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U wot, m8? OMG SMS is back from dead


Use of 2FA on the rise might account for some of the increase I would have thought?

Cynical Apple gouges UK with 20 per cent price hike


Do the Math(s)

e.g. If the pound was to fall 50%, then prices would rise by 100% - so 15% crrency drop vs. 20% price rise isn't so far off the mark

Boeing just about gives up on the 747


Twin engined planes too risky for the president, but ok for us expendable mortals.

The ball's in your court, Bezos: Falcon 9 lands after launching satellites


At last!

We can finally build a real life Thunderbird 3!

NY, Connecticut investigate Apple for Music service violations



Nice use of the attorney general plural Mr. contributor!

Samsung revs flashy 1TB road warrior (then crawls away)


I'm glad you mentioned the size in the article - it looks like a large portable Bluetooth speaker!

Double-digit tablet growth spurt is OVER, say pundits



You say "even fewer people set to purchase tablets this year than in 2014". Not so. The rate of increase is just dropping below double digits. Like saying that inflation is down implies a drop in prices.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


No, no

Don't move my cheese.

Microsoft fitness bands slapped on wrists: All YOUR HEALTH DATA are BELONG TO US


You say it can be worn for 24 hours a day- but maybe only for one day?

PEAK APPLE: iOS 8 is least popular Cupertino mobile OS in all of HUMAN HISTORY



Didn't this article come out last week? Oh right, we're past 50 percent now. Please update us again when we reach 55 percent as well.

Oracle Database 12c's data redaction security smashed live on stage



What's up with that WhatsApp $19bn price tag? Answer: Voice calls


Well,my teenage son uses it, and more so than Facebook these days. I believe it's easy to do group messaging, but hey, what do I know?

TOQ of the TOWN: A second screen for the second screen. Third screen?



Well yes, sorry for the confusion. I wouldn't need the tablet if the e-ink screen could do the job.


Put the screen in a phone

Give me a small phone with

(a) Colour e-ink screen

(b) Massive battery life

(c) Wifi Hotspot and Bluetooth

(d) That's about it

Job done. Browse the web etc. with your tethered tablet (or to play Angry Birds / Candy Crush)

Getting it right on the second attempt: Sony Xperia Z1


"There’s also an FM radio"

Call me old-fashioned, but the lack of radio is what's putting me off a Galaxy S4 as my next phone

Lumia 2520: Our Vulture gets his claws on Nokia's first Windows RT slab



Sometimes I understand why Windows RT was conceived - when it was first announced I thought this kind of device would be useful. Obviously price / app availability / x86 incompatability etc. put people off big time, and still does. But I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

Dell ‘xpands XPS line with 'WORLD-FIRST' MEGA-RESOLUTION laptops


Re: Simple test:

I think the better resolution test is to have two points separated with dark space and determine if they are distinct points or not

'200 million' fanbois using iOS 7 just a week after release - study


Re: Stats Pedant

I'm referring to the first sentence:

"Half of all American iOS users have now updated to the latest operating system"

I can't argue with your comments on high uptake - but I'm also suggesting teh strong possibility that those users who update early are likely to use the internet on their phones more than the average.


Stats Pedant

50% of web traffic < 50% of devices, I would suggest

Dell 'disappears' cut-price Windows XPS 10 RT tab


Even more confusing then

Microsoft ... is altering the branding on the next version, calling it Surface 2 (not Surface RT 2)

So no mention of RT at all in the next one then - crazy

Google smacks Surface with free Quickoffice for Android, iOS


No good for me

Just downloaded - won't open some spreadsheets, opens docx as a non-editable pdf - not impressed

Happy birthday MIDI 1.0: Getting pop stars wired for 30 years


Don't get me started on SCART - maybe I was a cheapskate and got the crappy ones, but the shroud always used to come off, and the metal screen case fall apart - good riddance

Worldwide smartwatch shipments predicted to top 5 million next year


Fitness Market

I do think a smart watch could decimate the sales of fitness watches / heart rate monitors from the likes of Polar and Garmin - these aren't exactly cheap, and a smart watch could do more besides. This market is somewhat limited though.

Tethered and vulnerable: Hotspot password FAIL not just in iPhones


Reasonable Default (if I keep it)

I have been offered 12 random hex digits by my Galaxy S3 as a default hotspot key - but I can change it to Pa55w0rd if I so choose ....

Sony unveils latest attempt at an Android SmartWatch


Not Bluetooth 4?

I'd assume any new smartwatch would use Bluetooth 4 for power saving?

Sony set to launch smartwatch in Shanghai next week


Fitness Market

I saw no reason for one of these initially - but actually I would if it had a good Heart Rate Monitor app. You can get a bluetooth 4 heart rate sensor from Polar, for instance, for a reasonable sum - but their watches tend to be expensive for what they are. A smart watch would replace this - but do much more besides.

Interwebs taunt Sir Jony over Apple eye candy makeover


Those that can't teach, teach Gym (Woody Allen)

Magpie Apple plunders the competition for cosmetics, as egos run wild


Apple Style

A bit off topic perhaps - but on the subject of design and old Apple products I saw a gold/brown iMac G4 in an opticians the other day - looked like something out of "Brazil" - I kinda liked it! i agree with the author otherwise

Apple reveals bare bones iPod touch


Ooh - 88g to 86g - I'm sold!

iPhone 5 totters at the top as Samsung thrusts up UK mobe chart


Re: HTC One Black - no stock

One thing I've noticed recently is that people with iPhone 5's DON'T appear to be proudly displaying them around - an interesting development, if you ask me.

Peak Apple: First 'profit slip' in a decade - and, boy, it's gonna be BIG


Hang on ...

Why not wait a few hours and report on the real figures, good or bad?

Weak iPad, iPhone demand hits LG Display in the wallet


Re: LG can do better out of this

Ah, but a 'Retina Screen' isn't a retina screen unless it's on an Apple product

PEAK APPLE: Fondleslab giant no longer world's biggest biz


Re: lack of innovation

I think you'll find IBM are still none-too-shabby in terms of market value .....

Samsung vs Apple: which smartphone do Reg readers prefer?


No Apple for me, but ...

I can understand people who don't want the hassle of changing eco-systems - sure, you can buy apps again quite cheaply, but you've got calendar, iTunes in your cloud and the rest, so if you are offered another Apple then why not? Still, unless your contract's up and your next iPhone is free or at least cheap, then why bother at all for the small improvement?

I like Samsung for all the usual reasons mentioned (and I'm also a stickler for the inclusion of a good old-fashioned FM radio as well), and a jump from Galaxy to Galaxy S3 was well worth it, but maybe not next time - how much better is the S4 seriously? I had an issue with my original galaxy - drove to a service centre and it was fixed while I waited (it was a software hang rather than hardware to be fair).

Steve Jobs' death clears way for Adobe CTO defection


... roughly akin to an Office 265 for Creative Suite

Misprint - or perhaps not?

Review: Dell XPS 10 Windows RT tablet and dock


RT or Not RT

There's no doubt that I'd prefer the full Windows 8 on a tablet - cum laptop combo rather than RT. But the battery life just isn't good enough for me. Sure, a normal ultrabook (windows or Mac) has less life than a tablet / i-thing, so a full windows tablet is no worse than these.

But still, I want tablet battery life with laptop capability. Too much to ask at present I guess

Ten stars of CES 2013: Who made the biggest splash?


Re: Waterproof means no user changeable battery.

"...standardisation of connectors to two types- Micro USB and Apple" - the standard here is Micro USB !

TomTom for Android with hands-free kit review


Why Bother?

Google Navigation works fine for me - unless Tomtom's IQ routing is VERY clever (I must admit Google's not too hot on re-routing)

I, for one, would like to welcome our Android overlord


I assume that the smaller number of searches around Apple phones may be because Apple users know what they want for their next phone (i.e. what Apple gives them, regardless), whereas for Android there's a lot more choice - and perhaps their potential owners like to research and be well informed

Free Android apps often secretly make calls, use the camera



"free applications are five times more likely to track user location and a whopping 314 per cent more likely to access user address books"

Five times more likely is more whopping likely than 314 percent more likely!

Asus doubles up phone-slate combo's specs with Padfone 2


Re: Still waiting for a candybar phone with WiFi-3G bridge

Agreed, this is the missing device I'd buy that would give WiFi (or bluetooth) 3G connectivity to a tablet / Notebook / Kindle, but be little more than a caller / texter otherwise.

US data show slump in Apple tablet share


Those Analysts.. !

"But this did not come to pass, prompting a more pro-Apple rethink on the part of most analysts."

So,they got it wrong, and had a re-think. Why listen, eh?

Samsung slaps swift patch over phone-wiping Galaxy S III vuln


Got Mine Through

I got an update today - just an unsolicited pop-up message saying do I want to download Samsung Update. Took a few seconds. I'd already tested my S3 yesterday and it seemed ok then TBH

Last remaining reason to order an iPhone 5 disappears



I hate the iPhone with a passion - but even I was embarrassed reading this

Samsung chips evicted from iPhone 5, autopsy reveals


Re: Would you like a Phone with that battery, sir?

It looks big yes, but the capacity seems less that the squat battery in my S3 (apparently 7.98 Wh)

Boffins spin up working Qubit in silicon


Oh I see!

I was a little confused by the article - then I saw the "Artist's Impresion" picture, and then it all made sense!

Apple iOS 6 review


Re: Not that useful on a 4

Yes - NavFree is pretty useful, even on Android, if you're abroad and don't want roaming data costs.

Raspberry Pi now comes in Firefox OS flavour


Who wouldn't ...

... be excited by a rotating teapot - well done sir!

Ten budget inkjet printers


HP 3050A


Boffins bone up on rover skills as Curiosity speeds to Mars



In 50 days time, you can have a news item saying they have only 50 days to go - and they are boning up even harder