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Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition

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On the day of the referendum, there were 24 signatures on the petition.

On the day of the referendum, there were 24 signatures on the petition.

SO, going on the fact that you can't change the goal posts after the vote, 17million voted to leave, 24 petitioned (against the vote system)... 24 out of 33 total million voters,

That doesn't meet the 100k to have it duscussed, every name added after the vote should be void.

Will you get a 2nd referendum?

You have more chance of visiting Mars for a spot of sunbathing....

But, it is entertaining, twatter and farcebook are full of poor little bunnies crying foul, bleeting on about how they have been robbed by a democratic vote.

More so by the chubby meme generation, yes, those millenials, who think for some reason that this vote will stop them visiting Europe, or that somehow they wont be able to leave this country and work abroad.... when most of them can't even get their chubby faces out of their phone....

Middle classes, wealthy, celebs and toffs bellowing "the unwashed plebs voted us out" how dare they!

Yes, sorry your holiday will cost you a few quid more.... better cut back on the port and cheese this month eh?

If the country does suffer, it wont be you that suffers, it will be the poorest in society. The ones who wake up every day with real financial dilemmas like walk to work or put some money in the electric/gas meter to have a hot shower and a cup of tea....

All this, and we're not even one week into the post-vote fallout.

If you do manage to somehow conjure up a 2nd referendum... expect a 3rd... a 4th ... a 5th.... and then civil war.

Intel to leave desktop motherboard market

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No loss here....

Personally, I have used MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte for the past 12 years, never had a duff board, never had any hardware issues. But, support and software packages supplied by the above are medioca at best. Gigabyte is renowned for its unfinished college-grad-project software look and feel... Asus are a bit better in that respect. I always use mid-range boards, anything under £120 is just not worth the (a) lack of features (b) lack of quality components (c) reliability in 24/7/365 systems.

My prior system was a mid-range Asus based board, i7 920 CPU, it was powered on for 2.5 years non stop with no problems from the board ever. I just sold that on ebay and expect it to work in its new home years to come.

New board is Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H, crap apps, but the board has been solid for 3 months now 24/7.

For non Windows systems, well, you can always check what chips are onboard and make sure that you can get dirvers before you buy. Compatibility with Linux these days is reasonably ubiquitous for mainstream manufacturers/chipmakers/chipsets no?

Analyst slams Apple innovation FAIL

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Touch-enabling my two 27" dells? If I want exercise I go for a run.

Rather than messing about with enabling desktop monitors with touch, how about adding a touch surface to your setup.

E.G something like the multi-touch Wacom tablets do the job just fine. Best of both worlds as you don't need to touch your screen (saves wiping off the kebab-residue you left on it, when back from the pub on a friday night (was that pr0n you was watching? eeeewww))

Use the tablet to touch and gesture, use the tabled with pen if needed, use the surface as a mouse mat if you have limited space...works pretty well.

Touch-enabling my two 27" dell screens has no appeal what so ever, if I want exercise I go for a run.

Something intelligent like a mouse mat that senses when the mouse is there, and when not, lets you use gestures would be pretty useful.

I also have a cheap'o flexible graphics tab made by Trust (cost £19), flexible like a hard-surfaced mouse mat, if this worked with fingers it would be fantastic....

Hmm, I think I'll order an iPad Mini on Amazon ... Oh no I won't

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So, when will apple be applying to patent the laws of physics?

Ignoring the hillarious first post, the iPad mini is just as hillarious. Overpriced oooh-shiny-shiny for brandists who will cough up for anything no matter what. And more hillarious is any attempt to defend this over-piced, under-specd thing which has't been made by the gods (cough, I mean crapple)

Let me quote you something in a recent apple advert on UK TV.

How can something be both bigger and smaller....

How can something contain less, yet contain more....

Apple trying to "quote physics" in order to affiliate with their "ooooh-shinny-shinny fans".

So what apple are saying here? is it that they have invented physics or that they have defied the know bounds of physics? whilst claiming that they are providing you with somthing no one else can provide you with because it is afterall apple's version of physics, which should now forthwith be refered to as iPhyscs

So, when will apple be applying to patent the laws of physics?

Back in reality, as any human being with 1/8th of a working brain can tell you, electronics get smaller all the time. Nothing new here, been happening since the dawn of the transistor.

Let me re-write this ad for you apple, to fit your iPadMiniOnFeaturesMaxiOnPrice.

How can something provide bigger profit and give you smaller functionality (easy , make an iPad Mini)

How can something contain less and yet contain more (profit) (easy, sell the iPad Mini to the brainwashed devotees, who are so flush with cash that they deserve to be fleeced anyway).

Oh and while I'm here quoting TV ads, apparently apple have invented a "gosh" non-round headphone because as no one else has noticed in the entire human history, ears are not round, they are in fact odd-shaped! Fuck off apple.

4K vs OLED: and the winner is...

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Another 4k thread........

I want 4k I want 4k I want 4k.... fuck it...I want 8k too.... NOW!

Seriously, I want 4k.

I can work more effectively on 4k.

I can game on 4k. (HD7970 can)

I can upscale HD to 4k. I have the money waiting.... BUT I will not be paying 4k!

Waiting for this to be available in 30-40" screens, 10bit colour, not the common crappy 6/8 bit rubbish most of you have. Then I will adorn my home with a couple.


$3500 will get 13.3in Mac tablet in your mitts

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3 grand for a photoshop tablet.. L M F A O

@ Dave 126

Yeah OK. There are a heap of alternatives that surpass this in technological ability, why the hell would you want this as a "photoshop" editing tool. I live in photoshop, and I can tell you, fuck that...no way.... no thanks.... I can barely use my two 27" dells as acceptable resolution... Stitch 6-10 36mp images together as a panoramic image, see how you get on using it on that toy eh?

As pointed out, Wacom have a better alternative screen, there are much cheaper and better devices around,...

OH... and photoshop doesn't need a mac to run on thanks, so you don't need to mortgage your house to get this gimmick.

4K LCD TV output to outstrip OLED production

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Re: Dinosaurs....you had your day...

@ Dick Emery

Don't mistake my rant as a "LCD" preference.

I would give an arm and a half for a 4k or 8k OLED screen, especially if it is colour managed correctly.

My gripe is rubbish resolution, not the means or tech to provide/display it. As an IT pro and a photographer I can tell you things about things about things you really don't want to know.... but the crux of the issue is simple.

HD resolution has been holding development back for years. CRT's were far better than modern HD LCD in terms of colour correctness and resolution. LCD should have, by now, already been at 4k as standard, even BlueRay should have moved us beyond HD, but no, here we are still pissing about with 1080p. I had 1280x1600 on my dual Sony CRT 15 years ago....ok they weighed 40kg but they were dam fine screens, far superior to "modern screens".

Everyone seems to be happy with this piss poor resolution, which is OK for watching HD films, sure, but we could have much better and the capacity to do more with our screens than watch 400p upscaled like lego blocks.

Once the market trend moves towards 4k, you watch and see how quickly these sets/screens become more than the "smart" screens around today.... it's coming... you 1080'ers have had your fun, time to move along....


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Dinosaurs....you had your day...

To all the Dinosaurs who have no idea what "content" there is that will make good use of this resolution, you stick with your poor-mans 1080p and enjoy... just shut up and quit bithcing, you probably can't afford one anyway.

Anyone buying a 4K set will have a damm good reason to, these aren't the sort of consumer who goes to "Dixons" for advice on what TV to buy, with intent of watching their DVD collection on it....

4K screens will have a high pixle density, upscaling 1080p content will be B E A U T I F U L....

as for DVD? Fuckoff....DVD is a Dinosaur format... I don't watch ANYTHING below 720p.. or as I like to call it "fuzzyvision"...just not worth it.....

Media is already available in 4k... if you have the money.....BlueRay could carry 4k media, it is a multi platter media. Streaming 4k doesn't need that much bandwidth, if you can afford 10k for set you could afford the cost of a decent connection to use a 4k service, remember this is inbound traffic so a 5-10Mb/s ADSL service would suffice. (i'm sure such services will pop up as soon as screens are readily available).

You stick with your 80" 1080p sets with pixles the size of weetabix, I will move with the times.

This ?> █

This ?> ■

This ?> ▪

This ?> . Are you telling me this "▪" will not upscale 1080p nicely? Upscaling isn't a block resize it's an upsacle algorithm processing each frame..... DUH!.

For "those of us who have MANY ways to use ANY extra resolution, and that goes beyond watching TV, we would greatly appreciate a move on from that shitty low resolution, HD, that has gotten us stuck with rubbish low-grade consumer screens for the past 10 years.

I personally can't fucking wait for 4k and even 8k screens to become mainstream. Screens with that resolution, of a decent size can be used for so much more than plugging in your DVBT1 feed you know!

Quite rightly pointed out, even to just work on photos, mine are 7360x4912 RAW out the camera, I would need 6 (yes SIX) 30" dell screens (2560x1600) to view them at native resolution. That is six screens. Six power leads. Six stands. Lots of electricity and waste, not to mention almost £6k to buy them.

I would buy a 60" 8k screen without blinking.... mount it right in front of my desk, do my work.... and have the pleasure of being able to have a shit load of other ways to use it....

Traders, designers, artists, CAD/CAM, anyone who uses music, video or graphics tools...would give a limb for 8k..... (traders as in those peeps with 6 HD screens in a semi-dome surrounding them like a pod, could have a single 60,70,80" screen with all their software open)

So, you can stick your HD res where the sun don't shine, there is much more to life than worrying about watching DVD and SDTV on a screen....move with the times you damm Dinosaurs!

The world's first Windows Phone 8 hands on – what's it like?

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Re: Disappointing

@h4rm0ny "I have a professional quality SLR. Lenses for it can cost £400.

I have a professional SLR... I wish my lenses were £400. Try adding another zero to the end of that, then if you really want to go to town, double, triple and even quadruple that.

The point you/I are making is simple. Raw MP, Sensor Quality and Optical quality are interwoven.

A high MP, shite sensor, with a shite lense system will give shit images.

A high MP, shite sensor, with a good lense system may give OK images.

An average (say 8mp) MP, quality sensor, with quality optics will give high quality images that are free of chroma and other noise artifacts, will suffer less from difraction, aberration, vignetting and will probably be sharper across the whole CCD/frame. That means you can upscale them and print them on a larger format equivalent to or larger than the poor quality breeds.

That's why there are consumer, prosumer and pro cameras and lenses.

This is exaclty why pro photographers use quality equipment (Especially the lenses).

The troll whining about this has no idea what he/she/it is talking about. And as you rightly point out, a poor quality 18.5mp sensor/optics solution can easily proudce a lesser quality result than an 8mp.

I had a (very old) 10mp point-n-shoot camera that on it's highest quality settings produced worse images than my partners 5mp point-n-shoot canon. It was so bad in fact that I smashed the shit out of it one day when I returned home having taken some "day out" snaps to find they were so badly wriddled with chromatic noise that the images would not print bigger than 6"x4" (to hide the poor quailty). (Yes, I should have taken the SLR but I didn't want to carry it that day!)

Quailty over quantity any day.

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too

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You will have to invent wheels and rollers with square corners too, using wheels and rollers with round or curving surfaces are a no-no...

Also, you will have to invent a way to using power other than from the mains via a plug, since that is a no-no....

Also, you will have to come up with a way to interface with this device, because using your hands to control it, well....yes you guessed it....that is a no-no too......

Also, a...fuck it I can't be arsed......

Attack of the Gigantic Tellies hits Berlin IFA

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Re: again

Actually, thinking about it more, my Nikon D800 is 36mp(7360 × 4912), I can use the 4k screen to edit my "work" on too....a decent calibrated/calibratable screen right now would be a godsend for me.... even if it is a "livingroom" screen....I can make the space!...anyone got 20k spare? :p

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Re: Think of

Yeah, you could watch 8x 480p pR0n0's at a time on a 4k screen!

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Re: again

Sorry, you fail. I can use 4k right now, if I had one in my living room on the wall I could use the resolution from more than one input source and benefit. Even my humble PC can drive 3x 4k screens.....well my quite expensive gaming card can :o

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Re: "Boob tube"?

LU Cu D TuV?

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Re: Price is too high and image quality too low...

You forgot to mention the NOISE fron the cooling and the HEAT from the stupidly hot EXPENSIVE TO REPLACE bulb.

Most peeps don't go the projector route because of the above. And....it's only 1080p. Sorry but 1920x1080 is poor mans resolution and for the inconvenience of above, no, I think as the larger sets come down in price, better to wait, 4k will be mainstream soon enough, shit I use 2560x1440 for my desktop screens and that is too small most of the time, and upscaled 1080p content looks B E A U T I F U L.... can't wait for an affordable decent 4k screen!

Designer punked fanbois with asymmetric screw

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Shut up, go away, I don't care.

My feelings for this story/thread are:

Shut up, go away, I don't care.

Star Trek app warps into TiVo space

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Nerd Porn

This is Nerd Porn.

Apple wins US ban on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Re: Tab2 @toadwarrior

Sorry you are totally clueless. Maybe in your very limited world, all PCs are butt ugly, I build PC systems (gaming rigs to servers) and I can tell you this, if you look at custom cases for system builders there are some beautiful cases available. As already pointed out, "crApple" are NOT copied by many of the vendors who produce "what I deem to be nice looking systems" either.

Just because "to you" crApple products look "good?" (to me they are all the same boring light grey things with a bit of 'ooooohh-shiiiiiny' added in the mix, hardly inspiring), that doesn't mean the ROTW agrees with you, given you don't actually have any idea what alternatives are available.

I site Zalman as an example. Some of their PC cases are marvellous, not just for looks but for practical reasons.

Screen idols: higher resolution means better laptops

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@ Rampant Spaniel

Couldn't agree more! (late reading this so I guess this thread is dead!)

I can't wait for the day when I can edit work on a 4k screen. Any creative professional will spend tens of thousands more on other kit, so a reasonal premium for decent screen(s) is a drop in the ocean.

Already have a HD7970 for photoshop GPUpower (and some gaming) which supports 4k over HDMI and Displayport. (I can use 3 of em!) I would guess with the 3GB GDDR5 on the card it would support 8k too when it comes out, if the HDMI/DP bus can cope.

For portable devices, 1600x1200/1280x1024 -OR- 1920x1200, 1920x1080, 1680x1050 should really in this day and age be the bare minimum, for anything supporting 11" or higher 4:3/16:9|10 screens.

1366x768 WTF is that about. The cost between a 1680x1050 and 1366x768 TN panel is negligable, so small that you would not gurmble about paying it. As I have said before in similar threads, someone somewhere has a few warhouses full of these old POS and laptop manufacturers seem to still be buying them.

If all FAB's stopped producing these POS screens, the cost of the better ones would drop through simple ecomomics of volume sold. But that wont happen until the vendors stop selling, which means you lot need to refuse to use/buy anything with a POS screen/resolution.

This is where for a rare instance I am delighted with crApple's new screen announcemnt, finally a stick to prod and the vendors in the right direction. Not that apple make the screens nor the technology behind them. Don't forget that, it aint their tech, they are buying it's use.

Choose Smarter: Ten… Class 10 SDHC Cards

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Like to see how these class10 cards cope with a 16 shot burst of RAW files from the Nikon D800's 36mp CCD! Something tells me there would be a backwash with the camera buffering for some considerable time.

UDMA and U1 are the way to go!

'Unbreakable' Samsung Galaxy Note II to take on iPhone 5

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Approximately every year apple makes a damn fine phone...


Apple recycle the same old shit they been pumping out for the past 5 years, tweek the curve or size a little (sue the competitors for false patent infringements) and rake in the money.

Apple "made" a damm fine phone, once, one time only, now they make the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...ok now I'm bored...

That is the only reason their updates are not so fragmented, because they only have to update the same old shit they invented waaaaay baaaahhhhhh ...ck.

Apple need to grow some balls and get inventive again, the world+dog has caught up and they risk losing their lead with every v3 v4 v5 of the same old same old they unleash on you sheep.

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Re: I really, really love the galaxy note

I hear rumours, through a witchdoctor and an alchemist friend of mine, that there may possibly be this ancient and most rare of artifacts that lets one communicate, through spirits and demons I belive, with a phone, AND it doth require NO wires! Ca you believe it?!

It is believe to be called Bluebath or Bluetube or something like that.....if these tales are anything go on...could just be hearsay..who knows.

Apple 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display

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Re: you still use optical drives?

Re: you still use optical drives?

Why, yes. My last copy of CS5 and Quark eXpress came on DVD as it happens, as did the operating system, OSX, I believe it was called.



Optical drives are less used these days but they are nowhere near dead... only a stupid consumer or fanboi would dare make such a coment. When you have a job in IT or have at least some real world experience of supporting "stupid end users like yourself" will you see that CD/DVD use is still wide and varied from installing OS's, imaging/cloning, software and updates etc... still supplied on disk.

Why? because they are quick and cheap. Yes flash/USB media will eventually kill them off but we're years from that.

Retina Display detachment

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Re: thunderbolt

So, let me get this right... since this is not 1st April.....

(A) take out GB ethernet which costs a couple of quid on-board costs...

(B) give option of additional GB ethernet over thunderbolt as a "PURCHASABLE" add-on.

How much they charging for this unnecessary thing that you will have to remember to carry with you?

As for relying on wifi, apple, fuckoff, I work in enterprise IT and I have real world expericen and it don't fucking work you useless bunch of (whats the opposite of innovative?) twats.


Apple at it's best. Yet another addon upgrade upsell up-yo-ass extra cost.

Never. Never. Never. Never. Even if I die and come back a thousand times will I buy apple.

Building your own PC/Linux/BSD box is always the best option. You get exactly what you want and need and don't have to suffer this BS. Plus you get to upgrade whenever you want.

Apple introduces 'next generation' MacBook Pro with retina display

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Ever since HD became the new consumer word screen development has gone back 2 steps. I have ben using 1920*1200 for years, actually from the moment this resolution was available.

Now every vendor+dog pushes 1920x1080 because of HD video. Well I'm sorry but HD is just not HD enough.

I personally am happy that crapple are pushing a higher resolution screen, maybe the rest of these twats will get on and start shipping 2k and 4k screens....

I can't think of anything better than having 3840x2160 or higher on a nice 27" or 30" monitor.... I would make my life much easier in photoshop, gaming would actually become "extreme" (my card has 3GB vRAM so I can at least run 2560*1600 in games) watching films can be scaled up with no problems... any half baked £100+ PCIE card with 1GB VRAM can upscale a simple video stream with out even breaking a sweat....and I can display 3 or 4 things on-screen that I am working on.,,

Bring it on I say......

As for laptops...they suffered the same shit, for some reason this abundance of shite 1366x768 screens seems to be everywhere.... someone somewhere obviously has a few warehouses full of these cruddy things and is somehow STILL pursuading vendors to use them...

12" screns should have 1440*900 minimum.

14" 1600*X (X being whatever ratio for 4:3 16:9 )

15" 1920x1080 (BO(RING)G STANDARD HD)

17" at least HD (Had a Dell with a nice 1080p about 6 years ago....niiiiiicccceeeeee!)

As for HP DELL LENOVO(and IMB when it was IBM).... well.... having enterprise experience in all three vendors, I can tell you that their business models are exceptionally well made and very reliable, if a bit dull.... you get what you pay for. Buy a shite consumer all-plastic(im talking about the chassis) POS with a crappy glossy screen.... well more fool you for not investing in something a bit better....

Another act of stupidity I see all too often. Vendor wants X for SSD and RAM on laptop. X is about 50% more than the parts cost. Twat buys laptop and complains it is expensive. Why not buy the machine with the smallest cheapest setup you can get for RAM and HDD .. then install your own..... its not farking rocket science.... you can clone a drive in minutes and installing ram is as easy as putting toast in a toaster ffs.


iPhones, iPads to be FULL OF FACEBOOK and NOT GOOGLE

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One word.







AMD and Nvidia extreme GPUs workout

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Re: Found a Heavyweight legend yesterday.

Aren't they the ones with about 1g of gold in them? Got a blow torch lol?

(yes I know it's more complicated than that to extract the gold!)

TJ 2

Re: "£600 for a 2560x1440 monitor"

The one with 72% NTSC colour? Not worth the plastic it's housed in. The reason the Dell screens are near £600 and the better quality Hazro too, is because they reproduce 110% NCST or 100% Adobe RGB.

If all you do is pew pew pew on your screen, your budget thing is OK.

If you want a screen with decent colour reproduction then the £600 panels are the way to go. I pew pew pew and I design stuff too so I use a 100% Adobe RGB panel. Colour reproduction is "mmmmmmmmm niiiiiiiicccceee."

You just can't compare quality with budget, sorry.... FAIL.

WD intros 'world's first' 2TB portable HDD

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RE>Time to write full drive

Consumer 2.5" drives mostly come in 5200 or 7200rmp. There are plenty of benchmark results out there of each brand and flavour for you to explore.

Whilst not as fast as 3.5" drives, even a 2.5" 5200rpm 2TB drive is going to have a sustained average(AVERAGE across writing the whole 2TB) write speed of around 40-45MB/s. Which when compared to say a Eco/Green edition desktop 5200rpm drive which has around 50-60MB/s, isn't too bad at all.

I'll let you do the math, but to say "days" is ludicrous. Well under 8 hours is realistic.

So what determines drive speeds?

Spindle size (Outer rim of a 2.5" platter spins slower than that of a 3.5", more data passes the head in same time on 3.5")

Spindle rotation speed (self explanitory)

Head seek time (mechanics of moving the head into position to read/write)

Cache ram on the drive(for bursts of predicted data reads/read-ahead reads and writes)

I know these are advertised as external USB units but as for "the bare drive inside":

Personally, 4 of these in a 5.25" 4-drive hot-swap unit, raid 5, even if they were only 5200rpm is a nice prospect, just need them to drop in price a little. You can get one for about £60 if that appeals to you too, which takes 4x 9.5-15mm high 2.5" drives.

Now if you want something with a bigger bang get yourself a 10000rmp SAS drive but dont expect to run if off of your usb unpowered!

Sky excludes Android with F1 app

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um so what....

These are 2 companies I wouldn't spend-a-penny-on if they were on fire.

They say the bad attract the bad and these two in bed are a match made in "hell".

IBM shines light on terabit-per-second optical chip

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"transfer 30,000 HD movies a minute"

Right, time to seriously upgrade my storage solution then....... anyone got a couple of million they can lend me?

Microsoft demos 3D desktop with transparent OLED

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Give it 5 minutes....

Give it 5 minutes.... You will see Apple try and patent this too.... pilphering grabasses!

iPad 3 chip leak squeaks dual-core tweaks

TJ 2

Who cares

Really, speculation over speculation over speculation..... Who cares?


Apple Thunderbolt Display 27in monitor

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@ Erik Borgo

Did you fall out of the stall and into the stack of horse poo, coz you seem to be talking like someone who has swallowed some....

There are actually some pretty good LCD panels that professionals use, they are NOT for sale to the general public on major websites and you won't be finding them in dixons....

There are also tools that calibrate monitors, and these professional panels employ minimal post processing and have the functionality to be tuned accordingly.

I think you have spent too much time in dixons.

Whilst not a professional spec panel, even my 24" dell (think I paid £435 for it back when) is capable of decent callibration and has the colour depth, range and contrast control to reproduce damm fine imagery.

I think you have spent too much time in dixons, you need to get out more.

TJ 2

Um... wot about Dell Ultrasharp U3011 30"

Now if I was gonna spend some money I would go for the Dell Ultrasharp U3011 30"


As for the tit who said the dell was lower res than the ipoo, sorry, no your are both inept and wrong. Both panels have the same resolution. Um... try googling it next time if you have the skills.

The 30" dell screen is in the same price bracket as the crapple. Price: £948.00inc vat.. u can probably get it cheaper too.

Personally, the extra vertical resolution is appealing, I use the 24" dell and have 1920x1200, I wouldn't bother with the 27's, go for 30, its all about the size you know!

As for the monkey with the budget brand 27" TN panel. I'm glad you are happy with your purchase, DO PLEASE ENJOY THOSE EXTRA BIG PIXLES YOU WILL BE STARING AT! LMFAO. What a waste of screen/realestate. Do you drive one of those Toyota MR2's with the Ferrari kit on it too? :-p

Just to finish, why oh why oh why oh why does almost every bloody 24" panel now come with the DOWNGRADED 1080p resolution!!!

E.G. They are mostly all now 1920x1080... the NATIVE resolution for a 24" screen is 1920x1200.... we're all being robbed of pixles....(well you are, I have my 1200 :p)

Vodafone releases Samsung Android 4.0 smartphone

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They are also offering 2GB over BT Openzone too with the tarrif, and the phone can of course use Wifi when available, when @work, @Home @starbucks when writing a novel on your imac. (ignore that last one lol, just being cynical)

£15pm for 2GB data otherwise.

They are also promoting their "3months all you can eat" for date at the mo, so you can at least take the piss with that before you decide on how much data you need.

I just ordered the Galaxy Note, was going to go with the Nexus but I see Samsung are gonna patch it to ICS next year so went with the bigger format. Funnly enough, I didn't go with Vodafone, I went with orange who are offering the same deal with a few more minutes talk time and 1GB a month + Some BT Openzone chucked in.. Shame really, I do prefer Vodafone for data due to coverage (not just UK). but wth.

When checking all packages with the latest Samsung phones, NONE of the major players will give you more than 1GB data... so not really anthing to complain about.... Vodafone are offering 750Mb/+2GB BTOpenzone for the same £41 with the free handset.

iPhone 4S is for failures who work in coffee shops - Samsung

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Good job Samsung, pointing out how incredibly dumb these fanbois are, it makes me feel warm inside.


How do you know when someone is calling you from their iPhone?

Because they say "I'm calling you/called you from my iPhone" WTF is what about?

Because they want the whole world to know they have an iPhone.

Obviously you are calling from a phone whether mobile or land line, but do I really really really really really need to know you have an iPhone? GTFOH

I'm not making this up, it happens all the time.

Many Blackberry users are just as guilty too!

I'll call you from my Blackberry..... um...hello.... what you really mean is: "I'll call you"? Again I don't need to know nor do I care what you do it with.



Meep Meep.

HP revamps Envy laptop line

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Eh?, Wot? Apple... yawn....

I coudln't agree more, if their panel is a decent IPS, they could easily ramp it up to 1920x1080 on the 17", or at a bare minimum 1680x900. Anything less is a total waste of physical size.

As for the price, well: import duty and 20% vat take that £750 up to over the 1k mark. This is the RRRP not what you will pay through the chain, so I would guess this will be available for around £1150.

As with any branded machine (yes even apple....yawn....) buy the best cpu spec you can get without the faff.... you can upgrade/add memory and hard disks/ssd yourself at less than half the cost these companies normally want to charge.

HP unwraps Ultrabook

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HP > Lenovo.

I would take a HP Elitebook over a Lenovo any day, I have provided hardware support for both vendors for approx 10 years. When IBM were making the laptops they were the better class. When IBM sold their laptop business to Lenovo 4 years ago, the mahcines "overnight" became plastic clones.

HP on the other hand have got better over the past 4 years. Their Elitebooks are dam fine machines, they may in pictures look a bit grey/drab, but when you have one on your desk they are quite stylish to look at and very well assembled. Pop a SSD in to replace the HDD and you have a great mobile machine.

To say that HP are trying to copy MBA is laudible. HP and IBM/Lenovo have been producing ultra-small-form laptops for some time. IBM X60 and similar machines are akin to the MBA's size but came with ports and an optical device. These were "Business Machines" 4-6+ years ago.

No, I clearly remember them/predecessors being around before the MBA came to market, so you are wrong. IF anything it is the other way round. Apple looked at this form factor and procuced something pretty good, but they certainly didn't invent the form factor.

That is as obsurd as saying Apple invented the phone or the touch screen...... Apple, bless them, copy/combine and use current tech to make useful tech but they are not the uber-inventors some of you seem to think they are. And look at them now. Same boring procucts for the past 3 years, nothing other than the ipad (and they didn't invent that form factor either) is new.

And just to put another boot in. Also,Remember, apple computers are mostly based on x86/PC architecture/components now, because their own tech was being superseeded so fast by PC kit that they had to redevelop, hardly inventive, just look inside your iPC and you will see x86 CPU, PC memory, PC video cards, PC PciExpress bus... the list goes on...

Yes they make some nice kit. But no, no, no, no, no.... they do not invent this stuff all by themselves.

Apple applies to patent a SIM you can't remove

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There is a REALLY simple solution to this...

There is a REALLY simple solution to this...

Do what I and many others do.... abstain from purchasing Apple products as your vote of dissatisfaction with their behaviour.

Simple and effective.

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RE> This new innovation moves the final barrier to network access from the SIM to something under control of the phone manufacturer. All good to the phone manufacturers.

Well, since only 1 phone manufacturer has the patent, how does this benefit all the other phone manufacturers exactly?

PCTV Broadway 2T network Freeview tuner

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Buyer Beware

I have another of this Co.'s products and I can tell you that their "PCTV" software has issues galore. It took their support no less than 3 weeks to respond to my emails/support ticket. After a series of disjointed email conversations (usually someone else on their end picking up the conversation from start.middle.end.random) I finally got the answer I needed. It must be my USB ports (bog-standard Intel chippery) not their software.... I used another piece of generic TV software and had no USB port problems... They even told me maybe my PC was too old and I needed to upgrade.... i7D920, 6GB, ATI HD5970 Win7 Pro 64!...

The word fuktards comes to mind.....

How Apple's Lion won't let you trash documents

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File versioning is great, if you want it, but if you don't you should have the power to turn it off.

Making this a feature that almost forces you to have it enabled is a tad big-brother-like.

I support apple users, in a legal environment, the LAST thing I would ever want is to have versions of files sitting about on machines that the user thought were deleted but were actually just removed from view, with all versioning history there for the taking should you go looking.

From the confidentiality aspect, this is not a good idea. I would not recommend this OS version to anyone until this is fixed.

When I delete a file, it is meant to be deleted, but correct me if I'm wrong, isn't that the purpose of the recycle bin/trash? Mark for deletion, send to trash, empty trash when you're sure you no longer want the files.

This is like a trash bin's trash bin..... what next... another level of trash, say a tertiary recycle bin that you cant even see that stores all the pr0n you have been viewing recently?

BlackBerry Curve 9360 hits UK

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eh apple wot?

Er,... Apple hotness.... Android whatever...

Blackberry were and still are the most convenient "enterprise class" phone for those who use email, calendars, tasks, projects, events as a form of communication.

You obviously are blinded by apples "Ohh Ohh! Shiny!" syndrome. If you are seriously trying to compare what is essentially a "serious comms" phone to an all rounder like the iphone or android smart phones, then you are as stupid as your comment.

Let me educate your dumb ass.

A Truck is a motor vehicle but is not a Car.

A Car is a motor vehicle but is not a Truck.

They provide some common features, but they have different roles.

If you can understand the above then common sense should lead you to the realisation that a Blackberry "does not want to be an iPhone" and trying to use it like one or compare it is just outright stupid.

I use and support end users on ALL phones on ALL platforms.

I can tell you with out a doubt that Blackberry are the best phone when it comes to business class phones both for comms and for integration and security.

I like iPhones (I hate iSheep bleating about tech they barely understand)

I like Android

I have no bias.


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Suggested Price: £2.60

Pfft.... I pint o beer costs more than that, stop whining, its cheap and does a good job.

Apple MacBook Pro 17in 2011

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So he sends his kid off to uni with a HP and enjoys the Apple all to himself. What a tight b****rd.

And to compare a mid-range HP with a premium Apple line is like saying my kids skoda is nowhere near as nice as my Jag.

Reviewer is a tosser.

Apple sells world's most expensive flash drive

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The "whinge"

LOL. The "whinge" is about paying for something that has an alternative DISC version that costs substantially less.

You are being milked. Reminds me of the Harry Enfield sketch "I saw you coming"

And I also agree.... "ooooh" "pretty" "shiny" ......


Poor poor i$heep.

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OEM === One off installation. Once you register the software, it is bound to your PC by a # Hash checksum of your system components. You cannot transfer this license to another machine.

Also, this means that if you upgrade the hardware, say CPU or Motherboard, you are also stuffed as the # Hash checksum changes, your license will become invalid.

Hence this being OEM. e.g. OEM license keys on Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.... The key is hardware locked.

The OP obviously doesn't know the difference between a Retail box which can be reinstalled as and when you change hardware or upgrade..... and OEM.... Should really educate yourself in such basic matters before speaking out or your rear end.

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Go Apple!

DIM: $heep


If $heep=="$tupid" && Money=available(milk.them.for.everything.they.got)





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