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Acer to ship more than 1m Chrome netbooks

Dave M

Acer keeping their options open and so they should

Not a surprising announcement. Google say that Chrome OS will not be ready until November and from what I seen there is still a bit of work to do.

Where the hardware is locked down then OEMs can load Chrome OS with confidence.

I can get it to boot from a USB in 11 seconds so SSDs should be no issue. Waiting for a full OS to load on a train is painful regardless of flavour (corporate PC even worse). If all you want to do is find an address, calender or simply to answer the attachment ridden email that appeared on the blackberry, a dual boot fast access option to the internet is a treasure.

For those that can't wait to justify a dual boot netbook/laptop I suggest USB boot options. Thanks to all those involved in BrowserLinux with both the Firefox and Chrome versions. Absolutely excellent. Puppy takes 50 seconds but at least it allows me to overcome the hardware issues.

Can only get better so do we need Chrome OS?

All we want is a browser that runs everything such as iPlayer without a glitch.

The Google OS APPS menu will be helpful to those that use these applications but isn't Google breaking its own philosophy here, should this not be on the web and authenticate across to other apps?. So are they being helpful or have they a vested interest just like the rest of them in pointing to their own apps first from all future Chrome loaded devices. All you really need is a start web page in Chrome with your own links. I feel a letter to the EU may be necessary.