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Apple wheels out sueball cannon, again


Why the S2? I bought mine because it was *NOTHING LIKE* an iPhone. Puzzled.

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters


Re: pop up

The pop-up will be really clever, like, and you'll have to put in the account holders credit card. What could possibly go wrong!

Ex-LulzSec bloke to spend a YEAR in the cooler for Sony hack


Re: Remind me

You got downvotes - apparently it's all fine and dandy to drop rootkits.

Samsung vs Apple: which smartphone do Reg readers prefer?


Re: nah...

Fuck me you're tiresome.

So summed up, if it doesn't do what you want it to do due to walled gardeness - you're doing it wrong!

True, but not how you think :)

Google's ethics, cosy UK.gov chats under Westminster scrutiny


Re: The internet does not do competition

I would hazard a guess that the part which was created via the Google cars was actually created by Google.

Google stealthily coalesces UK music cloud into being


Doesn't work properly here in IOM - same with Google movies and books. Google doen't like crown dependencies apparently.

Stob on Quatermass: Was this British TV's finest sci-fi hour?



Wasn't manimal Starbuck/Face?

iPad Mini's quite a handful


Re: "Apple's iPad Mini is not easy to hold in one hand"

Small gloves?

Uh-oh! Kim Dotcom is back with a brand new Megaupload site


Re: aka stolen

Think the key word there is "previously".

The guy is a cock but, really, the whole thing with the US and Mega Upload stinks.

Xbox SmartGlass hits Android ahead of schedule


It should

I managed to install it and have a mess around with it last night.

I'm still in shock that I didn't find anything in particular to moan about!

Microsoft launches ad-funded Xbox Music audio streaming


lol £9.

That is all.

Boffins baffled: HUGE EYEBALL washes up on Florida beach


It's from whatever made the "bloop"


Apple: Blue-shirts can fix iOS Maps in their spare time


Re: Didn't take long...

There's more reasons to dislike Apple than petty OS tribalism.

'What was Google going to do, force Apple to change its mind?'


Re: "We think it would have been better if they had kept ours."

I've read (although I can't remember where) that Google WERE willing to license the turn-by-turn, but Apple refused the conditions - I think it was greater brand visibility and *think* deeper API integration.

Apple iPhone 5 review


Re: Let me just throw a question out there

Direct me via a map.

Apple iOS 6 review


Re: Upgrade or wait?

Always better to wait to update. No matter which device or provider.

Key evidence in Assange case dissolves


Re: @Acx

"Condoms also contain a spermicide which may have destroyed the DNA so it could be that the chances of retrieving a usable sample were slim to start with. Hardly reason to claim evidence tampering."

Sooo that's why murderers wipe condoms around the crime scene before making their escape!

Pirate Bay co-founder named in probe into Logica, tax office hacks


Re: First he needs to serve his time in a Swedish prison...

Why do people who fidget need to run away?

Wales: We'll encrypt Wikipedia if reborn gov net-snoop plan goes live


Re: Can more people

@badvok - you are more like stating FUD.

I'm sure that the postal service distributions a fair bit of CP but you still buy stamps aye?

Samsung fights to stay on US shelves as Apple calls for ban


Re: That verdict was bloody brilliant

It was good; it's shown the average man on the street that Samsung phones are as good as Apple's but cheaper :)

Jury awards Apple $1bn damages in Samsung patent case


Not what I'm saying... I'm saying that software patents stifle innovation... would you like to live in a world where BT held the patents to hyperlinks?


I don't care for both the corps involved, but the fact that software patents were upheld (scrolling list bounce back, and phone number recognition are the two I picked up on) is a mortal wound for innovation.

Shame on you Apple.

Red hot chilli peppers floor Bristol shoplifter



AntiLeaks group claim responsibility for WikiLeaks attacks


Re: More to come

I find it quite disturbing that you use the word "disrespectful" makes it sound like we should all be grovelling in front of our Corporate and US governmental masters.

Apple: Samsung was in 'crisis' over our iPhone awesomeness


Re: truthfully

So pushing and actively suing for software patents is a good thing for developers? WTF... think about that again SOFTWARE PATENTS & DEVELOPERS is there a link there?

Samsung tells Apple: Quit your 'frivolous' whining over court doc leak


Re: In proportions, yes. In absolute terms no.

Yeah, not quite as simple - but the whole thing is still fucking ridiculous.

Google ditches the bits in the bottom of the box


Silly on google's part - probably the only reason I actually log into my google account. Can't use google+ here at work so thats a no-goer.

Just found this though http://code.google.com/p/dropthings/ I'll have a mess about writing my own replacement.

LG: We're not walking away from Windows Phone


Re: Fantastic News

...and no effort was made to even appear remotely "human".

Hold on, Booker prize judges - Stob's penned a steampunk hit

Thumb Up

Enjoyed that

Also reminded me to catch up with Robert Rankin's efforts.

Facebook defends support for CISPA monitoring bill


Re: It's only going to get worse

"It's only going to get worse for us all so it's all good."

there, fixed that for you.

Man stabbed at BlackBerry bash


Re: That RIM

Broken Bottle Melee?

UK hacker jailed for nicking PayPal, banking data from MILLIONS


Re: So why wasn't this guy extradited to the US?

It seems you only get extradited to the US when the "crime" is only a crime in the US and not in the UK.

Virgin Media's latest throttling rules


Re: download at a different time

A big selling point for digital distribution is instant - having to stagger getting a crital patch for a game until the ISP says it's ok to do so is not good.

Coders' 'lives sucked out' by black-and-white Visual Studio 11


Re: I am with the one other person here who has actually used VS11.....

....and as another; It's too painful to use - as I spend my life in VS I'll need a employment perk of a constant stream of painkillers for the headaches!

Microsoft 'yanked optical drive from Xbox 720'


I think

the publishers are going to get quite a shock when sales drop due to not being able to trade in games.

iPad spanks Galaxy Tab in its own backyard


I'm intrigued

by what these "amazing" things could be.

Berkeley boffins crack brain wave code


<tinfoil hat>

Is this similar to the tech used by the CIA to beam thoughts into peoples heads?

</tinfoil hat>

The Register to publish other sites' blacked-out content in SOPA protest


In theory that would be cool, but in reality it would only be the claims of big corps which would be taken seriously.

UK student faces extradition to US after piracy case ruling


'tis funny

how all the comments of this ilk are all AC.

Dead at 13: Napster 1998-2011


I'd love to know why the people whom have downvoted this think Napster was NOT innovative when it first emerged.

Software maker sorry for trying to silence security researcher


Ran it on my S 2 and it wasn't there - may be dependant on provider, etc...

PETA claims anti-Mario campaign was a joke


"Call of Duty, where characters shoot and kill animals, or in Dog Wars, where players have fun fighting and torturing dogs, it sends a dangerous message that this kind of behaviour is acceptable"

Really, it doesn't.

Shit like this angries up my blood and that's as a veggie for over 20 years.


Harry Potter director takes on Doctor Who movie


Hopefully it'll be Chuck Norris as the Doctor.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition


Quick! get a comment in about all the playstation exclusives coming out.

BT gets 14 days to block Newzbin2


What a win! there is already a way around the block to newzbin and the costs of the block get past onto BT's customers. Got to love those movie studios.

Ballmer disses Android as cheap and complex


They also have the (mistaken) impression that it is ‘open source’

Where do you get that from? Last time I looked the source was available.

Swedish court confirms jail for Pirate Bay cofounder

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The Daily Mails is that way ===>

Sony: all new PS3 titles will require PSN Pass for online play


Are the game publishers running the game servers?


yup think of the damage caused by second hand books, used cars, second hand furniture, etc.