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So thoughtful. Uber says it won't track you after you leave their vehicles

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Re: Makes me laugh...

It's not that hard to fudge the results and make data collection next to useless to any of these companies.

Uncle Sam outlines evidence against British security whiz Hutchins

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Re: Does he sound like a baddie?

Alan Rickman isn't dead, it's a cover up... he's in guantanamo being tortured for his part in the Nakatomi Plaza attacks of 88. :)

El Reg gets schooled on why SSDs will NOT kill off the trusty hard drive

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Oh no they won't...

Until Price per GB falls by hundreds of %... HDD are here to stay... and by that I mean when you can pick up a 4TB SSD for less than £100-115, then those that require proper storage capacity rather than speed for a few bits of software and to be impressed by how quick their PC boots... will still require a HHD.

What's more of a concern is the pricing cartel that we've had since the 2011 floods, a cartel that has artificially kept prices high long after production returned to normal and going against the trends of the last 20yrs that saw HHD prices fall in line with larger capacity drives being introduced. Now those larger capacity drives get introduced at ever higher prices and never drop more than a few % over the course of several years... a 4TB drive I paid £115 for in 2013, is still between £110-120 today... Yet every other drive I've ever purchased over the previous 19yrs has double capacity for roughly the same price as the previous one... going back to a 2GB drive in the later half of the 90's... £60.. 6GB.. £60... 20GB... £65.... 40GB.. £65 and so forth and so forth... right up to those floods of 2011. Pre-flood prices the last drives I had purchased was a couple of 1.5TB & a 2TB drives... for guess what... £75 each (gotta take into account a little inflation over almost 15yrs).

These days, there's a jump of around £30-35 per TB across the board... so that 4TB at around £115...... the 5TB at around £150 and the 6TB at around £185... and there those prices remain for the last few years... In spite of current production levels being high and manufacturing costs being as low as pre-flood prices. It's no more than price gouging, trying to convince people that SSD's are getting more competitive by keeping HHD prices artificially high.

So when I can buy a 4TB SSD for less than a 4TB HDD... then and only then will I believe any codswallop about HHD being a dead format.

Google and its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week in full

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Re: At the risk of inciting... something..

"I have personally worked with people of all races, genders, and cultures. One universal equalizer is that there good people and born assholes across all walks of life."

For the last 20yrs or so I have often said

'It doesn't matter what your gender, race, sexuality, religion, culture or politics are'... an arsehole is an arsehole in all of them.'

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"But why do efforts need to be made to "encourage" women or so-called "minorities" to go into certain fields at all? The fields in discussion shouldn't be advertising on those bases at all. If certain people don't want to enter certain fields then so be it."

Quick... hide... try under that bridge... I hear some Billy Goats coming.

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My whole take on the gender gap is as follows... and I make no assertions into any kind of biological differences at all.

At this very moment in time, the gender/minority gap isn't going to be resolved... and trying to force it's resolution by hiring people of a specific gender/minority specifically because of their gender/minority status isn't an adequate solution. You hire the best people for the role in question regardless of their gender/minority status.

The problem lies with a more limited number of people from certain minorities and genders going into those lines of work in the first place... So that's where you have to focus your efforts and that is starting to happen. Far more efforts to encourage minority groups to get involved in STEM roles is being done now than in the last 50 years and that's a good thing... But it will not solve the issue at this present time... that will eventually balance out as efforts to encourage those minority groups to get involved/interested in certain lines of work take effect.

The rabid fanatics on both sides of this argument are all wrong, and all contributing to the problem. We as a species have allowed the internet to become a place of division, where everyone has a voice and immediately thinks that their voice is more important than anyone else's, especially if their opinion differs from whatever blinkered view they have. It's one of the reason I have withdrawn from nearly all aspects of social media, because it has become nothing more than a bunch of little elitist cliques reinforcing individual idealistic stereotypes that have very little grounding in facts and truth... Each of these cliques seek out only those that reinforce their particular beliefs and use those groups to viciously attack anyone who dares to disagree or offer a different opinion (regardless of truth or reason).

As for the former googler in question... Did he deserve to be fired... If it was a first offence then no.. he deserved the opportunity to be educated in facts and reason, given the opportunity to learn the realities of the world instead of spouting immature and incorrect stereotypes... But that wouldn't have appeased the rabid fanatics who only want to see heads roll to justify and reinforce their rabid belief systems.

tl:dr Having policies to hire minorities simply because of their minority status (be it race/culture/gender) is a bad thing, encouraging minority groups to get involved in careers they are historically under-represented is a good thing... and Damore should have had the opportunity to see the error of his ways and learn from his mistakes.. but it's a long term solution and won't fix anything right now. Which wouldn't satisfy the rabid fanatics regardless of which side they're on as they're all morons.

Revealed: The naughty tricks used by web ads to bypass blockers

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Re: Right here on the The Register

This site has ads?

Sorry El Reg... but you forced me to block them by irritating the crap out of me with them, sucking up bandwidth, flashing/moving images... the only thing you weren't guilty of was autoplaying video/audio... But seriously, how long was it going to be before that happened.

For a site that claims to be 'biting the hand that feeds IT' you do spend a lot of time conforming and following along like good little sheeple.

Why for example.. Why are there 6.. YES SIX... tracking cookies attempting to add themselves on my system.

Clean up your act first... and perhaps more will follow... be a leader instead of a sheep.

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Re: Hey Instart

"Instart's code also detects network analysis tools Wireshark and Charles Proxy."

Therefore Instart=Malware.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and it floats - it's a duck."

Really... coz I think they're just cunts. :)

Your top five dreadful people the Google manifesto has pulled out of the woodwork

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Re: You might have also looked up "Social Darwinism"

"Google for "three generations of imbeciles is enough"."

More commonly known as a 'politician'

Foot-long £1 sausage roll arrives

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Re: I've got 12 inches

I once walked into a chiropodist and plonked my todger on the table*

She screamed... 'that's not a foot'

'I know' I replied... 'but it's a good 11 inches'

Badum Tish

* For legal reasons, I cannot condone actually doing this as it could get you arrested and on the sexual deviants lists. It's purely for comedic purposes. :P

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I make my own sausage rolls, but can't make them that cheaply... I've bought their freshly baked sausage rolls many times, and their Lincolnshire ones are even better. So if this is as good the smaller ones that cost £2 for 4 and each one of those has to be in the region of 5-6 inches long, I don't see why a 12" one for £1 is beyond expectation...What you'd normally see is a company making a supersized one and selling it for 2 or 3 times the price of the equivalent regular sized ones.

In a time of 'shrinkflation' where you are getting less for more with each passing month... this counts as a good thing in my book.

I don't buy a huge amount of pastry products these days... but if I see one of these next time I'm in Morrisons, I'm picking one up... It should do me 2-3 portions based on my current average meal size of 350-400g once you add some creamy, cheesey mash, gravy & minty mushy peas.... omnomnomnomnom

Brace yourselves, Virgin Media prices are going up AGAIN, people

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I'm on the fence with Virgin at the moment. I was with Sky for the last 8yrs but got fed up with the constant price hikes and overpriced content. A few years ago I dropped the TV side of Sky and shared the Sky Go side with my folks, I even contribute a little towards their bill each month... It's only ever used for the F1 anyway.

But with the 40mb broadband and phone being hiked to £47 a month recently... I jumped ship when they refused to offer me a better deal. Instead I've ended up with Virgin 100mb FTTC which is about 20-30yrds away from my house and I'm getting a consistent 97-98mb from that, it does drop a little in evenings and weekends during peak hours... But that's kinda expected and as there's not many VM customers in my road.. doesn't hit me too hard. But my VPN seems to be throttled. My provider says there's nothing wrong at their end, but for months now since the switch my VPN service cannot get above 14mb when it was able to pretty much max out the 40mb with Sky... I suspect that VM are doing some throttling on data they can't inspect/monitor/censor... And as one machine has to be used with a VPN 100% of the time, it's never being turned off... I just have to put up with it... It's a work machine so not used for anything else, I have a gaming rig that gets full speeds ok, and latency isn't a huge issue as I don't play a lot of multiplayer games that require low pings any more.

I switched my mobile to them last year and get a decent package for £9 a month (that's just risen to £9.27), plus extra data (3GB) for free, and I've yet to use all of the 3000 minutes or 3GB data in a single month... But I did have to raise a major complaint because they didn't give me the same calls package for my landline as I had with Sky, and didn't even have caller ID included as standard (which makes my call screening phones worthless).. But a complaint over the way I was kinda 'bait & switched' on sign up made them work pretty hard to keep my custom as it was grounds for breach of contract... I got my call package at no extra cost for 12 months and caller ID for free permanently. So I'm still paying £32 for the next 9 months... soon to be £33. But when it rises to £40 (plus whatever rise is added on) I shall seriously consider some alternatives and perhaps start looking into smaller ISP's who may be able to offer broadband only as I'm starting to wonder why I keep a landline, I could drop that, save some money and upgrade my mobile package to compensate... I don't have a phone on contract ever, so sim only deals are quite reasonable these days.

Nationwide’s online banking goes down again

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Oh no... I couldn't access my online banking for 30hrs... what a crime... some one should be shot for this outrage...

May the first persons up against the wall... be those whining little toe rags who's cries of faux outrage point to an utter lack of anything interesting or meaningful happening in their sad little lives.

I'm a customer... I couldn't access my bank statements until this morning... end result.. I waited... disruptions to my life... feck all... If anything the only actual real life result from this whole thing.. It's made me despise these little whiny tossers even more... Gawd forbid anything monumental happens that actually disrupts their lives... they couldn't cope with the stress, their heads would explode from all the ranting and raving they were doing... We'd see bodies laying in the street headless with blood and brain matter splattered all over the nearest cash points (which were working fine, as were card transactions... you just couldn't look at your statements online you feckless losers).

Virgin Media broadband latency headaches still not fixed six months on

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Re: Bye bye Virgin

Warning.. the superhub 2 has some serious security flaws that are not going to be fixed.

I'm a new customer since April... I've had my share of problems already... But I was paying £35.40 a month to sky for 40Mb fibre, phone and free calls 24/7 due to a discount they offered me the previous year to stay.

This year, they jacked the price to £46.99 and offered me nothing to stay... So I left and was offered the same kind of deal with Virgin with 100Mb for £32 a month for 12 months and 40 a month afterwards.

So I took it, saving £15 a month for 12 months and £7 a month after seemed like a decent deal.

Then the problems started

First the engineer pulled a 2.5m section of skirting from the wall attempting to fit the new box.

Then I discover that my call screening isn't working and after days of trying to figure out why... discover it's because I have no caller ID. I then get my first bill and find I've been charged for calls that should have been free.

What they did was sign my onto the basic calls free at weekends only when I asked for the same as what I had before with Sky... Free calls 24/7 plus 30 international destinations... although I was happy to drop the international side of it. I found out that if I wanted both of these it was going to be an extra £14 a month... making VM £9 a month more expensive than Sky were.

I made a complaint and whilst it did take a few weeks to resolve, as local manager got involved regarding the damage.. They compensated me for the damage, enough for me to buy some filler, some adhesive, some more wax for the wood and so forth... came to around £31.49. Then I got the caller ID at no charge from now on... and then yesterday they gave me the free calls at no extra charge... at least for the next 12 months. So next months bill will be about 51p and then continue at £32 from then on.

Come April next year, I shall either see if I can get a better deal or try BT for 12 months instead... I don't bother with the TV side of things as I can't be bothered with broadcast TV any more. But for now... over the next 12 months I'm saving about £264 of my bill.

Sky on the other hand.. continued to try and charge me after I had left, failed to respond to a complaint except to write and aske me to 'call' them when my complaint explicitly told them to put everything in writing... and then passed my disputed account to a debt collection agency... So I've escalated it to ofcom... which if memory serves costs Sky a fee to resolve... a 'fee' that is far higher than what they were trying to rip me off for.

Vendors rush to call everything AI even if it isn't, or doesn't help

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How is this different to the beginning of the 2000's when every manufacturer rushed out and slapped a tiny little, barely readable LCD onto anything and everything they could and boasted that it was now DIGITAL.

It's time to end this kinda of trumped up marketing bullshit that only serves to deliberately misdirect and mislead consumers. Marketing 'spin' is getting worse than government 'spin' these days... but at least marketers aren't claiming success for their handling of some disaster that could have been avoided and peoples lives saved if they'd not been responsible for the cuts that ensured said disaster in the first place.

The Atari retro games box is real… sort of

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Can't quite see the actualy size of the thing from the pics, but I had a thought... It could be about the size of the nVidia Shield TV box and if they could put something like that inside with a sensible amount of ram and room to add storage.. Would their games run emulated on an android based platform. If they used something like the K1 rather than the X1 or upcoming P1 it would keep costs down.

Bundle it with a load of the old classics from the 80's and 90's and setup a portal to buy other games for around £1 each.

Could be a money spinner... it all depends on the initial cost of the device itself... £60-100 could be good window to slot it into. Anything more and it will put people off completely, as much as I have a fondness for my old original 2600... I had no hesitation in selling it to put the money towards getting a Commodore 64 as my xmas prezzie when they came out.

and let's be honest... some of the games were so basic that nostalgia will soon resort to boredom... So get it to emulate ST games too.

May the excessive force be with you: Chap cuffed after Star Trek v Star Wars row turns bloody

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Re: 5th Element

Good call on Killjoys and The Expanse (the book series is epic sci-fi and book 7 out this Xmas)... The Expanse is more Sci-Fi meets old timey Noir detective genre. If like me you'd read the first couple of books before the series came out, then you'll see how they streamlined the plot a little. but book one didn't end until midway through season 2 and we're only halfway through book 2 at the end of S2... So if you are waiting for season to start, you missed it by several months as it's been and gone and is available in various disreputable places.... don't forget that to err is human but to Arrrrrgggg is piracy. :P

If it was a stasis leak... this is where Rimmer would pop out of the table mumbling about things getting all confusing.

and I'd like to throw in Dark Matter currently it and Killjoys have each just started Season 3.

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Whilst I actually agree that DS9 was (so far) the best of the Star Trek series... it's still way short of shows like Firefly, Farscape, Babylon 5 and so forth. It's on par with SG1, BSG...

What I'm more interested in is what people think are the 'Worst' shows of the last 30yrs... that's sure to cause a few fisticuffs. :)

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Re: No contest

You're all forgetting Farscape which was on par with most of the top rated suggestions... and if you mention muppets I'll frelling kick you in the mevonks. :P

'My dream job at Oracle left me homeless!' – A techie's relocation horror tale

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Savings... in this economy?

Even if you have savings, the amount of interest you get on £9,000 at the moment is a no more than a few pounds a year... I should know... that's all I got. If you want to lock your savings up in an account you can't access without severe penalties... then it's not really savings.. but at least you've get a few extra pounds on top of the measly few you get in a regular savings account.

Just after the crash of 08, I was able to invest 15k in a guaranteed fund... the guarantee being that I would not get back a penny less than 15k, but had to leave it in for 5yrs

Because of the crappy markets, there was almost no chance of it doing poorly, everything was already at rock bottom... and after 5yrs that 15k became a little over 20k... Enough to clear the last of the mortgage.

Those kinds of investment accounts don't exist any more... you're just as likely to lose as gain.

But being mortgage free in your early 40's is a revelation... I gave up full time work and now consider myself semi retired. I earn enough to pay the bills, put food on the table and occasionally do up a room in the house. It means that I no longer purchase new cars or buy the expensive end of gadgets and boys toys. my cars are 5yrs old but immaculate, my gadgets and toys are more midrange than high end... But I'm happier and free than at any other point in my life and can enjoy it rather than sitting around moaning about having no money and wishing retirement would come sooner when I'm unable to enjoy it properly.

I'm not wealthy, I'm not considered too comfortable... but I am content... and I wouldn't have it any other way now. In 10 years I will retire properly in my mid 50's, sell my house and move further North to the country side where I can buy a nice little 2/3 bed cottage or bungalow for myself and a couple of 1 or 2 bed apartments to rent out for extra income... either with tenants or as holiday lets if I get the right area.... I'm already looking at prices in North Wales, around Snowdonia national park and Anglesey.

Fresh cotton underpants fix series of mysterious mainframe crashes

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Re: Don't give me no static ...

Or you could always do as I do and only buy cars with leather interiors. :)

I haven't had a car with non leather seats in at least 15yrs

PC rebooted every time user flushed the toilet

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I once wrote a reply to a post that contained the lines

"A ladies front bum*

and the footnote at the bottom said.

I used the term front bum in case El Reg didn't like the use of the word cunt."

They let it through... which kinda tickled my humour glands.

Brexploitation! PC price wars? Yep. Vendors see who can go higher

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Why is anyone still surprised by this?

It's always been this way... one of the most recent things that springs to mind is what happened to HDD's after the floods of 5-6yrs ago. In the immediate days after the floods... Every single vendor raised the prices of their 'exisiting' stock and claimed it was due to lack of supply. The fact that this stock was already on the market at the old prices was ignored and it was nothing more than price gouging.

Those higher prices have NEVER fallen back to the pre-flood prices. Instead theyve stayed the same for around 6yrs now whilst newer larger capacity drives are just brough in at ever increasing prices that never reduce over time.

Based on almost 20yrs experience of buying hard drives, from around 2GB upwards. I have always paid an average of £60-70 for each HDD in a larger capactiy... Roughly doubling or tripling the size each time.

Now... I paid £115 for a 4TB drive 2yrs ago and today the same HDD is a little more expensive than that.

It's not down to a slow down in the market, that's only affecting small capacity drives due to the uptake of SSD's. Larger capacity drives are still the best VFM over SSD... and until you can get a 4TB SSD for less than a HDD there's no reason to make the switch.

So they continue to price gouge consumers to artificially keep profits higher on a platform that will eventually become obsolete. In the meantime, my media server gets lower and lower on space and I refuse to upgrade because to make it worthwhile I need to replace a couple of my smallest 3TB drives with at least 6TB ones or it's not worth doing... But it's cheaper to replace the motherboard with one with extra SATA sockets and buy another 4TB that fork out for a single 6TB drive... For the price of 2x 6TB I could also replace the CPU and double the memory, or buy a low end Ryzen setup... and those aren't exactly cheap.

The consumers are always shafted... just that here in the UK, we're getting shafted more than most..., and we're expected to bend over, lift our shirts, drop our trousers and say 'thank you' for the priviledge.

In detail: How we are all pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered – by online biz all day

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I'd love to see what my attempts to fudge these invasions of my privacy have on those results... I ad block, cookie block, disable scripts, use a VPN and will even switch browsers for different things... For example, firefox for default things fully guarded and blocked as much as I can... but I use Chrome for a few minor google related things like gmail, youtube and so forth, and I am forced to use IE for Sky Go because they are still using the antiquidated silverlight for their service and no one else supports that outdated and irelevant POS outside of MS.

Yahoo! shareholders! sign! off! sale! to! Verizon!, which! sharpens! axe!

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C'mon! El! Reg!

Enough! with! the! stupid! Yahoo! headlines! that! only! serve! to! annoy! readers! It! stopped! being! funny! years! ago! but! you! still! keep! on! flogging! a! dead! horse!

Google to give 6 months' warning for 2018 Chrome adblockalypse – report

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Roflmao - Pay for ad free content... I can't get up... my sides hurt so much

1: Don't use chrome

2: Use more than one ad blocker

3: noscript

4: Privacy badger

Block anything that's not completely relevant to the content I want to see... that means all ads, trackers, cookies and anything else I've fogotten to mention. if it slips through, eentire elements are blocked, any site that manages to slip through a popup/over/under/tab is blocked at the domain level and cannot server up anything more than a completely blank page.

Any site... and I do mean any site that tells me I cannot see content unless I disable my blocking... doesn't get my custom and there isn't a web retailer out there that would try that kind of crap because it would lose them more business than they gain.

This 'war' is entirely the fault of both ad companies and those that choose to use their services. For the last 2 decades they have been fed lies by ad companies that ever more intrusive ads are the key... not enough clicks on your ads... let's add animation/sound/video/warnings to piss people of even more.

The end result is a large section of people who will 'never' trust anything they try to force ads upon the viewer, a large section of people (if 22% of UK adults is accurate) that numbers several million potential and now lost customers.

Serve up ads that make content harder to see, throw multiple ads in the middle of content so that a single article that takes up 2 page scrolls... now takes 5 page scrolls.. is intrusive and unacceptable.

I'm currently house hunting and have been training my blockers to stop serving up ads from the likes of rightmove and zoopla (amongst others)... the number of trackers and elements that have been blocked is ridiculous... But after a few minor annoyances, I can now house hunt in peace safe in the knowledge that I will see no ads, cannot be tracked by 3rd parties and have no degredation of my browsing experience.

If I see a house I like, I contact the agent directly... I'd never give my details to any site that wasn't delivering me something I specifically ordered and those that do require some kind of account... get fake details and my spamtrap email address... Say hello to Mr A Heckler of 123 My Street, Anytown, Anycity, AB12 3CD

tl:dr... trust no one, all ads are bad for you, do everything you can to block them.

I'll take the sandtrooper in white: Meet the rebel scum making Star Wars armour sets for a living

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I want one of those suits....

Although in my case, it's more of a Fattrooper than a Stormtrooper.

Google wants to track your phone and credit card through meatspace

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What Ads... What Shops?

My solution is simple

1: I never look at ads

2: I have never bought anything because of an ad I saw (instead I decide I have a need/desire for something and go looking, do my research and have no real brand loyalty to anything except perhaps a findness for Japanese cars)

3: 95% of all my shopping is done online from a google free browser, my net searches are done via duckduckgo and when I do actually go into a shop it's some kind of food store for my fortnightly shop or top up... or a petrol station.

On the rare occasion I go into a department store, it's purely to check out something in the flesh before going home and ordering it online... In fact I occasionally play the Dixons baiting game, where i go into a store to check out a product... wait for a sales drone to 'eventually' saunter up and try to sell me something.. confuse them with questions that require they actually have knowledge of a product and whilst they're taking their time looking stuff up... order it online and tell them it was quicker to look up the answers and order for free delivery when they come back.

It's fun for all the family.. cheaper than taking the kids to the safari park to watch the monkeys and just as much fun.

HTC's 2017 flagship U11 woos audiophiles and bundles Alexa

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Replying to myself here... I'm perfectly sane... honest.

My Wileyfox Storm has just received the Nougat update and is currently installing as I type this... They've restored a little faith for me now. It was feeling like they'd abandoned the Storm users entirely.

Perhaps I'll take another look at Wileyfox for my next upgrade in a year or so.

I Like Heckling Silver badge

Screwing over customers is why I only purchased a HTC phone once and will never buy one again... I had the original top end Desire HD back in 2010-2011 and got really annoyed with the non 'sense' overlay that meant you had multiple baked in versions of the same apps... then they promised they were going to upgrade the OS to the latest version of android and reneged on that promise... then they just stopped supporting it entirely after less than a year.

I made the phone last until 2014 and purchased a motorola that was as near to vanilla android as you could get outside of a Nexus. Compared to the battery draining bloatware bundled with most manufacturers phones it was a refreshing breath of fresh air... and ensures that I will NEVER purchase a phone bundled with that kind of bloatware again. Current phone is a Wileyfox Storm... and it looks like they're screwing over their customers in the same way... it's ok if you purchased the cheaper Swift... but purchase the higher spec Storm and they're washing their hands of it. We shall see if they continue this trend with the newer swift range and screw over customers like HTC do... if Wileyfox treat their customers like HTC do... I can only hope they go the same way HTC seem destined too.

When I replace my phone in a year or so... Probably take a look at the motorola range again.

MP3 'died' and nobody noticed: Key patents expire on golden oldie tech

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I do 2 things with my music

I listen to my music collection in 2 ways... Via my computer through an amp and surround speakers and although 99% of it is in mp3 and the rest Flac, I only rip my CD's at 320kb. I refuse to purchase music online because it's tied to a single account and is normally in 128 or 192 and I do consider them to be sub standard because you do get clipping on high/low frequencies when you crank the volume up.

The other way I listen is in my car, and that either means filling one of the 6 discs with a CD of mp3 files (because it won't play anything other than mp3 or wav) or hooking up my phone via the headphone socket to the aux input because Bluetooth streaming doesn't give me the best audio.. now my car does have the top end factory fitted premium sound system complete with sub and sounds great... so it could be my car has crappy BT because my BT headphones sound great streaming from my phone/tablet.

I am not storing 20,000+ songs in multiple formats just so I can listen to them in the best quality possible in my home and car. MP3 is fine for what I want and whilst I can tell the difference between low bitrate mp3 and my preferred settings, my ears are now 40yrs old and have been put through thousands of gigs standing too close to speaker stacks, hundreds more gigs as a drummer and countless hours listening to reasonably loud music on good quality headphones (meaning not ear buds).

If there does actually come a time when mp3 really has become obsolete and no one is supporting it anymore and I no longer have any devices that will only play those filetypes... I may consider ripping my CD's again into a newer format... or acquiring replacements in a newer format... whichever is most convenient/quickest for my legitimately purchased music.

For the audiophiles & cinephiles out there... as some one who has had surround sound home cinema setups for about 20yrs now and always had a fondness for DTS over DD (AC3)... Can you tell me if the AAC codec provides a better sound quality than either of the other two in their various formats. It's just that I'm thinking about replacing my ageing Yamaha HC amp and relegating that to my office and getting something with all the new toys for the lounge. Not looking to spend more than 300-400 for the amp as I have decent JBL control 1's for the corners and Yamaha sub/centre

What is this bullsh*t, Google? Nexus phones starved of security fixes after just three years

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How about this for a simple solution

For every one hundred pounds (or equivalent currency in whatever location you purchase) you spend on a phone, you should get security updates for a year.

That shiny nexus you paid 500 for... 5yrs security updates... that cheap 99 pound phone... you'd see basically no difference to what you get now.

However... things like this need to be enshrined in law, we need legislation to force manufacturers to produce products with an adequate shelf life which should be displayed clearly in massive print on all packaging.

We need to get away from this disposable culture when it comes to consumer items like this. No one needs to replace their phone every 12-18 months unless it's lost/stolen/accidentally damaged.

I purchased a Wileyfox Storm and the phone is great... but they have basically wiped their hands of it already... No longer getting updates after owning it for 12 months. So not only will I not be getting another Wileyfox, I shall be reconsidering anything android... and I admit that I loathe Apple devices and their overpriced tat and smug owners.. not to mention their walled garden but at least they seem to be supporting their devices for 4yrs or more (the average time I keep a phone).

My tablet on the other hand is an nVidia Shield K1 and that's been getting regular updates every month or two. Last one was about 6 weeks ago updating to Nougat followed a week or so later with a security update.

Perhaps nVidia should consider getting into the phone market.

We're 'heartbroken' we got caught selling your email records to Uber, says Unroll.me boss

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So... users don't read the ToS, use a FREE service and are surprised when it turns out that they're the product and it's their info that's earning some one else money.

In my opinion... anyone who gives ANY 3rd party access to anything that contains their private information is asking for trouble and deserves no sympathy.

But some people really are that gullible and believe that everyone in the world is honest and trustworthy.

I block app permissions on my phone to stop them accessing anything I don't think is essential to it's use... I get constant complaints from some apps saying they won't work properly without access to the phone or my entire contact list and so forth... when it's not a phone or messaging app.

I have some apps that are blocked from everything except wifi access.

But normally... any app that requires access to things it doesn't need... never get installed in the first place. Because I'm a just a little paranoid about my privacy and very, Very, VERY cynical about most things.

Not the droids you're looking for – worst handsets to resell

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Re: Same as with cars

In the last 15 yrs I think I've had 4 or 5 phones... each one on average lasts between 3-4yrs.

Early 2000's I got a little SE T610 and 6 months later was given an identical one as a work phone... I used both alongside each other until I got an SE P990i smart phone in 2007... then in 2011 I got the HTC Desire HD (the first and last time I'll ever buy HTC) and then in 2014 (or early 2015) I got a Moto G 2nd gen which I found wasn't actually fast enough for what I wanted.. but I loved the almost vanilla android with no overlays and bloat. So in April 2016 I picked up a Wileyfox storm which I love and aside from the fact the company seem to have disowned it now whilst still supporting the cheaper & lower spec Swift.. it's still a reasonably decent phone for the money (I paid 20% under RRP).

Each time I replaced a phone it was because it was either no longer able to do what I needed it to, was no longer supported (OS is 2 or 3 gens behind) and continuing to use it put my privacy/security at risk.. or the phone was actually starting to fail and replacement batteries were not helping.

Providing the Storm doesn't break or become too obsolete, I won't really be looking for a replacement for another 2yrs. By which time the sub £200 market will be as feature rich as the £600+ ranges are today... and I'm OK with that.

Chap 'fixes' Microsoft's Windows 7 and 8 update block on new CPUs

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Re: So, the people who will save us...

@ Zog_but_not_the_first

Ditto :)

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I had 2 PC's both running W7 that stopped getting any updates at all after I had to resort to blocking attempts to upgrade them without permission to W10.

It took weeks of reading up on things and trying dozens of fixes before I finally got it working again... Worth noting that I got zero decent advice from MS and had to resort to the online treasure trove of sites that offer advice to people in these kinds of situations.

What worked on one system, didn't work on the other though.

I was going to upgrade my gaming rig to a Ryzen based system later this year... then I thought that I might be better of upgrading the 6 core FX cpu to the 8 core one instead and upgrading the GPU instead after reading about this (I heard about it last year and thought it was so stupid that it'd never actually happen).. So to hear just 2 days later that some clever dev has already found a way around it... the upgrade may be back on the cards once price drop to more sensible levels. I'm sticking with W7 until EOL in 2020 partly because I despise the way MS have pushed W10 and partly because my media server is used with Media Centre and there is no alternative that works with the Remote controls I have. Even after W7 is no longer supported I may continue to usebehind a firewall and continue to use it as my mediaserver, or perhaps convert it to FreeNAS.

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Re: So, the people who will save us...

Have an upvote to cancel out the downvote... because I actually got the reference/joke. :)

Fuck Yeah!!!

WileyFox disentangles itself from Cyanogen

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What about us Storm owners?

I spoke with Wilefox customer support about a problem with the OS that has left my torch non functional... the flash itself works fine, but the torch function has been removed entirely and I was told (and I have it in writing) that the Storm would be getting an update.

That was last year... and still no mention if the Storm will be getting the Nougat upgrade or not.

I loved the concept of the phone, all of the extra security and privacy measures are essential in my opinion and I already have truecall and it works very well indeed. In fact they just updated it so that you can now use it for SMS filtering too... although I've not tested that part as it means changing SMS to use truecall app rather than my current one.

If the Storm doesn't get this upgrade soon, it will be the last Wileyfox product I buy... Far too many makers hang customers out to dry in this manner.

Compare this to the nVidia Shield I purchased 12 months ago... Came with Android 5... and has now had 4 system/OS updates over the last 12 months. 5.1, 6 and just a couple of months ago they pushed nougat OTA to users... NOW THAT'S HOW YOU SUPPORT CUSTOMERS.

Every other manufacturer should take note and follow nVidias example. It's convinced me to replace my crappy little android TV box with a Shield TV one next month.

New plastic banknote plans now upsetting environmental campaigners

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Just tell the whining SJW tards to feck orf... they will never be satisfied with any solution to anything, they just love hearing the sound of their own complaints... well... when I say the sound off... I mean looking at the hashtag that they'll post on twitter/facebook/snapchat/insagram... because nothing says dedicated campaigner and righter of all wrongs more than a post on 'insert relevant site here' containing a current popular hashtag.

Spammy Google Home spouts audio ads without warning – now throw yours in the trash

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Google can......

go f*ck themselves.

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Re: Howdy-doodly-do...

No toast, no teacakes, no crumpets, baps bagels or waffles.... and definitely... no smeggin flapjacks.

Microsoft nicks one more Apple idea: An ad-supported OS

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Re: I presume

Same here... I script block any site that slings ads and then block the entire domain in 2 blockers... If some nasty site does manage to slip through a pop over/under/tab all I tend to see is a blank page.

Royal Navy's newest ship formally named in Glasgow yard

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What... you mean it wasn't called Shooty McShootFace

Road accident nuisance callers fined £270,000 for being absolute sh*tbags

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I bought some phones with call blocking/screening built in. Not had a single spam/scam call now in 6 months. I got some for my mum as she was getting half a dozen a day and now gets none.

Takes a few minutes to set up, and for new numbers it's a single press of either 1, 2 or 3 to allow screened call once, permanently or to deny/block entirely.

Peace and quite at last.

User rats out IT team for playing games at work, gets them all fired

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I once knew a guy who worked for an online retailer... He was able to setup (with permission) a little gaming server for our little clan (back in the days of Return To Castle Wolfenstein and the original Battlefield 1942 with mods) outside of the firewall. It consumed very little bandwidth and was never heavily used as we were a small clan.

It actually ended up being a positive thing for the company, as we experienced an intermittent stuttering issue when playing... that when traced back turned out to be a misconfiguration with the ISP equipment at the exchange (probably BT back then).

It wasn't used during working hours and it was done with a managers knowledge and OK.

You're Donald Trump's sysadmin. You've got data leaks coming out the *ss. What to do

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I know what President Grump should say

Our leaks are the best leaks, the greatest leaks you can get, we're going to build a great big wall around those leaks and make every one pay for them.

Facebook scoffed at $500m damages. Now Oculus faces nerd goggles injunction

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Why VR is doomed to be nothing more than a Niche within a Niche

I'll put it in simple terms... ANYTHING which makes the user look silly is historically doomed to failure. Sure it might become a short term fad, but it will then slip away into obscurity in the same way that 3D s doing. No major manufacturer is producing any 3D tv's... and with that death toll, 3D enabled blurays will soon follow. 3D may survive in the cinema but until such a time as they can make a universal glasses free 3D experience that everyone can enjoy... It's a dead format, it just hasn't realised it yet.

VR will go the same way. It's already a niche product in a market saturated with niche products and it makes the user look like an utter idiot when wearing them... Regardless of the tech involved... that alone means it's doomed.

I predicted the demise of 3D TV and have been proved right... I'm predicting that VR will never become a mainstream product and will remain a niche within a niche only for a tiny minority of hardcore gamers who just 'Have' to have the latest shiny things regardless of it's usefulness... and who will eschew it's greatness because it makes them feel justified in spending their money on it.

Kinda like people who buy the latest i devices. :)

Nokia's 3310 revival – what's NEXT? Vote now

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I went for the floppy drive... because it's ripe for backup devices. No need for a spinning disk when you can have a disk with some flash storage on it. Hot swappable with a USB 3/C connector, some simple software... Looks retro with a modern use.

Could easily have large capacity retro looking disks of a TB or two.

Get it while it's hot: NASA's Space Poo contest winners wipe up $30k

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one more....

Am I taking the piss with that last comment?