft is making twice as much from Office as it is from Windows, and that it makes more profit from servers than it does desktops. This is nonsensical, why would Microsoft sell more copies of server and office than the desktop operating system that is required for office and connects to the servers?"

It says they make 15 billion total. The graph goes up to 8 billion. And yes, that sounds about right. OEMs get Windows for ~$90, meanwhile Office retails at $300 or so. And each server license costs $4000 or so for the standard - that is about 40 desktops. Considering the number of small businesses that have three or so Win servers (we have 4) and ~70 desktops, this sounds pretty right. And don't forget about enthusiasts. And once you include the Terminal Services licenses (at $140 a pop), the Windows server boxes can cost more than the Windows desktops put together.

"Relative to what? relative to life time console sales it is because we're talking tens of millions. 10,000 may be no small number compared to the amount of brain cells you personally have however. As I stated, 10,000 a week is such a small number it'd take Sony 15 years to even catch up with Microsoft, so yes, it's a phenomenally small number."

Yes, because everyone on Earth will have a console. The Wii has sold 70 million, the PS3 33 million and the Xbox 39 million. This is WORLDWIDE. So if, say, we do a little math. The Xbox has been about for 4 years, correct? So, 39,000,000/4 . That's 9750000 units a year. Divide that by 52 and we get 187,500 a week, on average. Now, if you get 10,000 and divide it by that, you get 5%. So, roughly, the PS3 is selling 5% better than the Xbox. Now, that is average. The current buying rate will be much /lower/ - so this number could be anywhere from 5% to 20%, give or take. 20% is a big number to be ahead by. In five weeks, they would sell an extra week's worth of Xboxes. So, 10,000 is not a small number - in fact, at $500 a pop, that's $5 million dollars a week or so that they are selling more. 5 million is no small number. Yes, they may never catch up, but how many million Xboxes RRODed?

"A million? That's 10,000. There are 6 zeroes in a million, not 4."

I wasn't referring to the 10,000, twat. I was saying, are you one of those people that dismisses a number like this because they're used to working with millions?

"So let me get this straight, you're a liar, you can't read graphs, you don't know the difference between 1,000,000 and 10,000 and you think 10,000 is a non-trivial number when it'd take 15 years for it to be meaningful? Really? Is the state of education in Australia really that bad? Christ, I thought things were bad in the UK."

Ahahaha. No, you cannot read graphs. 10,000 is a non-trivial number. That is more than one store will sell in a month in some places; and in places where the maximum stock of the Xbox is 5 at any one time, it's big. And hey, if you add the RRODs to the equasion, the Xbox loses the 6 million unit lead. Look at this, from the Xbox's Wiki page on hardware failures: " with the latest estimate by warranty provider SquareTrade to be 23.7%" So, 39,000,000*0.287 = 11,193,000 consoles. Even if it was "all fixed by 2009", there are still E74 errors that claim countless consoles. So, the Xbox, in comparison, could be the market trailer in market share.

How many problems has my PS3 had? None. And it's been dropped. And still survived. My friend's XBOX RROD'd when they left it on overnight.


It's derived from research

It's more or less based on Cell research, yes? If so, it could be called a derivative.


lol, no.

"It's still £250 vs. £100 for the arcade or £150 for the Elite."

Well, here it's not. Outside of Blighty, namely in Aus, the PS3 with 2 games is $500 and the Elite with 2 games is $600. So haha.

And the graph is not bloody stacked. Reread it. It /clearly/ shows the Entertainment division hardly pulling a profit.

"10,000 more units than the XBox per week is hardly "flocking" to it."

And I would say that is! It's /more/ than the Xbox, and 10000 units is no small number. What, are you some sort of marketer for a living, and a million units is small fry to you?


MS made $15 billion


If you look there, only six months ago MS were making a $250 million dollar or so loss in the entertainment division, and they're only just coming back up. Now that the PS3 is cheaper, people are more or less /flocking/ to it, as Xbox Live screws them over again and again. Because it's Microsoft. Have we learned nothing in the past ten years?

Gates Horns

What, has it been two years?

I haven't seen any PS3 hacks yet.

Oh wait, Sony designed the PS3 with security in mind. Unlike Microsoft, who seemed to design the Xbox 360 with nothing in mind (hell, they even have a 3-core /clone/ of the PS3's chip in the 360 - you see the Xenon? Well, that's a Cell Broadband Engine derivative).

Plan for top-level pornography domain gets reprieve


I suspect

rule34.xxx will sell for millions.

OpenOffice 3.2 - now with less Microsoft envy


I just updated

And all seems good.

Ubuntu users - you have to manually remove the bundled OO.org before installing the new, if you want it to work. In addition, remember to install the Desktop Integration package - it adds the icons/listings to menus.


Why? Plenty of reasons...

When you get sent documents saved in .docx format (which I do), being able to convert them is invaluable. Especially when the MS Office readers don't work for me - being on Linux and all.

But seriously, try saving all of a working business' documents from one format to another. You will end up suicidal, so therefore it is much better being able to read those documents at the client end, rather than have to convert them all to a different format beforehand (which STILL isn't OpenOffice's default format, and is probably also reverse engineered...).

USB hack connects Droid to printers, video cams, and more


I stand corrected...

I assumed that the billion Apple trademarks on it meant that they in some form wrote it.

Jobs Horns

@ Erm...

Denial: There is an app for that too!


The ironic thing is that....

Now this means that the Droid could potentially print - something the iPhone did first, as said by many fanbois in this article's comments.

However, if my suspicions are correct, they will make it run the same printing server as desktop Linuxes usually do, which is CUPS (also known as the Common Unix Printing System). The irony in this is that CUPS was written by none other than Apple - the creator of the iPhone.

Microsoft erases Windows 8 optimism


Windows 8

...should be uncluttered, fast, have a decent web browser bundled, the ability to burn .iso images and have a quick startup and shutdown.

The less time it takes to burn the Linux CD, the better. :)

Linus Torvalds doesn't hate the Googlephone

Jobs Horns


He said that once he heard it had the now-standard feature, he decided to take the plunge.

It's like an Apple fanboi buying the new iPhone because it has some other feature that's standard in phones since, like, 2003 (MMS, anyone?).



The iPod Touch doesn't have GPS either, which I believe is one of the reasons why he calls it great. :)

Jobs Horns

Where is the Phone app on the iPod Touch?

I can't seem to find it.



Missing the point.

He said he still hates mobile phones. However, the Nexus One is a winner, due to it not "only" being a phone - it's a multipurpose device. He mentioned GPS as a big thing - and it is.


LandCruisers don't have GPS

Not everyone has a GPS enabled car. The Toyota LandCruisers (here in Australia, anyway) are an extremely good 4WD - but, shock horror, they don't have GPS.

Most that want it have an individual external GPS, anyway - then it doubles as a handheld one for trekking.


Liking beer because it's Barley

...wasn't that the point of the German Purity Law?

Microsoft tests show no Win 7 battery flaw


You mean....

...Windows' battery meter actually WORKS now?

(In every laptop I have had, the XP/Vista battery meter would jump around worse than the times in the file copy dialog.)

Delayed Visual Studio 2010 RC due this week



It /is/ .NET, after all. Can't expect too much.

Google doppelgänger casts riddle over interwebs


E = 10^

On graphics/scientific calculators, they display 10 to the power of as E.

So, on a graphics calculator, 1e100 would be equal to the long-hand 1 x 10^100.

Asus Eee PC 1005PE


Looks nice...

I still have my 1000H... 4 hours battery life on average, so the 5.25 to 10.5h life is definitely an improvement on the earlier models.

I hope ASUS gets the new Pine Trail chipset right next time. The sooner they get it right, the sooner I replace my 1000H. :)

Dell ordered back to court in laptop dustup


And this...

...is why I don't buy Dell.

Linux, because that's what my room-temperature HP runs.

Inside Microsoft's innovation crisis


We do need VS

Visual Studio 2010 Beta beats 08 hands down. So it's not all bad.



"Linux? That well-known MINIX clone which has spent the best part of the last 19 years failing to be better than the "mediocre" Windows"

Actually, mine is doing fine. I'm running lag-free and can do more than what my Windows would let me. My Windows 7/Ubuntu dualboot only ever finds itself booting into Windows to sync with my iPhone, and that's it.

"If the general public really wanted genuine innovation in IT, why isn't everyone using the Commodore Amiga today? A computer which came, out of the box, with digital audio support, and a full-colour, hardware-accelerated, muilti-tasking GUI."

As a kid I had one of those. Loved it. The only reason I stopped using it was when the floppy drive broke and I got a (2nd hand) IBM laptop. Unfortunately the Amiga wasn't portable.

"Please: do point out what *your* preferred company / group / pseudo-religion has done that's so bloody amazing."

Created the tools and the kernel that your beloved Apple uses in their OS X and iPhone OS. Go on, get the versions of coreutils - most likely they'll contain a GNU copyright notice.

(By the kernel - the kernel is part BSD, and is released under an Open Source license. I like GNU, and the BSD guys as well.)


I disagree.

Xenix was created by SCO. I have a Xenix box on my desk at work. It's loud and crashes.

My experience with servers is that Linux servers are always more reliable. One W2008 box can't even keep PostgreSQL running without failure, although a Linux box on a Pentium 4, and a Windows XP box running on a Pent. D runs fine. And I got a 111 day run time on this one workstation-turned-server, which Windows would like BSODing on (in case you're wondering, it shut down during the aftermath of an electrical storm power-outage - the UPS wasn't that good!).

No experience with MSSQL, but it'll have to do a lot to compete with Oracle, now that they've got some Sun hardware. And I prefer PostgreSQL over all - doesn't need a multi-hundred dollar server and software license to make a table for keeping computer records.

Office is Office. It will always be on top. It's hard wrenching people away from 2003/7 to OpenOffice - they're used to Office, and expect it's traditional niggles.

"Most importantly they need to unbundle .NET from Windows to prepare the foundations to grow into a technology leader for the next millennium." And use it on what? Linux? No. MS wouldn't let you do that.



CSV files are better to open in OO.org than Office.

I used OO.org to open | delimited file, with 4 columns of doubles and 15,000 lines, then made it into a graph. Nearly no lag, whatsoever. Not bad for 2GB of RAM, 2.1ghz Duo, and a free OS ;).

MS hits Office 2010 upgrade program button prematurely

Thumb Down

It's as "Great" as

...a hole in your head.

Mozilla overlooked malware-laced Firefox add-ons


But... don't addons run as user?

What I want to know is - why are people running Firefox under the Windows Administrator account.

Linux, because by Ubuntu box didn't have this problem.

Big Blue demos 100GHz chip

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Crysis' bottleneck is the GPU.

My 2.4GHz quad has no problem with PhysX assisted playing :D .


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