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French top MOT failure league

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Not surprised

...to see the Renault Megane up top, biggest pile of misery i've ever owned!

Ballmer garnishes Bing 2.0 with iPhone 'stomp'

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Paris Hilton


That's just the kind of guy I'd want as CEO of my businuess too. If I was Homer Simpson! You know if Microsoft actually invested in innovation and design, they might be able to release things that people actually want to buy.

Paris? Oh just because.

BT's giant new faster broadband boxes blocked

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Jasmine Strong

That was a good answer, ha ha ha

Apple iPhone 3GS

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On Earth would you want Digital Zoom? It's absolutely dreadful

iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

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I was quite looking forward to this announcement, but i'm not sure about it now. I love my iPhone, its a pleasure to use (just like my iMac!) but i don't think i can justify spending all this money on a bloody phone anymore... Sorry Apple

Amazon shames eBay with 24 per cent profit bulge

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I used to sell lots through eBay, but recently it has been a 'now and again' thing. I've literally sold a couple of CD's and a bag over the last month, and i'm surprised to find I now owe eBay £20, what a rip off! I'm closing the account very shortly, but i'm sure it (or a competitor) could be a success again with a different (ie less money-grabbing) model.

Nude Apple iMac pics leaked to web

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I have...

An older iMac (white casing), and love it to bits, but the Mighty Mouse IS absolutely dreadful... Apple really need to think about updating it soon, and remember Form Follows Function. I'm even considering getting an MS mouse to replace it with!

NASA probe finds opals in Martian crevices

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Opal Fruits?

They're called Starburst now... Tsk, Martians are so behind the times

Bubbles mean O2, but anyone can use them

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Didn't T-Mobile also try to trademark the colour Magenta? Think these mobile companies are getting too big for their boots!

Area 51 drug test victim crashes flying car

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Love from,


Keyboard PC design recalls Amiga era

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Does it come with Sensible World of Soccer... Or Cannon Fodder??

Sega denies Dreamcast revival

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... Jet Set Radio? That was my favourite, top fun and the art style was something else! Aw, I do miss the DC; its one of the great injustices that it was so soundly beaten by the inferior [?] PS2

Opera tries to out-do the iPhone

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Who cares?

From the beginnings of WAP to the current efforts to bring the 'real' web to our phones, it has been clear that accessing web information on a mobile handset is slow, buggy and more often than not, an utterly frustrating waste of time. Its almost as painful as trying to play games on your phone (ie: an activity that is not what the handset was designed to do! (ergonomically speaking)).

The last few mobiles i've owned have been awful, as they've been slowed down by hosting crap software that noone will use more than once - for example, a PDF viewer (on a 5" screen, wtf?), and thus taking ten seconds to open a text message (i'm glaring at you, Nokia N70)

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I meant a 5cm screen!

Mars: more evidence of a watery past

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Send them in

They should send monkeys to start with, and colonize mars with them. A real planet of the apes - that would kick arse