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Ten... PC games you may have missed


Rock of Ages

Any one else played Rock of Ages?

It's a year old now so probably wouldn't be on this list anyway but you knock down the enemy gates with a large boulder and build defences to protect your own gates. It's a lot more fun than I'm making it sound and it has a great sense of humour about it, a bit Monty Python in its animation style.

Guardian's Robin Hood plan: Steal from everyone to give to us


Re: Uh... NO!

You do not need a TV license to watch catch up programmes on the BBC I-player. From the BBC website:

"You do not need a television licence to catch-up on television programmes in BBC iPlayer, only when you watch or record at the same time (or virtually the same time) as it is being broadcast or otherwise distributed to the public. In BBC iPlayer, this is through the Watch Live simulcast option.

Anyone in the UK watching or recording television as it's being broadcast or simulcast on any device - including mobiles, laptops and PCs - must, by law, be covered by a valid TV licence."

So no live Olympics without a TV license but you can still get all the Doctor Who once it's up.

Ten... eight-bit classic games


Jetpac Refuelled

Forget Jetpac Refuelled, what about Solar Jetman on the NES? That was a proper sequel to Jetpac. Great gameplay and properly hard.

Google goggles with Terminator HUD 'coming soon'


" Burger King adverts right in your FACE." is the bit that puts me off. I'm not sure I'm ready for adverts all the time, it's bad enough at the moment!

Other than that it sounds interesting.

Mars attacks! Morocco pelted with rocks from the Red Planet


Aye, but it was only 7Kg worth which suggests that they got the scale a bit off. Though I quite like the idea of Martian tripods doing battle with cockroaches and mice before humans discover them and mistake the heat ray for a new type of lighter.

Bill seeks to decriminalise pianos in pubs and schools


do you have a license for that song?

I once heard lefty folk singer Robb Johnson do a song called "do you have a license for that song". At the time I thought it was an ok piece of satire. Didn't realise New labour had made it real...

LucasArts Day of the Tentacle


Great game

When I was little, my sister got it for Christmas one year as a way to get her to use the computer more. I remember we played it for ages and had a blast. It seemed big at the time as it came on six floppy disks - huge!

For my birthday I got Sam and Max Hit the Road and it started a love of adventure games that has lasted since.

What's amazing now is that I still remember so many of the puzzles and the dialogue. Agree with the people above, I want it on Steam along with all the other Lucasarts adventure games.

Ah... the good old days when Lucasarts did something other than Star Wars and even the Star Wars games it did were decent. Better stop there otherwise I'll start reminiscing about Civ 2, Theme Park and C&C as well. "When I was your age the PC had its own games and wasn't full of stuff designed for games consoles!".

Daleks given a well-earned break


BBc does the same

The funny thing is the BBC article on this subject links to the Daily Mail article as well. A Daily Mail article which is over a year old. Is BBC copying El Reg? Surely not!

$8.5bn Skype goes titsup again - including website

Thumb Up

not that bad...

Hope I don't sound like a fan boy but...

"Whether or not that happens in this case, the incident will cause users to further question the reliability of the service"

When I compare Skype to my mobile service it's usually a lot better. Heck, it often beats land lines for when I make international calls. It's definitely worth the huge cost of 'free' I paid for it.

Gov pays Greens to lobby it, says report



I'm quite left-wing and pretty green but if the taxpayers alliance is accurate in there report then it's something worth knowing about. I do not want my tax money going to NGO's who use it for lobbying. I am a supporter of certain NGO's because I agree with them however it is my choice and my money that I give to them.

What is missing from the report though is all the other money given to lobbyists. How much is spent supporting 'enterprise groups' or helping out businesses who then lobby the government for lower taxes and less welfare spending? etc.

Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone



Have you seen most schools 'IT suites'? Clunky old machines running pre-historic versions of windows. Why? Because a school does not have the budget to update equipment all the time. Not to mention the way stuff gets nicked, or dropped and broken or wear and tear from very heavy use by a large number of teenagers.

And you're trying to suggest the IPad could 'revolutionise education'! Does your local school have a spare £12000 to equip a class with these? And spare cash to replace them when they get dropped? Maybe in 10 years when touch screen has become standard someone will have a decent low cost model most schools can use but the Ipad is not it. School books look set to stay for the time being.