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Sony 3D PlayStation TV to hit UK at last

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It is a rather good screen...

I picked one up today as the price dropped recently in the US to a paltry $299. I haven't tried the 3D yet, but it plays nice with the PS3 (as you would expect) and PCs/Macs that can output (or be converted to) HDMI.

In the flesh it looks, and I'm guessing intentionally, like an oversized PSP.

Microsoft Skype: How the VCs won and Ballmer overpaid

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I'm not arguing with you (too much) but there is a market

As a family who has moved overseas, we do use it to parlez with the grandparents and family in general, but at zero cost. I generally spend about $20 a year on topping up my account for those emergency situations when I have wireless but no phone access, but thats about it. Whilst I don't want M$ to change that, I think they will at soem point.

Turkish groom accidentally sprays wedding guests with bullets

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I can't believe...

That no-one has made the obligatory "shotgun-wedding" comment.

Apple earnings leap 50 per cent

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Geeks wrong?

"Apple continues to prove the geeks wrong", really? Go to any self respecting geek conference (especially the open source ones) and view the sea of apple logos sitting on the attendees laps.

Geeks also like user experience too!