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Hillary Clinton broke law with private email server – top US govt watchdog


If she is so guilty, why haven't charges been files. All I see is a bunch of conservative Congressmen flapping their pie holes in the wind. There hasn't even been a criminal investigation by the FBI. It has been almost 4 years since the Benghazi incident and nothing but congressional bull has come of it!

After USA FREEDOM Act's failure, what's next for mass surveillance?


Re: The "Patriot Act" won't be allowed to die @Ugotta B. Kiddingme

"here is a chance, however slight; that the recent Republican victories in the Senate might actually result in some independence from "ownership" now that something could actually be accomplished"

The Republicans are the ones who blocked this bill. How is a party that wants the NSA spying going to change anything? The republican party is controlled by ultra-conservatives and the tea party. The tea party was formed by the Koch brothers and big tobacco to further their interests. So you have the democrats who represent every fringe element in society and the republicans who represent the wealthy. Where do I fit in?

NSA mass spying reform KILLED by US Senators



I guess the republicans don't consider massive spying on US citizens or massive military spending ( one trillion dollars each year and growing) to be big government, but do consider food stamps, medicaid, social security, wic, and other programs to help the poor and middle class to be big government at its worst. Thank God I have never voted republican. At least I can look at my face in a mirror without shame.

FCC to Obama on net neutrality: We work for CONGRESS, SIR, not YOU


Re: Reports to Congress?

In reality, when the FCC calls for comments, they are going to do what they want no matter what the comments say. They might as well stop the stupid calling for comments and let Congress, who has been bought off by corporations, do what they want.



On day, big business will realize that the majority of their revenue comes from workers. And if the workers do not have a job that pays a living wage, their revenue, hence profits, will crash. Every business is working hard at paying the least for labor or eliminating jobs that they lose sight of this fact.

Lawyers mobilise angry mob against Apple over alleged 2011 Macbook Pro crapness


Re: Lawyers

That is begging the issue. The consumer purchased a product that didn't work well. Apple is the liable party. It was Apple's responsibility to assure that the parts that they purchased were fit for use. If Apple doesn't like it, let them sue their suppliers for damages.

TEEN RAMPAGE: Kids in iPhone 6 'Will it bend' YouTube 'prank'


Re: Great work

Cut them some mercy. Apple should be more flexible when dealing with these kids!

African samba queen: Don't cut off pirates' net connections – cut off their FINGERS


Re: Suffering

I think a better punishment would be is making the offending downloader listen to Justin Bieber's Baby for 24 hours while being tied down in a bed

Australia floats website blocks and ISP liability to stop copyright thieves


It sounds like a lot of money went from the RIAA and MPAA into the pockets of Australian legislators.

Computing student jailed after failing to hand over crypto keys


Re: Silly sod

Who knows. He might get hired as security consultant as soon as he gets out of jail

Austrian Tor exit relay operator guilty of ferrying child porn


Re: Great

If they are going after TOR exit nodes for carrying child pornography, then ISP's should also be liable for child pornography on their service

Congress guts law to restrict NSA spying, civil liberty groups appalled



Its funny how the tea types in the House of Representatives think that Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Social Security are examples of government that is too big, yet these right wing extremists think that this massive spying on US citizens is not big government. I get it boils down to who is paying the Congressmen's salaries, the government or the billionaires

The verdict is in: Samsung to pay Apple $120m chump change, but gets tiny rebate


Re: .. biting the hand that feeds your supply chain ..

It takes the mentality of a 5 year old to think that the slide to unlock patent is nothing but patent overreach

Top tip, power users – upgrading Ubuntu may knacker your Linux PC


Fresh install

I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04 on the day after it was released. So far I have had no problems and 14.04 is both faster and less buggy that 12.04. I have had many problems in the past with Ubuntu messing up using the upgrade option, so I jiust nuke the hard drive and do a fresh install and I have had fewer problems. I have been using Ubuntu since it was in the 5's

So far, so SOPA: Web campaigners to protest world's biggest ever free trade deal


Re: Why even bother calling it a trade agreement?

Both the Republicans and the Democrats support this bill. The reason is that big business and billionaires in the US are shoveling hundreds of millions of dollars into these politicians coffers. Just look what the Koch brothers contributed to the 2012 elections. The us is NOT a democracy but a plutocracy.

Report: Apple seeking to raise iPhone 6 price by a HUNDRED BUCKS


Re: Fair dues...

Don't forget the mufti-trillion dollar cost of Michael Bromwich, the Apple anti-trust guy. We should have a national day of mourning for Apple's lost profits.

'China's Apple' heading to Asia and Latin America


The only reason that they are moving from China to even poorer countries is that they will be able to pay less wages and not worry about people complaining about an abusive working environment. The only thing that they are concerned with is money.

Why won't you DIE? IBM's S/360 and its legacy at 50


Re: Maintenance

Any of you guys ever play around EXCP in BAL. I had to maintain a few systems that used this because of a non-standard tape unit was used.


Re: Virtualisation @Steve Todd

The 370-168 was real. I worked for GTEDS which used it. We had to run VM because we had old dos programs which ran under DUO. We evaluated IMS/DC, but it was DOA as far as being implemented. The 360-67 was a close imitator. IT was a 65 plus a DAT (Dynamic Address Translation) box on it. IBM system 38 was a dog that no one wanted. Funny thing is that it had a revolutionary approach, but I was part of an evaluation team that evaluated one, it was a slow dog. We chose a prime 550 instead. Any of you remember much About Amdahl computers and Gene Amcahl. They produced a competitor to the 360.

CIA hacked Senate PCs to delete torture reports. And Senator Feinstein is outraged


Re: Schadenfreude

I don't think it is Feinstein who has to worry. The CIA does though. It holds that if the CIA has nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear.

RSA booked TV's Stephen Colbert to give the final speech. This is what happened next

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This guy is a dork and Snowden is a hero.

Boeing going ... GONE: Black phone will SELF-DESTRUCT in 30 secs


"There are no serviceable parts on Boeing's Black phone and any attempted servicing or replacing of parts would destroy the product. The Boeing Black phone is manufactured as a sealed device both with epoxy around the casing and with screws, the heads of which are covered with tamper proof covering to identify attempted disassembly."

Apple will sue Boeing on the basis that this is a copyrighted feature of the next model of Iphone.

UK spies on MILLIONS of Yahoo! webcams, ogles sex vids - report


Re: Translation:

"Collecting pictures of naked adults is not illegal " with the consent of the adult, otherwise, it is voyeurism which is a crime. There is no difference between this garbage and a toilet cam. However; courts seem to justify this activity on the basis that "people have no expectation of privacy when the government is spying on them".

Whether it is adults or children, considering the morality and mentality of the spies looking at these pictures, it is probably considered a fringe benefit of their job. Why haven't the people risen up against this junk?

US Senator lobbies feds to BAN BITCOIN


Re: "the currency helps facilitate criminal activity"

What if the criminals decide not to put their money in banks, but to carry the money in suite cases?

MPAA spots a Google Glass guy in cinema, calls HOMELAND SECURITY



Here is a math equation for you math fans. This equation holds true in the US. NSA + MPAA + Homeland security = a police state

Europe MPs: Time to change our data-sharing policy with US firms


Re: Ban dragnet surveillance data for use in domestic law enforcement

Explain to me how to tapping telephone conversations by US Congressmen and European leaders helps stop terrorism. I can hardly wait for your answer!

How the NSA hacks PCs, phones, routers, hard disks 'at speed of light': Spy tech catalog leaks


If anyone believes that the NSA is just trying to catch so called terrorists is a pretty stupid individual. It is only a matter of time before this spying is going to be used to catch enemies of the state such as people who disagree with what the government is doing. It might already be to late to stop these police state tactics.

Slurp away, NSA: Mass phone data collection IS legal, rules federal judge


Forgetful Americans

It seems that Americans have forgotten the lessons of the past. They forget that J Edgar Hoover also maintained large collection on Americans (to fight crime) used this information to intimidate and harass his political enemies (like Martin Luther King).

This message is to my fellow Americans. Ben Franklin said "Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.” ”He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty

nor security". If Americans don't act on this massive tracking by the NSA, they deserve to become slaves of the government. As it was said, that not one act of terrorism was stopped by their massive slurping of these calls. It will be sooner than later that the government will use this data as a weapon against their political enemies. If you disagree with me, stuff it!

iPad Air peels off in racy pics for wide-eyed geeks, reveals 'worst battery ever


Re: Is there anybody who approves of this?

I own an Android and think nothing of it. 5 min and its done. Most of my friends with Androids also think nothing about changing a battery. Batteries can be worn out in as little as two year. I cant imagine anyone who would pay the high price of an Apple-whatever and having to throw it away after only two years. But then i guess that some have a lot more money than i do

Apple's Hacker Princess really needs to stay away from Idaho cops


Since when does anyone, including hackers, forfeit their 4th amendment rights?

PC sales continue meteoric death plunge through 3rd quarter, drop another 8.6 per cent


Re: The elephant in the room

If you think that tablets and smart phones are not toys, try typing a 1000 page book on a tablet. Also, tablets and smart phones will always have the bottom end processors do to the fact that the faster processors will always generate more heat that can be safely handled. Upper end gaming and large databases will always need PC's. Also I enjoy watching a moving on my PC with it's 25 inch screen a whole lot more than watching that same Netflix movie on my Iphone 4 with it's tiny screen.

NSA in new SHOCK 'can see public data' SCANDAL!



" or there is evidence of a crime.” As was shown by Hoover, I wonder when, not if, the crime in question is going to be along the order of people speaking against the government of the United States or anything that the government wants

Google: Cloud users have 'no legitimate expectation of privacy'


Re: Shock and horror

Companies seeking to use external cloud services better think things over very carefully!

Apple wins Samsung import ban, loses 'Battle of Rounded Corners II'


I wonder

I wonder if Obama is going to overturn this chicken shit patent issue like the chicken shit patent issue that Samsung. Or is he going to make the declaration the Apple is the only smart phone that Americans can have

Snowden's secure email provider Lavabit shuts down under gag order


Re: It's ironic that this happens in the land of the free.

I wonder if the word Snowden translates to Solzhenitsyn in Russian

Lumpy milk and exploding yoghurt? Your fridge could be riddled with MALWARE


Re: Can someone please explain WHY I'd connect my fridge?

The NSA needs a way get into your fridge to collect data to prevent terrorism

Ubuntuforums.org cracker promises no password release


Re: He's still a tool.

You can put Android on your Iphone if you value security.

Ex-prez Carter: 'America has no functioning democracy' with PRISM


Re: "they don't give you the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing"`

Considering the Republican party is controlled by the ultra radical right wing tea party which was formed and funded by the Koch brothers and big tobacco with the sole purpose in enriching big business. Koch industries said that if Obama was elected president, they would fire 50,000 of their employees!

With that kind of mentality representing the US, do you think that any Republican cares even a little bit about what happens to this country?

Microsoft biz heads slash makes Ballmer look like dead STEVE JOBS

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Re: makes Ballmer look like dead STEVE JOBS

Balmer has always looked like a dead Steve Jobs. He's butt ugly.



My elderly neighbor has the worlds safest computer

My next door neighbor had an old p3 computer. It was the safest in the world.

1. It was never hooked up to a network

2. No usb sticks were used

3. He only uses the software that he bought with that computer,

4. He never played a cd or dvd.

Sadly in the world today, if any one of the above activities are violated, the risk goes up no matter what operating system you use.

Obama weighs in on NSA surveillance imbroglio



The real sad thing is that the Patriot Act was enacted into law under the Bush administration. Many years ago, I read an article that every email sent in the US went through 20 government data centers looking for words like "bomb", "ghad", etc. I also read that phone calls were being scanned for people using the same words. The real laugh is that Obama can't change this law. It must be changed by Congress and approved by him So far, President obama can't get his appointments passed by Congress and I doubt that he can change/scrap this law. My real question to you extremist-conservatives is where were you when the Patriot Act was passed and why didn't you scream bloody murder then????????????

YES, Xbox One DOES need internet, DOES restrict game trading


From the sounds of it, Microsoft's Xbox isn't the product that they are selling, their customers are.

iPHONES and 'Pads BANNED in US for violating Samsung patent


Re: Waste of Space

Funny, how you are asking that the President not ban Iwhatever just because it is an American country rather than a point of law? That would be the end of the word "justice" in the US. I am hoping that this will start a dialog in our government about the stupid patent system. The system is totally broken down and is counter productive.

Former Microsoft Windows chief: I was right to kill the Start button


From my point of view, I think that he was absolutely right. Of course, I use and support Linux.

'Secret Pentagon papers' show China hacked into Patriot missile system



My question is why does a computer containing sensitive information have any contract with the Internet, ether direct or indirect? Is is necessary for the people using these computers to have the ability to log on to Facebook? Computers containing top secret information should be totally isolated from the internet period. No sharing USB drives, no connecting to a network that has computers connected to the internet. If the Chinese can do this, so can millions of hackers world wide. Someone should be fired for this stupidity!

Veteran researchers: Cheapo US biz R&D risks innovation FAIL


More corporate greed

Reading this article which states that R & D budgets are shrinking in a time of all time record profits by US corporations. It seems that corporations are so insanely crazed for quick money that they have lost their sense of reality.

Biz bods: Tile-tastic Windows 8? NOOO. We lust after 'mature' Win 7


Re: Whats the point of a touch UI on a desktop?

Why don't you try doing a days work on a touch UI. I have an Android table with a touch screen and my worst nightmare is having to use a similar UI in a production environment.

Climate scientists agree: Humans cause global warming



Now are we have to do is eliminate humans from the planet earth and we would have a perfect world. If course, these scientists would be exempt as the earth needs them to take care of it.

Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader


Re: FAIL - no Credit Agreement with Apple

Apple's attitude has always been a 'we own our customers and we can do anything with them that we feel like"

Notebook sales to surge, says notebook seller



Anything you say dear, anything you say.