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Bank in the UK? Plans afoot to make YOU liable for bank fraud

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My bank do it right. For any new payments that I want to set up the process is so complicated that I have to look up how to do it each time. It is so much of a faff that I just phone them instead.

Banks have been trying to shift the onus onto customers for a while now. I get the argument that if there's no customer liability then customers won't take any care but if you're a bank, and you want me to use your online services because it saves you a ton of money, then it's your liability if that system is flawed (and that includes flaws that make it easy for the customer to make a mistake that allows fraud).

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Betting on VR with a dash of Vulkan

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Re: And the software QC?

Still using my S4 which I was getting tee'd off with but have upgraded to Android 5.0.1, got rid of the facebook app and the phone is now slick and lasts more than a day.

Agree with what you say about Nexus.OnePlus etc.

Mutant space germs threaten International Space Station

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Space cheese!

What an opportunity!

Warning: Using encrypted email in Spain? Do not pass go, go directly to jail

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Choose the right fight

Sounds to me like this about a little bit more than just having encrypted emails...

Thunderstrike shocks OS X with firmware bootkit

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Re: Scary

..it's not 'against' you; it's to 'protect' you...

Chromecast video on UK, Euro TVs hertz so badly it makes us judder – but Google 'won't fix'

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Re: Meh.

I presume that's sarcasm? When was the last time you got a family pig out from Domino's for £30?

Hardened Hydrazine the source of Galileo satnav FAIL

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So, the knee-bone...

...really is connected to the thigh-bone...

Google in NOT EVIL shocker: Bins student email ad scanning

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It's annoying, isn't it?

Being part of a mindless herd. Especially when you think what that herd could actually do if it made the effort...

Australia's net filter sneaks into operation through back door

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Big Brother


...fascist little country

Secret UN 'ZOD' climate deliberations: UK battles to suppress details

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Would have been a hell of a lot more interesting if...

ZOD had stood for Zone of death.

NASA chief: Earth is DOOMED if we spot a big asteroid at short notice

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Err...not sure 'the planet' is at risk...

...more like the infestation crawling all over it!

NASA funds sexy, stealthy, sideways supersonic flying wing

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Re: Red herring design

Yeah, let's just stop thinking of ideas and get back in our caves.

US, Iraqi lawn chair balloonists blown out of sky

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Re: sad really

What would you do if you were sat in the sun, drinkung a bud, with lots of balloons and helium close to hand?

Speedy 3D printer creates 285µm Formula-1 speedster

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Doesn't look...

...very aerodynamic to me! look at the shape of those spoilers!

It never ends: TV exposé tags new Android privacy howler

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Stand back everybody

Why exactly is this such a bad thing? If you're getting something for free you have to pay for it somehow right? There's no data that's likely to be on my phone that i consider private enough such that it's a disaster or an outrage if anybody looks at it.

Just throwin this out there...

Airport bomb Twitter joker in second fine appeal bid

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Big Brother

The message was spotted during an unrelated search....

Agree with all the 'stupid' comments. Only a dick would dick around with security these days.

What on earth was the search (The message was spotted during an unrelated search...) where this tweet was spotted? Was someone actually going through his twitter timeline??

IBM: 'Your PC will read your mind by 2016'

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Paris Hilton


Software bug fingered as cause of Aussie A330 plunge

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High enrgy atmospheric particle...?

What happens when one of those hits me then???

FCC (finally) cracks down on BLARING! TV! ADS!

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For a country as bureaucratic as the US of A...

...it seems entirely appropriate to create a law for this!

New account of Flight 447 disaster published

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Only one mention of the effects of the storm....

Can't believe no one's taking the effects of a big violent storm into account. You're all talking as if the plane was in the dark or in cloud but basically flying smoothly (in whatever direction!). A big t-storm would be throwing the biggest of jets around like a paper plane.

If you thnk that you've just been thrown to the left when you've actually just been thrown to the right you're going to have a very hard time believing any instrumentation telling you otherwise. Also, if you know you have some systems/instrumentation failure how do you know that anything any instrument says is true?

And that's all without the psychological effects of increasing stress.

I think the consensus has come round from blaming the pilots to realising how goddam awful some of the design was. The pilots biggest error was not seeing a potential danger and just avoiding it. Once they became embroiled in it, it was only ever going to be a bad day in the office.

EC data protection proposals could open up Zuck's 'social graph'

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Big Brother

Is this the beginings of a digital thumbprint type system...?

Steve Jobs' last words: 'OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.'

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Sounds like...

....someone's already got the movie script writer involved in describing the moment...

Completely sh*te story though.

A rapid first hands-on: Nokia’s Windows phones

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I only read this because...

....you said it would be the shortest review ever!

UK shamed in high-speed broadband study

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Call me cynical...

...but my 8Mbps service, which I've had for years, now only delivers @ 3.5 on a very good day. It's got noticably slower of late. Oh, and I've also been bombarded by mail from BT trying to flog their new Infinity broadband.

They wouldn't, would they...?

Sony asks for 1.6m LCD TVs to be returned

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When I was a lad...

....one place I would have loved to have gone to was the R and D labs at Sony.

Now, Sony is becoming a by-word for a big company that's completely f***ed up. Sad, when you know how they started, and what their ambitions were.

US rocketeer thunders to 121,000ft

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Thumb Up


Feds defend Twitter dragnet on WikiLeaks supporters

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don't think the feds are saying they can't speak freely are they? And surely, free speech comes hand in hand with free reading what people have said..?

NYT casts Assange as 'arrogant' (with a little 'Peter Pan')

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A sensible article, sensibly reported by El Reg, with sensible comments to follow.

I like it!

Happy Data Protection Day

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Employer monitoring emails

So... should I send a card to my employer, who routinely monitors and reads emails, whether business or personal? They see it as a source of information about employees.

Or should i just get an iphone and email through that?

Airport scanner staff object to vetting

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Official figures

Are there any official figures to say how 'productive' airport security has been? How many people have been caught trying to tak bad things on to planes?