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Java? Nah, I do JavaScript, man. Wise up, hipster, to the money


Re: Java is absolutely crap for web applications

Could not agree more, and in fact I believe that is mostly the case for many new projects starting today. I think the biggest reason JAVA is still big is due to the a few factors:

-there are many legacy stuff that needs to be maintained and extended

-large corporate companies take a long time to move to new tech

-plenty of devs around (although not at all correlated with quality)

-JVM one of the good aspect of JAVA

-the push it got from Hadap and MapReduce and few recent tools that use it mainly in the big data space

Deep inside Nantero's non-volatile carbon nanotube RAM tech


Re: All change

Well there are a few, one that comes to mind that was referred a few times here at the reg is the HP project called "The Machine". Its focus is precisely system where RAM and persistent storage exist as one unit. The next logical step is the integration of this sort of technologies directly on the CPU package, avoiding all the current bus.

Each CPU core could then have direct access to all data it needs and the only bus required is for external connections(user input+network) .

To a certain extent we are in fact starting to see a move in this direction, the new professional AMD cards include persistent storage to avoid moving data around too much.

supose the next step is the

COLD FUSION is BACK with 'anomalous heat' claim


Disgrace of the sort of comments

Regardless of the character and its claims any scientific discovery should be judged without prejudice, let the science do the talking. Rather then discredit, lets await until some more experiments are performed then science will judge by have a theory, perform the experiments and analysing the results. If less people were less critic and rather accepts is claims and push for more testing we would know the truth by now.

'UK DNA database by stealth' proposed in £100m NHS project

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Re: Is it just a Monday thing...

Well this is not necessary true, the reason for the large database is to uncover unknown associations and to be able to perform large scale association studies, once these are identified then I agree there is no need for large scale collection. But the objectives for this project is to be able to screen a large number of individuals and to see what diseases they developed over the years, how they respond to treatments, etc . and then you can performed more narrow studies like the ones you have mentioned.


Again as with many articles ripped from the main media...

Again as with many articles ripped from the main media the register should have a their science correspondents investigate a bit further before copy-paste.

I have personally worked with patient data similar to the data what is being proposed to be collected, first this data will not have any personal details they are not relevant for biology, (biology does not care if you are called called Peter or John) biological relevant data such as: height, blood pressure, etc will be collected .

So the genetic data will be accompanied with a series of bio-relevant data , in some cases such as in Biomedical Demographic studies, social data might collected such as the place you live, income, etc.

In any case in the first instance (5-10 years likely) these databases are for R&D purposes and will be completely anonymous and then after many years of research and IF we find some conclusions then the doctor that will treat you will be the only person that has access to both sets of data (personal details+genetic data). There is a whole new field(Medical Informatics) that has been discussing this issues as well as the methods to implement secure and efficient data sanitation.

All this does not prevent insurance companies or any other company from using advances in biological research to screen persons either via genetic tests or any other methods, so its up to the law to protect people much in the same way that for example people from different ethical groups should not (I hope/believe that the law protects against this) be treated differently.

Vote Lib Dem, doom humanity to extinction


Stick you political views somehere else

This article should not have been published in this website, I visit "The Register" for semi-impartial views on several aspects of technology and I have read in many occasions articles related to the defence budget and military strategy. Although this article seems to have no relation to those types of articles and it seems more to me an article where the reporter is purely expressing is own personal views. For a start there is no references to back up any of the claims, I expect to see references to the documents that back up the claims. The fault here is not only of the reporter but also of the editors that should have stop the article in the first place.

Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'


Unbelievable not a single positive comment!

This discussion is just full of jealous people, most likely programmers and IT admins and the like that never had and ever will have a clue about the design and functionality of a mass consumer product. It true that apple is a monopolistic company that as a tight grip on every aspect of the products they release (something that any company would do if they could), that does not however means that they are not technology pioneers. It is true that the ipad is not much more that a modified version of an iphone but is that a bad? From personal experience I have in many occasions (sofa, plane+train+bus) felt like having a device with a big enough screen where I could use the internet, read a book,etc. That is scenario where the ipad is going to fit.

The device is not more that apple's take on a netbook but with the an user friendly interface and full of features that will be customised for the device and its perceived functions. Much in the same way that the iphone as changed the mobile phone with features like for example: visual voicemail, good internet browsing ability, fast files search and great multi-touch screen, also the ipad is going to change the netbook model.

As for those that were expecting a total revolutionary product, just look at the ipod example when it was lunched it was not more that a mp3 player similar to many others, the reasons why it was a success was the details, the UI and by being user friendly.