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Long-suffering Virgin Media victims see no end to vid PURGATORY

Luke Wells

Had enough - Time to leave VM

What is the point of me paying for 50Meg cable broadband if it cant even stream low quality youtube videos without constantly pausing and buffering.

My mobile phone, with its significantly inferior quoted speed has no such problems with youtube, so in theory I could cancel my 50meg virgin broadband and pay an extra £10 a month to my mobile phone provider to upgrade to unlimited* data

*unlimited does not mean unlimited as far as data usage is concerned as OFCOM doesn't own a dictionary.

Seagate isolates 'potential' Barracuda flaw

Luke Wells

fujitsu need to learn from this

OK, so some people are unhappy....

but compared to the industry (specifically people like Fujitsu) Seagate have been really pro-active and really helpful.

Did Fujitsu offer to recover data from 1.5 million faulty drives which featured a faulty chipset that they were fully aware was faulty (as they were sueing the manufacturer) ? Or did Fujitsu deny the problem forever....... Fujitsu MPF/MPG drives ring a bell with anyone?

Grand Theft Auto IV PC debut gets SecuROM sideshow

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Well thats another customer lost

I have actually gone out on release day to buy for the PC every single GTA game from the first version to San Andreas. I have been looking forward to the GTA4 PC version for ages now .......... and now I find out that there is no way I will be installing it on my PC. There is no way I will be putting up with knowingly installing DRM and hidden processes that may cause other software on my computer problems running.

GTA4 will be the first GTA that I will not be paying for

Robo-flower wilts as power burns

Luke Wells

I would like to know.....

How much electricity does the flower consume? I bet its more than the standby LED on my TV (which we are told is the main cause of global warming, famine and disease)

Dixons plunges to loss

Luke Wells

Any violin music for DSG?

I do feel sorry for the employees of DSG who are going to be unfairly suffering as a result of this, however DSG is just about my least favorite company and would be missed by very few people if it disappeared overnight.

HP breaks Japanese excessive packaging record

Luke Wells

I've seen better

I nominate CPC and eBuyer for the excessive packaging awards!

I have photo's that I need to dig out (whitnessed by several office staff)

I had a 1gb SD card arrive from ebuyer in a box aprox 60cmx30cmx20xm

CPC win the award though for sending me a pack of 5 toggle switches in a box around 80cmx30cmx20xm

Smut email hubby claims iPhone glitch

Luke Wells

Only an Apple fanboy ......

.... would wa*k over their phone.

I wondered how long it would be till something like this happens.

Hubble's 486 back-up springs into life

Luke Wells

I wish windows had a "Science Mode" when I pressed F8

Ah it makes me laugh how people think it's funny that NASA use 486's

Fortunately it would seem that NASA still have talented assembly programmers that can write complex mathematical programs that require very few resources.

There is no reason why people that only write e-mails and use word/excel couldn't still use a 486, apart from the fact that every generation of windows becomes more bloated than the last.

I remember when I did a windows 3.1 installation on an AMD system (something like a K2-450?) just to see what would happen.

After typing win at the dos prompt and pressing ENTER, there was a click from the hard drive and the windows desktop appeared in probably around 0.5 seconds.......... and there are some people in the world today that think Vista is a good thing lol

I'm very sorry, says gay health warning clergyman

Luke Wells


Well I think we can all agree that the guy is an idiot for thinking he could say something like that publically and not kick up a fuss, however I believe that someones personal views and their jobs should not combine. No one should be forced to resign or face disciplinary at work for something they say or do outside of work. Job and private life are not one.

Virgin rejects $1m space sex offer

Luke Wells

Boring gits

Boooooo to Virgin Space :(

The thing you have to remember is that the porn industry is always always ahead of everyone else on technology, any new distribution medium, and new web standard or any new technology they are always using it before its even announced.

If Virgin are not going to let them film in their space shuttles then expect the Ron Jeremy space program to be up and running by the time you are reading this

Microsoft gives users six months longer to flee from Vista

Luke Wells

What the hell is Vista for?

I use windows 2000, because its compact, efficient and works! The only time I ever reboot my PC is when windows update makes me

What is an operating system for?

I thought it was to manage the filesystem, manage memory and serve as a shell for launching applications from?

What the monkey ball munching christ would I want to fork out more money for an operating system that is 10 times more bloated and 10 times less efficient.

I want a desktop, with icons on it, I want to be able to click on the icon and it launches the application. I also want something that lets me manage my files (explorer works fine) but a third party app could be used for that.

I use thunderbird and firefox with good reason, so why do I have to endure internet explorer and outook express being installed by default (along with another load of crap built in applications that no-one needs)

Linux (which I dont use - so no fanboy comments) does what it says on the tin, you can install a couple of core components and you have an efficient operating system with no bloat at all. You can re-compile the kernel to remove any functionality you dont want or need.

When I can get Cubase and Grand Theft Auto 4 in linux I will happily switch over. Everything else I need is already there.

Is Fujitsu spinning out of the hard drive business?

Luke Wells

Fujitsu who?

Ah yes I remember now. That company that screwed hundreds of thousands of users and PC builders by shipping us drives that they knew were faulty (as they were suing the chipset maker) but at the same time denying that there was a problem and refusing to recall....... Even though there was as near to a 100% failure rate on MPF and MPG series hard-drives just after the 1 year warranty ran out.

Oh hangon is that possibly the reason they are one of the lowest ranked hard drive manufacturers and making a loss? Because hundreds of thousands of people DONT have short memories?

Tiny MyCar named electric vehicle of the year

Luke Wells

What is the point of this car?

According to my P11D speadsheet, there is a 5 door Hyundai Amica Atlantic 1.1 at £4829.99

Thats a _proper_ car (albeit a small one) that can carry 4 people and some luggage, can do 91mph, does 52mpg, insurance group 3, 5 year warranty, an amazing 342litre boot for its size, it has all the usual basic features you would expect from a car (electric windows, power steering, ABS, stereo system etc)

It has a 35 litre tank, giving a range of 404miles.

What costs more and causes more polution? 35 litres of fuel or charging a car for 90 hours to achieve the same on electricity (which will at least party be supplied from fossil fuel burning) ?

Oh and the Amica has a £5000 price benefit to get you started!

French boffin: Mac Pros emit toxic fumes

Luke Wells

Come on Apple fanboys

Wake up and smell the benzine!

It amazes me that if Microsoft does one thing wrong, half the PC owners on the planet decide they hate Microsoft and Bill Gates

Apple can release overpriced product after overpriced product, which pretty much all have their own problems (do you need reminding about scratched screens, faulty motherbords, dodgy batteries, overheating, strange noises?) and yet no matter what .... every single Mac owner on the planet is still deeply in love with Steve Jobs and would marry him and have his babies. Surely this sort of behavior should class Apple owners as a cult?

German man arrested after UK gamer's murder

Luke Wells
Paris Hilton

Normal behaviour?

If you were a complete shit to someone for a period of time and then they died, you would feel bad when you found out they had died.

This might cause you to want to speak to that person close family and apologise for the way you behaved before that person died. That does not automatically responsible for the death.

I do hope they have some other evidence other that a facebook apology ?

Paris Hilton - Chief of police

Blockbuster: DVD to Blu-ray shift slower than VHS to DVD

Luke Wells
Paris Hilton

You what?

Swap my DVD's for Blueray?


If I own it on DVD already then it was probably released before HD and as such I am going to get no benefit from ebaying my "old" DVD on ebay for £2 and spending £30 on the new ultra mega improved with 82 hours of unseen footage and directors commentary in 47 languages blueray version am I ?

I swapped my VHS tapes for DVD because there was a huge benefit (no more re-winding, huge improvements in sound and video quality, smaller size, longer life etc)

Blue ray means that if I have a big expensive HD TV (I have a big inexpensive non-HD telly thanks) then blueray discs will look slightly better than DVD...... whoop-de-f*cking-doo I wonder why people are not buying them as fast as they want them to.

Paris, because she's due to be replaced by a newer, hotter sluttier model any moment now.

Chrysler plans electric car production model

Luke Wells

Electic and looking crap go hand in hand

Why is it that car manufacturers have to make their electric and / or hybrid cars look so stupid? (Toyota Prius, Honda Insight etc)

Only Lexus seems to be able to comprehend that people might want to choose a car .... and be able to have the exact same car with either a standard combustion engine or a hybric.

So why currently if you want a hybrid car, you have to look like an idiot driving around in a car that looks like it was designed by a 5 year old for transporting disabled animals. Oh I know why.... because if you buy hybrid/electric then you are an idiot because they are a false economy

500,000 oppose Red Arrows Olympic ban

Luke Wells


I can't believe they are still going ahead with the ban despite the 500,000 signatures.

Where do I sign this petition then?

Dell offers XP option for £44k

Luke Wells
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I'd pay that to avoid having to use Vista

Legal digital music is commercial suicide

Luke Wells

Lala ?

I've never heard of the free streaming service "Lala" ... probably one of the reasons I have never used it.

However, I have been using their biggest rival service "Tinky Winky" for years now.

Brit trio convicted for liquid bomb terror plot

Luke Wells

Quit your moaning

I don't understand what everyone is moaning about? I thought that the register would have had a higher percentage of intelligent readers than a tabloid like the Sun?

The jury DID NOT REACH A VERDICT therefore the CPS has every right to retrial them until a verdict is reached.

No lets do it the liberal reg reader way. If in court (as often can happen) the Jury is split and fails to reach a collective decision, then we should go on about how the defendant(s) are automatically innocent and that this country is in a mess. Learn how the law works librotards.

Ivan O'Toole? That's nothing, snorts Hugh Jass

Luke Wells

A classic

When I've completed a database project..... for years I have been inserting a "test" record into the database as "Hugh Jass"

Sad I know, but I've always found it amusing to see how long it takes employees to locate Mr Jass and start laughing.

Mens mag debuts e-ink cover

Luke Wells

Great marketing!

I bet this cost alot to roll out into the mags..... however, how many people who have never read esquire are going to buy it now?

I can't wait to find a copy

EA free petrol stunt triggers north London gridlock

Luke Wells

@ Elmer Phud

"No, these are petrol junkies, the ones who still go at 90 on the motorway yet complain about fuel prices"

Driving at lower speeds may reduce your fuel consumption, but it doesn't reduce the price of fuel, so whatever speed you drive at, whatever car you drive, everyone has the right to complain about the price of fuel. Even if you drive a 1 litre diesel at 56mph on the motorway, the price of fuel is still going up.

Police quiz BT on secret Phorm trials

Luke Wells

I know what the police are after

The police have only got involved as they want to see if Phorm has tracked anyone downloading any extreme phorn!

Ice in fuel caused Heathrow 777 crash

Luke Wells
Paris Hilton

After 8 months .... all we can say is probably

"Quick Miss Hilton, we need an excuse as to why the plain crashed, people are getting impationt"

"uuurrrhhhhh emmmm ummmmmmmm ICE!"

"Thanks Miss Hilton, Ice will do nicely"

"Right so we have concluded out investigations, and even though there was below average water in the fuel and also this has never happened before, we believe that ice _might_ have formed in the fuel lines"

7-year-old faces M&S Inquisition

Luke Wells

I can see this coming ....

"Jobsworth Day Nursery, how can I help?"

"Hi there, I would like to sign my 9 month old son up to your nursery on Wednesdays and Fridays please"

"I'm sorry madam, due to data protection laws, I am only allowed to speak to your son in connection with his daycare, could you please put him on the phone"

"urrrble awawawh awhhhhh weebleuegghghhg awababbbbaa"

"ok thankyou for confirming your postcode, you can now put your mother back on the phone"

Microsoft slashes US Xbox 360 to sub-Wii price

Luke Wells

Boring comments

Oh for god sake, why can't the register have an article on console games system's without everyone in here getting into a "my PS3 is better than your xbox" argument?

My colecovision is better than your ps3! so neeeer

Phorm: Our business is fine, honest

Luke Wells

Oh for Phuck sake

For years I have raved out how Virgin Media (Telewest has been the best ISP I have ever used)

How every month they come up with something new to screw us over with. Peak time evening data caps, then daytime non-peak data caps, then handing all our data to the record industries and now they are going to be spying on my Phorn browsing.

I'm so angry for being loyal to Telewest/VM for so long :(

Holiday text messages to cost less than 9p

Luke Wells

About bloomin time

The last time I used roaming data was while on holiday in the USA.

I got an e-mail that there was a problem with a database server, so I logeed in, downloaded an error log and sent over some SQL commands.

When I got back I found that my roaming data cost me £101 (@ £6.50 + vat per meg)

How rediculous is that. Where has the extra £6 per meg come from? You can't tell me that the US operator is charging £6 per meg wholesale?

Phone phishers hop on filesharing legal threats bandwagon

Luke Wells


Glad to hear that the customer had some brains. We usually hear of these storys after a victim has parted with their money.

Now Hollywood is chasing UK downloaders

Luke Wells

How is a timestamp evidence?

This is the thing that _really_ annoys me about the music/movie industry allegations :-

What does a timestamp prove?

How is it evidence?

Could it be used in a courtroom?

For example, I could just type out the following now :-

Time/Date : 29/08/2008 - 12:15:44

Protocol : Spazshare

Username : Theregister

IP Address :

Material : Stargate

Filename : Stargate(e102)HD-DVD-rip.avi

So i've put a filename on a piece of paper along with an ip address that happens to belong to the register, that doesn't prove they were doing anything.

I can't see how any logs/lists/timestamps can even remotely be considered evidence, surely the only proof is physical evidence (i.e. confiscation and forensic examination of the hard drive that the file was allegedly shared from)

Joss-sticks increase cancer risk: Official

Luke Wells


Now we have a legitimate reason to BAN HIPPIES

Council clamps down on 'man on the street'

Luke Wells

If only

If only I could find a job wiring pointless advisory documents for lots of money.

For every word or gesture there is, there is a country, religion, or group of people that will take offense to it. Why can't we just get on with our lives rather than worry about these sorts of things.

IT pay jumps as skills gap widens

Luke Wells


Can't wait to tell the boss that the average rate of pay for my bracket has gone up 23% at my next pay review.

A load of old bollox really as I'm sure all I will be offered is 2 - 4%

Ryanair cancels aggregator-booked tickets in escalating scraping war

Luke Wells
Paris Hilton

We don't want your business, thankyou

How retarded is this. They are canceling legitimately booked and paid for customers because they are upset that another website is profiting by booking tens/hundreds/thousands of customers through Ryanair.

I would have thought that Ryanair should be paying them commission, not kicking up a fuss.

To any of you evil nasty "screen scrapers" out there..... please please do not send me thousands of pounds of business to my website by extracting information from my site, I might get upset and have a good public moan about it.

Paris, because she is as intelligent as Ryanair

Pirate Bay evades Italian blockade

Luke Wells


That is a long list of sensible questions there, Unfortunately, as you know, you are never going to get any answers on the above from the movie industry.

I see you are hammering on the point that the movie/music industry keep making that you are not physically buying music/films, you are paying for a license to watch them, so why is it that if you loose/damage a dvd you loose your license too and have to pay full retail price again to replace it, not just the actual cost of the DVD seen as you have already purchased the user license with the original purchase of the DVD

... oh and those bloomin' un-skippable adverts on DVD's.... All my original DVDs are on a shelf collecting dust. I copy them with DVD Fab Platinum as soon as I get them and check the option that says "Remove Annoying PGC's" and no longer do I have to watch the trailers and short films that tell me that now that I have just made a copy of this DVD I must be a crack dealing terrorist.

Dutch unlocked iPhone site takes €700,000 then goes offline

Luke Wells

Next 419 Scam

Expect hundreds of spam e-mails a day now with too good to be true iPhone offers, now that the Nigerians know that potential iPhone customers are stupid enough to send money to anyone in order to get their hands on the most overpriced phone ever made

Gov pulls plug on prison PlayStations

Luke Wells

What the f*cking hell?

Why the hell do prisons have any bloody Playstations to begin with?

There are plenty of honest hard working family's that can't afford playstations, yet commit a crime (a serious enough one to actually get into a prison these days - like multiple murder) and you get free access to a playstation?

I thought prisons were supposed to be suitable unpleasant as to make inmates not want to come back for more. Giving free playstations to scum just encourages repeat offenders.

1) Get out there, get a job, and work hard for 20 years and you might just about be able to get onto the propertly ladder with some dingy 1 bedroom flat.

2) Steal some cars, have some fun, make some cash, buy some drugs.... get caught stealing your 50th car.... goto prison for 3 months. Get a rent free room with cleaning service, 3 healthy meals per day, free gym membership, free playstation

Get let out early for good behavior (sounds like a nice relaxing place.... why would you behave badly) ... off you go back to wait for your giro in your crappy council flat ......... "I know I will go and steal another car"

Anyone else see a problem or am I the only person with a brain?

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users

Luke Wells

P2P is so yesterday

Have none of you people heard of Rapidshare yet?

All you can eat downloads (4gig per day)

Police told: Delete old criminal records

Luke Wells

Comical criminal record

My father _still_ has a criminal record for stealing "half a sausage" around 30 years ago, where he was ordered to pay costs of 7 and a half pence!

How do you steal half a sausage? Apparently a pub were very unhappy when he picked up a half eaten sausage off a plate of a customer that had left.


Dangerous mobe chargers flood UK

Luke Wells
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@Onionman - Standardised charging plugs

A different charging plug for each voltage....... that is such a good idea! Why the hell don't we have that already?

Not only does it mean that you don't have to own 15 different wallplugs for the devices in your house, but you dont have to worry about frying devices by plugging in a charger with the right plug but the wrong voltage (Urgh, I used to have 2 usb hubs, one had a 5v power supply and the other had a 12v power supply (with internal 5v regulation) and I managed to plug them in the wrong way round once and kill a few usb devices)

Busts 4 Justice battles Bulgarian airbag tax

Luke Wells

what about the other way?

Surely women with a smaller chest should then get a tax rebate going by M&S way of doing things?

Why is it smaller clothing is never discounted, yet some retailers think its ok to charge more for larger sizes?

Look at bady clothes for christ's sake. They often cost as much (or more) than adult clothing.

BOFH: The admin gene

Luke Wells

lol @ Steve

haha know exactly what you mean, it happens every day in the office

User > My e-mails not working, it just keeps coming up with an error

Me> [click send and receive] looks like its working fine to me

User > but ... but ..... I tried that 100 times already

Virgin Media rubbishes P2P throttling rumours

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wait for the announcement

Like with the daytime "traffic management" they recently introduced....... expect Virgin to deny p2p traffic shaping for a few more days and then announce its rollout next week

Police probe pirate-DVD detecting dog's demise

Luke Wells
Paris Hilton

what the hell?

How can a dog smell illegal files/movies/music?

Maybe disc manufacturers / DVD-Writer manufacturers have been secretly working together to make drives that detect copywrited material is being recorded and somehow get the disc to smell like pie and chips?

Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing

Luke Wells

I feel stupid now

Earlier in the week I was defending Virgin Media..... saying I was an 8 year happy customer and that the speed limits were not such a big deal .

Wow do I feel like a chump now.........

I'll be ringing up BT when I get home so I can get my line re-activated and get ADSL running.

Virgin Media (Telewest) have gone from a 100% unlimited broadband provider to one that imposes speed limits and tells you off for downloading potentially illegal files.

Uncontacted rainforest tribe caught from the air

Luke Wells

equal oportunities

Aww look low they live in harmony...... red and black? people hand in hand

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

Luke Wells

Virgin media customer - still happy.

Ah how I miss the good old days of Telewest when unlike almost all other service provider in the UK, unlimited did indeed mean unlimited.

.... however I am still happy with my Virgin media home broadband service.

1) Its 10 times more reliable than the expensive "business class" lines we have at the office. The connection almost NEVER drops..... I'd say I probably notice a line drop once a year and never for more than a few seconds.

2) The throttling is not that bad. I just do queued downloading overnight and browsing in the evening.

Virgins throttling is not particularly obtrusive. Yes, all of a sudden you could hit your limit and notice a drop in speed, however that's all it is..... MANY ISP's actively employ dodgy "traffic shaping" that kills off your torrents and p2p connections or block ports, Virgin fortunately do no such thing (yet)

Also for a stable reliable broadband service with hardware supplied and maintained by Virgin, £9 per month (or £4.50 for new customers) is pretty good (unbeatable) value for money.

Happy customer of Telewest since 2000 (when broadband was £25 per month for 512k) .... you kids don't know you are born etc etc :)

Ballmer and Gates defend Vista, drop Windows 7 hints

Luke Wells

Why don't Microsoft get it?

I thought a company like Microsoft would learn to understand its customers by now.

We don't want Windows 7.... new and improved with 10 times more bloatware than its predecessor.

What we need is a new version of windows that runs on the latest core, but is completely stripped of all the crap and automatic background tasks. Basically its just a desktop for launching apps from. 99% of users probably don't use 99% of the "features" of windows. Business users would be queuing up to buy such a product.

Is it any wonder that people are starting (yes .... after all these years sadly, its still just "starting") to turn to open source OS's .... you know... where all you need to get started is a kernel and a boot loader.... and from there you can choose exactly what features and packages you need or would rather not have.

Come on Microsoft do the right thing, a nice simple stable OS please (like windows 2000 that around 70% of the computers in our office still use)