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Speaking in Tech: Did Philadelphia Eagles’ fans murder HitchBOT?

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First, the Eagles fans attacked Santa Claus, now they're going after the toys.

AI guru Ng: Fearing a rise of killer robots is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars

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If a human being is combined with a processor/controller, are they considered robots? Because they will take over.

Humans will embed themselves with chips (et al) and take over regular humans, likely before anyone has sex on Mars at all. What will the military do? Who will stop them?

I don't fear it, but it will happen.

NASA rover Curiosity drills HOLE in MARS 'GOLF COURSE'

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Remember when deja vu applied to the past?

"It is the first hole dug by the Rover during its quest to find water"

Foreshadowing the very many holes our descendants will drill in search of shiny rocks.

Here we go again ...

Take this Opportunity to read "Stranger In A Strange Land" before it's too late!

... and now back to our programme ...

Mozilla keeps its Beard, hopes anti-gay marriage troubles are now over

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While I too dumped Mozilla 6-7 years ago because their product sucked, I think they contributed a great deal to making open source software viable and they deserve accolades for the effort!

I was upset when I heard Eich's support for what I feel is bigotry. I realize he wasn't proselytizing at work, and he definitely has a right to donate money to whom he wishes, but I thought it was perfectly within Mozilla's right to show him the door so as not to tarnish the brand.

Game of Thrones scribe George R R Martin will KILL YOU for US$20K

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Autodesk CEO: '3D printing has been way overhyped'

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Opportunity knocks

I'm not a CNC person, and I don't use Autodesk.

The brand Autodesk seems the perfect fit for this 3DP space, but evidently they don't feel comfortable riding beyond their core business.

The ability to 'print' things from a digital file is an opportunity to amass and leverage an authoritative catalogue of 'profile' knowledge for even expert-level users. How to print skin, solar panels, jello - whatever.

Adobe invented PostScript2 and changed laser printing, but Hewlett-Packard made the printers that used it. Autodesk could be the visionary that leverages 'standards that work,' but it will probably take someone else to build the cool robots and automated workflows that SHOULD be possible from digitally-guided reproduction. Caterpiller? Komatsu? NASA?

A swarm of rovers that can assemble a greenhouse, repurposed with a new file to build a garage. Then a school. ...

Supposedly secure Dogecoin service Dogevault goes offline

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Wolfecoin or Foxecoin sounds more appropriate.

PARTY TIME! MIT slips $100 to each student ... in Bitcoin

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Gosh, I have NO IDEA why criminals want to transmit funds without scrutiny. Human trafficking? Weapons dealing?

You're right though, "pass the chips."

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What's your SilkRoad profile name?

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Note the presence of the single quote marks around the word "invent.'

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It's a "mindshare" experiment without the experiment. We already know what will happen.

1. People want free stuff, and will accept the "$100 of Bitcoin" straight away, except for the Calvinists and the very few legal minds who reject the currency and sue to keep their personal data and reputations from being associated with a guerilla fiat suddenly appearing in their wallet.

2. Someone will 'invent' a kiosk teller machine that dispenses U.S. Dollars and "Bitcoin," thus enabling local brick-n-mortar retail shoppes to trade in a currency they can hold in their hands. In America, a gratuity is often paid in cash throughout a given day and this sort of palm rubbing will create a "buzz" when it's done with Bitcoin. This is the manufacture of Acceptance.

3. Valuations of larger fixed assets will not be seen to rise in value until Bitcoin rivals the dollar, which would of course mean the dividing and conquering of today's relatively lower Prices.

Bitcoin is one of a hundred wanna-be dollars that enable unregulated commerce, which is and should be a concern to every Society because of the scalability of the power to motivate the have-nots outside the oversight of the Government.

It means nothing, until it does. And anything can be reverse-engineered into a weapon by human beings.

* I chose the Stop icon because I think the prodigious should know when to Stop.

Firefox, is that you? Version 29 looks rather like a certain shiny rival

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Re: Slash, Virgule

It's also a battle between character encodings and monospace fonts, preceding the browser wars.

Will Apple's $130bn cash infusion keep investors onboard?

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Steve Jobs brought more than polish to Apple products. In the 1980s, he put Macintosh in schools by practically giving them away. In the 2000's he somehow managed to line up media deals to become a marketplace instead of just a device. He was an innovator without boundaries. He cared about education.

With $88 billion offshore, Apple could eradicate $18 billion in Detroit pension debt, buy a lot of land at cut rate prices, and educate a generation of young people to become computer programmers.

Hey Apple: Think Different!

No longer a 'hobby', Apple TV rakes in ONE BEEELLION DOLLARS

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Good for you Apple. You need this.

All men are part of a PURE GENETIC ELITE, says geno-science bloke

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I read somewhere ("Mapping Human History [2002]?") that the genders were created about the time that our cells learned to use oxygen to produce energy, and that the DNA for that likely fell to Earth on a meteorite.

Sometimes the opposite gender behaves as if they were another species entirely. Am I wrong?

Apple stuns world with rare SEVEN-way split: What does that mean?

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Re: Why divide by seven

I think this is a way to make it appear to have 7 horses in the race, and reach out to investors who might see an opportunity in the lower price.

I've never been an Apple fan, but I don't see any more hardware innovation from Apple on the level of importance as the iPod or iPhone. While they've managed to retain a HUGE market cap, and P/E is relatively good at 13.49, the "what have you done lately" crowd is focused on the holiday shopping horizon.

Will there be new devices from Apple, or only hardware/software upgrades?

Arduino is coming on strong.

Torvalds rails at Linux developer: 'I'm f*cking tired of your code'

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Re: coding

Local vs Global.

It's okay to swear in the sense of 'freedom of speech,' but it's not okay in the way that people don't want to hear it when anger is intoned. It's kind of obvious.

No one's dismissing Torvalds. I get angry and curse in public occasionally too, but I am always wrong to do it. It does not advance the biggest and most important project in existence: society.

But you know all this. Have a pint.

Is Google really mulling building a US cellphone network? Allegedly, yes

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Babble, Towers of

Google knows it's way around city, state and federal bureaucracy.

Having acquired right-of-way knowledge during Fiber rollouts this sounds like a natural extension of their acknowledgement to shareholders that they're serious about deploying for mobile.

To compete, Facebook could partner with Amazonian package drones to broadcast wifi signal while the drone is moving between deliveries. Or something.

Internet Explorer 11 for Win7 bods: Soz, no HTML5 fun for you

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still uses that dog turd

Unfortunately, the South Korean Financial Supervisory Service (FSS).

LivingSocial admits major hacking attack on customer database

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And what good is emailing folks that you might need to change your passwords? Any talented hacker would immediately cross-reference the user to any other web service login and immediately try to log in. You'd still be sleeping when the whole thing was over.

At what point will government legislatures address this runaway problem?

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Re: Oh Well.


I mean, if you're a business, you likely have a Facebook page. If people want to friend you, or follow you, you can push deals to them on your terms.

And they gave away all those tablets too. Stupid people leading stupid people.

Google's $1 fiber deal will cost Provo, Utah $1.7m

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Re: Recovery.

I copied the exact same paragraph as you.

"The contractor that originally buried the cables didn't keep records, so the city will now need to pay a civil engineering firm around $500,000 to find them."

How about the city; do they keep records of the plans the contractor should have filed to get a building(sic) permit? That kind of right-of-way stuff tends to happen in modern cities.

It can be construed two ways: Google is Saving or Google is Hijacking the previous install. Either way, $1.7m is pretty good. Here in Austin Google is giving the city 100 free access points (libraries, schools, etc). Can you imagine how much ANY other contractor would charge for that alone?

I am among the many who welcome/celebrate our Google overlords/ladies.

Beer for the cheer!

PayPal co-founder sells out of foundering Facebook at VAST profit

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Stay away until $10

If the US economy wasn't starting to show promise, and the holiday shopping season wasn't right around the corner, FB could fall another $7-$10. It's trading WAY above a comfortable P/E ratio based on speculation about mobile advertising.

Zuckerberg is smart, but he's not that much smarter than the average very young person. He doesn't have the vision that an older CEO has. If I were a major investor, I'd TELL him to step aside and let the smarter people with more experience run the show.

The product is eyeballs, and if users begin to see a better experience elsewhere, then what.

The house-of-cards analogy fits like a glove. And if one thing is true, it's that internet companies come and go.

YouTube video has NOT killed radio's star

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DJ's lie more than politicians! (If that's possible)

New music is discovered by your friends' older siblings, and that's how you get introduced to it.

In America, the radio actually kills music. Today's kids think there are only 27 bands in the world.

1970 is the magic year in music.

Study shows half of all websites use jQuery

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It's good to be the king.

I first got it for it's cross-browser capabilities, but the AJaX was so easy that I could never let it go.

It's very, very easy to use and it's free. Hard to see any migration away.

Beers for cheers.

ICANN anoints new internet kingpin

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ICANN not stomach this any longer.

ICANN is supposedly a non-profit organization.

ICANN allowed GoDaddy to become a Registrar.

ICANN not wait for Godzilla to find their headquarters

At the end of the day what can you really do but heft a pint?

Saturn's moon Phoebe may be captured planetoid

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Not if we harvest it first!

Or, it could make a great game show where prisoners (or their descendants) try to escape before the clock runs out. Like Australia.

Teens break up with Facebook

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Some are looking for metrics to prove or disprove the flight theory, but really I think that this article grounds itself it the fact that Facebook was once for college kids, and then became a haven for teenagers and fans of things that want to be, or are, Liked. Being popular is a group sport. We get it.

Now that the college age kids are young parents, and the teenagers are now college kids, the under 13's are seeing that Facebook is NOT the most exciting platform ever. Twitter is what adults use, therefore I will use it.

I think it would be hilarious if Facebook crashed in 12 months. I can see all the humans leaving, and only the fan sites for thinkgs liked remaining.

Come on, Farmville? Even the time wasting section of the time wasting platform is a waste of time.

Google's Page: Dying Jobs called ME, I didn't call him

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Facebook is People!

1. Google never monetized Search, or Maps, or Talk ... They gave it away and just placed ads.

2. Facebook trolled for kids and others who knew not what they were doing with their personal data.

3. Facebook is a cancer. They did nothing different than AOL, GeoCities, Yahoo! Groups, MySpace, et al. except that they did it when the web was mature.

In the immortal words of Charlton Heston; from Soylent Green: "Facebook is people!"


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Only 30 lightyears ...

Thirty lightyears isn't "close" or doable. Just stop. And who wants faunacide anyway?

Thirty years in space would destroy any human anatomy not under conscious control (exercise isn't enough).

Only a Seed Bank can make it. And why should infect another ecosystem?

See "Planetary Caravan" by Pantera (original song by Black Sabbath): www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWChhdIgT6Q

Mega squid use HUMONGOUS eyes to spot ravenous sperm whales

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So it's agreed

The eyes have it.

LOHAN's flying truss: One orb or two?

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Can I buy your Magic Truss

Every day I get in the queue (Too much, the Magic Truss)

To get on the Truss that takes me to you (Too much, the Magic Truss)

I'm so nervous, I just sit and smile (Too much, the Magic Truss)

Your house is only another mile (Too much, the Magic Truss)

Thank you, driver, for gettin' me here (Too much, the Magic Truss)

You'll be an inspector, have no fear (Too much, the Magic Truss)

I don't want to cause a fuss (Too much, the Magic Truss)

Can I buy your Magic Truss? (Too much, the Magic Truss)

Rock on Vulture.

Boffins glue self-righting ROBO-VELOCIRAPTOR tail to car

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Search Bot?

"Leaping lizards inspire super stable search bots"

How did the word "search" make it in to the headline? Because it's a 'bot, it must be a web-bot? It's a physical robot, and not a computer application. The Internet is rapacious enough without a bunch of Jurrasic-age velociraptors mining my data.

El Reg premieres PARIS: The Motion Picture

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I'm so glad the pilot didn't defect!

I choose a pint, because there was no keg icon.

Yanks officially recognise the word 'boffin'

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But, how do you pronounce "leccy?"

Researchers find irreparable flaw in popular CAPTCHAs

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big f & deal

None of this answers the question of why I need to Sign Up in order to click the freaking Like / Dislike button in the first place.

You only broke the Audio CAPTCHA. Reporting this smells of wet blanket.

CAPTCHAS are getting too difficult to solve anyway, move on to riddles.

BBC apologises for Top Gear outrage

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Everyone sucks actually, just count them all

I'm a white guy in Texas who was practically reared by immigrants. I love them dearly, but the anti-white culture is a sizable demographic here. That being said, most white people in USA are monolingual, and the modern stereotype of the Mexican should be that they were so busy ripping-off corporate America that they failed to leverage the bilingualism they are rapidly loosing.

I chose GO because we need to move beyond governments and venerate functions and tools

How I invented Desktop Publishing

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IT Angle

Schmucktard Deluxe

My Commodore64 had some sort of extended ASCII for border characters, and moveable sprites. And there were 300 baud modems for transport. In fact, the local radio station broadcast Centipede on the radio so you could tape the program and play it into your box. Broadcasting is publishing too.

Adobe fell victim to Apple early. Poor PostScript2.

I can still remember leaving Apple for PC because Apple couldn't handle multi-vendor extentions. The PC guy got the shaft while a generation of academia paid twice the price for infrastructure and got stuck with Lotus Notes.

Opera feted for playing chicken with Steve Jobs

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So what, big deal . . .

. . . you still live in Norway! Out here where it isn't snowing we are too busy swimming to talk on the phone.

Better get my coat, we're going to Norge.

Zuckerberg: the iPad 'is not mobile'

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Paris Hilton

<<<<<< Facebook is People! >>>>>>

This flunk_toast is getting paid millions to publish people's private information! He's criminally insane!

Paris, because he wants her level of social acceptance (vapid).

Two-year wait for Windows 8, MS blurts

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Productivity Software

Stop changing the interface all the fucking time. I can't do my fucking job without re-educating myself about WHERE to click. I don't care if hardware architecture dictates you constantly selling new versions of the same product - stop fucking up how it works.

eBay wins partial victory over Craigslist

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Screw 'em both

Both these companies suck. The average person stopped selling on eBay because it's too difficult, and the average person hates Craigslist because they don't offer much in the way of screening or filtering content. It's basically a personal data mining operation.

Any fool with a web server and a domain could takeover Craigslist mindshare and reap their ad dollars. The media is the only hurdle.

eBay, on the other hand. Who would want to mimic that?

I for one welcome the eBay/Craigslist killer.

And Facebook is people!

Paul Allen's patent madness not worth single penny

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IT Angle

Setting Legal Precedents

Have to agree with Simon Zerafa.

There may be a calculus involved that forces a dynamic upon the industry or its methodologies, constraining or disrupting things. He may be proving their (ir)relevance to the market for a reason we don't understand yet. Perhaps someone is waiting to invest in something so long as the patent worries are Judged unfounded.

Or he could be a pod-Allen trying to take over our planet.

Paul Allen launches patent broadside on world+dog

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Paul Allan, go away now . . .

Why doesn't someone just patent a one-click patent process and get it all over with. Seriously, this is Amazon.com all over again.

Fail. Because Paul Allan is a . . .

Terrafugia Transition flying car redesign - first analysis

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Tow a flying trailer

What if it could tow a trailer.?

And what if that trailer was an auto-plane trailer?

And what if the auto-plane trailer held eight auto-planes?

Why you'd have yourself a flying parking lot you would.

I for one welcome random pilots landing on my street while I teach my kids to look all three ways before crossing the, oh, nevermind.

Michigan man in DIY rocket sled explosion

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Whos says Michigan is Bankrupt!

This guy restores my faith in America ingenuity! There's gotta be a way to leverage this to profit.