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Apple clips publishers' wings


Apple export?

Are you joking? Apple export data to a competitors format? what about the drm? Apple don't just want their 30%, they want the next 30%, and the one after that for the rest of your life. If you have 20 items in itunes and you can't get them out then you will buy the next iProduct as well because you have no choice.

At least with a kindle, if you switch to an android tablet you can get the kindle app. Or for windows, there is no tie in to the kindle device. Infact you don't even need a kindle at all to read a kindle book.

Apple iPad 2 said to sport über speaker


Micro USB?

I have been wondering, as in the EU all phons now have to use the same micro usb cable to charge from, does that apply to the iPad? \What aboyt the iPhone? Surelt if they will have to have the same connector as every one else? I can't see even apple getting away with usb charging, and a seporate connector for every thing else.

Apple says no to Android-oriented iPad mag


Freedom of choice?

"As a fully grown adult, you are free to make choices. You are free to choose whatever you wish based on what you wish to see or use. You do not need to follow the herd."

Erm, I think you may have miss understood..... yes, people should be able to choose what they read, and it isn't apples job to tell them.

Apple is anti choice, Steves way or the high way.


excuse me?

I guess no one has an ipod and an android phone? Humm, let me think... no, I definatly know a chap that has both.

I guess though, your right. They shouldn't bother to publish things hardly any one is interested in reading. Makes sense, apple saved him wasting a lot of time publishing all that good info that no one would be interested because they happen to own an iPhone.

Are you saying iPhone owners are closed minded and have no interest in any thing outside of their love for the Jobs device?

Apple MacBook Pro 17in Core i7 BTO notebook


i7 is fast when it has a Q

I just wanted to say that people seem to miss one important aspect about this laptop. There is now Q.

With out that Q what you get is a dual core with 4 threads. With the Q? Well, 4 cores, and 8 threads!!!

This laptop is not fast, its not high end, and if you think it is you don't have a clue about hardware. Its not even a high end or current line of GPU. The 4XXm series are out now. So what you have here is a budget machine with low end parts and a high end price tag.

Jobs Horns

Budget Hardware at Premium prices

I just brought my GF a new laptop. It cost me £1800.

The screen is 18.6 inch

The processor is a i7 QUAD not a dual core like the mac book

Its got 6 gig of DDR 3

an Nvidia 360m

64gig SSD

500 Gig HDD

In just about every aspect it has a much better spec, its high end. This mac book is not. Any one that thinks this is a high end laptop doesn't know what they are talking about.

I think the author of the review is a fanboi or just clueless. I guess thats proven when you had to compare it to laptops over a year old, and half the price. Toshiba Qosmio X500-148 cheaper and much much better.

Ever wonder how apple make record profits? its fools spending over £2000 on £1000 hardware.

iPhone 4.0: iAds, multitasking, and 98 tweaks


Blatently not true

Windows 3.0 didn't just switch tasks, if you opened 2 apps they both worked.

Multitasking has been around for ever, and think about it. On a single core processor how exactly can you multi task with out 'switching'? I think you'll find that back in the day, all multi tasking was done the same way.

Oh, and lets not forget that in 94, surely that was windows 3.11?

How a Tory gov will be the most tech-savvy in history


Borrows from BSD

Doesn't make it Open. I can't for instance download a copy of OSX and install it on a non-apple PC. I believe they sue people for that.

So, yes, all though some parts of it where taken from BSD that doesn't make it open source, unless you have a url where I can get the source? I think thats the most basic definition of open source... the source is open, and any one can look at it.

Apple are in no way, and never have been open.... period.


Tory policy generator

One large hat.

Fill with words the kids say.

Shake, and pick.

Job done.

Apple uncloaks deep details of its 11 iPad apps



And ripping the dvd would be? oh thats right a violation of copy right.... could be an issue to some.



Philip W. Schiller, 48, is the senior vice president of worldwide product marketing at Apple,


Not the only idiot

He said he was going to get a Slate, and then you ask what OS. That would be windows 7 then wouldn't it. After all, thats what HP where showing off.

Windows 7 works quite nicely with a touch interface, I used a wacom pen and touch my self and 2 24 inch monitors, and it rocks, very very cool.

Oh, and its a proper OS. I guess the ipad has one, but its hardly fully featured now is it?

I am sure that a lot of other people will sell slates, apple will no dout sell lots of ipads to people that can't handle a real computer.

As an audiance, I think you'll find thats because most people here like proper hardware, not jumped up toys.

Jobs Horns

fanboy alert

Ill-imformed ha?

"If Apple products are so expensive and shiny, have you ever stopped to wonder why they sell by the gerzillion?" I belive a number of PC manufactures out sell apple.

"Ever really used the Mac OS that you bitch about so long and loud and not just glanced at it while you drooled over the Packard Bells at PC World? "

Yes, I have and I didn't like it. For a start I can't see why I can't resize the windows from any edge. But I have a long list of little things that peed me off for over a year. I found it better to just ssh to linux and use vi.

Oh, and so you know, packard bell are nasty. I just wouldn't buy one, and I don't think many people that know any thing about PCs would. They are just cheap.

" You think the rest of the beige box and mobile phone world isn't watching Apple's every move " This is such a fan boy statment, you do know that most PCs no longer come in beige? and they havn't for quite some time? Oh, and exactly what colour is an iMac? or an iPhone? white? humm, I can see how thats so massicely differnt to beige. My laptop is a nice kinda shinny blue,

" Apple didn't invent the MP3 player, but look what they did with it, fer crissake! Acer, Asus, Dell, Packard Bell and (enter name of beige-box manufacturer here) didn't actually invent much of anything" Ok, yes, they buddled it all togeather and marketed it better. The ipod looses out on actual sound quality but no one else spends that kind of money on tv add, so yes, Apple again sell to people that don't know any better. I'd also like to say that Asus used to make the mac book for apple. Some one else does now probably, maybe its even acer.

Why the Newzbin ruling helps web hosts

Thumb Down

I'd pay

If they movie industry provided the same service.

If I could go to an official site and download the last episode of a show currently on air in america I would, I'd even watch adverts embeded in the stream. But it wont happen simply because Sky will pay millions for a show, and then it's there problem to make the money back. Its a better deal for the studios if they get their money in one hit from every one in the UK that might want to see it. Of course we are all pay for a mountin of inain crap as well.

Using Usenet ingenerall isn't free, it costs money for a server to get the conent from and it costs money to use newzbin, its not about getting it for free. Its about getting it when I want it. Not having to wait months.

If you think about it, a few years ago we'd have waited 6 months, maybe a year or more for a movie to move from American cinimars to the UK, now often they release at the same time. Now you tell me thats not because of piracy?

Of course if I wanted to see a 3d movie I go to the cinimar, it cost me more or less £50 for me and my partner to go and see Avatar, and I paid it because it was a brilliant movie. I'd even pay it again to see it in the IMAX. If they make good content, then I will pay to see it. If they give me the content when I want it.... guess what? I'll pay to see it.

In the moden world why shouldn't it be on demand. If nothing else newzbin and usenet servers prove that it possible to have thousands of hours of content avalible to download and watch at any time. Maybe the MPA should consider ways to provide the same service as people clearly want it.

Windows Phone 7: Microsoft's exercise in self restraint


Stolen Maket

"everything to do with Apple and the way it has stolen Microsoft's market - in music downloads, in high-end laptops".... when exactly did Apple make a high-end laptop?

Apple turns the flamethrower on Android

Jobs Horns

And that is why

Apple are sueing HTC, the new range of Android phones beat the pants of the iPhone, with more power and more usability. So, if the competion has stepped up whats the best way to stop them? Sue the living sh*t out of them. Notice they didn't go after Google.... because google has more money and better lawers.

What apple is best at is marketing, and lets be honest here.... google are even better. Looks to me like Apple.

From reading that Apple just patented a load of good ideas, most of which are not even theirs and now they will use them to block any one that should make a better phone.

And to those that say HTC should make better hardware, well, they do. They have done for some time. If you ignore the OS the HTC Touch HD is much better hardware then the iPhone and thats not even a new phone. The new ones are even better.

Opera's Jon Von Tetzchner on browser choice, the iphone and Google


The Past is the past

Ok, so if you think MS abused the position of their OS nearly 10 years ago then fine, but that was a long time ago and much has changed. Yet people still witter on about IE6.

Of course thats not the only stick MS where beaten with, they also got slapped for 'bundeling' media player. Yet, iTunes is budled with god know what, mac's, iphones, even with the windows version of the browser.

Now, I could be missing the point but iTunes and the iPod seem to be a manopoly, sure there are others but they don't seel half as much. Infact I often hear people comment in one breath how evil MS is for bundeling, and in another breath how great apple is for bundeling.

All big companies are the same and if you ask me we should treat them all the same. What is wrong for one, should there for be wrong for them all. But its not, MS gets kicked in the balls and who's really getting the advantage? Not me, I can download a different browser and infact have all 4 of the big boys installed.... but it gives a nice helping hand to google and apple, who now have their browsers offered to every one with windows. So maybe it would be fair that if I was to by some strange freak even buy an ipod, it should be my choice as to what media player I use. But no, if I buy an iPod I have to use iTunes, and that my friend is using dominance in one market to push another, it if wasn't for the iPod iTunes wouldn't be half as popular and maybe there would be more alternatives to buy mp3s and they would get cheaper.... guess competion only matters if you where once the wipping boy for a polition wanting some air time.



Actually MS spent a lot of time and money to get the wow to work with Word Perfect, and other third party apps. They did have published and unpublished API calls but they got busted and it didn't take legal action to change the situation.

Sure they did bad things, but really, that was a long long time ago in a gallaxy far far away.... :-)


A level playing field

So, when will OSX have to ask you if you want Mozila rather then safari? Or will ChromOS?

Oh, and lets see.... any browser choice for the iPhone? No? damn. It's a level playing field out there.

Every one is so bussy bashing MS for what was done 10 years ago that no one seems to notice every one else doing the exact same things. Steve Jobs is going around telling people not to use flash.... no one seems to mind.

Level playing field seems to mean slapping Microsoft with more restrictions to let every one else take over, and yes I know windows is the dominant OS, but there are others and they are never forced to abide by the same rules.

I even have a windows phone, and yes it came with IE installed but shockingly Opera was the default.

One day people will realise that Microsoft are no longer the most evil. How could they be with every one picking wholes in every thing they do? Microsoft has NEVER stopped you from installing any application of your choice and dispite what the popular press would have every one believe it wasn't MS that killed netscape, they did it to them selfs.

Netscape comunicator was total garbage, and Netscape did have another revenue stream. Netscape Server. What happened to that? well, Apache happend to it. The browser was never their main earner, it was the server but it to was broken, so A pach was created to fix it, and it was call A Patchy Server.....

iPad pitch to the Wall Street Journal laid bare

Jobs Horns

Poor Adobe

Surely this has got to be getting right up the people at Adobe's nose?

Maybe its even a case for sueing them, definmation? sladner? I don't know, but going around telling people that some one else product is garbage is a bit out of order.

But then, its apple. They don't like to give any one any choice. Suprised they don't have a 'web protal' and thats the only site you can see with their browser.... after all, surely there is no need to view the hole web, apple.com must be enougth.

Attack code for Firefox zero-day goes wild, says researcher

Black Helicopters

C Must Die!!!

Here here! well said. C and C++ are the main cause of this kind of issue. With a proper language you simply can not over run a buffer etc.

Modula 2, now thats and OO language and its good for saftey critical work. Ok, so it didn't have a large take up once windows came along but you'd never have exploited it.

Still, C is the most popular language, so your manager isn't going to be blamed for failier if he choses a less common language.

C as a language suffers primarily from a design floor. It was only ment to port the unix kernal, so its the only language that was designed to make the compiler easier to write. Now since when was that import to an application developer?

C should be buried at Sea!



Hahaha, now that just silly and wrong.

Its been proven, look it up. C is not quicker to develope because it takes much longer to debug.

Plus, execution speed will not change much as your not executing the code.

Your thinking Java, and that slow because it not native execution.

As an Ex-Delphi developer I know 100% that if I coded some thing in delphi it would be as fast as if it was coded in C++. This speed argument has been going on for 20 years and its no more true now then 20 years ago.

Good, well writen code is what matters. You honestly think that with multiple giga, multi core machines a little bit of pointer checking matters? For a start, now Mozilla will have to write code to stop the problem.... so shockingly, they will be just a touch slower then not checking. Just more secure.

PHPers prefer Windows desktop to Linux

Gates Halo

Reall programmers....

.... use textpad :-)

Windows does offer the easiest, nicest development expirance, you've got a choice of tools and most corporate networks are windows based. WAMP for dev LAMP for live, works really well.

Archos 9


Avalible now

Is the iPad out Now? No

Can the iPad multi task? No

On papper it might not be as good, but its been out a while now. And right this second, you can do more with it then an iPad because.... you can buy one :-)

Shame its a bit naff, It will do 720p and even 1080p though I guess it has to scale it a bit.

Microsoft made a phone, and I hate it already


Pocket PC....

Now I've heard that some where before...

I think this is where the distinction between phone and slate comes in. Some thing like the Dell one, if its really any good might be ideal. Or if you want a bit bigger screen there will be some one of the size that meets your needs.

Then just use a headset if its a little to big to be a phone.

I guess MS have the problem that they can't make one OS work every where, its a shame... unified windows accross phones and PCs would rock, no need for mobile office, lets have real office. Maybe one day....

Microsoft re-tiles mobile platform for Windows 7 era

Gates Halo

Customisable by extention

I don't know why people keep saying its not exstensible, when asked the question the reply was that it will not be possible to replace the gui, but you can extend it. This is fairly much the best way to do it, why on earth would you waste time redeveloping the entire gui when you just want to change the layout.

With a standard platform and hardware it will be easier for developers. So they might have to use some new SDK, but the new features in the OS need to be supported and lets face it, I'd expect most people developing apps will use Visual Studio they will just be able to recompile their code, maybe change some calls and off they go... how much work that is depends on the app I guess but at least they will know that if they access the GPS or bluetooh on one phone it will work on all the 7 series phones

Researchers rip iPad apart to reveal Apple's profits


Apple didn't do it first

Ok, so you point out the MS made tablet PCs many years ago, and they didn't sell.... but apple did is first?

Some thing wrong there.

Also, Arcos 9, Balmar at CES? Clearly these are also tablet PCs with the nicer hardware that is now avalible, and yet... apple did it first?

I can go buy the archos 9 right now. Can I buy an iPad?

I like to argue, and this is providing me with much entertainment. Apple fans live in some magical world where the things Steve says are true. Only, for the rest of us in the REAL world we know he lies.

Just look what he said about netbooks. Under powered with low quality screens. I'm sorry steve, but thats just not true. Mine has a better screen then the iPad (higher res and wide screen) and way more processing power.

The iPad is just a big iPhone, its not the magical wonderfull thing steve tells you it is. It can't even do flash.... lots of flash on the web. Sliver light?


2 years ago?

I wasn't talking about 2 years ago, more like 6 months ago.

The MAC book is a cheap, low spec dell in a white plastic case, infact at one point they where made by asus. They are PCs, there is NOTHING in there other then basic, low end kit. Right down to the gpu, what is it? a Nvidia 9400? my £400 acer has a better spec...

Every one else in PC (and apple do make pc's) drops their prices all the time. Apple only did that to turn the old model in to a 'budget' model when the new one came out.

Trurth of the matter is apple sell a comodity, their brand and the image that goes with it. I'm clearly not a fan boi, I buy my hardware based on getting the best value for my money, and it being able to do the things I want to do.

Gates Halo

Not all apps are free

"Don't forget that anyone buying one of these who previously owned an iPhone or one of the various iPod models may well have a library of media and applications that can just be used to fill the thing up without spending any additional cash - how often do you encounter that?"

Now I wonder how the people that wrote the apps feel about apple giving away their liecense? Sure you paid for a licesen for one device, but you didn't pay to use it on as many as you like. Thats called Piracy? Or maybe iPad owners will throw away their iPod or iPhone?

Oh, and lets not forget, as every one seem to be doing.... that any one with a PC also has a library of apps and media they can use on a windows slate..... pirated or not...

Gates Halo

No chance

"so when Apple have recouped the fixed expenses, the price of the iPad is likely to fall."... no chance of that, look at the mac book. The price hasn't really come down, yet apples profits jumped up 50% in the last quater. Given the global enconomy you have to wonder why?

Answer? They are selling the same old c**p for the same price, even though as every one knows the price of the PC parts inside is falling like a lead brick.

That glowing apple on the front is what your paying for, and its got nothing at all to do with the costs of making the damn thing.


Buy in to the life style

Every one knows, that when you buy an apple product its not just a product, it's a way of life. So why not make 50% profit on it? The iPas is 'magical', so that probably accounts for half the cost. It can't be cheap to install magic.

Still, its nothing new. Every thing apple sells costs more for less. Just look at the archos 9, it's more or less the same price but does so much more. I don't get it, why do people actually want apple to tell them what they can do with their machine? I like the choice, weather its MY choice of media player, or browser... it's still my choice and thats what you get with windows, the choice.

Microsoft genuinely chuffed as judge drops WGA case


OSX - Its a toy OS

I just wanted to say that it annoys me when people compare windows and OSX, for a start I can not install OSX on a PC, apple wont let me. I can't install OSX in a VM because.... apple wont let me.

If I wanted to be tied in to apple I would have a mac, but I want choice and reliability so I will stay with windows. It annoys me that people still call window unstable, yet when was the last time any one actually had a Blue screen? and if they have, look carfully, chances are it wasn't windows but a driver, and before any one blames that on windows.... Apple solution to flash crashing the mac was? any one?

As for linux, ye, I would use that more if it actually sported my hardware, or I could play the games I like on it.... I'd love to use linux all the time but the simple truth is, as a desktop os its not very good. Its a shame, it really is but linux people spent to many years telling every one that the command prompt was what real users use.


Nothing wrong at all

I would like to say that it is infact the 'program' in no software terms thats called the "Windows Genuine Advantage". In that if your window is lagit there are many other free apps you can get from microsoft.

I don't see what the problem is, if your windows is lagit then it installs and every thing is good. There is no reason why MS shouldn't try and stop people stealing from them. I think that they don't just brick the machine if it fails is actually quite fair, windows doesn't cost a lot and frankly if you want to crack your os your a fool. Who knows what the nice chap that wrote the crack of uploaded the OS did to it first, and if there are nasty thing nailed right in to the OS install there is a good chance they can cripple any AV you install later.

People like to Bash MS, thats all this is. Get over it, be thankfull MS allow you to chose, unlike Apple.

Sci-fi and fantasy authors wade into Amazon spat


I'll stick to papper

Ebooks are a total rip off. They cost next to nothing to make. It doesn't sound to hard to me to do a save as from word, or what ever they use.

For me, I love real books, especially Sci/fi but I think $15 is a bit much for a file. To be honest I can't see why I would pay more the £5, even then I think its a bit steap.

I can't see why for instance if I buy a hard back book they don't give away the ebook with it. I would then buy an ebook reader because I have ebooks, but I still have the real book as well which look a lot better on my book case.

The way they are priced now, you get more for your money out of papper books, and more importantly you don't have to spend a considerable amount of money on an ebook reader.