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Tata Consultancy Services tells staff to go to their rooms and stay there, even after the pandemic passes

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Standby for an epidemic of RSI and assorted ailments from homeworkers due to poor working conditions.

IT consultant who deleted every account on UK company Jet2's domain cops 5 months in jail

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Real Crime

Surely the real crime here is that the system was so vulnerable? One malcontent can take the lot out in under 5 minutes? Pretty poor set up here obviously but security should be by design, not accident. Is Windoze so poor that a single person can log on and trash it or can it be designed/configured to require at least two miscreants to wipe it out? Asking for an industry.

Train maker's coder goes loco, choo-choo-chooses to flee to China with top-secret code – allegedly

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Re: Fat Controller

They're off to Scotland.

iOS 8 screencaps leak: Text editor, dictaphone and 'tips' on the way

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Better interoperability

But will it let me choose Chrome as a default browser? Will it feck. About time the EU anti competition bods kicked Apple's nuts the same as they did for Microsloth with IE.

Spending watchdog SAVAGES rural broadband push

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Ideal profit margin

"I'm paying over £20 a month"

How much digging/fibre/DSLAM/Cabinet/other fixed assets do you think £20/month buys? If this was the huge cash cow everyone seems to think BT thinks it is, why did everyone else drop out? Simple. It's bloody expensive to build and pay back takes a long time, by which time the kit's out of date and it all starts again.

One alternative would be to split the network off BT, Virgin et al and have a single government owned network. No digging the same road up three times to supply different suppliers. Only QOS as a benchmark. Guaranteed to work. Like the railways, or the roads.

Oh, hang on.

EU chucks €18m at research for stupidly fast networks

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Shoorly that'll be "Up to the speed of light"?

Raspberry Pi DUMBS DOWN to target world+dog

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Surely it should be Beginners Out Of Box Set up?

New 4TB drive spaffs half a telly season into your eyes AT ONCE

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the rustling of small leaves.

Do we have a reg standard measure for noise? If not we should have.

BT scores £146 meellion more UK.gov cash to fibre up Balamory

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Whilst it's easy to complain about the former incumbent (And I've dome my fair share of that over time), Who would provide a safer pair of hands? Virgin et al? They stopped short of even the relatively dense towns so they'll never get out over hills and dales and islands. Fujitsu have already walked away because it can't make it pay.

If you think you could do a better job for the money then get yourself onto Kickstarter, get some cash from all the disaffected broadband have nots and go for it.

Me? I'll just wait for the only company with the wherewithal to do the job to come and do it in my small town.

$195 BEEELLION asteroid approaching Earth

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No problem

Just announce it's made of copper and some pikeys will come and pinch it in a transit van.

Love in the time of the internet: A personal memoir

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Worked for me

Free sites do work. Plenty of fish worked for me. Met Mrs. WYWH 27 months ago today on there. There is quality on the free sites but like all things in life, you need to use some common sense. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

WTF is... WebRTC?

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And what will it be used for?

Smut. Interactive smut. Nothing new there then.

'You will download your sneakers within 20 years. Yarr'

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It is unlikely to the point of absurdity to...

... think anyone would print out shoes in this way for any foreseeable amount of time and heavier than air machines shall never fly.

Seriously though, I want to download and print a car, if only to thumb my nose at those pontificating anti piracy ads in front of the DVD I PAID FOR!

Half of Virgin Media broadband ads are wrong, says ASA

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Should it not say

"up to"(*) half of all complaints upheld?

UK.gov slams Facebook over Moat fan clubs

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Whilst the people supporting Moat are patently cretinous idiots, they're not breaking any laws. Touch of the Streisands here methinks.

Jaybird SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth stereo headphones

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"so don't loose the cable."

How can you use them as wireless if you don't loose it?

Paris 'cos she's a bit loose apparently

No refunds for ID card pioneers

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<nelson mode>

Ha ha

</nelson mode>

QinetiQ lends PARIS a helping hand

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A balloon.

You're going to see at what height a bal|loon pops. Part inflated balloon. Piece of string. Piece of card with a hole. Instant high altitude release mechanism. Simples.

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban

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Big Brother

I for one

welcome our new iPad restricting evil overlords.

New cig peril: Third-hand smoke coats puffers in poison

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I would just like to say one thing here.

As a smoker, I like to think I'm doing my bit to save the country from the financial hell hole it's put itself in. As a heavy smoker since age 14, I will most likely die fairly quickly before I'm 65 of some nasty smoking related disease. Nobody forces me to smoke. I do this out of choice. I will not be an interminable burden on the NHS and social services as I suffer Alzheimers or similar debilitating but long term illness. I will not expand the pension hole by drawing my hard earned pension for years and years ad nauseum. I will return my house, well maintained because I'm sane and wealthy enough to maintain it, to the housing stock pool so that someone else can live here. I don't ask you to praise me. Tolerate me. We are supposed to be a tolerant society. Do not berate me for making your non-smoking dotage just a little more affordable.

Please won't someone think of the children and start promoting smoking?

Paris, 'cos she's smoking.

China jails porn-monger

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or it didn't happen ;)

Paris 'cos I've seen the pictures.

Jedi chapter seeks leader after master resigns

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A true Jedi wouldn't need to know the location of the meetings but would sense the disturbance in the force?

Paris, 'cos she could disturb my force anytime.

HP ordered to pay £200m in interim damages ruling

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Because they can provide you the moon on a stick. One of their salesmen told me that.

Paris, because, really, she promises more than she delivers, well, if her videos are anything to go by.

Steve Jobs dubs Google's 'don't be evil' motto 'bulls**t'

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Search by Apple

So Apple didn't do search? Thank the (insert deity of choice). Would websites have to submit their site to Applesearch for inclusion like the appstore? I sure the wits and wags on here can think of funnier things but the thought of Apple trying to take on Google at search just makes me laugh.

And the iphone is pants. Pretty, but pants. I'll stick with my 6310i.