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Samsung Mega 6.3: Enter the PHONDLESLAB

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Interesting. I was wondering whether to upgrade my phone to a bigger screen or keep it and buy the new Nexus 7 instead and tether it via bluetooth.

Depending when this VLP comes out, it may well be an option.

Who's riddling Windows PCs with gaping holes? It's your crApps

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Re: 9 out of 10 ???

No, it's "It's".

Who queues for an iPhone 5? Protesters, hipsters and the jobless

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Facebook facepalm: US judge tosses out 'sponsored stories' deal

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I'd really like to see Facebook get fucked.

New satellite will blow your socks off - and spot them from spaaaace

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'Attitudes to robot sex will change'

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That's me fixed for my old age then.

HTC One X Android smartphone

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"The CPU is a 1.5GHz penta-core Nvidia Tegra 3 unit"

Penta's five, innit? That would make it one core too many.

Sony to strike gold with PS Vita - if it cuts the price

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Same here

I'm waiting for the price of the console and the games to come down (I'll be wanting to buy the games on a memory card and boxed so I have a printed paper manual) but it won't be long before Vita-to-Micro SD converters are available on eBay.

Google plots Chrome web password maker

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I'm going to carry on using Lastpass.

Job-seeking Marriott hacker gets 30 months' porridge

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What a knob.

Met Office cuts off Linux users with new weather widgets

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@Blofield's cat

Not everyone is working indoors at the same time. I happen to enjoy outdoor persuits and a minute-by-minute forcast helps because you can plan and adapt what you'll need to wear/take with you by predicting what the weather will do by using current predictions!

The Best of El Reg 2011 now on Kindle

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"The Best of the Reg 2011 pulls together some of El Reg' best writing on the biggest topics of the year, laced with some of its funniest. It costs £5.74, less than a turkey dinner, AND you'll still want to look at it after Boxing Day."

No, the funniest thing is that it costs £5.74.

Anything at all is more than I'd pay.

Stephen Hawking seeks geek to maintain his unique wheelchair

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I reckon I could do that but would want another 200k-250k

UK cops disciplined, sacked, quit over Facebook misdeeds

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Apple to appeal Italian warranty fine

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I'm with the Itialians on this one.

UK's solar 'leccy cash slash ruled unlawful

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Climate change minister?

WTF? Not only is that a waste of money right there, but you'd think they'd be happy to save energy or are they more worried about losing a job that's superfluous anyway?

iPad scammers pwn Lady Gaga's Facebook page

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BTW, I upvoted your post.

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I'm not in IT, in fact I'm a lorry driver and so you could put me in the "thick" bracket but the fact it's on blogspot as well, for christ's sake. BTW, I'm quite sure I work longer hours than a lot of you over-paid muppets as well so yes, people are thick and ill-informed. The only thing I regret is mentioning it to them and then having to explain something they'll never get in a thousand years.

Comet Lovejoy survives brush with fiery solar death

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500m diameter?

And the rest. More like earth-mooned size. Not that I'm an expert..

Samsung hauls Apple into court over emoticon patent :-(

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And if you buy either of those brands, it's you that's paying for the lawyers in inflated product costs.

Duff Mars probe's flaming shards to rain down mid-January

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Well we're at 52 degrees north so I'll be out in the garden watching for it if it's going to be bright enough to get through London's light pollution or else I'll take a week off and bugger off somewhere darker and take a quality pair of binos.

Comet Lovejoy spotted plunging toward fiery doom

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Nice to have lots of spacey articles recently

Elon Musk's private Dragon ship to dock with ISS in Feb

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Seems like an expensive way to send a whole cheese into space when they could take some in their hand luggage,

Revealed: Full specs on Mars rover's nuclear laser heat ray

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What gets me

Is that they have to be very lucky where the rover lands. I mean they can put it pretty much where they want but it'd be like some alien race plonking a rover down here in the middle of the harshest desert where nothing could live versus say, a temperate part of the world where life thrives currently but would be gone when said aliens want to explore. If there was/is/could be life on Mars in the future then they've got a strike gold as if were and get it in exactly the right place.

Give Osborne a shovel: UK economy stuck in deep hole

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Personally, I'm sick of hearing about this. Put Ozzy Osbourne in charge and give out free bags of class a. It might not heal the so-called debt crisis but it'll stop them banging on about it and it'll make me feel less confrontational as well.

Phobos-Grunt 'crippled by US aurora station', 'is a bio-weapon'

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It's more likely to be a martian ghoul than any hf earthquake-causing activity though there's deffo some sort of energy at work here.

Security takes a backseat on Android in update shambles

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Am I better off with the latest Cyanogen on my Desire?

Irish woman doesn't go down after scrotum ripping assault

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Where's the link..

To Jeremy Kyle?

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I reckon they deserve each other.

'Leccy car plug map keeps greenies juiced up

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Good idea in theory but..

You'd need to want an electric car and you'd have to have a vacant charging spot when you get there or you could be waiting a very long time or run out of power looking for another one.

Petrol is still a lot more convenient.

Union enraged by secret driverless Tube plan

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It's about time

It went automatic; When the trains and stations go automatic, Bob Crow and his cronies will have nothing to hold us to ransom with, which if I didn't know different, is the real reason they're going uproar again.

HTC Android handsets spew private data to ANY app

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There's a page on XDA developers that explains exactly what it's for.

Online gamers strike major blow in battle against AIDS

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Drink 8 bottles of wine, you'll be unharmed if hit by Mike Tyson

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Red wine

You can be punched or be punched in the head by just about anybody by drinking less than half of that and the best part is, you won't remember a bvloody thing about it until some either reminds you of it or you wake up with a cracking headache and a painful face.

MythBusters: Savage and Hyneman detonate truthiness

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One of the best things on TV and one of the only things I'll go out of my way to watch.

Steve Jobs vindicated: Google Android is not open

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It sounds pretty clear to me

When they say "While we’re excited to offer these new features to Android tablets, we have more work to do before we can deliver them to other device types including phones. Until then, we’ve decided not to release Honeycomb to open source." In other words, when it gets released to phones they'll open it up.

A poor troll by an Apple Fanboi.

UK cyclists hit by fraud after online purchase at website

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RE: Response to sad, lazy post #

AC said:" "Ridden on the footpath/sidewalk past the age of 8"

I've no idea what your point is? I wish I could walk down the pavement out side my house without having to avoid all of the ILLEGALLY driven and parked cars on the pavement."

Move somewhere less pikey.

Windows 7 customers hit by service pack 1 install 'fatal error' flaws

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It took me a few goes and while the download looked stalled, it did eventually go on.

Cornish pasties awarded protected status

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@Richard Porter

A river.

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Re; ginsters

They're terrible. Who would honestly buy and eat one if there was a better alternative?

Apple iOS dominates Euro smartphone usage

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Good to see

iOS taking a tumble and Android picking up but I'd feel slightly dirty if I knew the Apple brigade had found an OS that I liked.

NO-SH*T CURE FOR BALDNESS discovered by accident

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Cure for baldness

I'll believe it when I see it; which probably won't be in my life time.

O2 to raise broadband prices by up to 27%

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"You are free to leave"

Except I won't because their quality of service has been pretty much spot on and their prices aren't outrageous when you consider the alternatives.

Protection of Freedoms Bill is released

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This is great

As Anon 16 said, more of the same.

O2's free Wi-Fi in detail: How free is free exactly?

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I'm with you there

"So O2's free Wi-Fi network really is free at the point of delivery, and we can probably put up with receiving a text message every time we try to use it, though if that turns out to be every time we walk past a store offering O2's branded access then it could get too annoying to tolerate."

It sounds like a nightmare in the making what with constant connections/disconnections, SMS, MMS (not that they'll) track you everywhere and also O2 lets you use the Cloud for free on a wi-fi and data tariff but is that still the case now that Sky have bought it (the cloud).

Personally, I've never been able to get past the landing page on any of their so-called free offerrings and I'm considering if this is as bad as I think.

Man knows when you're signed in to GMail, Twitter, Digg

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I use No Script and I'm invincible.

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010 Winners

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RE: A little harsh..

When was the last time you used a proper phone? The last decent phone Nokia made was the 3210.

The Register comment guidelines 2010

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Nicely put


Apple iPhone 4 vs... the rest

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Do me a favour...

Even my crappy Symbian phone had 3g and cut'n'paste[sic] with third party apps in 2007. I always thought of the iPhone to be the one that was lacking and lagging behind.

Major Facebook redesign, smoothed-off Zuckerberg unveiled

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I wonder if this will go as smoothly as the other "upgrades" they've done in the past before throwing a spaz?