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Disk will eat itself: Flash price crash just around the over-supplied block


Enterprise ssd - why not just use a raid of cheap consumer ones? It's not like you can realistically wear them out, and even if you do then you could buy 5 for the cost of one enterprise one.

With the old spinning rust disks, the enterprise ones have tler - time limited error recovery meant that the raid array would not wait for repeated read attempts from a bad block - up to 2 minutes as a consumer level drive. It would wait for a maximum of 7 seconds before failing, and the raid controller would simply read that block from the mirror instead.

But enterprise ssds? Seems to mostly be higher write cycles tolerance, and even on consumer level ssds the endurance is "lots"

Take-off crash 'n' burn didn't kill the Concorde, it was just too bloody expensive to maintain


"during flight thanks to the extreme pressures"

But the body lengthening was due to the temperature of the skin, not the pressure.

Apparently there was a gap in the cockpit which was closed at speed by this expansion which was about the right size for the pilot's hat.

Samsung's Galaxy 9s debut, with not much other than new cameras


Microsd - check, when you've trashed the phone just pull the card with the photos on out of the wreck

Headphone socket - check, can connect it to the many older things like hifis and cars

Removable battery - nope. So expensive disassembly job if you want your costs-more-than-a-laptop device to not have a much shorter working life.

Google wants to track your phone and credit card through meatspace


I already use cash for most purchases except fuel, that might be expanded. They'd know which cashpoint I visited and how much I may have got out, plus which shops I went in even then.

Not willing to forgo taking a phone with me, but that seems the only solution if I went to be private.

HTC 10: Flagship goes full Google – but the hardware's top notch


Had to read the comments to find out whether it had a terminally fixed battery. Again, microsd slot was only mentioned in the comments.

Why do android reviews talk about built in apps? If you don't like what the manufacturers apps do, just replace them. The hardware matters and is hardly mentioned.

Anyway, I've always found phones which can't be used when laying on a table annoying. It'd have to have a case which made the back flat so I could type on it without having to hold it with the other hand.

Hackers rely on weak passwords when brute-forcing PoS terminals


There's a firm I know of that uses the pos company name in lowercase as the WiFi key for the cash register networ, which always has wifi even where there's cable point everywhere. It's just moronic.

I'm just lucky no-one's asked me to make anyone using their junk PCI compliant!

Reverser laments crypto game protection, says wares dead after 2018


Just works

I have solved the DRM problem by simply not buying any game which has any DRM. So I have the witcher 3, and Kerbal space program, but not much else.

I don't agree with the idea of a game publisher's flaky server deciding when or if I get to play the game today, and the game is useless as soon as that server goes for whatever reason.

So - DRM free or you aren't getting my money.

Microsoft steps up Windows 10 nagging


Re: We don't know the same people

Interesting, as 13 installs I have seen so far:

1 - I did, as I need to get pro and windows 7 anytime is dead

1 - upgraded accidentally, was confused but missed the 31 day revert deadline so we binned the machine and replaced it with a new windows 7 one. He's 90 and windows 7 will likely outlive him.

1 - upgraded and died, requiring reinstall

3 - upgraded and so slow I had to crawl through the revert option which took hours. Think 2 minutes for the start menu.

6 - upgraded accidentally and wanted to know how to make it go back to how it was, as either something didn't work (printers) or something had vanished (anyone using windows live mail will not enjoy having it all vanish)

1 - I upgraded a crappy tablet which required clearing all my stuff off its tiny 32gb c drive and it seems to mostly work apart from headphone jack detection is really unreliable and I can't "play to" my network media devices any more. Which is really all I use the tablet for.

So, not a fan.

I have yet to meet someone


Re: Oi Microsoft

GWX control panel

It's currently going on about 10 machines a week just from me. Either the customer's complaining about the constant nagging or I've just had to revert the machine as it'd been upgraded and had ground to a halt.

Vodafone exceeds own upper broadband speed limit to hit 80Mbps


Re: Ah but wait a moment...

Yes, virgin are well known for prioritising traffic to speedtest.net tests. That traffic is also exempt throttling which is applied to any other traffic one you've transferred over the allowance in the time period. Which last time I checked was an average of 4mbit upload, or 3gb in 2 hours.... Far short of the 5mbit or 12.5mbit uplink sold.

Virgin are not good at cloudy bavkups.!

If you wanted Windows 10, it looks like you've already installed it


1/7 computers stayed on 10 after upgrading...

So far I have:

2 computers where the customer upgraded to it and found their printer stopped working (old HP printers just don't work)

3 computers where the customer upgraded and found that the start menu didn't work - rendering it a right pain to revert back to windows 7/8 as there upwards to be no direct run command to revert. The start menu in these cases does work in safe mode.

1 computer where the customer upgraded and got trapped by not telling anyone that his computer didn't work any more until 90 days - Microsoft sneakily delete your revert files after 30 days. Replaced that PC as it was getting on a bit anyway (another one where anything like start menu or window 10 apps like settings just never loaded but showed no errors)

1 where I was forced to upgrade to 10 due to needing windows pro (7 anytime upgrade is dead. Windows 8 pro packs work but just be bought physically from old channel stock which is like hens teeth)

Old hardware not being supported and something wrong with the start menu seems to be the main problems. However, as I keep pointing out to customers, windows 7 is supported longer than the lifetime of the pc anyway, so why change everything and learn a new interface when it is working fine?

Future Range Rovers will report pot-holes directly to councils


I believe (I read it on the internet...) that damage to your car caused by driving into a pothole which has not been reported to the the council is your problem, and if it has been reported it's their problem. So, reports generated and sent automatically (at least in Chelsea) can only be a good thing.

Windows Server 2003 end of support draws ever closer


The tagline for the RSS feed says windows server 2002!

HP Stream x360: Flippable and stylish Chromebook killer


system disk storage hard limits?

So, how long does windows 8.1 take to suicide in a 32gb soldered on emmc? I put one together yesterday and after office and iTunes but before user data it stood at 13gb free, of a 21gb c drive. User wasn't impressed at the idea that it might not survive much more than two of their planned 5 year working life for it thanks to updates.

Del did a range of power edge servers which unless you changed them had 80gb system virtual disks, and they suicide after about 3 years simply does to logs and windows updates.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Vulture's claws: we find looks AND brains


but has fallen into the trap of style over substance.

Can't put microsd cards into it = can't perform the same job as my aging s4.

Skipped the s5 because it had the same screen, so no significant benefit - but now I can't use a s6 :(

Every device I have which has data in it has a microsd slot - I often use my phone to modify data or upload files from some other device's card - should I carry a USB otg cable and card reader everywhere? Or just not buy a s6?

US Congress in cash freeze bid to DERAIL global DNS handover


Hmm, this sort of cack-handed political interference in a system which is critical and only relevant to a politician in terms of retaining influence is why control of such a system should never be controlled by the US government. Ours isn't any better though.

How do you fund a country-agnostic body? Or use some decentralised system of majority wins like bitcoin? But what if one country can overwhelm the others and get overall control?

We need a dictator. Only, the correct dictator. Vetinari?

I’ve never paid for it in my life... we are talking Wi-Fi, right?


Major selling point in hotels

Basically, if a hotel doesn't offer free WiFi, it's off the list of hotels I will consider when choosing where to stay. I can't be alone in this market pressure, surely?

The only exception is where there is no choice with free WiFi, then you're stuck with tethering (unlimited data and tethering, but who knows how fast the connection with be, if it even connects at all)

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5


Fixed batteries are fine if they survive the day...

I deserted the iphone camp after 23 months of ownership. My phone usage has steadily climbed over that period.

My iphone got taken off it's (really handy for music) dock at 6am. It would then die somewhere between 12 and 2pm depending on how busy my morning was, at which point the massive batey steadied to it's back would be turned on and it'd charge until about 3pm. I then turned the external battery off again and the iphone would then go flat at around 7pm. The external battery charged it again, and the phone would then make it to midnight, where it charged as I slept. If I went out, the phone would be dead and so would the external battery by 2am, when I would try to use it to get a taxi.

Samsung galaxy s2, batey died mid afternoon under my normal (heavy) use. Hmm. £8 later, the battery was doubled, and the original battery lives in a dedicated charger in my office for those times I forget to plug it's cable in and I.can swap the batteries in about a minute.

Iphone: 1" thick, dead by midnight, time to refill 240 minutes.

Sgs2: 0.5" thick, 20 hours, time to refill 0.5 minutes.

other problems more minor for me... storage (32gb for £30 in sgs2) or apps (what channel is that wifi? a: apple says you cannot make an app to tell you)

Sony and BBC clash over PS3 problems


PS3 disk swaps - a matter of seconds

@Sentry23 Re: Disk swaps are not possible on a PS3 since the disk is encrypted with a machine dependent key.

You what now? I think they have to be formatted afresh for the new console (which the PS3 helpfully does when it detects an empty hard disk), but it'll take any sata 2.5" disk you care to stick in the slot - mine had a 40gb to 250gb swap the day I bought it, and is rapidly heading to it's 400gb swap when playtv runs it out of space...

Wheels come off O2's data network


Norwich & norfolk out

Between me and a friend driving down to diss today we've tested about 5 cells - all down, but it's only the idata.o2.co.uk access point - if you jump onto mobile.o2.co.uk it works (albeit slowly.)

Personally I'm rarely far from a Wi-Fi!

Nintendo sells metric %#@&-load of Wiis in November


in Proper Units

By my calculations, a Wii is around 2.76gf (not counting box, accessories or wii-mote fetish gear)

That's 1.72 million bulgarian funbags. Or, more usefully, 1.3 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

We do need standardisation from the Reg. We have a nice set of units, so use them!

Fasthosts customer? Change your password now


Ecrypting Passwords

Somewhere I worked was, for a while before they became lucicrously uncompetitive, a Tiscali reseller.

I could log in (and I bet I still could) and view every username/password combo for every DSL line we sold. Tiscali (at least as a reseller) doesn't encrypt.

I've spent enough time talking to support on innumerable customer sites to know that for damn near any DSL line you can ring up, do a DPA check, and get the password - it's not reset to a known value as it might be for a website.

Firefox under fire from multiple security bugs


Ad? What ad?

What ad would this be? There isn't one, and there isn't a gap where one might have been....

oh, wait, I have adBlock. Silly me.

All my personal details for chocolate? Go on then



Surely this should read:

81% of people either handed over their identity for the chance to win clocolate, or were awake enough to realise that they could make up details and still win chocolate. As we didn't verify these details we we don't actually know how many people just made them up on the spot.

Now... someone walks up to me in the street and asks for my password inexchange for chocolate. I have three choices:

1) hand over the password, which I most likely use for everything from my bank account to my screensaver

2) Refuse, and not get chocolate

3) Make something vaguely plausible up, and get chocolate anyway.


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