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Google whips out pocket cannon, fires VoIP patent sueball at BT

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Re: Stop!

> Void all technology/software patents now.

Can't agree with technology patents as a whole, I'd like to but without these there would be a serious lack of desire for research. SW patents I'm in agreement. What we do need is enforcement about what is worthy of a patent.

Silicon Roundabout worthies in £2m UK.gov cash battle royale

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Re: London

> Reading/Bracknell

shows just how South-centric some people are ;-)

Intel's new TV box to point creepy spy camera at YOUR FACE

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Such a big issue?

Personally as long as it is just identifying me and what is the difference between a traditional log-in? My laptop knows who I am via a camera, as does my phone, why not my tv? The only real issue is trust and security, just like any system.

Could have a lot of benefits, like remembering how through the film you were watching when you fell asleep.

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Re: A choice ...

Another choice, don't buy it.

Microsoft! Bing! must! make! Yahoo! more! money! moans! Mayer!

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Market share?

I must be missing the point, but how does partnering with MS/bing give them more market share? I'm assuming that they weren't expecting bing to prefer them in their search results and that there must be something I failed to pick up on. Using bing to search from yahoo shouldn't have much effect unless those results take people away from yahoo.

Never navigated to yahoo for at least 5 years.

Opera joins Google/Apple in-crowd with shift to WebKit and Chromium

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Whatever your opinions are on stock eclipse from a developer point of view you can't deny what the ecosystem has brought in the terms that the author was referring to. It is a fantastically rich environment to base an application on, you can get all sorts of functionality for very little effort and it is very well designed for extensibility (the core is after all a certified OSGi implementation).

Built on top of open standards the effort that has been spent on producing eclipse has given us so much than an IDE to develop software in, rather it is a framework for developing applications, one of those applications happens to be an IDE. Surely this was the point the author was making?

The Register Android App

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Re: Other than off-line access

Shame HTML5 doesn't support working offline. Duh, it does.

Smartphone-in-a-box maker cooks up cheap Facebook-flavoured chips

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Surely it would be better for them to concentrate on developing apps that run well on all phones, rather than having it run "full-featured"/smoothly on a handful and like crud on others, especially the high end ones.

I can't think of anything that they would require to do locally on a phone that can be that complicated a competent design and development team can't do without resorting to this.

Good news! UK IT jobs up. Bad news? They're with a bunch of bankers

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the number of these adverts are going to be related to the amount of CVs they need, so if they are posting more false ads then they presumably need more CVs for more vacancies. They might make the total appear more than there are but I'd assume that an increase in ads means an increase in jobs.

When open source eats itself, we win

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Re: Google??

They have their own, imaginatively called called Google Web Server or GWS

Oracle blocks security hole with quick, hot 'n' premature Java update

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Re: I think the damage has already been done

> Our website was build on Java, robust as it can get

And how do these exploits change this? Other than in the minds of people who do not understand what these exploits are and how they relate to the java platform.

These only affect applets, a tiny % of java , that technology that should have been forgotten about many years ago.

NHS IT bods 'walk out' in pay row with crashed UK tech giant 2e2

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Re: I'm actually quite looking forward to the fight!

Under the UK insolvency act staff are considered preferential creditors, for about 4months worth of wages. Plus if they make you redundant any outstanding holidays will be owed, along with wages in lieu of notice, possibly a payoff for break your T&Cs by not giving you a notice period and of course the actual redundancy package. The odds are in your favour and some guaranteed by the government.

'Silent but deadly' Java security update breaks legacy apps - dev

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They've only just noticed this?

Does this company not do testing of their software? This should have been picked up and added to the support docs a long time ago.

The windows installer for java 1.7 runtime has for a long time removed java 1.6, I even mentioned that on here way back in August last year, when I pointed out the fix for a vulnerability that was being pushed also wanted to remove it.

Personally I think Oracle did this to try and kick start java 1.7 usage :-(

Greedy Apple told it can't triple Samsung's $1bn patent payout

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RE: same people are on here

Sigh, theres a couple more. Apple's claim to rectangles was part of their trade dress claims not a patent.

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Looking at the down votes, a lot of those same people are on here

RoboVM stirs up another helping of Java for iPhone

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Re: Cross Platform ftw - normally = crappy apps

It obviously depends on what your app does, but a number like 75% is quiet a realistic amount of code that is purely business logic and if well designed should have not have any impact placed on it by the platform. There will be a good likely hood that the remaining 25% will have be specific platform related issues which again can be solved by design and platform specific implementations.

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Re: Why would you ever want to do this?

Straight of the top off my head.

1. Maybe you already have a large java code base that you can reuse.

2. Maybe you consider Java to have better tool support.

3. Maybe your developers know Java and it's not worth the effort reskilling/hiring for one platform.

4. Maybe you want to write multi platform applications.

5. Maybe you don't want to buy each of your developers another development machine (and a very expensive one at that).

BTW, I've been writing obj-c for OSX and iOS for many years now and given the choice I'd prefer java but that is my personal preference. I also have a fairly large database of development time for various kinds of tasks on different platforms/languages/developer experience and java is for most things much quicker to develop, closely followed by .net.

Google: Gov demands for YOUR web data up 70% in just 3 years

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Re: UK 4th?

My apologies, don't know why but I thought there where 6x the amount of people in the US to the UK. I should have checked my figures, apparently it's more like 5x.

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UK 4th?

Given that the US had 8500, the UK 1500 and the fact that the number of requests / population the UK wins easily

iPhone hangs on in US, Japan, but EVERYONE ELSE bought an Android

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Re: Strangely Apple do not have to give money back coupons - wonder why

Because to the people who buy them it would cheapen the image?

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Re: It will be curious to see the actual figures for worldwide

But not curious enough to follow the link to the article this was based on?

UK taxmen turn heat on tax-swerving big biz, hope to smoke out £1bn

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Re: but in essence there haven't been any

There certainly have been, I take it you just don't know anyone who has been affected. They've just had no positive affect, and in many cases making things worse.

Lloyds TSB, Halifax tech stumbles into the cold, goes titsup for hours

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PAYE due today

They going to refund any fines people may incur

McDonalds burger app gives it to you straight from the horse's mouth

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Re: Is this a real "official" app?

But this is aimed at Australians. I my experience they tend to demand less formal wording of things, at least for text presented on software that I've worked on.

Google's JavaScript assassin: Web languages are harder than VMs

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Re: "a prototype-based language"?

Unless the article has been corrected the article does say that dart differs from javascript in this respect, i.e. not prototype based.

France stalls plan to make Google and pals foot broadband rollout

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Re: You request ads? Bizzare.

Using googles search I do. Same way when I read a newspaper or magazine, plenty of ads in those. Unlike a newspaper _I_ can choose if I want the ads with a blocker. Notice the emphasis, I don't want anyone in between filtering my traffic.

Sometimes I do want the ads, when I'm looking to buy something.

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Re: Backwards people?

What have existing taxes got to with this? I was implying that something like a drive through places extra demand on road surfaces, ok not to the extent of the amount of internet traffic google service. You really think that just because a web site is popular it should start paying specifically for this purpose to ISPs? Censoring a website because they've not bunged somebody some cash and not backed up by law? Surely that is called extortion which I thought would have been illegal?

If you are referring to google and other international companies doing legal tax evasion that is not the point of my comment, the comment I was replying to nor directly related to the article. What was your point again?

Governments, whether the french, uk or where ever, should sort out their tax laws and stop blaming companies for trying to improve their profits, thats why they exist. I personally blame the the UK government for failing to get the taxes it thinks it should have. Make the tax system simpler for SMEs, free up time and resources for those companies and the tax depts then concentrate for effort on large/huge companies.

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Re: Backwards people?

FFS. Maybe they should also get mac donalds to contribute to building roads for all the people driving to their drive throughs to buy a royale with cheese.

Latest Java patch is not enough, warns US gov: Axe plugins NOW

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OMG - you mean I could get hacked playing Minecraft!


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Re: I could get rid of Java ...

How about the document referred to in the article?


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Re: If you're still unlucky enough to be a java programmer...

Such a ridiculous comment you couldn't even add your name to it.

Why should this have any consequence on the use of java where it is most commonly used? Applets probably cover less than 1% of java deployments (no data, just a guess based on my experience). They were great years ago but have been superseded by browser improvements, were they solved "real" problems webstart is by far the better solution.

Java desktop and server applications are not affected by this issue at all, it's irrelevant. I know python well and it just can't scale up to the demands that most software have placed on it, especially in an enterprise, you know the software that the many businesses and governments rely on.

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Re: I could get rid of Java ...

OpenJDK and IcedTea are also affected. OpenJDK and oracles JVM share much of the same code base.

Belgian watchdog barks at Apple: Take care when you flog that warranty

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Re: The Belgians seem to be complaining only that this information

Thanks for pointing that out, I failed to comprehend the article so missed it's central point.

China's Android users warned of giant botnet

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Re: And that is why

> We need proper technical education in schools

I don't think that would help, at least in this respect (be good though for a whole range of other areas), kids are probably more aware than your average non tech adult. My 3 year old daughter knows more about my wifes phone than her.

Cisco sued by East Carolina University

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Re: It has just become so synonymous with them.

And that is the reason people can trademark phrases, common or not, but only in association with their market. The idea being that if anyone else used it a consumer could get confused.

Hey, open sourcers: Who's your code's daddy?

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Re: Always make sure there's a copy elsewhere

You can only do that legally if the copy you have only contains code that was been publicly released, using code that has not been released under license would be a breach of copyright at the least.. Given that github was used to host the public code base that is the code base to use if you wanted to continue to work on or even fork. I'm pretty sure that any developer working on a github hosted project would have kept their working and personal git copies up to date with the public one and once a developer has stopped working on it any references to company internal reportistory should be removed even if their admins are slow to react.

Ruby off the Rails: Enormo security hole puts 240k sites at risk

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Re: Surprise

What does Microsoft have to do with this?

Apple said to be testing 46, 55-inch big-screen TVs

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Is your TV room big enough

No problem, just buy a bigger house, no big deal.

iPhone tops US market, but trounced by Android in world+dog

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Re: hopefully this stupid "rounded corners" lunacy will go next

It already is. Nowhere where Apple has tried this in court has anyone found curved corners on a competitors device infringing on their trade dress/design patents. But the fact that even tried it on is despicable.

Muppets launch app store guide for little fingers

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Sesame Street App Store?

It would be good if they or someone could create an app store just for kids apps.

ICANN'T believe it's not Apple: Vatican wins domain-handout lottery

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Re: a domain squatter company gets in first with a valuable TLD

You seen how much it costs to get one of these? Don't think we'll see any squatters or landing pages at spelling mistakes.

Microsoft 'surprised' by Google Gmail 'winter cleaning'

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gmail / outlook?

No thanks, I'll avoid both thanks neither are remotely worth using though gmails web interface is by far the worse.

St Zuck gives half a BEELLION DOLLARS in Facebook stock to charity

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Xms is a time for charity

I too have just got rid a of a load of stuff that was cluttering up the place ready for some new clutter. Wonder how many charity bags it took to hold half a billion of shares.

Penguin gives in to US Feds over ebooks

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selling ebooks at cost or below

A new cunning way to avoid paying tax?

Goldman Sachs: Windows' true market share is just 20%

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Re: @Trevor

> If people can get $stuff done in 3 hours using Microsoft products

I think one of the points you missed is that there are very few tasks that using MS products actually saves you time. Those that are or can only be done on MS software can be done via a VM.

Guatemalan judge orders McAfee released from detention

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the production of herbal medications

Ah, that explains everything. Must have missed that if it was mentioned in earlier articles.

Apple TV demand may drive Samsung-sapping sales

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Re: Vaporware

Don't know much about the tv industry but most of what you says sounds right. Just one point, I doubt apple would release a tv that is lacking in features for a first effort, sure after a few models they will start to slide. If they do then the writing is definitely on the wall for them

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Re: Ever heard of free choice

Sure have, and you have less free choice with what you do with apple products than you do with others. Plus, the article just demonstrates how much the average apple customer exerts their freedom of choice.

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interested indeed in owning an Apple-branded television

Now that sums up a lot of Apple's average consumers, they are interested in the brand. I personally grew out of that when I had to start buying my own trainers and couldn't justify the extra expense that the latest release from the current label in vogue cost.

I'm not saying I wouldn't buy an apple tv but it's going to have to have some good features over what I currently have and expect to have in the future from the same setup. I'll defer until I've seen some specs.

This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF

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Re: @David Webb 11:27

Think he was talking about the apple logo is without a leaf