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Intel denies that its CEO thinks Windows 8 isn't ready

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Re: It depends...

Not only is it a Metro Modern UI app, its not installed by default (even on the professional edition) and its a whopping 140mb download from the Windows Marketplace.

Voyager's 35th birthday gift: One-way INTERSTELLAR ticket

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...Seeks the creator

China could penetrate US with new huge missile

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Stark Industries

Sells the Jericho to the Chinese...

Nokia, Samsung and pals team up to map malls, stations

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Just you wait and see...

Apple will patent the group findings along the way... then look to ban them all for idea theft

Snap suggests Apple out to 'screw' hardware hackers

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Has no one realised yet....

that all you need is a hammer to access the inner workings of an Apple device.

Curiosity needs OS upgrade before getting down to science

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In space...

... no one can hear you scream about patch Tuesday

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

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Big Brother

Now playing 2012 mkv

I wonder if that's a legitimate copy of 2012 playing in the video player that supposedly handles all codecs

Gambling site's 'no strings attached' offer had strings attached

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Re: 1. Exploit human weakness. 2. PROFIT!

Just about all companies in the world exploit human weakness for profit...

As for gambling industry, just about all operators who offer up free cash do so with requirements for turn over. Operators vary but normally turnover can be from 20 to 40 times. Assuming they give you £100 free with 20 times turnover, you need to play that money over and over wagering all winnings from that £100 you need to play 20 times. If you have any cash left over from that £100 after playing it through 20 times, you get to keep it.

However, its so unlikely anyone will ever succeed in having anything left over but it drives the human emotion to want to keep playing and put their own money in. Also, most operators know that most players will play to extinction, or play until their funds run out. Either way, its a good way of getting people hooked into the games and stumping up their own cash.

Gambling in the UK has many safeguards, yes its all mathematically determined using random numbers and most games although they say 95% payout, what that means is a theoretical lifetime payout. Yes the house keeps 5% over its lifetime, but just like a lottery its a distribution of wealth where you get winners and losers.

UK Gambling is much more tightly regulated and controlled than the Bankng sector and their mass gambling addiction with depositors money (that's your money and mine) which is the real scam here.

Being a skinny is much more unhealthy than being fat – new study

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BMI is crap

There are many factors that make up weight, BMI just serves to scare people into acting and doesn't do a very good job at that.

We all got to die sometime, some with be in agony because they chose to live an unhealthy existence, some will slip quietly away and the rest because they kept nagging about housework...

'Unbreakable' Samsung Galaxy Note II to take on iPhone 5

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A word of caution

The Galaxy Note is a great phone, even if you do look like a dick using it as a phone in public.

However, the battery life is just damn right sucky! It takes 2 charges per day to keep it alive and I never leave apps running. The screen is just so big it consumes about 70% of total power usage. Then, packet data takes the rest.

Samsung need to double the battery capacity as more than likely they will increase all other hardware specs which will just further drain power giving you a standby time of approx 758 milliseconds

Mobile device enslavement a plague on British workers' health

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Current economic climate can suck my plumbs

I decided a few months ago, that my work issued Blackberry gets a battery pull when I leave the office (only cause Blackberry doesn't seem to have an adequate off button). People spend enough time at work, they shouldn't have to sacrifice their home and families lives just to line someone else's pockets. Most often enough, companies who need workers working extra unpaid hours have a overpaid and under-skilled management structure.

When at work you give 100% so I can't see how my company or any company can incite fear in staff that if they don't hit unachievable targets then their out of a job, fear and uncertainty is not a good motivator and is counter productive. It would probably cost more to hire more staff and have a constant turnover due to retarded absent minded middle managers and above setting unachievable targets.

If any company wants more work out of you, they need to pay more be it in cash or shares but no one gets a free ride in my book!

</rant over>

Twitter bird reborn to the sound of whalesong

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Its Batman

Check out some observations of the new Twatter logo http://mashable.com/2012/06/07/new-twitter-bird-batman/

Watchdog relieves iPhone 5 scammers of £10k

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Not sure if profitable or not

For every £1 premium rate SMS billed to a customer, the service supplier may only receive 80p at the most. Then there is the charge for the shortcode, typically £250 to £500 per month.

They have to refund all punters, so if they had billed £100,000 of charges which need refunding, that means they need to find a possible extra £20,000 to cover the shortfall. Plus the £10,000 PhonePayPlus fine, plus administration costs for someone to write an awful lot of cheques.. If's possible that the aggregator that sits between Mobile Minded BV and the networks may withhold outpayments which means even more of their own cash they need to find from their own pockets. The only winners here are the mobile networks who get to keep all the revenue.

You'd be surprised how unpleasant this can be for Mobile Minded BV, and quite rightly so.. It will either eat their profits from any legitimate revenue they made (if any), and they could even look to liquidate meaning customers may still lose out.

US ecosystems basically unaffected by global warming, studies show

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Didn't you know...

It's the Hand of God that causes such devastating hurricanes, drought, heat-waves and or any other ecological disasters. And they shall repent for their lack of faith (which God finds disturbing)

So go ahead all Ye Americans, burn your oil, burn your trees, burn your books for thou shalt never suffer from this heretic sudo-science suggesting global warming, yet heed my wrath should you fail to bring order and factual creationism to the world

Meanwhile in the real world....

Game Group shares slide under a penny

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Re: Costa, clothing and cash-converters

Walking is always an option and its free. It will also go some way to counteracting effect of sitting on one's arse glued to the television or console game each night.

Bicycle is another option too and its generally free parking for bikes.

RIM restyles next-generation BlackBerry

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- May not function with enterprise email until Blackberry 11.5 ( codename Wigan )

- May not fit into pockets (utility belt & holder sold separately)

- May not comfortably fit into hand.

- 1GHz processor, allows for typing at grandma speed

RIM, well done you've thrown out one set of useless Chimps responsible for hardware design, and replaced them with Orang-utans who just about have hands long enough to make use of the new form factor!

Here lies /^v.+b$/i

Andy 36

Logical Life

int Age=0;

bool AsLongAsPossible = true;



while ( AsLongAsPossible )



If(Age > 50)


int randomEvent = Random.Next(0, 9);

switch ( randomEvent )


case 0: throw new FatalException (" Old Age" );

case 1: throw new FatalException (" Body Failure" );

case 2: throw new FatalException (" Murdered " );

case 3: throw new FatalException (" Digitas" );

case 4: throw new FatalException (" Death by SnuSnu" );

default: break;





catch(FatalException death)




MPs slam 'unworkable' one-size-fits-all NHS care records' system

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Stuff the contracts, signed my complete labour socialist morons.

Drag the IT vendors in front of parliament or the courts, and force them to hand over penalties 50% of money they took, or make them fix it at their own costs. Stuff the contracts, they have failed to supply what we've paid for.

There no reason that such a large project shouldn't be attempted. Local NHS authorities don't need computer systems based on their needs, with a common protocol that links everyone together. NHS is in the business of fixing people whether it be stubbed toe, organ replacement or the occasional boob job. How can they possible all operate differently when it comes to cataloguing patient records??

My guess, is there were too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. Not to mention a bottom line to shareholders to rip off the UK tax payer for a tidy dividend at the end of the year.


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I'm not the only one then...

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You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

London is dirty, overcrowded, over expensive and quite frankly I don' t understand why companies seem to be drawn to London. Companies even have to pay more for their staff, which to me is a false economy.

There are far better cities to operate from that don't have the London costs, have a good transport network and have highly skilled worker, especially in IT & Technology. Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds are all good hubs, central to every corner of Britain.

Top level domain explosion could wreak MAYHEM on NET

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Security devie

For corporate network, just like you explicitly allow outbound connection to IP's and ports, I would implement a DNS security proxy that will block DNS requests to TLD's that are questionable.

For personal/home users, I'm sure security products will provide some functionality to block DNS that would otherwise be assumed local which in fact direct users outside the current network scope.

Maybe ICANN won't sell these types of sensitive TLD's or most likely any hacker won't have the $100,000 dollars to buy these TLD's, and those that do and subsequently expose users then ICANN or governments will have the power to get that domain blocked.

This isn't half as stupid as the peer to peer DNS idea that was proposed some time ago

Feds shut down poker site

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US Government want in

The US are closing down all these non-US operators, in favour of legalising and opening the market to US operators.

Even now the wheels are in motion allow poker and other forms of remote gaming, the just need to ensure their dominance in the market.

Tag Heuer readies €4700 Froyo phone

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Would I buy it?


Apple confirms white iPhone 4 on sale tomorrow

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and then....

When will we see the patent application for a "SmartPhone device with an 'Apple White' colour (color) plastic trim", then sue Blackberry and Nokia

Adobe Flash: 20m phones flip Steve Jobs the bird

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Give it up Adobe, Flash is Dead

Flash on any mobile device is plain and utter garbage.

Adobe are clutching at straws if they believe the future of Flash is mobile. It's a fat, bloated, insecure, CPU and battery hogging application that is completely unnecessary today.

HTML & Jscript work just fine (except audio), HTML5 will offer even more (audio,workerthreads,svg,etc) . Mobile applications should be low cost in term of processing and data usage. Flash is none of these. If I needed a richer experience in a mobile app, I'd go native.

When I get a new Android device, the first thing to go is Adobe Flash, it is not welcome.

ROBOT COP scatters LIVE GRENADES in San Francisco STREET

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What a bunch of pussies. It seems if a proper assessment was done, the logical action would be to put them into a container for removal where they could have been detonated safely without closing a street and having 100 news channels all talking the same crap.

Nokia updates N97 firmware

Andy 36


I'm on v20.0.019 and Nokia insist I stil have the latest version. I'm not tied down to any network, so where's my update?


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