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Virgin Media's blighted SuperHub NOW comes with extra squeal (oink)

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Re: Dear VM...

1000x this.

Oz government in filter paranoia meltdown

Ess Mohican

96% against?

Then Mr Elected Representative do as the majority say, even if you think it is wrong!

NZ spider objects to Canadian's todger

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Don't worry about it

I'm from NZ and in my 20 years there never saw a Katipo, neither has any of my friends or family.

Also its the only poisonous thing in the country so you'll be alright.

iPad includes hyberbole generator, first reviews show

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I can see why some people would want and use an iPad but whats the point of having a keyboard to plug into it?

Thats laptop territory surely?

'Racist' job ad sparks investigation

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Sorry there is no such thing as 'positive' discrimination.

Discrimination is discrimination.

Reminded me of a mate that swore blind that only white people could be racist.

iPad runs Windows, Nokia runs OSX

Ess Mohican

Agreeing with the agreeers

SSH port forward to RDP over Wireless works fine.


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