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Supersonic stealth jumpjet makes 'short landing'

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If that is a sshort landing

What do they class as a long landing???

No were near as cool as a Harrier in hover

Nokia No.2 is so sorry for N97 debacle

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It aint so bad

I have a Nokia N97 32GB after a long line of Sony/Ericsson, HTC and other phones and is my first Nokia for quite some time, so i was a bit dissapointed when it didn't work as expected.

Many people complained about the widgets not working, the favorite being AccuWeather, however it did work for me from the beginning, it just needed some extra tweaking for the Vodafone network.

On firmware 11 the N97 was buggy, mine is now on firmware 20 and although still not perfect it is a lot more stable and everything works now, it even pairs it the bluetooth in my car which on ver 11 it refused to do.

Yes it's not perfect, but what phone is?

1.3 million phones found down back of the sofa in UK

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You can set most phones

to ask for a PIN when the SIM card is changed then the phone is powered back on, so why is this something new?

More questions over biometric ID cards and national security

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Biometric data??? Really

I renewed my passport last year and I now have a biometric data. So if it contains details of my iris and a fingerprint, them how do they do it??? No one took my fingerprint when applying to renew my passport, nor was anything done to get any mapping or picture or any other detail of my iris.

Seems we are all being fed crap as usual

IBM chills sealed data center with outside air

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A future in Scotland

there is one datacentre and a second being planned near Ecclefechan, should be plenty of cold air there for 50% of the year, all they need to do is open the loading bay doors :)



Police have more than 10,000 ANPR cameras

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Big Brother

Why keep the data so long

They know who the people of "interest" are to them and the vehicles they drive gained from other intelligence, so keeping the data relevant o their travels is somewhat justifiable, but why keep the data every time one of us nip to Tescos?

And who needs them to disclose the ANPR site, they are easy spotted with the exception of the CCTV converted ones which are a bit harder.

@Another money spinner

I should certainly hope not, that would be unacceptable

@Silly number plates

I believe these get flagged for a "human" to check

Airport scanners go live today, kids included

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Resistance is futile

You will be assimilated

Oz banker caught porn-surfing on live TV

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Everything else is priceless

Major fail for him, enjoyable for the rest :)