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All-electric plane makes first flight – while lugging 2 tons of batteries aloft

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Re: The video

If it's take-off noise, what about a hybrid? Enough battery capacity to get you in the air then fire-up a normal engine to power the rest of the flight and recharge the batteries.

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Re: Compulsory El Reg commentary moan

8 - Don't forget the children.

As anti-brutality protests fill streets of American cities, netizens cram police app with K-Pop, airwaves with NWA

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Re: "Yes, Anon activists are back."

There are several things that surprise me about this kneeling on the neck technique.

First, it's an official method of restraint. WTF? Who the heck thought that restricting the neck was a good restraint technique?

Second, this isn't the first death of a suspect from being restrained by this technique. Here's a suggestion for you: If people are dying from your restraint technique then clearly somethings wrong!

Not the Wright stuff: Bitcoin 'inventor' loses bid to sue YouTuber who called him a liar

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Now you mention it, I do recall something along those lines. It was (ab)used by people to sue in the UK as we have/had better/worse libel laws than America.

Nokia's reboot of the 5310 is a blissfully dumb phone that will lug some mp3s about just fine

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Re: Would this be a good 'phone to have ...

My gut feel is that 2G will survive for a long time, but 3G & 4G support will dwindle as 5G increases in coverage.

Trump issues toothless exec order to show donors, fans he's doing something about those Twitter twerps

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Re: Hitler, literally

Worse than Hitler, literally

Hitler's Nazis were responsible for the murder of over six million people during the Holocaust. How many people has Trump overseen the murders of so far?

Frontier: Yes, yes, we've filed for bankruptcy protection, but that's not stopping us giving key staff $38m in bonuses

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In the UK we swear (frequently!) at BT/BT Openreach. By the sounds of it, we're in a better position than those poor soles in America.

Mulled Chrome API shines light on long-neglected privacy gap: Sites can snoop on your find-in-page searches

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I kinda hope that password fields can't be read. Maybe I'm being naive, though...

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The Register asked AppsFlyer if anyone could explain why the company website implements its own search box instead of using the native [one]

"We believe our solutuon offers the end user a much richer experience when visiting our site."

"So we can better stalk you."


Microsoft announces official Windows package manager. 'Not a package manager' users snap back

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iWork is utter crap compared to LibreOffice.

I've used both iWork and LibreOffice. Sure, iWork doesn't necesarily have the same depth of features as LibreOffice, but I think the UI is better for the simple use cases. And if you're storing your documets in iCloud, then the seemless transition between MacOS and iOS for editing your documents (and the iOS apps are quite good) is very useful.

Do I use iWork as my primary office suite? No. My go-to office suite is LibreOffice - but I'll fire up iWork some tasks.

Microsoft drops a little surprise thank-you gift for sitting through Build: The source for GW-BASIC

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I suspect it's the cost of checking to make sure you actually own all the code.

There was also the problem of inappropriate comments that need to be sanitised. At the end of the day, it's not just a case of flicking the "Make repo public" switch.

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Re: every byte mattered ...

Ah Z80 assembler. I remember doing that on Spectrums & Amstrad CPCs. Once I went to Uni and discovered Intel CPUs I was shocked by the x86 memory segmentation and wondered how anyone could work with such an environment.

I have a dream of getting back into assembly programming - but with a CPU with a sane instruction set.

OnePlus to disable camera colour feature with pervy tendencies in latest flagship smartphone

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Re: Some materials are see through in infrared

One of the comments on the post suggest that Apple deliberately made the case transparent to infrared. I doubt many other vendors deliberately make their kit transparent to infrared.

Easyjet hacked: 9 million people's data accessed plus 2,200 folks' credit card details grabbed

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Re: Never store CC details

Even worse when the "clever" website programmers prevent pasting into fields.

NASA launches guide to Lunar etiquette now that private operators will share the Moon with governments

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The Artemis program aims to put the first woman and second man on the Moon more money in Boeing's pockets by 2024.


Driveway karaoke singer who wanted to lift lockdown spirits cops council noise complaint

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I don't want to be a kill joy, but three hours a day does sound a bit excessive to me.

O2 be a fly on the wall during BT and Vodafone's video calls: Telefónica's UK biz, Virgin Media officially merge

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Re: Logical Next Move in the "comms+pay tv" "market"

That would be interesting as both have significant investment in broadband.

Britain has no idea how close it came to ATMs flooding the streets with free money thanks to some crap code, 1970s style

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Re: Approaches to testing

We had a HA system which worked fine. Then one day, the primary failed and everything jumped over to the secondary. Which promptly failed and everything failed back to the primary (which was just about getting back on its feet) Which failed, etc. , etc..

It turned out one client got into a very weird state and sent command packets to the servers which the servers couldn't handle. Once we managed to get some logs and isolate the client the system became a lot more stable.

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Re: Experienced tester.

Users have a habit of using software in ways the designers never thought of.

Guess which cloud giant Zoom picked to handle millions more video calls? Bzzt, wrong answer: It's Oracle

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Re: I hope they thought this through

Zoom make you sign three year licensing deals. (There's huge pressure for Zoom at my place but we don't want to sign a three year deal and Zoom have no interest in offering anything else)

Wall Street analyst worries iPhone is facing '2nd recession' after 2019 annus horribilis

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Saturated Market

I think the market is fairly saturated and there are far fewer reasons (i.e. New gimmicks) to replace a smart phone before it dies. I'm probably going to keep my current phone until devices supporting 5G come out at a reasonable price point (and battery life!)

Cosmo Communicator: Phone-laptop hybrid is neat, if niche, tilt at portable productivity

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Re: Why are you going with Psion comparisons?

I've used both a Nokia Communicator (Several flavors) and Psion devices (several flavors) It's definitely more like a Psion than a Communicator.

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Mmmm, not seeing a physical keyboard on those devices....?

Iran military manages to keep a straight face while waggling miracle widget that 'can detect coronavirus from 100m away'

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Reminds me of Chemical Ali...

Ex-TalkTalk infosec exec's equal pay and unfair dismissal claims tossed out at tribunal

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Re: "Previously in charge of a £20m project to roll out fibre-optic"...

A project manager paid over £100k to manage a £20m project: Sounds like they were overpaid anyway.

Cloudflare outage caused by techie pulling out the wrong cables

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Re: Surely someone has already invented...

You can get intelligent patch panels and suitable patch cables. They talk to each other via RFID. If you pre-plan your patching the patch panel can tell you where you should be plugging in and indicate if you plug into the wrong socket.

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Re: Data Centre Management

It's an off-the-shelf package - there are several in this area.

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Data Centre Management

We're not the size of Cloudflare, but we use software which tracks every server, switch, patch panel, PDU, cable (data & mains), duct, etc. in our machines rooms. Any scheduled work has to be pre-booked through the software (Which gives you a report on what you're going to do) Any emergency work has to be updated into the software ASAP.

Failure to comply with using the software is quite simple: Everyone gets to take the piss out of you for causing someone else pain. (Yes, I've been on the receiving end) No management intervention required as peer-pressure is a far more effective stick in this situation.

The initial inputing of the data was a tedious piece of work and getting buy-in took some time, but now everyone sees its value. Now, when someone says "What happens if I cut this cable?" you click a button and it immediately tells you what will be affected.

Watch out, everyone, here come the Coronavirus Cops, enjoying their little slice of power way too much

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Lord Sumption

I liked the quote from Lord Sumption (Former Supreme Court Judge):

The tradition of policing in [the UK] is that the police are citizens in uniform. They are not members of a disciplined hierarchy operating just at the government's control.

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Re: Cambridge Police are too busy with serious crime

I went to the Parkside police HQ to report a crime. "Oh, you can't do that here, you have to do it online". I duly went online and filled out the form. They couldn't even be bothered to give me a crime number.


COVID-19 is pretty nasty but maybe this is taking social distancing too far? Universe may not be expanding equally in all directions

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It's because in the direction of Earth's orbit the Aether is being compressed, so making it denser and harder for the light to travel through and behind the Earth, the Aether is thinner so it's easier for the light to travel through.


Microsoft attempts to up its Teams game with new features while locked-down folk flock to rival Zoom... warts and all

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Teams video conference view

Since we rolled out Teams across our organisation we've inundated with requests for Zoom so people can see everyone in a meeting.

We spoke to our Microsoft account team and it was hinted that Microsoft just don't have the compute power to handle more video streams on screen at once at the minute.

Ethernet standards group leaves its name in the dust as it details new 800Gbps spec

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So 800Gb ethernet is going to be made up of 8x100Gb ethernet bonded together. And 100Gb ethernet is made of slower speeds bonded together (e.g. 4 x 25Gb/s). So 800Gb could be made up of 32 x 25Gb/s lanes.

Minister slams 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories as 'dangerous nonsense' after phone towers torched in UK

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This stuff isn't new. Power lines, TV transmitters, WiFi, etc.

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Re: 'mobiles off at night'

Did you consider option 3: Throw her out the window?

Google Cloud Engine outage caused by 'large backlog of queued mutations'

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Re: "allow emergency configuration changes without requiring restarts."

Who says these are bare-metal setups? It's more likely that these are all some kind of VM, so expanding memory isn't that hard.

NASA mulls restoring Saturn V to service as SLS delays and costs mount

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It's the only logical decision. As we, however, know, logic and politics don't mix. Ah well....

Microsoft cops to 775% Azure surge, quotas on resources and 'significant new capacity' coming ASAP

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Re: Teams sizing issues

a typical dual CPU with a decent amount of memory will support 100,000 users

Doing what? Chat? Yeah, that's probably do-able.

What about some of the other toys MS-Teams has: File sharing/syncing, voice calls, video calls, conferencing, etc.

You're not going to get 100,000 video (Or voice) users on that dual CPU box.

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Teams sizing issues

I'm not usually one to stick up for MS (I've sworn at them many times over the years) But the commentards here who are saying "Why don't Microsoft just expand capacity - it's just cloud". Why not consider these minor details called "facts":

Firstly, the number of users of Teams has dobuled in less than three months, from 20 million to 44 million users.

Secondly, the amount of use people are making of Teams is going to be much, much higher. I don't have a figure for this, but let's guess and say it's doubled.

So the number of users have doubled and the usage has, in effect, quadrupled. Running a service at this scale isn't going to be just a couple of virtual machines. So quadrupling the capacity in such a short space of time isn't going to be a trivial exercise. You're also going to be needing more hardware and more bandwidth - the cloud has to run "somewhere".

HPE fixes another SAS SSD death bug: This time, drives will conk out after 40,000 hours of operation

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I was at a recent vendor sales promo (Unfortunately, can't remember who, maybe Netapp?) and they said that when you order discs, the order is fulfilled from multiple batches (& maybe suppliers?) to help reduce this risk.

Memcached has a crash-me bug, but hey, only about 83,000 public-facing servers appear to be running it

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It seems 1.6 is the bleeding edge for Memcached so I'd have thought fewer people would be affected.

Your Agile-built IT platform was 'terrible', Co-Op Insurance chief complained to High Court

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Re: Is this normal in the IT world?

When I worked in a small public sector department, our standard T&Cs always had bits asking about sub-contracting.

A Non e-mouse Silver badge

Which is why the CO-OP CEO said they wanted an off-the-shelf product to avoid exactly those issues.

Microsoft Teams usage jumps to 32, no, 44 million as Windows-slinger platform slides onto home workers' PCs

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No options when I right-click the calendar icon in Outlook.

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Re: Free access - with a price

Yes, we will give all of you free access. What we will not tell you is the actual cost

Nor will we give you the tools to extract your data.

Files are easy: Just copy them out (Subject to rate limiting...)

Onenote: "Export as PDF" is MS's answer.

Chats & Posts? Nope. Kiss goodbye to them.

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It's still largely an unholy mix of OneNote, Sharepoint and Lync

And Exchange Online (and Office 365 Groups). e.g. Where do you think all the chat & post messages are stored? Yep, in a mailbox.

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We've been promised [...] more than one window for years in Teams

Not just Teams: Outlook too. I find it such a PITA not to be able to keep my calendar open all the time. I now run a separate app which can talk to Office 365 just to permantly show my calendar on my desktop.

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Re: all the cpu resources

Not just Teams, Onenote & Outlook eat battery on Macs too. I found these apps have the ability to eat the battery of my MBook Pro is under an hour when they're misbehaving. My suspicion is that they don't like it when you move between network connections (e.g Wired & Wirelss)

NASA to launch 247 petabytes of data into AWS – but forgot about eye-watering cloudy egress costs before lift-off

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Re: Just charge the users

Isn't there some rule in America that all research data paid for by the tax payer has to be freely available?

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Re: Just wondering

I've seen numerous reports which say that cloud is great for bursty/on-demand workloads, but for a constant load, on-prem usually works out cheaper.


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