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20 years of GSM digital mobile phones


Extended battery...

You can also get an extended battery pack for the S2 from Samsung (2000mAh) - comes with a new back matching the original but just a few mm thicker.. It still fits in the same case and tbh I think it's how the S2 should have come originally - forget trying to shave off a few mm and stick in a decent battery!

Ten Androids for under 100 quid


ARMv6/11 chips

The thing to watch with a lot of these budget phones is that they use CPUs based on ARMv6 aka ARM11 which some apps don't support - much to my wife's annoyance!

Three zeroes Samsung Galaxy S II upfront fee


And why's that news?!

I've seen plenty of deals with no upfront fee at that price.

In fact I got an S2 a few months back via Tesco's Mobile shop (actually on T-Mobile) for no upfront fee and with more minutes and data than that for £20 a month..

Apple outs iPhone micro USB adaptor


Or how about using them?

I use all mine - 1 by the bed, 1 downstairs, 1 in the car, 1 at work, 1 by the computer... That way there's always a charger or usb lead when we need one..

I also got a couple of mini-micro usb adapters off ebay so that I can also charge the few things I have left with the older mini style but without having multiple cables..

Windows 8 ribbon entangles Microsoft


bl00dy hell..

I didn't realise the File menu was still there in Windows 7 until you mentioned pressing alt! (Not that noticed it was missing..)

But I do detest the ribbon in Office - if you could choose between ribbon and File menu, I would definitely choose the latter..

Virgin Media TV Powered by TiVo


I did just that...

..but after countless calls from the wife that she can't watch Eastenders because Myth or something had crashed I gave up and got a V+ HD box - it just works! I'd like to switch to a Tivo box but don't really want to pay extra for it..

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?

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Player of Games is probably one of the easier Iain M Banks books to translate to the big screen..

But as a kid, the two books I always wanted to see turned into films were Futuretrack 5 by Robert Westall and the Chrysalids by Wyndham.

Acer Stream Android smartphone


re: Volume

Like most phones, I'm guessing that'd be what the 2 buttons on the side of the device would be for..

Smiths publishes Samsung Slide e-book reader

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Getting there...

Knock another £50 off and this is starting to look more attractive...

A plain ebook reader with the ability to make notes in meetings would be quite useful - if (when!) the meeting gets boring then I just start reading a book whilst pretending I'm making notes...

HTC Legend


Better then the Hero?

With the 2.1 release for the Hero coming up, I'm assuming they will both be running the same software... So all you gain is an LED flash, slightly better screen and rubbish battery life.

Doesn't seem much of an upgrade - I think HTC would have been better off skipping this and just focusing on improving the Hero and plugging the Desire.