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US chap sharpens paradigm-busting scissors


tin snips

As a sheet metal worker if i found anyone using my tin snips to cut wire things would get quite heated .

What the world needs now is... a Bluetooth-enabled baby's dummy


Re: chips in the microwave

oh dear i read steamer and automaticaly used my own experince of micro wave steamers looks like a cup of boiling water is the way forwad with it .

I think i need some sleep.

gets dressing gown

Paris Hilton

chips in the microwave

having a 12 day old son and having14 and 19 years old kids i see the value in this but

how can you put these things in a microwave oven and not distroy the chips or battary inside ?

paris because i may be having one of them moments

Austrian Tor exit relay operator guilty of ferrying child porn


exit node

if they where monitoring the exit node and identifyed the packet content then surley they have the desination for the packet and should be knocking on the door of the miscrent that requested it .

Also should they not be charging the isp's that are on the hop list .

Giant pop can FOUND ON MOON


Re: Sweat? I was about to press the send corrections button.

damn it dont start on the pee cola

Ninten-DOH! Japanese giant slashes Wii U sales forecasts by 70%


hey JDX it seems to me you have not really played with a wiiu as the touch screen is so easy and inuitive it takes so little time before you get used to it and and strangers i pass the unit to find it simple enough and whats the word functional which is what makes it ideal for the cooprative play modes as oppose to the seek and destroy modes of the others

Acer writes off MEELLIONS again, scraps raw materials


hmmm.....strange that it 80/80/60 with me as far as brand names go with me

What is the difference between a drone, a model and a light plane?


Re: That isn't actually a DJI Phantom.

i see why you posted anonymously


Inside Steve Ballmer’s fondleslab rear-guard action


input types are errelevent

the input type is erelevent it is the way the arrangment of the element that dictacts the input methodolgy

Google brazenly strokes its mobile cloud tools just before Amazon shindig


terminal - server

until they can make the connections fast anoth from the servers to the client side please leave me alone with this cloud rubbish of power at your finger tip bull!!

'I WAS AN ADMIN FOR SILK ROAD': Alleged hit-man target tells all


Are officers of the law realy allowed to sell you 1kg of coke so they can arrest you ?

i thought this was just as illegal as the crime they are charging you with .

The Pirate Bay's new censorship-dodging browser 'not secure'


you would have thought a working link to the browser would have been present in the articale to be shared amoungst thoughs you have no desire to be constantly updating the shortcuts for


but hey i am capable of getting round the blocks with a little help from google so finding a working link to the browser download page is a pice of cake


this is not about being hidden on the net it about unhiding things the courts and isp's say you can not have the torrent packets can come the normal way

Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review


compairing to the wrong android tablet

all the people going on about the nexus and kindle fire hd are comparing this device to the wrong andriod tablet i suggest you look at the momo8 ips .

BT on site-blocking: Every case will need a court order



but shrill do .................

Prof debuts miniature laser diode for fast networking



I suppose it would depend on who the Brazilian is

Google snips Facebook's Gmail line


no title


Internet firms welcome CEOP chief's exit



Sara Payne, the child safety campaigner .

How can this woman tell anyone about child safety .

No one needs Blu-ray, says Microsoft exec



im with Microsoft on this one sony can feck off and take there blue ray with em .

Adobe reignites Flash on iOS


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

quote "Great - a wave of Flashturbation is about to hit the only smartphone that really works"

I don't see how this is going to affect my desire

Vodafone issues real Froyo update for HTC Desire


@mike bell

so how meny minutes and how much data do you get for that £10 ?

Microsoft legal foes withdraw EU complaint


no you carn't have your ball back

OMG stop crying having it on the system allows you go strait on-line and get what every you want as opposed to ringing me up to come round and bring my flash key to install something for you to allow you get on-line damned if you do and damned if you don't grow up .

Microsoft rejects porn, iPad protesters fake it



dana w said..

You can have all the porn you want on your iPhone, Apple just won't put it on there FOR you. I don't know why this concept is difficult to understand. Its not like they have some filter preventing you from doing it yourself, or even downloading and saving any pictures you like, and flipping though them at your leisure.

No I could not cause I will never ever have itunes on my pc so your argument is bollocks

Security bug bites 64-bit Windows 7


@goat jam

no most people are not upgrading but getting pc's and lattops that come with it .

Adobe tilts at windmills with image apps for iPad


@No Camera on iPad...

you sir are a troll at best a fool at worst the ipad is supposed to be a handy media consuming device

ie a portable photo frame and media player .

Google to open source $124.6m video codec, says report


@YouTube will never be able to dump Flash

I don't think storage space is the problem it the bandwidth saving google will be interested in

Google Buzz leaves privacy concerns ringing in ears


virgin media users?

being on blueyonder then sold to virgin who have resently give all the email accounts to be run by gmail i do hope we do not get this stupid buzz attached to our mail . i was not happy about the mail being sent to google as the blueyonder servers have worked pritty well for the last 10 years with the odd outage

Survey: Only 1% of Torrents non-infringing


woot no fake files

and how meny of the files where fakes or 1gig+ sucker files that then ask you to go on and get a media player that is a trogen in disgues . becuase a damned sight more that 1% of the files my step dad down loads are the above .

Kaspersky update slaps Trojan warning on Google Adsense

Thumb Up

Kaspersky's is spot on

i also conseder Google Adsense as a malicious script .

stop tring to use my bandwitdth i dont want to buy anything and even if i did the trash google serves up is not where i would go to buy it .

no scripts for the win if you ask me .

Free postcoders bang on Ordnance Survey door


i will take that job

how meny new post codes are created each day ?

so how meny field would you have to input ?

not a bloody lot so yeah i will take that job


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