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What links Apple, Sun's ZFS and a tiny startup? Al Gore


Right but why would a phone need dedup in the first place. Like other posts, the usage for dedup in non enterprise environments is useless. It's not like I have 10 copies of the same movie on my phone, or even my desktop.

The filesystem integrity portion (while possibly still better than hfs) suffers a loss of most key features by not having more than one disk. The only real key advantage I can think of for zfs would be snapshots and rollbacks. Integrate that with timemachine and you might have something.

Memo to kid coders: Enterprise software exists


different view

Facebook scientest: "the best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks."

No the best minds of your generation are taking freely available tools and software, and building massive distrubuted computing systems that power some of the biggest websites in the world.

If anything Google should be the prime example of this. Stretching the bounds of "commodity" hardware/software google has managed to engineer an empire without the enterprise software. I know they are probably running commercial business apps in house, but to say that the best programmers are nothing but HTML and javascript programmers is a little. off.


very true

I work for medium sized university with the IT dept basically split into two sides, Business and Academic. The business side tends to skew to the > 40 side of the age spectrum and deals almost exclusively with IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft. If its not prepackaged solution more than likely its not being considered. There are a few Java developers, but lots of legacy mainframe code still exists. Most of the identity management is currently on IBM mainframes but being moved slowly to a packaged identity management system. There are few java programs intermixed with lots of Cobal programmers.

I work for the academic side, which skews much younger. Most of our systems are Linux with a sprinkling of Solaris, but with the rest of the stack is postgres, mysql and php. Most of our software is written in house and instead of writing to a peoplesoft/oracle stack its coded for ldap/mysql using perl and php.

We essentially accomplish very similar tasks. The only difference is that that Business side costs a ton of money and requires much beefier machines to handle the Java stack vs the Academic side has smaller machines (though some horizontally scaled) on free and open stack.

Of note, the Business side budget is far larger than the Academic side.

SAP agrees to pay Oracle $120m over 'industrial espionage'



That was rather uneventful. No fireworks, no memorable quotes...somewhat of a fizzl

Oracle offers Java distraction to Google fisticuffs



I know this is my own stupidity, but I swear Java is the most confusing software on the planet (i'm not talking about the actual programming code either). You have just from this article JDK, OpenJDK, IcedTea, Project Harmony, Dalvik, Java ME, JDK 7, and Java SE 7. Along with that I know of Tomcat, Netbeans, Glassfish, Eclipse, and Websphere and even more Java related terms I'm not even thinking about. I understand some are JVM, others are programming IDEs but seriously..... and thats not even touching the complexity of the language.

Oracle forms new 'axis of evil' against open source, claims Adobe


give me a break adobe

Oh boy, an open source SDK of a product I've never heard of. and a library (I went to the site the only thing I saw that I knew what it actually was, is webkit). Not bashing on you, just this guy probably is a suit who's has a title.

It would have been one thing if he stood up and said, I don't like what Oracle is doing vs using the quote “the axis of evil has shifted south about 850 miles or so”. Thats pretty extreme for a closed source company (hell MS probably has the same number of opensource projects as Adobe).

screw him


Go Adobe

Thanks for being the guiding light for open source software. Takes a lot of nerve to stand up from an almost 100% closed source company and start talking crap about FOSS. Judging by the amount of FOSS in your own company I can see you carry a lot of clout.

Why we love to hate Microsoft


MS as a company

Is a perfect example of the people who started it. Fist you have Gates, typical Nerd with no style or or emotion. There products are just that, basic, to the point. If they try and introduce style into them they are so far off they look comical. The best example of that is windows95-2000. Boring, grey, and some what comical in cool factor (think clippy). Today you have Win7 though not as comical I still get feeling of being forced.

Then you have Balmer, there is the arrogant asshole side of the company comes from. The strong arm tactics the monster that is MS.

I think what it needs is a complete make over internally. Get some of the suits out and hopefully some of the old politics and views (read the story about the kin). Get some new blood in and try to appeal to crowds other than other suits.

Sadly the Xbox is probably the closest thing they have right now that appeals to that crowd yet they haven't been able to ride that "cool" wave into anything else.

Mozilla submits browserless Firefox to Jobsian app police


good reporting

Good reporting, just think of how good it would have been with out the snarky, smart ass comments. You could have just wrote the article stating the facts with out the "jesus phone" and the other snarky remarks geared towards Apple.

I'm not trying to defend Apple here but come on at least make an effort to come across being indifferent.

Oracle refreshes Sun Xeon server lineup


At least they look cool

The X4270 with those 24 disk in front...at least from a design aspect look cooler than a dell.....and cost 5x as much.

Solaris, OpenSolaris, and the Oracle wall of secrecy


not what he's saying

He's not saying they are running large shops on opensolaris genius, he's saying that a lot of people in the opensolaris community are the same people buying the sun hardware and running solaris 10 in the datacenters (the engineers). So while alienating your "free-loading open source geeks" with crapping on opensolaris, those "free-loading open source geeks" are also the same system engineers that are still paying you money.

Don't confuse Updates with patches. Patches are fixing bugs on existing software, not adding new features. Since Oracle has taken over we have not seen any true Updates to Solaris proper (update 9).

'World's No. 1 hacker' tome rocks security world


Perfect Ending

"Evans – who often refers to himself as the "world's No. 1 hacker" and is regularly interviewed by various Fox News anchors and affiliates"

Perfect ending to a funny story.

Oracle tag teams Solaris and Linux

Thumb Down

Larry is right

I'm guessing your clients are not "high end" which is where (as Larry stated) Solaris shines. The people who blast Solaris in favor of Linux are typically (not always) the same people that are running Linux on the 3 U dell hardware. Not exactly Enterprise grade stuff here. Where Solaris shines in rack sized systems that process millions upon millions of transactions each day (usually running Oracle). These are the systems where Linux crumbles. Yes maybe Linux is super fast and awesome at serving web pages up, or handling DNS requests and file sharing, but when it comes to pure I/O and load capacity (cough Oracle DB cough) Solaris on SPARC is leaps and bounds more advanced.

Which ironically is exactly what Larry said.......weird.


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