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Brits unveil 'revolutionary' hydrogen-powered car



Looks like it was designed by people for people that hate cars.

Hardly revolutionary either. Hydrogen propulsion in one for or other has been around for years. It'll be the implementation of infrastructure that will impress the hell out of me if it ever comes to any sort of fruition...

Sir Clive Sinclair in tech tin-rattle triumph


now all we need..

...are the C64 and Amstrad CPC variants.

UK carrier Three in network-wide ad-block shock


Im not against ads but....

...why have I got to have the puked across a whole screen preventing me from seeing the website I came to see in the first place. Visit a webpage, crash your browser. Terrific..

And how about all that precious wasted data? I have no problems with ads but keep them simple, static and brief.

Under-fire Apple backs down, crafts new iOS to kill security safeguard


spot the difference...

One is a request by its customers to take control of their own phones.

The other us a request by a heavy handed lazy, almost Gestapo-like government organisation to control of everyone else's phones....

...see what I did there?...

Eight-billion-dollar Irish tax bill looms over Apple


Re: $8Billion

...That sounds like a euphemism for taking a dump.

(surprisingly that line was fully written with WinPho predictive text...)


...And yet:

As if that matters. Fanbois are dumb enough to pay the extra so it really won't matter.

AdBlock Plus, websites draft peace deal so ads can bypass blockade


This is getting dumb now...

...Just use NoScript for Firefox. Get rid of splurge ads and irritating Flash ads. After a fiddle, job done.

Cheer up: UK mobile networks are perkier than Germany's


...And yet:

Of course, some are more interested in facilitating the GCHQ spy network than actually dealing with their own actual business of mobile service... V. V. poor show....

What's the nature of your emergency, Vodafone?


Vodafone: out dated, out moded....

...totally irrelevant in today's internet connected world and now branded liars. They never cease to amaze me. Just how poor and irrelevant can their service get. So desperately trying to hang on to their old voice only business model... And what on earth is this 'Freebiez'. Why not give me a service I actually want. An unlimited data plan and oh yes.... A bloody signal!.....


Err.. if the emergency services used Vodafone so heavily, then most of those fires would burn a whole city to the ground through lack of proper coverage....

Life after Nokia: Microsoft Lumia 640 budget WinPho blower


...And yet:

STILL no proper multitasking.....

Top Gear Tigers and Bingo Boilers: Farewell then, Phones4U



I remember one of my colleagues who worked as a P4U rat that the acronym FIFO was quite popular. No not First In First Out...

...Fit In or F**k Off....

kind sums up the employment experience...

Gaming supremo creates maps that turn real world into Sim City


Well I'm impressed...

...Even tech start-up central, Birmingham UK, makes a little appearance (0:52) in that video... :)

It's a done deal! Microsoft-Nokia merger to close on Friday


RIP Nokia.

Death of a legend. A death of its own making.

Time for Nadella to f*ck it all up.

GAH: Now it's INSTAGRAM and Windows Phone 8


Use 6Tag!!

Honestly, I can't understand all the fuss...

6Tag has been out for quite a while now, and has all the functionality of the iOS app but with better aesthetic touches. Its the full fat, full access experience only better.


Vodafone flashes bulging package at Brits: New 4G service to rival EE, O2


Re: LTE?

vodka would probably be more useful.. I meant Vodafone.....



LTE? long term evolution? Of 3G?... Yes, that would be fine if Vodka bothered to supply me with a 3G signal in the first place.. So I have no confidence in them supplying me with an LTE signal.. I'm sorry but they rely on an outdated business model, supplying an outdated service, on outdated and overwhelmed technologies.. And I am in the second city not in some country bumpkin land.

Truth of the matter is that Vodafone is truly shockingly terrible and I wouldn't even recommend their service to a recluse for fear of them not being able to have the opportunity not to make contact....

Tesla unveils battery-swapping tech for fast car charging


Elephant in the Room....

Still the elephant in the room.... Electricity transmission and now this system added, A BEV car will still contribute more in CO2, from start to finish, than a standard internal combustion engined car.

BT Tower is just a relic? Wrong: It relays 18,000hrs of telly daily


How about the sister sites??? Anchor Exchange especially.

Interesting report. I enjoyed that. But what's happening at the sister sites in Birmingham and Manchester? Anchor is a site that melts any West Midland as they get close to home, yet it too is looking a bit bare. Worth checking out!

New Lumia 925: This, loyalists, is the BIG ONE you've waited for


Re: Hmmmm

They can't. Nokia launched the smartphone with these features years ago so any challenge in court would go to Nokia.

Apple share-price-off-a-cliff: Told you that would happen


Haven't we been here before...?

Seen this happen to Nokia. Slows down decision making and brings inbuilt financial inefficiencies. Being the richest does not necessarily meen being the best and vice versa.

Dead Steve Jobs 'made Tim Cook sue Samsung' from beyond the grave


Did Samsung ripoff Nokia too???????

it looks like Samsung hasn't just been allegedly(-prevent libel) ripping off Apple either. Check this story out... http://nokiapoweruser.com/2013/02/14/did-samsung-lift-bendable-screen-tech-from-nokias-component-orders-nokia-rumored-to-dump-samsung-as-supplier/

Alienware assimilates Dell FROM THE INSIDE!


Why haven't they done a smartphone?

I'm actually surprised... Alienware has such a maverick design language, whey haven't they developed a smartphone or lent their name and design DNA to a mobile phone developer under license? Opportunity missed.... And what with WP8 featuring full integration with Windows 8/RT and XBox live the chance for Alienware to become a more integrated comms/gaming hub.

Walmart workers filmed playing iPad frisbee

Thumb Up


Hahahahaaaa!!!... iPad frisbee!! I like it....!!!!

Symbian Expo opens for submissions


not really encouraging...

lol.. are people still programming symbian devices these days...???

Nokia updates N97 firmware


more updates from acompany that can't be arsed to develop its products properly.

yet another update to fix the flaws that they should have sorted before they released the product. The phone is supposed to be their flagship phone but from day one it has been a pile shit. I seriously LOVE the for factor and the fact that the joypad lets me play video games (unlike the mini or N900). But the user experience is shit. The processor is shit. And everything is sooooo slow. I have seen Symbian working ln a Cortex A8 and it's actually really effective. But NOKIA HAS NO CLUE HOW TO DO A GOOD GUI. They are good engineers fucking LOUSY DESIGNERS...

Until they sort this out, I will no longer buy another Nokia product.

New music file aims to sink piracy using blogs and Twitter


DRMs discourage people from seeking legal channels.

Eh? Then that means I can't take my MP3's which reside on my SD cards, and use them in my car stereo. I see this as an EPIC FAIL if they want to prevent people stealing MP3s. The only way you can encourage people to buy their MP3s is to change the music business model. However there are still people that mistakenly believe that they can make music, thus make money. Nope. If you are professional musicians, then you need to look into other revenue streams. Merchandise, trademarking the band name, touring, proper marketting etc etc. This is where the money is at.

I will NEVER use DRM protected MP3s and will ALWAYS seek alternatives. Currently I buy all my MP3s from 7Digital where there is no DRM, and it will play on my mobile, my car stereo, my computer, ........


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