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Beeb sends teaboy outside with iPhone

Sam Dutton

...and now they've got a PA pic


Android and iPhone bite into Nokia Q2 results

Sam Dutton

One-click Qt will make a difference

The Qt Symbian SDK is now much less complicated to install than it used to be, with better integration of Qt Creator and emulator.


This should make Symbian/Windows Mobile/Maemo/Meego much more tempting to developers.

Apple sets 3G iPad for May 7 as Sprint ups ante to 4G

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Size is relative

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain refer to their (one) guitar as a 'bass ukulele'.

Mozilla buries heels on un-YouTube open video

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It's the browser, not the player, that decides what works

Sorry to be picky, but this is sort of wrong:

>> Google publicly unveiled an "experimental" HTML5 video player for YouTube, and though it uses H.264, a company spokesman indicated the site may eventually offer support for multiple codecs. Then Vimeo followed with its own H.264-based HTML5 player. <<

>> Last summer, DailyMotion released an HTML5 player that works with Ogg Theora. This works with Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, which supports both Ogg and H.264, but not (un-Googlified) IE or Safari. <<

To say that Vimeo released 'an H.264-based HTML5 player' or 'DailyMotion released an HTML5 player that works with Ogg Theora' doesn't really make sense.

It's the browser, not the website or player implementation, that decides what works and what doesn't.

Recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and Opera can play video in a video element if the video is encoded using the Theora codec; Safari and Chrome support H.264-encoded video. A website serves videos using one (or more) encodings: that's what decides what's available, not their player.

In fact, it's simple enough to support both H.264 *and* Theora:


<source src="foo.mov" />

<source src="foo.ogv" />


And one more bit of pedantry: it's a video *element*, not tag: the tag is the bit at the beginning or end, like <video> or </video>. Video elements may be empty (i.e. <video src="foo.ogv" />), but they're still elements, not tags.


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