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Hackers break SSL encryption used by millions of sites


Is this for real?

Is it me or is this the biggest security news of the last 5 years? I am actually going to wait and see how other security researchers respond to this before reacting because it seems to big to be true. If its true then I think its a good reason why developers, IT admins and software companies need to slow the Fu#$ down.

March Patch Tuesday leaves IE unpatched for Pwn2Own hackers



Microsoft has alot of other software to also deal with besides just a browser. All the patches are important but they all have to work with like all the rest of the computers and servers in the world. Its just numbers..

Google plugins force-feed open codec to IE and Safari


#Evil Google

I am pretty sure this is the most "closed" thing Google could of done.

http://arstechnica.com/web/news/2011/01/googles-dropping-h264-from-chrome-a-step-backward-for-openness.ars is a better reason why WebM is far from "open".

HTML5: An antidote for Apple App Store-itis


Dont get it

What about downloading apps that are in the app store with bitorrent for free? Is that secure? The people who don't want to pay for apps will still get them. Downloading from app store=Downloading from website unless I am missing something.

Beastly Android will batter Apple's iOS beauty


I hope

If Apple was just a little bit more dynamic it could have stopped this explosion. The developer agreement it released this summer, which is now altered a little bit, really started pushing people/developers toward Android. Apple still has the best overall experience but at what cost? I would have to buy Mac to developed, only use ITunes’s, switch to At&T and forget about using Adobe Air to build cross platform applications. It's a great phone but they went too far and now I know many people who deal with Androids "ruff" edges just to be out of the IOS ecosystem. If one of the carriers adapts Android so it uses hardware acceleration while browsing and scrolling desktops it would kill the only advantage the Iphone has over android. It’s just a matter of time. Whatever IOS is still really good and Apple has time to change so let’s see what happens.

Google mocks Steve Jobs with Chrome-Flash merger

Thumb Up

Hold On

HTML5 can't do what flash does YET. It's going to take lots of time to catch up and Google has not even made On2 open source. Smart move by Google. Denouncing flash this early would only hurt the web.


Google Nexus One


Not True

The I phone is not the first phone to do stuff. Its just the first phone to look nice. At the launch of the iphone my buddy had a windows mobile phone. It could, and still can, do everything the Iphone can. Remote logins, music, downloading torrents, administration,web browsing, etc. Instead of a finger you would use a pen and it looked no where near as good as an Iphone. It sounds weird when apple fanboy's say the Iphone is the first smartphone. It's not. TBH Apple needs to stop spending money on lawyers and start upgrading there product. The world now has phones that people think look as good as the i phone so deal with it and stop thinking Steve Jobs is from the future.

Microsoft kills FAST's Linux and Unix search biz


Who cares

They all do it. Google, Apple, MS, IBM , Sun, etc. I mean at least they are not stealing it.

Microsoft wishes it could be a Google number two



"Honestly if people actually were willing to believe that Microsoft was a fair company I'm sure that they would get more traffic, but it seems that people trust them a LOT less than they trust Google (at the moment anyway) and who can really blame them - after all Microsoft have gone out of their way to become the 900lb ogre of the computer business."

LoL ..So because you don't trust Microsoft you give your complete online life to Google. Google goes out of it's way to gain personal information. I like Google but it's nuts when you think out their whole "push to the cloud " is just another way to get companies information. Bing is good and the world needs another search company.

"If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place".

-Google CEO Erick Schmidt

IE Windows vuln coughs up local files


They Fix It

The problem with exploits is that EVERYONE has them it's just a matter of finding them. People are going to look for holes in software that is heavily used. It's a problem all software companies have not just Microsoft.


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